Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser MODDED 2022


Effortless, companion browser for your super quick, private searches.
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Use Firefox Focus for everything you want to keep separate from your main browser — for all those get in get out and forget about it moments. No tabs, no fuss, no muss. Block online trackers too. One tap, and your browsing history is completely destroyed.

Firefox Focus is the perfect get in/get out, search and destroy, I’m on a mission that’s none-of-your-business — web browser.

When you open Focus, you just get the awesome bar and the keyboard for super quick searching. That’s it. No recent history, no past sites, no open tabs, no ads trackers, no distractions. Just a simple, minimal design with menus that make sense.

Erase your history, passwords and cookies with just a tap of the trash button.

Pin up to four shortcuts on your home screen. Get to your favorite site even quicker without typing anything.

Firefox Focus blocks many ads you’d normally see on web pages due to our enhanced tracking protection so you get much faster page load speeds, which means you get to the stuff you want a lot faster. Focus blocks a wide range of trackers by default, including social trackers and those sticky ones that come from things like Facebook ads.

Firefox Focus is backed by Mozilla, the non-profit that fights for your rights on the web, so you can trust it not to sell your data.

– Read about Firefox permissions:
– Learn more about what’s up at Mozilla:

Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe open and free is better than closed and controlled. We build products like Firefox to promote choice and transparency and give people more control over their lives online. Learn more at

Privacy Policy:


* Fixed an issue with audio/video autoplay.
* Fixed incorrectly-displayed Enhanced Tracking Protection notification when creating a home screen shortcut.


40 comentarios en "Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser MODDED 2022"

  1. Those asking for multiple tabs are missing the point. This is for one-off searches, not a main browser. For that, it works great. I had a friend check her website stats after I visited her url, and my visit didn’t even show up in Google’s stats. It blocks most ads but I really wish it blocked autoplay. As with many apps on newer phones, scrolling is jerky (fine in Brave and Chrome). Back button doesn’t work if a site has a certain type of scripting and you have to press the trash can.

  2. Installing this application and making it the default browser was one of the best things I’ve done to my phone. I can now freely open links (from maps, emails, messages, etc.) and clear things off completely when I’m done. No tracking, history or accumulation of tabs!

  3. Jason Dab dice:

    As of yesterday, landscape mode no longer works. Affects all sites, if I rotate my phone, the screen goes gray except for a purple notification bar at the top. All the buttons and content disappear. Audio still plays, but all you see is gray. The only variation is when you first open the browser and it’s blank, nothing loaded, you can rotate to landscape and all the controls at the top stay! But the second you press enter on a url, it goes gray, too. Uninstall and reinstall had no effect.

  4. The app is exactly what I want. Thank you Firefox team. ❤️ Regardless, I’ve one minor suggestion (request) regarding the “Add to Shortcuts” option: It would be awesome if we could pin more than just four shortcuts. Since the browser doesn’t save anything, it kinda makes sense to save websites we frequently need to visit (could be more than 4). Also, it would be perfect, if the app could block ads by default (a built-in ad blocker or option to install extensions). #firefoxforlife

  5. Easy to use. the settings are very straight forward, and has options for further understanding and easy to access for care or support. I highly recommend this browser/app. easy controls and easy to understand who, what, where, when it comes to an individuals privacy rights and still compromise as a consumer/user of various products. I’m glad that there’s something to help point out that fine line that gets crossed. it’s to help everyone! thank you Firefox Focus!!

  6. I like this app in general. It’s fast due to not loading a bunch of ad traffic and makes clearing history very simple. Great for looking up an article or video that you don’t want some algorithm locking onto and spamming you with related “suggestions.” There is one glaring omission that I just can’t get over though, and that’s the inability to open new tabs. It’s especially baffling when the function clearly exists as you can open links in new tabs. Why such a half baked work around?

  7. Good, simple, privacy-first browser. I’ve just tried it again after giving it up about two years ago. Unfortunately the missing feature that frustrated me then is still missing today. Please add a per site JavaScript toggle to override the global setting. I like to have JavaScript disabled with some exceptions, but Firefox Focus forced me to have it enabled everywhere or disabled everywhere. Neither option works for me. Am still a fan. Just can’t be my main browser.

  8. Practically no resource draw and good blocking policy. The delete button is quickly accessible and works exactly as expected. Due to blocking, I am able to search much better on unstable cellular (essential for a park ranger). For some bizarre reason though, there is no button to open a new tab despite the functionality existing (you can open one by long-pressing on a link).

  9. AHetaFan dice:

    I loved it until this update. Now you made it unusable. When firefox Focus opens webpage notification area home and back buttons are removed! You can’t even exit the app. Can’t use this at all. Have to change my default app. Might have found the fix. Hit the trash to close web page. Look at the bottom of the app screen where it advertises new features swipe through each feature. Fixed for me after doing that. Two stars because of this for now. Yes I mind. Said all there is to say in email.

  10. Finally. Simplicity at it’s finest. Less is more in this browser. It is what it is, and does what it says. User friendly without confusing jargon for the regular folk that just want the fast and streamlined approach for their day. I have zero interest living in my phone trying to figure out subtexts of the subtexts regarding permissions and parties (not the fun kind). My browsing experience, since I inadvertently parted ways with my iPhone has become simplified and exactly non-fussy. Kudos!

  11. Definitely appreciate the extra privacy features Mozilla had in mind with this app. It’s freeing being able to browse the web without feeling stalked on every site. I have it installed on all my devices and there’s no going back. I like being able to look at a garden hose for sale online and not having it plastered on every other site in an ad

  12. This runs absolutely amazing and very speedy… and private. My ONLY, ONLY complaint and suggestion is to have the ability to have more than one tab open at a time. Sometimes, i need several tabs open at a time to do things, and having only one open is a bit frustrating. Otherwise works fantastic

  13. This has been one of my browser for a while now. It’s snappy and quick while not draining memory or computing power. You can have more apps open along with Firefox Focus, and switch back and forth between different app windows faster. It also has an insanely light storage footprint.Focus has some of the better privacy defaults, especially when compared with the regular Firefox mobile browser. By default, Focus blocks ad, analytics, and social trackers.

  14. It’s a nice browser and has just about everything I want. However, having multiple tabs is super wonky and not user friendly and everything is gone once the app closes. I understand the privacy aspect, but I wish there was more control over how the user interacts with it. As is, it’s not especially useable. It is, however, fast, gorgeous, and sleek.

  15. It looks like a very fast very premium browser. My only gripe about this thing is that trash icon that appears on EVERY web page you load, and you can’t disable it. I know that is a very solo nitpick, but it’s unnerving, and enough to keep me from using this browser. Please change, and I’ll reinstall, Ed Other issue for me is an inability to create new tab. This is a browser essential. Idk why this was not included. This is unfortunately a deal breaker for me. it’s off to another browser! 🙂

  16. The latest version is definitely NOT ready for release. It is slow and buggy. It often doesn’t register when I press the back button and/or links, and I end up having to spam the back button for the browser to respond. It is really slow to respond any time I type anything in the search bar because it has an “about:blank” page. It doesn’t always clear the browsing history even when I fully close the app. And, it loads a different version of google that doesn’t have the sliding weather widget.

  17. I love this app and I’ve been using it as my main browser for a year. I’ve loved the sleek design and it’s performance along with the privacy. Though recently, whenever I’ve switched to another application on my phone, and back to firefox focus, the screen goes black and unresponsive. Reloading the page or typing a new search doesn’t work. The only way to fix it is completely clear all tabs, ruining my browsing. I really want to keep using this app. Please fix this, I’m not the only one.

  18. Very useful app for browsing without wanting to save anything. The only thing I wish is that it was less easy to accidentally close all of your apps, because when that happens you can’t reopen any of them ( which is obviously the point of the app), but it’s just too easy to sometimes accidentally close all of them. Aside from that it’s missing one or two features that if it had would give it five stars. But this is definitely the app to use for easy LOCAL anonymous browsing (eg doesn’t use tor)

  19. Used to be excellent, but ever since the update to version 8 it’s been really, really bad. Google image searches don’t load in the proper resolution (they stay in thumbnail resolution even when selected), searches often fail (blank screen), or take far longer then they should, and the scrolling is now very stuttery. Mozilla, what did you do to this wonderful app? I rolled back to version 7 and that still works great, but I can’t give a good rating to the current release.

  20. My only complaint is the erase button that constantly hovers over the screen. i have accidentally clicked it more than once, losing my session. I have never had a need to use it. it should be in a less obtrusive place. or there should be an option to move or remove it. Not everyone needs an emergency abort button where web content or a slip of a finger may land.

  21. The concept is very good, who doesnt want a really secure browser with minimal stuff getting in the way of browsing? However, Focus has some big issues with usability and design that ruin the experience. For starters, opening a new page is an esoteric ordeal, and, as far as I can figure out, is only doable by holding a link and opening it in a new tab. That’s right, there’s no actual “new tab” button. Additionally, it often times doesnt load pages when you click on them. Thats all.

  22. Missing too many features. Many websites don’t work correctly, you can’t just create new tabs (have to find a link on the page and select “open in new tab”), doesn’t store logins by design which just eats up time, takes up space in the notification bar but that functionality only exists to delete the current session, not return me to it. Probably a great privacy tool, but it’s just too inconvenient to use right now.

  23. I really love this browser. Unlike other privacy browsers, there’s no massive list of confusing settings, it’s streamlined in a way that I like smartphone apps to be. Clearing all of the tabs at once is surprisingly satisfying. It’s always in a dark mode, and the color scheme is nice. I usually prefer Chrome but this is my new favorite browser for phones. If it could adblock it would be perfect. But I like it too much to give it less than 5 stars.

  24. This browser is great. I use it on my Chromebook but either way, its fast, secure, and simple. I really can say I don’t get distracted as much when I use this browser. The lack of ads coupled with no VISUAL customization options makes it great for me. And I clarify that there are privacy settings. Just not options to change wallpaper or things like that.

  25. Privacy? Since the last update, when closing and reopening, I noticed that the browser did not clear the history/url in address bar. I then realized that when returning to the start page, the pop-up saying “your browsing history has been erased” is no longer appearing. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the issue…time will tell. Firefox…ever hear the saying…IF IT’S NOT BROKEN, DON’T FIX IT!

  26. Alright, so first order of business. This Web browser is not intended to be swift and smooth with all of your saved passwords and history. In actuality it is quite the opposite; a safe, secure browser that you can customize to fit your needs and security level and it does a fantastic job of that. The UI and features look and perform great while making it user friendly to those who may not fully understand what privacy is at stake with normal web browsers. Plus look at that emblem, it’s amazing!

  27. N. P. dice:

    As other users have mentioned, this was A FANTASTIC app, until the recent update. If you switch to another app on your phone and go back to Firefox, Firefox is blank and unresponsive. Extremely frustrating, because you have to clear it out and start over. If I’m browsing a website, and I go to answer a text message in another app, I go back to Firefox and I’ve basically lost that page. I loved this app, until this change (bug?). Developers, Please Fix This!

  28. Great. The privacy functionality is the best and most intuitive in the privacy browser market. A complaint I have is that some streaming websites do not ahow the video and I am forced to switch to Chrome. Also, if a website has pop-ups, it is impossible to navigate it, as the pop-up does not open another tab, but rather goes to a new page on the same tab. Keep it up.

  29. Evan C dice:

    I like this app a lot. It’s nice to have a lightweight browser for just quickly opening links and stuff. Just be careful because, since it doesn’t save any of your browsing history, if you accidentally close the app or it has to get reloaded cause your memory is low, you won’t be able to get back to the web page you were on. I know that’s a privacy feature, not a bug, and I’m cool with that.

  30. Peter W dice:

    Appreciate that Mozilla has decided to keep updating Firefox Focus! This is one of the best mobile browsers with privacy focus (again ), and I was glad to see the updated Gecko engine making it in here. One item that I really miss is the ability to simply close a tab with a “close” command. The “back” function doesn’t do it if a site misbehaves, and I ended up having to exit the browser, loosing all tabs in the process.

  31. It’s always been pretty good at being a browser, geared toward single pages and quick checks without loading the big behomoths like chrome. A few quirks, like opening popups in the currently open tab. But because of the permissions creep, with no indication what for(even emailing mozilla), I won’t be updating it and will likely remove it soon. Despite it being a good browser, I can’t recommend it because it wants personally identifiable information now, a capital offense for privacy

  32. Simple and clean browser for specifically when you want to focus. It’s a niche use, as there are no bookmarks, no multiple tabs, and no history saved. Essentially, it’s equivalent to browsing incognito, but Incognito is on at all times. It’s great for what it’s for what it’s designed for, but anyone who wants more should look elsewhere.

  33. Andy K dice:

    Does what it says in the description. There aren’t a lot of features included but being a full fledged browser was never the purpose of this browser anyway. It does a decent amount of privacy related things in the background without any need for users to tinker around in any complicated settings. The UI looks nice and the overall UX is good, in my opinion. I prefer much higher degrees of customization for my main browser but none of the Firefox apps offer that anymore, unfortunately.

  34. Ads are showing now, it’s not working well for opening links from other sources, it freezes and hangs constantly. Everything was great before this recent update. For privacy and security I was using this a lot but this is a step back from the previous version. Edit: fixed all the stuck issues with a cache wipe, which is odd because I thought the trash button was wiping everything. It’s still not blocking ads, only ad trackers.

  35. Exactly as advertised: no fuss. Nothing here that’s not in regular Firefox (already the best browser), but this saves some finagling with settings. I would’ve given a 4-star before due to how easy it was to accidentally hit the trash button and close all your tabs, but they’ve finally moved the button more out of the way. It would be nice to have a “new tab” button without having to long-press hyperlinks, but it’s not a substantial issue.

  36. I used to love love love this app. Since updating it yesterday (4/30/2019) auto complete doesn’t work. And when I try to manually add my fave websites to the auto complete list, it doesn’t take. The web browser also blocks fewer ads now. I am super disappointed and it’s no longer my default browser. I hope they can fix it soon, it used to be a fantastic browser.

  37. Update again: so far no more bugs on my end. They also added the individual removal of tabs. Which I know this becomes like any other browser app but people want a lightweight browser that doesn’t slow down your phone or make it overwork just to run it. I’m liking it and the team is responsive and at least tries to fix issues. I haven’t tried it yet but I do know that the app can’t open certain websites that require logins. I’ll end up using Chrome for those but this app is my go to.

  38. It’s 143 megs, – hardly a lightweight app. Chrome takes up about 100 on my phone. Curiously, it also manages to build several megs of stored data in a day or so, with suggestions, cookies, all tracking and java script off, leading one to ponder what it stores. It’s still an excellent browser, less resource intensive than most, and without the useless cache storage overhead most browsers make it difficult or impossible to avoid. But it isn’t small, anymore; – it’s more like huge.

  39. Firefox Focus is a speedy browser with some very cool privacy features baked in (looking at you, fingerprint to unlock, stealth mode, and floating kill all tabs button). I also really like the “Open in” option that allows me to easily re-open a URL in Chrome if I find that the site is behaving badly in Firefox Focus. In fact, Focus has almost everything I want in a browser, EXCEPT a search widget for my home screen.

  40. When the app works, it’s great. But it is very hit-or-miss when loading web pages. More times than not, it won’t load a web page or link. Instead it presents that URL as a blank page. Refreshing the page and killing/restarting the app doesn’t solve the issue most times. Even the browser’s “back” button will stop responding when this happens. Very frustrating.

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