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Find people, look up phone numbers & addresses, and get background check reports
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Find people, phone numbers, addresses, and access background check reports that include criminal & arrest records, and other public records with Whitepages, the most trusted online directory. More than 30 million people rely on Whitepages every month for people search, reverse phone & address lookups, getting cell phone numbers & current addresses, background check reports, and to look up other hard-to-find contact information.

Download the free Whitepages Find People app to access:

• People Search
• Phone Directory
• Reverse Phone Lookup
• Background Check Report
• Criminal & Arrest Records
• Address Lookup
• Business Directory
• Property Records


• Search by name, phone number or address to find contact information of friends and family

• Our instant online background check reports include criminal records, arrests, property info and other public records along with complete contact information
• All background check searches are confidential and powered by SmartCheck, the fastest way to search, find and know about people in your world

• Look up landlines or cell phone numbers and verify & update numbers in your contact list

• Search by name, phone number to get mailing addresses of relatives, friends, or customers

• Find businesses and get phone numbers, directions, and business hours

Receive notifications when a contact has updated information

You manage your subscription after purchase, including cancellation, in Account Settings. California residents, please refer to our privacy policy for Do Not Sell requests

Privacy policy: https://www.whitepages.com/data-policy
Terms of use: https://www.whitepages.com/terms-of-service

Whitepages is the authority in people search since 1997


We've made improvements to provide an easier and smoother lookup experience. Enter any name, phone or address to start your search now!


40 comentarios en "Whitepages – Find People MODDED 2022"

  1. Used to work really well. (Better than other apps that I’ve used) Doesn’t work as well the past few months. For the past few months it prefills USA in for the location and is a struggle to get it changed to a city and state for a search. When you type the City and State, most of the time you now have to type it repeatedly before the change stays because the app defaults back to USA.

  2. It works well, doesn’t nag me to upgrade all the time, and tells me the info that is public, for free. The paid version digs deeper. I like it better than all of the cheap paid ones I tried. I should try the paid version again, since it is all new and better since I did it, like over a year ago it’s for finding numbers and reverse phone lookup, to find out who is calling you. I signed up again for the premium service and like it so far. Big improvements. Aaaaand here we go!-it’s worth it!

  3. Ed P. dice:

    This thing is joke, right!?!? You open the app, it detects a phone number with no name on your clipboard you copied to lookup, & asks if you would like to search for it. It comes back with couldn’t find anyone by that name, & it shows the phone number not a name, really, even after updating it still looks for a name instead of a phone number, after it asks you if you want to look up the number, junk. After rooting through the app, you put number in, nothing, no results.

  4. Sher Lo dice:

    The amount of search does not update monthly. For two months it showed I have 0 searches left. Twice I have to email them to inform them of this. Then I was told to log in the desktop and then log back in on the app. Too much trouble to get the service that I paid for an app that doesn’t lag charging me monthly. UPDATE: Issue unresolved. I gave it another chance and bought the 3.99 3 lookup. The first two counted my lookup despite saying there was an error. I do not recommend.

  5. App does what you expect. Some information requires paying for which is reasonable. Monthly subscription somehow didn’t work right for me and I was billed annually instead, but an email to the company got the money refunded. Thanks! My only suggestion is that the monthly billing is separated from annual billing to prevent that from being an issue for other users.

  6. Extremely disappointed. The databases are incredibly messed up. Even though I have a premium subscription, it errors out on searches and makes them unavailable. It provides different and inaccurate information for any searches that do work. When I go to check my account, it shows me different people’s accounts, including their credit card information! Obviously a very unsafe and unsecured customer database. I have screenshots of this happening. Utterly useless now after their revamp.

  7. This used to be a very decent app. I have a premium prescription. I would use it to call lists of people turning 65 using voice to fill in the name. I chose the # with a push of the button and I was calling the person. It had cell phones everything. Then, on the app I no longer had access to the premium content on the app, only on the website. I emailed support twice. They told me saying they couldn’t tell me if they would ever fix that feature on the app. Complex defeat its functionality

  8. The data base is pretty accurate however the app seems to have a mind of its own. Since I pay for premium the amount of look up are limited to 100. I choose to only unlock particular contacts. I have the setting turn on. It is not supposed to unlock everyone I click on. But it does. I waste my look ups on people I accidentally click on and people who don’t actually live there. I think they do it on purpose so we can use up our contacts and be forced to buy more. Switch to Spokeo or fastpeople

  9. I wasted $4.99 for a month subscription. I had a bunch of numbers to look up so I figured I’d pay and try it for a month. You get 20 lookups, I think. The app only found 1 number! If it doesn’t find it the first time you can try to search business numbers, but it’s another search from your 20. I tried every number, wasted 2 searches each, the app couldn’t find anything. What a waste of money to get no info!

  10. One star… one more than I want to rate. This app is a waste of space if you aren’t paying for premium features. For instance: no matter what I look up anymore, it says something along the lines of no info available for persons, addresses, or numbers. However, when I purchase info, the same info for the same parameters magically appear. Used to be very helpful in my line of work. Now it’s just a waste.

  11. Don’t waste your money. Now even worse – tells me it found info, has me click to use one of my allowed searches, then tells me it can’t find info. / New version needs work. Old version was great. Now you do a phone number search, then it tells you it can’t find anyone with that name. Duh – it’s a number, not a name. Offers to do a business search – it can’t find a business with that name either. Developers need to actually try to use their app!

  12. *White pages is an awesome go to app that allows me to search by Address, phone number, name, business or email. I can also search ‘Nearby’ and find my neighbors information if I don’t have it. *There are some features that do not function with the free version, but there is always an option to purchase the premium and have access to some information not provided in the free version. There are a lot of searches that turn up, however require the premium to access.

  13. I have had the subscription for a couple years now. This used to be a great app but I’ve been having trouble the last few times using this app, it’s bringing up my searches but will not load when I click on the person. Just stays loading. Tried to click the link for support and it says that link doesn’t work. Not awesome! Reading the other reviews, it doesn’t look like this problem is going to get fixed. What a shame

  14. While I find it very useful despite the high number of unknowns. But report monitoring still frustrates me. It will send you a notification that there is new/added information, yet when checked it never shows any new information, ever! And customer service never has an explanation for this continuing to happen. They are always courteous and prompt in replies its just never fixes what ever is not functioning properly.

  15. This app is very disappointing. I purchased the $29.99 plan right off the bat. Was so excited to use it the first time. That day came. And I couldn’t unlock the darn thing. It said I needed to pay for a subscription. It was after their phone hours so I looked on their help site and tried to reset everything. When I went back in, it said I had a plan, but wouldn’t recognize that I had the right to unlock anything. I was referred to their help page again. Get the idea? Looping. Teri

  16. sbf116 dice:

    I signed up for the monthly subscription service. It was never processed that I paid for it despite the money being deducted from my account. I then talk to customer support…..did not resolve the issue. Waited a few days to see if it just needed time to reset or something. Nope still asking me to pay. Said fine will pay the individual look up fee. Fee was charged then the app froze and had to be closed. Still nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled nothing. So the app just stole $10 from me.

  17. People background check has other people’s history, from other states, different races, under one person’s history. Pretty inaccurate. Very old history emailed as “just received” making one think it’s recent till seen. So many phone numbers with no owner listed. Overall okay, but not as much accurate information as I expected. Wish I could give 2½ stars.

  18. I don’t see anything good or worth while in this app. Everything these days involves 💰 you get bare minimum results which are inaccurate and need to be updated. Most of the phone numbers listed are old phone numbers either no longer in service or have been reassigned to other people. I miss having the old school traditional standard phone book made out of good old fashioned genuine paper!

  19. Initially, I would have rated zero stars. I needed an app for research. I decided Whitepages for the two deals it offered. I paid the offers separately. A monthly subscription including 20 “look-ups” a month. A second offer with, three background reports, was a one time offer. Paid both in the same session. T Researching myself, as a “look-up”. Intending to view my background report, the one time deal, only to get the same basic info like from the lookup. I was misled. Im forgiving so two stars

  20. I’ve had problems with this service for about 1 year. I’ve tried to contact Whitepages and see if I could get my problem resolved. I’ve made 3 attempts over the last year but as of today am still unable to get an answer. I’ve ordered 2 Background reports, which I’ve never received and should have 1 credit towards an additional report. That 1 credit is missing also. Don’t waste your time, the service is lousy!

  21. Kell dice:

    Technical issues w/No Help! I purchased the premium package and can’t even use it. Every time I try to sign in it states that there is no account with my email address. I tried canceling my subscription but that is unsuccessful. So I paid $29.99 and can’t even use it. I’ve tried emailing play store, No response so I guess I’m screwed out of thirty dollars! Hope someone reads this before making the same mistake I did.

  22. Terrible. I paid for a one time use of $3.99 to look up a number that contacted me. I paid the money but was never given any information. After the money was taken out, the screen never stopped loading and then it went back to the main screen as if I had never put a search in. it gave me literally no information after I paid for it. I want my $3.99 back!

  23. I use this app mostly for reverse phone lookup. The app itself is okay, I do not have any problems with it. The reason I am giving Whitepages low stars is that you basically get not much information out of this service. For example, it tells you the area code is from Califonia, it is low risk and that is about it. The service is very pale and not helping much.

  24. Justin dice:

    Hardly ever gives you any helpful information. And for at least a month now, you’ll look up a number and it pops up with the company the number’s from, but disappears before you can read the whole thing. (And still has the dimmed loading screen blocking the way too, so makes it even harder to read anything). Then it says there’s no info on the number. So what was popping up for a split second then?!

  25. Sometimes it doesn’t provide the correct info, but considering that the correct info is not provided to wp; or the correct source of any call, email, etc is so diluted that wp cannot discern whether or not the source calling, emailing, messaging you is verified & true, this app exceeds above any other app of it’s kind, at least for free! I’ve tried many, even paid money at times & still ended up with no more info than what I started out with. At least I’m provided a starting point with wp.

  26. J R dice:

    This app worked great a few years ago but the last couple of years it has been horrible or broken (meaning doesn’t work as it should). I had renewed my premium subscription online but app tells me I’m not a premium subscriber. Canceling forever after my year is up. Ridiculous. Get it together White Pages. Seems like you are losing a lot of customers and you have many unhappy customers. Get a better developer if needed! Geez!

  27. Rarely works. Search a phone number and mabye 1 out of 15 times does it ever get past the loading screen. Too bad, WPs used to be the go-to page for number & address searches. I was actually going to pay for premium too. Glad I tested it first. Tried both times to resolve with your fixes and no, it still will not work. Still gets hung up and rarely produces a result.

  28. you used to be able to select history and it would go to your recent call list and you could pick a number on it but the latest update now doesn’t even do that and so you have to copy the number and paste it into search and it almost never comes back with any info. I was told they had to remove it to comply with Google Play’s policies. whatever the reason it makes the app much less functional. I am uninstalling it now.

  29. I pay $4.99 a month and have for several years. Suddenly, in the past month, I cannot get past “you need to unlock your contacts” to view monitored and paid for items. My settings indicate that option is “on”. Hope it’s fixed soon. Other apps are available.

  30. R N dice:

    As of 08/31/20, No Ads, which is the main reason why I decided on this app. When you highlight copy recent number to your phone’s clipboard, then you open the app, it has option to search if you wish (doesn’t force you, like to see Ads etc). I give a 4. Although, there is not enough info given (phone service provider only seen, not the person’s name) it is one of the better free apps that doesn’t forward you to a different POS service such as BeenVerified. Should Delete other apps because of it.

  31. June dice:

    This app can be annoying to use, it takes forever to load. When it does finally load more often than usual the information given doesn’t seem quite accurate. The reverse phone lookup feature was much better in the past then it is now. This app doesn’t seem to get better updates, the newer versions aren’t so good, as the older version. Don’t waste your time on this app not worth it.

  32. doesn’t work anymore. this app used to work great but now it never loads any results. I try to do a reverse number search and it stays on the loading screen until it goes back to the first page and forgets about any search. normally I wouldn’t take the time to write a review but after paying for the service I feel ripped off and cheated. deleted and reinstalled and still doesn’t work. I shouldn’t have to go to my web browser to access what I paid for on an app.

  33. I would give 5 stars as the information gained is extremely detailed and more up to date than most apps I’ve tried. I drop it 2 because the frustration with the difference between the app and the the official website is freaking horrible. Do they even communicate? Dates, Lookups, even premium status is completely different. Can’t even JUST USE the website because it will automatically open in the app. If it’s not fixed I will have to cancel and move on. Expected more!!!

  34. Like the old phone book, this used to be a FREE service. Now you have to pay to find 80% of the numbers you need. ON EDIT- Developer’s response is misleading. There was a time when “much” of the content was free, but land-line numbers, addresses, etc…, rarely come up at no charge anymore. Maybe 20% are free, so I stand by my original post.

  35. Can be slightly useful when you are very specific with names or a number…yet I find it to be “behind” ,wrong,or incomplete in many of my own personal searches. If you pay for a subscription, you get much more than the free or basically generic findings… you can get very useful info,but you must have some credible facts to enter or search an area for listings.I’ve noticed this app is easiest vs the site to use and both saves searches or user can selectively delete.*Each input search ‘counts’

  36. Lately, when I open it and it recognizes I have a phone number in my clipboard, it asks if I want to search for it, but it searches under the category of name, rather than number. Not that it matters, since the app has been unable to give me any results for a week or two now. Even when searching under the correct category.

  37. Used to work great but I have the same problems now as other reviewers. When is this going to be fixed? Already uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing helped. Fix the problem please! It says it is monitoring for me but I can click it. It does nothing. It says to unlock contacts and I did and still nothing! FIX YOUR APP or let us download the previous version that actually worked.

  38. Have been using this app for several months and I have no outstanding issues as of yet. It has certainly met expectations, Thanks yka-ll. !!! 8-23-19 I have been exercising the app pretty hard the last couple of days. It seems to have gotten faster!! If that is one if the thing’s that yall have been working on, well, pat on the back guys. Job well done!!!

  39. I have had this app for many years and it’s gone from an excellent resource that would give details straight from numbers on my received call list and had a map showing nearby listing with unlimited look ups that were informative, all for 3.99 a month, to a worthless app that I have to write the number from my call list and rewrite it on the app to search, has no map of nearby listings and is limited to 20 a month and rarely gives me correct information! Background check is a $10 joke!

  40. great 11-26-20 All of a sudden cannot search an address. I have the free app. Is it not free any more? Now Dec 8, no fix, does anyone have the same problem or has the app gone south? Now June 2022 still does not work! Up date / tried last night did not work. I tried again and it worked. Wonderful! Will up date later if things change. Glad it is back!

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