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Meet Messages, Google’s official app for texting (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS). Message anyone from anywhere with the reliability of texting and the richness of chat. Stay in touch with friends and family, send group texts, and share your favorite pictures, GIFs, emoji, stickers, videos and audio messages.
Chat features (RCS)
On supported carriers, you can send and receive messages over Wi-Fi or your data network, see when friends are typing or when they have read your message, share images and videos in high quality, and more.
Clean, intuitive, and comfortable design
Instant notifications, smart replies and a fresh new design make communicating faster and more fun. With dark mode, you can use Messages comfortably in low-light situations.
Easy sharing
Select or take pictures and videos directly from the app and share easily. You can even send audio messages to your contacts.
Richer conversations
Send audio messages, emoji, stickers, or your location. You can also send and receive payments with Google Pay.
Powerful search
Now you can find more of the content shared in your conversations: tap on the search icon and select a specific contact to see your messaging history with them and all the photos, videos, addresses or links you shared with each other.
Messages is supported on devices running Android™ 5.0 Lollipop and above. App also available on Wear OS


• Bug fixes and stability improvements.


40 comentarios en "Messages MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve had a great overall experience with Messages and little to no problems. However, since the April or May update, my search bar hasn’t been working. When I search a word, it will bring me to the most recent mention of it and have it highlighted, as well as previous mentions. However, instead of the arrows allowing me to go straight to previous mentions of the word appearing beneath the search bar, they appear faintly behind it and I can’t press the arrows. Uninstalling the app hasn’t helped.

  2. I’ve always used the messages app with an enjoyable experience. Up until recently, I haven’t had any issues I couldn’t resolve on my own. Now, I am having problems with SMS/MMS controls. If my messages contain pictures/ attachments or if they are longer/larger messages they will not send. Even with WiFi connection they are not going thru. I have been thru everything I can think of in the settings and still am having issues. Please help! Thank you Amanda

  3. I like that you can react to messages like on an iPhone. There are a lot of good features in this app. But it randomly doesn’t receive/send texts. This has happened 3 times in one month. It eventually downloads and sends them but it takes several minutes. One time I waited 20 minutes for a text to send. I would rate it 5 stars if this stops happening.

  4. The app has become completely unreliable! Just about everything Jessica is describing on 6/2/22 is happening to me as well. I’ve tried to uninstall the updates and reinstall. That did not fix anything. Messages fail to send. I constantly have to switch service’s manually. It seems to be the worst when you switch it from a wireless network back to cell data. If something isn’t corrected soon I’ll have no choice but to find something else. Lack of support options is disappointing!

  5. Joshua S dice:

    OK for texting. Has REALLY annoying limitations, though. If I want to select and copy text from a received message, I have to select ALL the text in that message or none of it. I cannot select just a single word or phrase. Search functionality is limited, at best, now. I used to be able to search for a phrase and it would dig through old messages. That is an incredibly useful tool for me to have. Now it appears to limit the searches by age and doesn’t go back more than a few weeks at most.

  6. I used to love this app until recently. Now I can’t send pictures in group chats, most messages don’t send hours if at all, and I don’t receive messages from certain contacts including those in my favorites list, and when I do get their messages they are hours to days late. It is really disappointing especially since this is the only app that will also connect to my laptop while I am working. Everything is updated and all of my settings are correct. This shouldn’t be a problem.

  7. Ever since I got my new Samsung and had the app update, it’s been nothing but trouble. I have to restart my phone whenever I need to send a message or recieve one, and it’s random. Sometimes it’ll “message dump” and recieve all messages at one time. Even when I switch to SMS it’ll have the same issues. It’s extremely frustrating since a lot of my work communications are via message threads. When it wants to work, it’s great, but overall it’s becoming a real pain.

  8. Have always had a great experience with the messenger app up until the last update. Now sending and receiving messages have some real issues. I have sent messages that show failed but the receiver actually got the message. However their response to my message was never received by me. As well as not receiving messages sent to my device from other senders. I have sent pictures that the intended recipient never received as well. Not very happy with this app at the present time.

  9. The app was really good and it’s just like a normal message app but recently, let’s say for 2 months I have not been able to download or send MMS messages, gifs or pictures or screenshots. It’s weird because I’m pretty sure it all happened when my battery died and it’s been like this ever since. I’ve tried resetting my phone, clearing cache and deleting past messages but none of them are working, please help!!!

  10. This has been my go to app for years. After upgrading to the Pixel 6, the gap has become almost useless. Most days, I get a message saying “messages processing” in my notifications, and when I open the actual messages app, it is completely blank. I have to reboot my phone every time it does this just to get my messages. My husband and daughter upgraded to the Pixel 6 as well and do not have these issues.

  11. I’ve used this app across multiple phones and never had issues. Like most of the recent reviews, in the last few days it has become unusable. I missed texts from friends replying to my invitations to go out on two different nights and texts from my boss at work. All of the texts come in at once a couple days after the fact. Had to uninstall.

  12. I used to LOVE this app. I’ve had multiple friends who use android switch to it because I loved the option to react to messages. Now half the time my stuff comes back saying the other person is offline, when they are not. I’ve had to send them as SMS instead. Literally, every single individual message I want to send. I really hope you correct whatever you have done to ruin this app. It’s unfortunate.

  13. K Moses dice:

    I’ve always had and enjoyed messages, but all of a sudden I am having major issues receiving messages. People who are trying to message me are getting a notification that I am offline, even though I’m connected to a strong WiFi connection. I’ve cleared the apps cache and followed all the tricks I’ve found online but it’s not working. When I switch over to message+ (by Verizon) I suddenly am able to see all the messages I didn’t receive in messenger! It’s infuriating.

  14. It has been doing good but the problem I’m having is that when I open it it shows the “All, personal, business” bars, search bar, and start newcl chat. And that’s all. It’s not showing me my contacts at all! Even if I try to get to it through a different app or clicking on a recieved message (I don’t seem to recieve now) it won’t let me go in. It’s just freezes. I’ve sent SEVERAL reports and it STILL hasn’t been fixed. Fix it please bc I need my contacts. I’m tempted to switch texting platforms!

  15. For the last several weeks it randomly doesn’t tell me I have a new message. I have to actually go into each individual text and see if anyone messaged me. When someone messages me they don’t move to the top, they stay buried in the messages. And the preview doesn’t even display the new message. I have to click on everybody several times a day to see if I missed anything. And if someone whom hasn’t texted me in a while texts today, I’ll probably never know! I even updated the app🤦‍♂️🤦‍

  16. Tiara W dice:

    I really like this messaging platform. It is really good at blocking spam text messages. One BIG problem with the app. The videos I receive and send through this app are grainy and out of focus. And appear to be terrible quality. I have to ask the sender to send the video via Whatsapp in order to see it clearly. That really needs to be addressed! As a note the problem exists on my Samsung 10 and Samsung S22 Plus. But it didn’t use to be a problem, so somewhere there was a breakdown.

  17. Gregory dice:

    What can I say? it’s a messaging app and it does exactly what it’s supposed to. I like the gifs although I do not use them much. It has a whole bunch of emojis as well but that is standard for most messaging apps. It has absolutely zero ads. Yay! It has a very simple design and straightforward ease of use which is huge compared to a lot of the other messaging apps some of which have ads and others have those stupid fluff and colors – yick! I like that it encrypts your messages.

  18. For whatever reason the past couple of weeks with this has been truly awful. The past four years for me with it has been great but recently messages won’t send for seemingly no reason, messages will be delayed (I hit send and instead of going into a bubble they’ll disappear for sometimes up to 45 minutes later without sending), when I look at all my threads they are out of order / the last message sent is incorrect, the keyboard will sometimes just stay on my screen after exiting. Please fix it.

  19. G Ortiz dice:

    Constant errors. Messages won’t send or the receiver doesn’t get it until hours later. Open app and it automatically closes. Says it’s full, but I delete nothing and wait a while and then app starts to work again!! App auto closing just started a week ago, I’ve been stuck with this app for years!!!!!! It will auto close multiple times a day sometimes and other days not once!! Things are really falling apart with this app.

  20. Can the setting be changed on this app as far as when a text message comes through while connected to your Bluetooth in your vehicle, that it just reads back the text message, not a ten minute reback, reading back everything,it reads back the heading, name, date, time, cc, etc, it takes like 10 mins before you can listen to the message. Lol

  21. Randomly will except individual notifications for people but most of the time it sets all people the same ringtone even though I initially set separate notifications. I received a reply saying it’s not this app and I should contact my phone supplier. I installed Chomp text app and it was very easy to customize different ring tones for individual contacts. Works great. Google don’t blame others for your flaws. Sad of you but not unexpected.

  22. I really like Messages by Google. I just wish that messages provided a larger area when typing text Messages. It would also be nice if messages better handled messaging when I am traveling in a foreign country. For instance, if I’m traveling, say, in the UK, and I receive a message from someone in the States, that person’s phone number will be prefixed with a 1, the country code. Messages will not recognize that person’s phone number as a number I’ve previously texted.

  23. This version exhibits many problems. My texts almost never show the latest message in chronological order in the list of contacts. I can receive a new message only to find it way down the list of contact messages, not at the top where it should be. Also the list of contact messages is never bold for unread texts. And to top it off the “most recent message” text summary is often one from many days prior. These specific problems make the app almost impossible to use! This is disappointing at best.

  24. With this last update your app has become a nightmare. I no longer get sounds with ringtones for phone calls or messages coming in. The options are all different and it states that my android settings are set to not allow any incoming messages allowed. I didn’t even get a messages about the update download. I can’t use or correct any of the settings from your update. You have rendered your app totally useless. Great job there, that’s call quality performance. There’s jobs in government.

  25. It used to be very stable. Now it will randomly stop sending messages, requiring me to kill the app, clear the cache and resend the message (roughly every 1-2 hours). Not sure what happened with the last update, but it broke something. Followed the suggestions below now on 3 different phones and continue to have the same issues. There is a major big in the app that randomly disconnects from the RCS servers, and is only temporarily fixed by forcing the app closed, and restarting

  26. Seeing similar complaints in reviews stating that recently the Messages app seems to have issues with sending SMS or MMS, regardless of if on mobile data or WiFi. The experience for me is that after sending a text (typed up with Gboard) and hitting send, the Messages user interface does not immediately show that a message was sent. It was as if I never hit send. Then any time from 5 seconds to more than 30 seconds later the interface shows the message being sent, almost as if it was queued.

  27. MercyXTD dice:

    I’ve been looking for a feature-rich messaging app because I felt the default Samsung one is pretty bland, and this was the best alternative I could find. it does everything you want it to and a few extra cool things, but the only issue I’ve had with it is that the app feels slightly slow. Sending a message is much more time taking than usual, and I don’t know if that’s because of my phone, OS, or if it’s the app’s fault. Other than that, this has been a pretty good app.

  28. No lost or dropped messages. Emojis, voice record, pic mssgs, talk and text all working great with my B140DL. No complaints so far. Too bad it wasn’t as cool as iphones messaging were you can still use the app/ service with or without network service. That would be great for emergencies or just having a limited amount of messages allowed that’s covered by the app from Android to Android.

  29. I had been very happy with this app but recently I have had a lot of trouble getting messages. Group texts won’t download at all on WIFI and texts to individuals load slower than they should. I have tried all the fixes I can find and some help for a little while but nothing works permanently. I’m about ready to try another app for messaging. Very unsatisfied!!

  30. I have enjoyed it overall, but there is one big issue for me: pictures sent to me look unrecognizable, and I cannot receive videos or audio messages. I don’t know if this is messages fault, or moto. That’s why I’m at least giving 3 stars. The benefit of the doubt and all. I am planning on calling moto in a few days. If it is something on their end, I will be changingy review to reflect that.

  31. Just got a brand new phone. I’ve searched all the settings multiple times & there is no way to change the notification tones in the app. My old phone had no issues in changing the tone settings. I even made sure to update the app. My husband is military & is currently in Korea. This app can’t even tell me when he sends me a message! It’s worthless! EDIT That reminds me .. I can’t even use GIFS on the app anymore either! Says it’s not authorized.

  32. This update has many flaws applying to my Android phone. There is no longer a tool bar at the top to allow one to copy text, cut/paste, or delete certain conversations. Deleting is all or nothing. And the Forwarding option is not available. Very frustrating. Your link did not help. Forwarding a whole message or a selected txt did not work.

  33. I’ve had this text messaging app before, but on this phone it’s horrible. It repeats messages I get over and over again multiple times. And I just can’t text anybody it’s like random who might possibly receive my text and it’s also random as who I can get texts from. I’m so frustrated with this cuz I really need a text messaging app. So I’m thinking of trying to find a different one that might work and be able to connect with everybody. I definitely need help!!!

  34. Teri Cox dice:

    Back again. App has not changed from 2 weeks ago. Still unable to send or receive messages. I have tried all suggestion, nothing helped the problem. I see many others still have issues. Everyone seems to get directions to try to fix it themselves, nothing helps. Is the app going to be fixed or just left as is? Very frustrating.

  35. Requires psychic powers (NOT intuitive, everything is hidden, can’t REMOVE numbers from Groups (only add), and thus far impossible to move messages to new device (which was a main goal in replacing default messages app in the first place) – apparently moving/syncing/whatever-the-magic-word-is WAS easy, because I see several variations on how to do so in old How-To articles, but none of those functions are in those locations now. Very frustrated.

  36. It’s alright. Reminds me of apple and how plain it is. Useful features, but not enough customizable options. Samsung Messages match my theme and background vs Google Messages either just hazy white or black. Very basic and bland to me. Receiving multimedia is PISS poor. The image quality is like looking at photos on a 2006 Nokia phone especially when sent in bulk. They’re so compressed its hard to even see the faces.

  37. Of course not as good as iMessage but better than Samsung’s messaging app. When I send images and videos it shrinks the quality so much that’s it’s terrible to watch video or read text on image. Also, the copy and paste feature is horrible. When I copy image and caption it will not paste the image. Very upset that I switched from iPhone and just texting might be the thing why I go back to Apple because it’s an messaging is an app that people use everyday.

  38. Update after dev response below: the “help” page is insultingly basic and doesn’t address core functionality concerns. Importantly, it’s only been since recent updates these problems have occurred: At best, it’s 50/50 on whether the message sends, no matter how strong my data or wifi is. There are also long periods where I don’t receive messages from other Messages users. I’m really frustrated by this decline in functionality for what used to be a simple and intuitive app.

  39. I don’t know what’s going on with this app. MMS won’t send, SMS is sketchy and delays some incoming texts while others never come through. Specific contacts get my messages but I’ve gotten none of theirs. I’ve troubleshooted everything with my phone itself, so it has to be this app. The MMS is a very recent issue, maybe 2 weeks now. I can get them, but can’t send.

  40. Forced to use this app? Can’t use old Messages (Samsung) and can’t select individual words in text. You can long-press and select the whole message ONLY. I copy and paste small portions from texts every day. Thistle is bad. Please fix. I appreciate the quick response, but in the Samsung version, I long-press, tap ‘select text,’ then move pointers to selectively highlight individual words to copy. If there is an option for this, I’m happy to change my review.

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