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2nd Phone Number Line for Anonymous Texting, Calling, and Picture Messages
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Welcome to Burner, your phone within your phone.
We’ve rebranded & updated everything from the logo to the app interface, but we’re still the market-leading second phone number app that allows you to have multiple numbers for multiple reasons.

We arm you with the texting, calling, and organizational tools. We’re a second phone number app, sure, but at our core we’re just trying to help you navigate this wild, weird world in the easiest, safest way possible.


Burner is so much more than just a second phone number app for calling &
texting. You’re able to do so much more than call & text now…

Burner allows you to use your phone with unlimited anonymous numbers. This means you can enjoy multiple phone numbers with unlimited calling, texting, and spam blocking features while keeping your personal number private.

Use Burner to:

• Maintain your privacy, anonymity & keep your number safe
• Organize your social circles
• Text and call with spam blocking & muting
• Set boundaries with do-not-disturb settings
• Custom voice mails
• Call and text now with immediate, unlimited calling & texting
• Make unlimited voice calls, text and video messages

With Burner, you can set privacy boundaries with spam call blocking, do-not-disturb settings, voice mails and more to ensure that you’re always in control of your communications and privacy.

Burner is free to download and free to try. Get a free 7-day trial and a real second line to try with our enhanced privacy, spam-blocking, and communication features. Additional numbers are available through subscription, making it easy to add more lines, text & call more people.


We’re not here to brag (okay, maybe a little), but we’ve been featured as a TIME Magazine Top 50 App and we’ve appeared in The New York Times, WIRED, TechCrunch, Engadget, and more.

Why do they all love us so much? You can download Burner to see for yourself, but we’ve been recognized for excellence, privacy and innovation (and the fact that we offer real numbers, not fake phone numbers or second lines that only work for a week).

Burner is the most reliable and fully featured virtual phone number app available, boasting premium calling & texting features that include spam blocking, muting, voice mails and do-not-disturb privacy settings. After all, life is complicated enough. Your phone doesn’t have to be.


Privacy Policy: https://burnerapp.com/privacy
Terms of Use: https://burnerapp.com/terms-of-service

IMPORTANT: Phone calls use cell phone minutes. Burners are free for a trial period only — please review our pricing before purchasing. Area code availability varies. May not work with SMS shortcode services. Not for 911 emergency services. Works in the US and Canada only. Not available in Puerto Rico.


40 comentarios en "Burner: Second Phone Number 2022"

  1. I needed to reinstall this app because my previous phone locked up on me. Don’t really care for the look and feel of this updated ver. There are little-to-no user interface options such as text and background color choices as before, nor is there a dark mode option, at least not that I can find. Hope there will be another update soon that might correct these shortcomings. 🤞

  2. The app is great when it works. I have a 3 line subscription yet when you delete a line to add a new one it pops up an error message saying you’ve reached your limit??? Then the app has zero customer service phone numbers and only help through email which took 7 hours to respond to. I’m sure their inboxes are flooded, it would make more sense to have a line to resolve issues in 5 mins vs 2 days. Their customer service is very nice though. Please fix these issues! Many rely on this for our jobs!

  3. Bryanna L dice:

    With the newest update it’s far too easy to delete conversations accidentally as the delete convo button is right below view contact and there is no verification before all the messages disappear. Also, when I click on a text notificafion from if i have multiple notifications it opens the wrong message thread! This has caused me to send the wrong message to the wrong person. It would help if the app even had a feedback option in the app!

  4. Excellent for what you need it for, but the app in general has a LOT of issues. Crashes and won’t call out all the time, can’t answer calls 80% of the time, and messages don’t always come in when someone sends you one…you get it hours later. The update makes it harder to call out bc there is no keypad but when u finally find it and call out, it disappears on you so after your call is done, you can’t hang up at all. First call I made with the new update, app had me arguing with a foreigner lol

  5. Please fix the bugs caused by the new update over the weekend… the app is literally crashing and is struggling when I attempt to switch phone numbers. There was no reason to change the entire design of the app I don’t understand why you guys continue to do it every 6 months. It seems like every update makes the phone numbers more expensive and the app harder to use. I have been using burner for 3 years now for work and it has never been this bad.

  6. C's Smith dice:

    Use to work fine. Now I’ve contacted support. They said need more info. Gave email. Actual phone number. Burner numbers. Uninstalled app. Reinstalled app. Switch sims to different device. Tried everything again. Won’t send me verification code. Thru text or call. Won’t let me get to where I can cancel subscription. Months of Just taking my money without service. Amazing how the payment part works just fine. Still not working. What am I doing wrong.

  7. Clunky app. Issue 1 – I have multiple numbers. They are not organized intuitively. I’ve accidentally created conversations with the wrong number multiple times. Issue 2 – If I write a message but don’t send it and switch apps, the message deletes. This is incredibly frustrating. Issue 3 – every time I open the app all my conversations glitch and shift around for a few seconds. Makes the app look cheap. Issue 4 – can’t copy phone numbers

  8. K. Slay dice:

    It works fine. I never had any difficulty with the app itself. However, trying to cancel/delete your account is a nightmare & the customer service is horrible. After I canceled my subscription & deleted my account, I kept getting charged. I emailed them several times to fix the issue & give me a refund, but they kept telling me they couldn’t find my account. I only have one number & I even have the deletion confirmation texts. I ended up canceling my card and getting a new one to make them stop.

  9. Racheal W dice:

    It constantly tells me there are connection issues, sends messages multiple times, etc. I would think maybe it was service related but somehow the rest of my phone seems to be working 100% normally. I keep forgetting to cancel it. I’ve tried using it for some volunteer work recently and even though it says unlimited texts and pictures, it stops me after a certain amount of texts and tells me it failed to send.

  10. I have been very happy with this app until a year ago. I have had a few issues here and there with delays in messages and never understood the small images when clicking one that was received. I have not had any issues with call quality. The biggest issue I have is the loss of the ability to sync messages and images received to Google drive for easier searching later. This was a feature that really sold me when I got the app but now an alternative will be found and this service dropped.

  11. Mike dice:

    Wodetful app, highly rated, love it overall. Even works properly in the background exactly as it should. Only issue is some minor glitches with draft, it does not necessarily save a text as a draft if you exit creating a text message. Other than that it’s nearly perfect, and better-than-expected. Id love to see Drafts autosave improved, as of now if you create a draft of an email before it’s sent and have to exit back to check another text message you lose your draft. It’s a minor aggravation

  12. It’s alright. There’s a few things that bother me. 1- You cannot send a picture unless you text something with it. The send button is grayed out until you type something. 2- You have to recrop every picture to send it. It forces you to. 3- you cannot zoom in on anything. The max picture size is half an inch. The picture is limited by the app’s two inch black margin from all four sides.

  13. This app works well enough for what it is. There are 2 major things that are keeping its rating down. The first is that you can only use about 1/8 of your screen to view images, so texting with images is extremely limiting. The second is that you can’t text or receive videos at all. So, it lacks most texting features.

  14. M T dice:

    Just downloaded the app. First it said there was a free trial so I signed up, then when I tried to continue it got stuck and it said that I already had a subscription. Then it asked me to sign up again and it charged me $4.99 and now I can’t use the app at all!! None of the buttons are clickable! Can’t find a support number or email either. I’ll be filing for a charge back if I can’t get the app to work or get any support.

  15. Glitchy app/ Terrible customer service – I haven’t been able to receive 2 step verifications through the app. Customer service keeps offering to change the number, when that’s not what I need. I’ve stated that several times and the response is always – change your number. Umm. No. Cannot recommend this. One star for low pricing. But. You get what you (don’t) pay for. Seriously. Don’t.

  16. This app has so much potential. I have either Samsung and Pixel phones, not sure if this makes a difference. I don’t want to rate the app a 2 or 3 stars. Issues are, 1) it doesn’t connect with the phones contact folder. Burner saves it’s contact in it’s app only. One can lose all of the contacts. 2) The inability to erase multiple message threads at once. 3) When imputing contact’s info under the note section, you can’t see what you wrote previous sentence(s). (4) that’sAll I can remember now.

  17. Presents itself as a FREE to use app, when ITS NOT! To trick people, they have you go through the whole process of picking your “new number” and agreeing to the terms, then right when you’re about to actually use their service, they hit you with the it’s $9.99 a month with a free trial period you can’t access unless you provide your VISA digits. Shady.

  18. I like this app. Unfortunately it’s tied to a number I no longer have. Can this be fixed? Well if it can be fixed, then the process must be arduous or cumbersome. I need this adjustment to happen quickly. I can not use the burner line until then. It’s quite useful and can receive verification codes. Many apps I need to access. Please advise. UPDATE: the response was fast and fantastic. I really like this app.

  19. Ben Sisko dice:

    I had a subscription for 4 years starting in 2018. Started off great but over the past year it’s been going down hill. Customer service is fast to respond but recent responses were excuses why it wouldn’t work and how it wasn’t their fault. Couldn’t seem to care less about losing a customer of 4 years. Sad to cancel but if every most websites blocks their numbers and you have to wait a month before you can try another number the service is no longer useful.

  20. I really enjoy the burner app. It’s a very cost-effective way to maintain my privacy. My only gripe is that the voicemail prompt starts after four rings. I’m constantly missing phone calls due to the short number of rings. I’m hoping the developer can increase the number of rings or time before the voicemail prompt starts.

  21. I had to change my review. This app was perfect until the update about a week ago. The new interface with the black background literally hurts my eyes to look at. The app generally is much slower. Also I’ve had multiple people who call me and say my number goes straight to voice-mail. I UNINSTALLED the app then downloaded again 3 times to no avail 🙁 Such a bummer I literally use this app everyday!)

  22. Bryan dice:

    this app requires your cell phone number to create an account so that right there is ironic. second, when trying to call someone all it gives is an error that the call cannot be completed at this time and to try again later. third, all the color options are super bright with no nighttime mode. what a joke of an app

  23. It blows me away that anyone can give this app a positive rating. When making a call, people I’m talking to say it’s muffled and crackling; the volume is considerably less compared to regular calls. You can’t change notifications alerts. You can’t group text. Pics received are small and grainy. I could go on, just save your money and use a different app.

  24. I’ve been using this app for a while now. I have the 3 line subscription. I’d like to change it to 10 lines but I can’t figure out how. When I look at manage subscriptions it’s not an option. Only one and 3 lines. I would say about half the time I receive a call from one of the burners it never rings as well. It just says incoming call with no option to pick up and then a second later says missed call. Any advice on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

  25. The app has been a life saver while on deployment but it’s too buggy. The messaging feature should be redone to be smoother, faster, and look better. Scrolling through messages is a nightmare, it’s choppy and jumps all over the screen. It does what I need it to but I’d enjoy a better interface. For 4.99 a month I’d like to enjoy using the app instead of merely using it for necessity. And, yes I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled to ensure I’m on the latest version.

  26. Had a bit of a bug, took money and didnt start the account. Ok, weird. Messaged team. Got a direct email back within 12 hours, got it fixed within 30 minutes of that. How someone handles problems matters a lot to me and this is a perfect example of what to do when an app glitches. Beyond that, I’ve used the service before. Its fantastic. Privacy and easy controls, app is stable and works really well.

  27. Overall, setup was easy enough. The biggest problem was it took 10 rings before the voicemail picked up. I had customers tell me they tried to call and since they couldn’t leave a voicemail they moved on. I lost business because of this app. I contacted customer service 4 different times. That too, is lacking. They said it would take longer for my call to go out and I had to explain over and over again I was talking about calls coming in. If they can’t figure that out, I lost hope. Uninstalled.

  28. Great App, with great features. I only have one problem, on the home screen there is a row of buttons: phone, messages, burn number, settings. I really wish that there wasn’t a button to burn the number right on the home screen, I have almost burnt my number more than once and it would have been tragic if I did as it is my work number. This option should be kept in settings, to avoid accidentally burns, nobody needs to have burn number as a shortcut. I hope they change this in an update.

  29. Great for text, except pictures take forever to come through. Voice calls are f’ing AWFUL. Frequently, one or both on the call can’t hear each other and when they can hear each other, the sound is terrible. The response from the developer doesn’t address that the Hushed app works great on the same phone – that app always has excellent call quality.

  30. Mandatory monthly billing, no way to cancel. You used to be able to buy a monthly subscription or a pack of X minutes/texts for a flat fee with no subscription. I need the app to make one call every 3-4 months, so the monthly subscription would make no sense for me. I went to reinstall this app, and they’ve done away with all flat fee options and ONLY have a monthly subscription. And according to these reviews, it’s impossible to cancel. Absolutely not worth it anymore

  31. I’ve been using this app for a while now, it’s good! Not that many issues, aside from a few that I think could be easily fixed via patch. For example, I have to exit texting back into the main ‘menu’ in order to see a new text message. It’s doesn’t always show up while in the texting portion. Another issue is, the picture preview is really tiny and if someone sends you a video? It won’t actually play it in app, if you download a video sent to you, it’ll only save a frame from that video.

  32. Great concept – Lousy execution App does not play nice with other apps. Rarely will you get notified of an incoming call if you are using another app. Also, calls get dropped if you need to switch screens/apps during a conversion. Cannot sent group text messages. Any photos received by text message get cropped so they are useless. VMs keep playing even if you back out of app. So much room for improvement. If you claim to be a “second line”, then act more like my primary one.

  33. I would give it one star, but occasionally it does actually connect with whom I’m trying to communicate. Once there is any load on the software, it all falls apart. I attempted to use this software to recruit people for three separate volunteer projects. As soon as a half of a dozen texts or calls came in, the app stopped updating in real time, and notifications ceased all together. It would have been more cost-effective for me to pay an employee to handle the calls.

  34. Bob Kemp dice:

    Works ok. They need to do a better job with pics. The viewing window on a phone is the size of a postage stamp and it does not hold the position of the pic in the message window. Also, scrolling up to look at previous messages is not smooth at all and if it does scroll easy and gets to the first message, it kicks you back to the last message! VERY FRUSTRATING!!

  35. Used this app for work calls so I didn’t have to give out my personal number. Most of the time it worked pretty well. Texting through the app is easy, but I wish there was the ability to send group texts. Sometimes the app freezes things up or shuts down randomly, but it works once you reopen it. I like that you have the ability to forward calls and turn notifications on and off.

  36. Its ok but has a very annoying bug. Once i go into the app i can no longer hear any volume on any other app. Watching a video is very quiet and i cant hear regular phone calls. The volume is VERY low. I use to be able to force stop the app and it would resolve the issue but now i have to turn.my phone off and back on repeatedly to get the volume back. But once i go back into the app it starts all over again.

  37. It worked great during the 7 day trial. After I paid, it kept saying I was out of minutes. So I kept purchasing more credits. I had 60 mins available, and after 2 or 3 short calls it ran out of minutes. I couldn’t have used more than 10 or 15 minutes tops. I got so frustrated trying to figure this thing out I quit. I’m trying Google voice it’s free.

  38. The app has consistently started to not show incoming calls until it’s to late and they are missed, it freezes when you try to open it when a call is incoming, there is no way to get back to the phone screen when in a call, the ring tone will occasionally freeze and keep playing requiring you to force close the app, and more. I am not sure what happened but the amount of bugs or problems has went up significantly recently for some reason. It makes the experience terrible and hard to use.

  39. This app works ok for texting, less so for calls. There’s a pretty obvious delay when a call is connecting and it sounds like a disconnect. What I hate is that they set up an auto renew I 100% did not want and am unable to stop inside the app. It tells you to cancel through Google Play and it’s really unclear how to do it. I feel like that’s shifty and untrustworthy.

  40. Still in trial period but so far so good. One issue I have is the app keeps closing in the background and making me set it up all over again. Other than that it works great. Not sure why photo mms gets cropped but it does work. Very useful for Wi-Fi only devices as well. Texting seems fine and so does calling even over Voip. Loading is super slow though.

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