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Private second phone number for texting and calling
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Download Phoner app for FREE to send text messages and calls. Add a 2nd phone number for your business or social life to protect the privacy of your own personal phone number.

Phoner gives you multiple new second phone numbers so you can have different numbers for your personal, business and social life.

Phoner 2nd new phone number allows you to get a free burner number to call or text anonymously when you are uncomfortable in revealing your main phone number in situations such as buying/selling on Craigslist. Use Phoner as your secure and private texting and calling app!

Phoner supports call recording for both incoming and outgoing call. You can perform phone number lookups to identify caller ID before you even pick up the phone or reply to a text message. You can look up the number of the caller prior to accepting an incoming call to detect robo caller, spoof callers or spam calls.

*** Why Phoner 2nd phone number app? ***

Whether you are a lawyer, banker, Uber driver, cab driver, buyer or seller on Craigslist or Ebay, police officer , you probably need to give out your phone number to someone you hardly know for them to text or call you. You do not want to give out your personal phone number. With Phoner Second Phone Number app, you can add different phone numbers for your various needs and give them out without compromising your real personal number. Phoner allows you to add your phone number for your Android phones. Add disposable phone numbers for incoming , outgoing calls and text messages for your different businesses and social life.

*** What is Phoner Private Phone and Text? ***

Phoner second phone number allows you to get private phone numbers for text messages and calls. Instead of buying a burner phone each time, Phoner allows you to burn your phone number each time you do not need it and then get another new one.

*** Who uses Phoner? ***

✓ People who values private conversations and privacy during texting and calling
✓ People who wants to protect their text messages and protect their real caller ID for privacy.
✓ Professionals such as lawyers, bankers, police officers, teachers, sales person now can separate their work phone number from their personal number by getting a second phone line..
✓ International calling and texting and international phone numbers from over 20+ countries such as US, Canada, Australia, UK and France
✓ Websites, app and service registrations that requires a second phone number
✓ Buying and selling on Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy, and other ecommerce sites
✓ Separate 2nd phone line for your office
✓ Call Recorder for Android. You can now record phone call and conversations.
✓ Reverse Number Lookup support ensures you can identify the caller ID and perform a phone number lookup on anonymous caller before you even pick up the call.
✓ Disposable burner phone numbers for dating networks such as Tinder, Match, Zoosk, Plenty Of Fish (POF), Grindr, etc
✓ Registration on websites and other apps
✓ Needs multiple disposable burner numbers that can be burn after use
✓ New alternate phone number for business call & text
✓ Customize your voice mail

*** Phoner Phone Features ***
+ Choose any area code and get a temporary premium number
+ Detect anonymous callers and lookup their information before accepting
+ Temporary or permanent different second, third and fourth multiple phone numbers all centralized and managed in the same app
+ Burner Phone numbers to block and filter your various communication. Block further communications by burning your phone number when you are done.

Please use call recorder feature responsibly. You need to comply with local, state, national and any international law with regards to call recordings.

For our privacy policy, please view it as


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40 comentarios en "Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text MODDED 2022"

  1. No phone numbers available. It would be great if you could choose a working phone number before paying for credits. The app forces you to buy credits first, then it tells you the number you selected isn’t available. I’ve tried 10 in different states, so what are the odds I’ll find one that is available without wasting more time? Getting a refund

  2. This is just another phone app. You buy credits and have to use them to buy a phone number every couple months number expires unless you extend it. Has pin,password, and email recovery options. Phone connection quality decent from the US east side of country. Messaging delivery does not take long for delivery. So overall i give the app a 7 out of 10. They could give customized options, startup screen selection, encryption options. Thank you to the folks thar spent time developing the app and all

  3. Brico Boy dice:

    The worst app ever a total scam I don’t know why google will allow scammers to host apps with them to be scamming people to pay is very easy and simple but after you pay you will never get what you paid for the support is the worst part of it all I need my money back

  4. It adveritses unlimited calls and texts. This is not the case. False advertising.

  5. Amazing app! I was overseas and have successfully got employment to a job by having this app readily available to receive calls! I will always appreciate this app!

  6. If I could give it a 0, I would. I paid $9.99 to get credit and still can’t make calls. Everytime I try to make a call, it asks me to add more. I need a refund!!! Please, DO NOT use this app. SSSCCCCAAAMMMM!!!!!!

  7. hook jane dice:

    After purchasing 5412 credit, I have tried to get a number on the app but every number I clicked on it keeps saying those numbers are not available, I have tried different number from different states, keeps saying the same thing, I am unable to get a number number, I regret wasting my $9 for this app

  8. No phone numbers available, in any country or area. And, of course, NO REFUNDS! Total scam!

  9. Not able to receive any messages and calls, I tried to open whatsapp and telegram, but verification code did not came, I bought USA number that’s also not able to call and send messages

  10. Rudzilla dice:

    Cuts out often, hard to connect on phone call. Sometimes just will not stay open.

  11. I’ve been using this app for about 2 months so I don’t have to o give out my personal phone number. It’s a reasonable price for what I use it for. 🙂

  12. This is my first review I write since this app is a scam I don’t want other people waste their money. This app took me 9 dollars but still asking to pay for sending a text message. These people are scammer and their positive reviews are scam too. If you want to throw your money in trash can then download this app, but if you need a second phone app then this app is not about it.

  13. ShElly dice:

    Been using since day one iPhone X released , I myself always had 2 phones always iPhone and a one plus so account is sharable and will ring on multiple devices at same time. I wish price would go down and BTW there’s a reason that guy said he got 2 phones and not 3 because when I started to carry 3 devices I ended up loosing two . So use phoner instead

  14. When I call, everything is ok. But when somebody calls me, it doesnt ring! It rings only if the app on screen. And if the screen is off or app background or phone restarted, it doesnt ring. Only gives me missed call notification several minutes later. Impossible to use as ordinary mobile line. Only outgoing calls in my case.

  15. If you would let me use this app without all the Nagging i would give a star back for that and its not easy to use and the price is really expensive i paid £45 Not used it mutch at all but the money has gone just through there 30 DAY USE IT OR LOOSE IT POLICY it a monet box with no return.HAHAHA

  16. This is scam, numbers are visible but none is available don’t waste your money on credits you can’t use 😡😡😡

  17. D C dice:


  18. This is a total scam. You use money or buy credits for use of this app. This is the 2nd time I bought (like an idiot) for texts, then it says I need to buy more credits. Dont waste your money!!!!

  19. Wonderful I think it’s great it correct spelling I think everything about this app is wonderful the pricing is just great the service the clarity of when you’re using the phone is all great

  20. I’m unable to verify my email, not able to purchase a number using my credit. It keeps saying i should enter valid email for email verification and number not available for number purchase. I know No way to contact support too

  21. Google please do banned this scam app. I purchase thier credit using google pay via gcash , 2 times but my credit hasnt arrive they already get my money, hey guys dont ever install this app this is a scam. they get the money and they only say we will fix the , what is the issue if we already paid. thier is a issue to our payment? and you already recieve it , thats the issue here your app is a scam . google banned this ,all the appverse app

  22. No info on costs until you signup. Bought some credits but it wasnt enough to secure phone number. Google wouldn’t give refund. Wasted money!

  23. I like it but I hate watching ads

  24. This ap is still a scam. I went in to try the app with the free 2 day trial to see if I wanted the service and they charged me immediately for it then turned around and stated I subscribed for the 3 day trial…How do you subscribe for a free trial 🤔. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR CARD FOR A SERVICE THEY CLAIM IS A FREE TRIAL. ITS A SCAM.

  25. Needs some serious Improvements… I have two GVoice accounts which I MUST be able to access and receive calls/sms on 1 phone …it didn’t work for me. in fact, I dont see how this app is useful even 4 one n a simpler situation.Theres NO settings for ringtone/notifications of calls/texts. when u get a call. its silent! the app’s menu just jumps n front of wutever youre engaged in with ur phone at the time! I missed calls & texts all day long, after spending $ on the wack-ass pricing structure!

  26. Harriet dice:

    Just what I was looking for in a text free/burner app

  27. Finally got a phone number in my area code then I was surprised to get another free phone number after I had everything set up. Price is very inexpensive Simple app great ringtones great notification sounds. I’ve tried others and this is a good one.

  28. I was unaware if why when prompted several times to pick a number I was unable to be successful with getting they number. I am still unclear if I was needed a certain credits or if it was a glitch. I surely was not expecting to pay $9.99 3 times charged to my account. I respectfully would like a refund as I never used the app it took more money then it was even worth getting.

  29. Brad Man dice:

    I’ve been using this for a while now and really I didn’t expect it to do all the things claimed but it definitely has. It’s been easy to use and has saved my ass a few times now when I haven’t had any reception, which seems to be a common event these days. I spent just over five dollars on credits and have over half left which makes it very economical to use some functions that I honestly didn’t expect to work. The intell received on callers and numbers I’ve called has been accurate.10 stars.

  30. Love it, much better call quality and signal than other free phone apps. Will continue using if the price is right, because from what I understand it begins charging after a point. I think there’s a way to earn free talk time and texts, but not sure, so I’ll find out & update review. But 5 stars for sure thus far!

  31. Terrible app, couldn’t get a phone number, and even harder to cancel subscription… I installed it didn’t work I’m uninstalling now even though I could not find the subscription to cancel it. If I see a charge I’ll take it up with Google. How did this app qualify for 4 rating… Is the rating system backwards…. Think I’m finished with the Google store

  32. seems to work just fine, and it lets you have your area code in which you live so it doesn’t come across as one of millions of scam or robo out of area calls… i have not had any pop up ads that hinder the experience of the app. I personally have deleted what could otherwise be a good app, were it not for the frustration of countless ad’s that you search all over as to find the little (x) to delete the ad. So my hats off with huge kudos to the developers…..

  33. This app sucks! I literally bought a $1.99 starter package because I thought you can buy something with it. Come to find out you can’t .So I purchased the next package up from that still unable to purchase any minute packages. I am not buying the next package up to recieve 10 minutes of talk time. That would be over ten dollars then I would have ten minutes phone time you’re crazy and your app is garbage!

  34. Would recommend it to anyone else looking for an alternative number, it didn’t work for more than a few days, would be really great if it worked for longer, but nothing lasts forever. It was fun while it lasted.Was very convenient and helpful while it worked.

  35. Out of all the text free phone free WiFi apps I have tried when my normal service was suspended or simply didn’t have the money at the time renew and with at least 4 other apps I have used in the past this one seems to be the most clear when I make a call over WiFi only and also like the way it’s setup.

  36. Alura Li dice:

    Only the first phone call+text is free. App pop ups constantly telling u to add money to make calls/texts & that’s annoying, but it works well. Just not for me. I already pay a phone bill I’m looking for a free app.

  37. Hard to say since I have tonwrite a review after 1 text to be able to use it for free. I only sent 1 text with 3 sentences and was prompted to unlock with 2 options: unlock for free by leaving a review or pay. Seems kinda petty but shouldn’t I be able to use the features fully (24 hours) before asked to purchase or leave a review?!?

  38. Don’t use this app if you need to receive third party verification codes, it won’t work so DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY like I did. The following is a copy and past from the email I sent them on this. Our phone numbers are not guaranteed to work with these services. Many major services, e.g Social Media, Texting, Banking, Apps etc sometimes verify the phone number against larger mobile carriers and if the number does not belong to them, they may reject it. There was more but hit the character limit…

  39. I was charged for this app I never used and have been trying to get refunded for it but there is no clear way to contact anyone. Google directs me to them for a refund, “contact developer,” but with no clear path to do so this is the only option I feel I have. Maybe it’s a great app. Idk. I never used it.

  40. The user interface is acceptable and it’s easy to choose a private number. Unfortunately, the app is expensive compared to others and some of my SMS were dropped and never delivered.

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