SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email (Use for Free) MODDED 2022


Encrypt ANY Email Address, personal or business, in just a few minutes.
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Encrypt all your **current** email addresses, business and personal, with SecureMyEmail.

– Fast Company – “SecureMyEmail makes really private email surprisingly simple.”
– TechRepuiblic – “SecureMyEmail is email encryption for everyone.”
– techradar pro – “SecureMyEmail is an easy-to-use, advanced platform that applies military-grade encryption to your email correspondence.”

The SecureMyEmail™ secure email app for Android provides easy PGP email encryption for any email address so everyone can enjoy the privacy of end-to-end encryption without having to switch their email provider.

**Free Forever. Or, enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial**
– Encrypt a Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft (Hotmail,, Live, MSN) email for free.
– All other users receive a 30-day free trial and may encrypt up to 8 email addresses
– Free encrypted email use will be confirmed to you at signup.

**Send Encrypted Email and Attachments to Anyone**
– Recipients don’t have to use SecureMyEmail.
– Recipients can also reply and reply all, including to other non-users.
– Email and attachments remain fully encrypted end-to-end for everyone.

**Self-destructing ephemeral messages**
Email sent to non-users can be set to self-delete from 1 hour up to 30 days.

**Zero-Knowledge End-to-End Encrypted Email**
Nobody but your recipient(s) — not your email provider, Internet company, identity thieves,  advertisers, snoopy governments, or even us — can ever read your encrypted email and attachments.

**Super Easy to Set Up and Use**
It’s like setting up any other email software.

**Secure and Manage Multiple Email Addresses**
Encrypt up to 8 personal and business email addresses.

**Use for all your Email or in Conjunction with other Clients**
You can use SecureMyEmail as your primary email software or just use for encryption. You can keep using your favorite email app or webmail. We keep everything synced.

**HIPAA and GDPR Compliant**
Surpasses all encryption requirements to keep personal and patient data safe.

**Swiss Privacy**
SecureMyEmail systems and servers are housed in Switzerland data centers.

**Full PGP Compatibility**
– Creates genuine PGP keys that you can use with other PGP software and websites.
– Invite other PGP users for free for direct communication.

**Advanced Crypto Features**
Although super simple to use, we do have some goodies for the cryptographically savvy. Encryption key management, on-demand key regeneration, import/export of PGP keys, etc.

Read our terms of service at:

We’d love to hear your comments, questions, and concerns!

Please email us at:
[email protected]


- Miscellaneous bug fixes


40 comentarios en "SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email (Use for Free) MODDED 2022"

  1. J.R. dice:

    Mixed review. Great concept. Nice features. But I’m experiencing a lot of bugs. The windows app throttles my CPU and paralyzes my PC. I have to force close repeatedly. On Android, I’m not receiving notifications. And I’ve had a few issues with syncing keys.

  2. The idea is noble and great. Who wouldn’t love being able to send encrypted e-mails without asking the other party to either memorize & type in passwords or signing up for service they may not want? But the performance of this app has been terrible. First of all, it simply REFUSED to send ANY secured e-mails AT ALL. NONE. Constant errors. And please do NOT blame this on network settings. What is the chance that TEN DIFFERENT networks in DIFFERENT locations ALL have the SAME network issue? Oh, what about the fact that it takes gazillion amount of time just to sync ONE e-mail in a folder? Errors frequent and refreshing takes forever to complete a sync of ONE e-mail in a folder. The general performance is slow, awkward, and seems not very optimized. AT ALL. The desktop version is much better, but it too had performance issues as well. I will revisit at another time and give it another go at a later time because I am hopeful, that given enough time, this app could improve. But for right now? This app is a no-go. I’d stay away. EDIT: It had NOTHING to do with an alias. I set it up with just my plain normal gmail address. The only reason you are claiming that I used an alias is because I used that alias ONCE when I contacted you to delete my account. THAT ONE TIME. Please do not make excuses or make false claims. I appreciate what you are offering here, as I clearly stated that the idea is very noble. But the performance and stability just aren’t there yet.

  3. Managed to get pc working well. The security system is very impressive. But I find this Android app buggy and also does not show inbox subfolders whereas the PC version does

  4. Sev O dice:

    Customer service is very responsive, but not very helpful. My yahoo email, and other private email service inboxes do not sync, and I can’t even send an email out. Only worked with Gmail so far, and its very frustrating. I can’t even send out a log request to customer service, because it keep saying problems with the network.

  5. B P dice:

    Right off it wants me to make an account & give access to contacts, &other permissions which is what I’m trying to avoid, almost all play store apps have hidden permissions, if you go to settings, privacy, apps, permissions, then the 3 dots at top right all permissions, there’s over 20, including changing items,full internet acces and more. Google just wants you to think you’re in control of what their appscan do,& there’s no way to turn those hidden permissions off. Gonna ✔️ out freedom phone

  6. EDITED 1/29/22 Had issues when I first set up this app. These folks jumped right on it and fixed it. The app does what it’s supposed to do and they have an excellent customer service department and attitude. They WANT your business and will make sure you’re happy with the service. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

  7. [resolved] Uninstalled the app, then had to reinstall and login in again, resynce to overwrite the old keys, then reconnect to email accounts. [previous issue] 1 star now because after updating 2 days ago App does not open on my Huawei phone! Please patch this ASAP, it’s unusable an I paid the subscription!

  8. Pat White dice:

    I really like the ability to view multiple email accounts from one interface, and the ability to encrypt my emails. I also like the feature where I can send encrypted emails to recipients, and do not have to setup or agree a decryption password with the recipient. It has some minor bugs, but security is rock solid.

  9. Haley dice:

    I’m sure the app does what it says it does, and well, but both on desktop and mobile, it is very slow, emails prone to shaking, and the UX is just a bit clunky and not aesthetically pleasing at all. Highly recommend to get a designer to redesign the interface to be more sightly.

  10. I’ve tried a bunch of secure email options over the years, and keep coming back to SecureMyEmail. I really recommend this app. Also very nice UX.

  11. Sounds great in theory, particulate when Gmail’s and yahoo emails should be able to protect these extremely vunersble poorly encrypted stystems. I’ve attempted to connect with support, however support is run by Zendesk and often just runs user around in circles???

  12. The encryption works well. The functionality of this app is clumsy. Continually having to delete the same email, slow connection and confusing password and credentials verification. I hope that the designers continue to improve the app. I would come back; when the app is more intuitive and elegant.

  13. Painful, painful experience trying to use this app with five email addresses. Even reduced down to my one primary email account, still hit and miss. The web interface on my laptop works much better and handles my five addresses just fine, so far. My phone is a Galaxy Note 9 running with reasonably low ram usage and my wifi and cell data are both fast, but with this app, things work so slow, if they work at all.. Documentation poor on website. Will only use in Laptop/PC Web Browser.. Not phone..

  14. Excellent easy to use email encryption, I have very high hopes for this company and there products. Customizing the emaiI that non securemyemail users receive when they get an encrypted email would be awesome. The only issues I experienced wasI had to disable google advanced account protection to generate an app password to connect this service to my Gmail but 2FA is still enabled. Over all, it’s a great investment in email security

  15. Matt B dice:

    Hi guys. Please fix the latest version as it constantly crashes. I have tried clearing the cache, then data and cache and finally uninstalled then reinstalled and the app won’t even open before crashing. Update: thanks for the rapid reply, and the new update has fixed the issue. Great response, thanks!

  16. Downloaded the app. Filled in the data required. Clicked on “NEXT” Did this 3 times. The last time I deleted & downloaded the app again. The results were the same. I couldn’t get by registration page… Well strike 3 you are out. Deleting app. And this is a subscription app…

  17. I so wanted to be able to give this 5🌟 but I can’t due to its major limitation, which is: If you already have PGP keys then you have to use a Mac/PC in order to import them ***I DON’T HAVE or WANT a Mac/PC*** so unless I’m prepared to make & send new keys to all my contacts, I’m unable to use this app as is. I hope they fix this so they can be imported directly I was prepared to buy a lifetime subscription, but I guess I’ll have to stick with my proton account and K-9/OpenKeychain apps instead

  18. The app is fantastic! It’s encrypted and it’s in Switzerland, it keeps your mail safe. Highly recommended!!

  19. App works very well. With doing more work from home, and generating/responding to more email through mobile, this service is key to my mobile security suite. I would like to thank the developers at WiTopia once again for all their help, patience and insight.

  20. Much too complicated to set up and no support to help. They don’t respond. Yes, but only for one month. I want to try it. I didn’t mean to pay at all yet. Now that card has nothing. It screwed me up in many ways.

  21. I couldn’t even sign up. Said my Live account was invalid email. What gives?

  22. One of the best secure and encrypted email app! Everyone should give it a try.

  23. It’s what i I have been looking for my email get ng encrypted definitely easy to set and use Heck Yeah!!!

  24. The best encryption email app to encrypt your email address well I think it is the best so why not try

  25. so far so good. its a much need service. reasonable pricing.

  26. The app is very sluggish and slow to open/load

  27. Lucy Rose dice:

    HELP PLEASE; It doesn’t let me login smh

  28. Chewchinhock55gmail. Com

  29. Great concept but poor implementation. There are a lot of bugs and the app development and progression is slow. Promising but not a good purchase yet.

  30. Terrible. Gives me notifications every 5 mins of the latest email in my in box… From 3 days ago. Why?

  31. Couldn’t get pass the setup screen and got an error that read it couldn’t contact the network. Trying to set up a Gmail account… I then closed out of the entire app and went back in fresh. This solved the issue and it’s now working. Tech support was on top of it with an email to make sure it went right. Great service!

  32. Despite a couple of UI-related problems (which are being dealt with via the excellent support forums) SMS remains the single easiest and affordable way into using PGP for end-to-end encrypted email. Meeting both criteria is key (pardon the pun) to success, as such a solution can only truly work if your contacts can be persuaded to come along for the encrypted ride. I wish Witopia the best of luck with SME, the team there have obviously put a *lot* of thought into all aspects of this security solution, right down to where the business is incorporated and the servers based…

  33. This little gem is a sweet find. Just what I was looking for. Encrypted email, with simple setup, and I can keep my same gmail address. Cool.

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