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UC Browser is a fast, smart and secure web browser. It is designed for an easy and excellent browsing experience. With the unique self-developed U4 engine and video player, UC Browser can provide you with a smooth experience no matter you are surfing, visiting websites, downloading files or watching videos.

★Upgraded Web Browsing Experience: The most recent version uses our unique self-developed U4 engine that performs 20% improvement in web connection, standard support, video watching experience, personal information security, stability, and storage management in comparison with our old versions.
★Fast Download: Our servers speed up and stabilize downloads. If any disconnection or interruption occurs, UC Browser can continue downloading from the breakpoint. It takes less time to download videos in UC Browser. You can even enjoy the fun of watching unfinished videos without waiting until the download completes.
★Small Window Mode: Our small window mode enables the video window to be moved apart from the webpage, and hanged on top of the screen, while you expect to chat with friends, shop online or participate in other activities without video watching interruption.
★Video Playing in Background: Videos can be played in the background easily with just one tap. You can enjoy listening to the videos when you are doing other things with the phone.
★Data Saving: UC Browser compresses data, speeds up navigation and helps you save a lot of cellular data traffic. The more you browse, the more data you can save with UC Browser.
★Ad Block: Ad block functionality blocks different forms of ads that affect your browsing experience. It helps you visit webpages Ad-Free on your android devices.
★Smooth Video playing: With the self-developed video player and unique technology, UC Browser provides you with an excellent video playback experience.
★Incognito Mode: Browsing without leaving any history, cookies, caches, etc. Incognito mode makes your browsing and watching experience perfectly private and secret.
★Facebook Mode: This unique feature speeds up Facebook regardless of your network condition. UC Browser always finds the way to increase your network speed.
★Night Mode: Switch to night mode on UC Browser to read more comfortably at night.

About UCWeb
Editor’s Choice 2018 – OPPO App Store
Gold Mi Award 2018 – Xiaomi App Store
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCBrowser
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UCBrowser
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ucwebvideo

For help & feedback, please contact our help center http://url.cn/42kuL5f (open in UC).


40 comentarios en "UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private FULL"

  1. v x dice:

    From my experience using this browser on multiple devices I have to say that this browser is really not that good. The only reason I’m giving this browser three stars instead of two is because it’s the only browser I know of that can download torrents, I didn’t actually try downloading any torrents though. Anyways, it’s pretty slow on most of my devices and even on the one device where it wasn’t slow, it’s still not the fastest browser I’ve used. The built in ad blocker didn’t actually seem to block ads, even with the powerful ad blocker turned on. There are some sites that I tried that think this browser is outdated. Also, while I don’t mind the built in video player, I noticed that, at least on some sites, it would cause an issue where if you tried to full screen the video too fast it would just show a black screen. Then I also had a device specific issue on my tablet (HP 7, running android 4.1.2), where almost every website gave me an error saying that the connection wasn’t secure and it refused to let me use those sites. I didn’t have this issue on any of the other three devices.

  2. I did have it rated 5 stars but for some reason it is crashing over and over at very inconvenient times. I’ve tried clearing the cache, history and even reinstalling it twice but still continues to crash. I even factory reset my device because I thought maybe that was the issue but once it all got set up and I installed UC, Under 5 mins…. CRASH!

  3. I’ve been using UC Browser for years and set it as a default app. I liked how the bookmarks are saved and incognito mode. I don’t like every time after you update, so many ads and nonsense news show up, but somehow I managed it. That was tolerable, but now I hate it. Two biggest issues by now. I was using it to watch video, sometimes it can be so buffering. Then I tried exactly same video with Chrome, much faster. After that everytime I can’t open a page with UC, I try with Chrome, open right away. The second thing happens to me is that everytime I’m trying to type on UC, the keyboard would always disappear when you just start to type 2,3 letters. It never happened with other browser. I’m thinking it’s time to change my default settings.

  4. Bogus. This was an excellent app. Now it’s slow, lags while YouTube streaming (on broadband WiFi for crying out loud) but the final insult is that I cannot turn off Facebook notifications which have been greyed out. So now my phone keeps getting multiple notifications for the same item. I do not have the inclination to spend time figuring out how to disable them, that is not something that should be set as a default. Deleting app, I’m done.

  5. This is my favorite Android browser to date. It is the quintessential app for my Galaxy Tab E. Not only is it faster than any other browser, but it has a smoother, customizable, mobile friendly interface too. It couldn’t have a better set of loaded, on-board tools, including a premium ad-blocker. It took many years, but finally, somebody got it right! A+

  6. This app is great BUT it’s slow when scrolling up/down. Very janky and laggy. I also want to get rid of the annoying links that are in the homescreen of the app that you can’t remove/add like google and trip advisor. It needs to have a chrome browser extension on pc that WORKS so i can sync my bookmarks on mobile and pc. I would also like a search bar in my notification menu (dolphin browser has both). I really want to like this browser. So i will keep an eye out, check in every once in awhile for any improvements. I will change my review/rating until then. Update: I had no background processes when running the app & thank you for responding so i will give you three stars :’)

  7. I have been utilizing this app for only 2 days. Let me start by saying that their is a learning curve. I am impressed by the versatility of this browser including all its available tools. Their have been some obstacles to overcome. Firstly I have not been able to import bookmarks from any other browser. Their is a function to accomplish this but it does not seem to see the Chrome browser. This morning I noted that while listening to a pod cast, if one turns off the screen the audio stops.

  8. The built in UC ads (not website ads) are encoded as video, so I either get a prompt to allow video over cell data, or the video “plays” as you browse and automatically pauses music playing in the background. Absolutely unacceptable. This app is now unusable while listening to music (Spotify). The ads should not be encoded as video. UC used to be a great browser, but it is getting deleted now.

  9. Used it for four years, was perfect but as of late it kept adding a bunch of clutter. The forward button has been replaced with a non removable share button, pausing videos now shows an in app ad, the toolbar often times appears in fullscreen video and disappears from non full screen browsing (a bug that’s been around for years). The browser is fast and sleek but those issues drag it down a lot and are finally making me switch browsers. It doesn’t seem like things will get any better either.

  10. The app is good. It has everything i want. However, the ads are super annoying. It’ll play video ads on the top half of your screen every once in a while. At least they have the common decency to mute the ads, but it still takes up too much of the screen when I’m trying to read stuff. Also, you can’t change the home screen to be Google. You’re required to use their weird home screen.

  11. Update: Recently I’ve been getting pop-ups on every site I visit. All spam. It’s a shame but I’m going to have to use another browser. So the search begins… I’ve used probably a dozen different browsers, and this one is my favorite, hands-down. One unique thing it does: when you zoom in on a page it adjusts the larger text to fit the screen.

  12. Gets worse with every update. Versions before 12.10 are very reliable. The problem with the new versions is that the browser will go black often and close. The older versions aren’t like that, but the problem with those old versions is that the webpages are not in alphabetical order. That is a problem cause I have 700+ webpages.

  13. K B - A dice:

    Used this for years. After update, I can no longer zoom in to make text bigger and have the whole page rescale. That’s WHY I was using it in the first place. VERY DISAPPOINTED and I’m not the only one complaining about this. What a stupid feature to remove! So I’ll switch to something else so I can save my poor eyes! EDIT: The browser now supports the whole scale zoom and I’m very happy to begin using it again. THANK YOU development team!

  14. I kinda agree with many of the reviews posted after “new engine” update. I’ve used UC Browser for over 6 years and loved it. But now it is very buggy. Soooooo many times now I have to close the app and restart it to get it to load pages again (after 3 to 4 videos it stops loading new pages). Sometimes if I go to settings and clear cache I can play 1 more video but it’s easier restarting app. It’s not a ram issue. My phone has 3g ram, 64G internal memory, 128G SDcard. Not many user apps installed

  15. Was great now constantly inundated with ads. There are ads at the bottom of every screen, your constantly being hit with requests to play videos on mobile date which pop up again seconds later when you hit deny, over and over again. Now unrelenting pop ads are everywhere making the app completely unuseable. Yes, ad blocker is on. Yes, I’ve clear my cache over and over again. Even uninstalled and reinstalled. Used for years but now I given up and uninstalled the app.

  16. I used this app for years before it had ads. It was my favorite browser until then. The ads were fine at first but eventually ads that could not be closed out of even by tapping the X in the corner started appearing after i updated. What’s worse were the ads with sound that would pop up WITH NO WARNING AND LOUDLY PLAY OBNOXIOUS HIPSTER MUSIC (21 Pilots i’m talking about you.) I like this kind of music but not at 3am when everyone is asleep and it nearly gives me a heart attack and i die in bed.

  17. This app use to be my top browser, now I uninstalled it. It sucks because I was a UC web user since 2008. This mobile browser went from being the best, to one of the worst. It has lot’s of problems, but one of the one that got me to finally uninstall the app, was that when ever I was reading a long page or article, when I scrolled further down. I would get a black screen. Not allowing me to keep reading, the black screen would not go away even after reloading.

  18. N/A dice:

    This is one of the better browsers I’ve encountered, having both the ability to save webpages and the ability to change the search engine without having to go into the options menu. Its only issue so far is that the search options, while easy to change, are extremely limited, and I have yet to find any way to add to them.

  19. I use this app on my 3 year old Kindle. It was great until a relatively recent update made it unusable. The view screen would lock if I tried to use it in landscape and I couldn’t fix it. I had to rollback to the latest update that worked and it’s good. I’m expecting updates to be better on my Android phone especially since my phone is a relatively recent release. My rating is based on previous use.

  20. This app is now unusable: Although they claim there is an ad-blocker, it now inserts ads EVERYWHERE. Want to browse your favorite website? REDIRECT pop-up! Want to go to your bookmarks? FULL SCREEN pop-up! Want to watch a video? ANIMATED Pop-up! The app runs in the background constantly & eats battery life. It has, on more than one occasion, spontaneously downloaded entire ad videos without permission or indication it had done so. Used to be great. Not anymore.

  21. ☹️ PLEASE help resolve this issue so I can bounce it back up to 5 stars, as I really WANT to keep it & return to loving it. LOVED the UC Browser until this month, full-page animated ads pop up randomly, forcing me to wait for them to finish to return to my reading. I use your browser’s ad block, but these frustrating “download these games” animations are immune to the culling process.

  22. -The browser doesn’t block major ads -The browser itself has flooded throughout its own menu -You can no longer download any video you want (etc. youtube and other sites) -You have to watch an ad just to see your download -They no longer have a “back” button, they replaced it with a “share” button. They expect you to swipe across the screen to go to the previous sote, which is inconvenient compared to adding the simple back button (They went from fast adblocking app to a giant ad themselves)

  23. Atom Nous dice:

    Hi, my phone recently crashed when opening UC browser. And… when reopening it, there was an option to restore tabs. The problem is the button appeared slow and I pressed it at the wrong time and now I can’t restore my tabs forever!!! That’s devastating. Those were years of carefully selected opened tabs. And now they’re gone forever. 😨 can’t you give us an option to reopen the tabs manually on the setting or something? And now all my download videos can’t play on SD card

  24. Was awesome…wayyyy too many ads now. I’ve been using uc browser for a long time now, and (other than showing inaccurate weather temps) have never had a problem with it until now. The ads are very intrusive and pop up in the middle of reading and downloading. Now, causing unstable behavior on my phone…not good. No option to remove ads…uninstalled

  25. Winnie dice:

    ads when opening the browser that are extremely loud and intrusive. it happens almost every time when it is opened, and it is always a video ad that must be manually muted. issue still occurs despite enabling the adblock add-on. it’s the app itself giving the ads, not any of the sites the user visits.

  26. Great for porn (why is everyone lying) videos download quickly in compressed format, lite mode makes youtube and facebook fluid even after data limit is reached. only thing that could use improvement is probably the ad block feature . also have a bug sometimes, when browsing, the page will at random, zoom all the wayyyyyyyyy out and the site is a mini rectangle at top left corner of screen. but yeah this is the best browser, in the world. maybe create some more addons ? kali linux or something

  27. Uninstalled after several years of using this app. It started incorporating horrendously intrusive advertisements on every web page which included autoplaying videos that hid behind other content on pages. Other ads pop up on the page and make websites unusable by blocking other content. It drains the battery quickly and makes for an incredibly infuriating browsing experience. This all started a couple of months ago after a recent update. It completely ruined the app and I highly recommend everyone avoids it until they fix this problem.

  28. Seems Dev missed the point with that response. They stopped you from switching the app to you SD card, God forbid you want to save a file too large for internal memory, you can’t find it in folders and the warning says that basically UC Browser will hold file (especially videos) hostage so the files delete if you uninstalled UC. Make files easy to save, find and move. UC was a good app. “Was” 启用外部存储保存并轻松查找文件。 请。

  29. very poor experience lately, keep getting a google rewards pop up every time i try to browse the web. back function doesn’t work it keeps bringing me back to the same pop up. I have used the ad blocker& sticky ad blocker too but it keeps coming. The feedback page doesn’t load says “bad gateway” but all other websites load, how am i supposed to even contact you guys. in the new update ads are always above the middle function tab. i think i need a new browser if this goes on

  30. Long Joe dice:

    PLEASE update this app. It isn’t showing a lot of pictures/videos linked from Instagram, twitter, and other sources. I have to copy the url and open it with chrome to view the photos/videos. Also, on and off, can’t even access Instagram. It just keeps on reloading. I’ve actually highlighted these issues by sending page links via the browser’s feedback. Nothing! Hence, my complaint here. You’re only getting a 3 rating thanks of the download function. Otherwise, it’s a 1.

  31. This thing is still using Chrome 78. It’s an insane security risk, that version of the engine is approaching 3 years old, with the expected number of security issues. In addition, some pages aren’t displayed correctly, since newer web features aren’t supported. Using this in 2022 feels like using Internet Explorer in 2022, I’m surprised it’s still working at all.

  32. On uc browser I love the fact that sometimes your videos downloads fast but I really don’t understand why your downloads pause when you phone sleeps(turns off) or when you leave the app. This is something that needs to be changed ASAP because it’s annoying and frustrating,I might want to do something else while downloading but I can’t because the download would totally stop. You guys really have to look into this, funny enough this might be another reason why some people would prefer chrome.

  33. UC browser is great, I love it. But there seems to be a lot of issue with this version. 1) Once the download fails, no matter how many time you retry it,it just wouldn’t. UC browser wasnt like this before,please correct it. 2) Interruptive & too many Ads 3) Background download seems to be failing sometimes…

  34. UC is getting from bad to worse. More and more bloated, keeps hanging, locking up, lagging. Full of bugs. Takes forever to open a page. Many times, cannot show images or open many sites. Many websites show a blank page. Your programmers seem to be idiots. And why, until now, there is no “SEARCH” or “FIND” facility on your menu, a very important thing which all other browsers have, even a simple one like Mint Browser ? Your programmers are incompetent.

  35. I always enjoyed UC, but this version is one of the worst of all and full of bugs. I will mention 2 main mistakes. 1.Adds, the adds are way too much. Even if U choose to block the adds in the settings they still show up and like that wasn’t enough the app itself has adds that blocks the whole screen. 2.The biggest problem is that the sites I haven’t opened are in browser history preserved, so the data in history isn’t my data and this has been repeated for a long time. I’m disabling this browse

  36. There’s a lot of prob on this app. Sometimes slow, lag, errors and i can’t see the vid on my gallery. What if some people had to delete this? Videos, time and patience will lost. I search for a solution and found out that a lot of people has been facing the same issue. However, still appreciate this app.

  37. The app is irony itself. They offer you an ad-blocker in their app with built-in ads. No matter how you turn on the adblocker, it would not get rid of the ads everytime you open the app, and its unnecessary news feature is very data-consuming. Never install this on your phone if you want a good browser. After 10 years of usage, the app went downhill. I’ll leave this abomination for good.

  38. App crashes every 5 minutes and also, Tabs are limited (cannot exceed 20 tabs). Really 😡😳? App gets worse per update! I used UC during the era of Symbian OS phones and I rated UC as the best app in the world as at that time. Now it is pertinent that this app is overhauled or redeveloped using a more efficient programming language. I still belive UC can be the best! This is not the app I used to know!

  39. I’ve been using UC Browser since I discovered back when I was in high school like 5 years ago, and I’ve always thought that it is the best browser for mobile phones… Until a couple of months ago, when it suddenly started crashing whenever it loads a website with videos or lots of images. Never had that problem before, and I thought maybe an update would fix it, but so far it keeps happening and I’m considering uninstalling the app because I think it’s unacceptable that such a great app constantly crashes whenever I’m browsing websites I’ve browsed for years with no issues whatsoever.

  40. The old version was great and all, it was my go to app for downloads, I hyped and recommended to friends. Now downloads stop for no reason and restart sometimes when almost at the end, and it is frustrating. And the in app ads are annoying, also ad blocker doesn’t work for some reason. All in all the old version was great, but this one sucks. Would look for an alternative and uninstall this if nothing is done. Thanks.

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