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Browse the web smarter, not harder. Protect your data and save time and money
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Choose the web browser that puts you first. Microsoft Edge is the fast and secure browser that helps you protect your data and save time and money.

Browse the web anywhere with one seamless experience from your phone to your computer and other signed-in devices.

Microsoft Edge is a safe browser that gives you the tools to protect your privacy and security online. Protect what matters with Microsoft Edge’s tracking prevention, incognito browsing, AdBlock, InPrivate browsing, and InPrivate search tools. Use our secure Web Browser to help keep your browsing history safer and protect your privacy online.

Our fast and secure browser helps you organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter. Microsoft Edge makes it easier to find, view, and manage your content on the go. Browse the internet, shop, find discounts, save your favorite items and keep things handy.

Microsoft Edge features:

Shopping Made Easy: Save Time & Money
• Shop using built-in tools to help you save time and money on Microsoft Edge.
• Earn cashback on purchases with Microsoft Edge partner retailers.
• Coupons and deals are now easier than ever to find! Get a list of available coupons and apply them to orders in seconds.
• Compare prices across different retailers & get notified of price drops.
•Earn rewards while you search with Microsoft Bing and find shopping deals online and in nearby stores*
• Our coupons feature makes finding deals faster and easier, making shopping on Microsoft Edge a breeze.

Browse the Web InPrivate
• Privacy matters. InPrivate tabs won’t store your private browser history (like cookies, history, autofill information, or temporary files)
• Private Search & Browsing: Microsoft Edge InPrivate feature protects your privacy online.
• Private Browser: Microsoft Edge InPrivate feature protects your privacy online.
• Enjoy a private browsing experience when you browse using InPrivate mode, your search history will not be saved to Microsoft Bing or associated back to your Microsoft account.

Secure Browsing: Privacy First
• Protect yourself with a safe web browser that lets you take control of your data.
• A secure browser that protects you and your family online.
• A safe browser that protects your sensitive information from trackers.
• Tracking prevention is enabled by default, so you don’t have to take any action to start having a more private browsing experience.

Web Browser with a more productive and secure browsing experience
• A private browser that securely syncs your favorites, passwords, Collections, and other saved data across your signed-in devices.
• Browse the web on the go with visual and voice search powered by Microsoft Bing.
• Browse the web with a redesigned navigation helps you get to your Favorites, Reading list, and more in fewer taps.
• With Immersive Reader users can remove distracting content from articles and blog posts for a more streamlined reading experience.

Ad Blocker
• Block ads with ease: Secure browser with additional perks.
• AdBlock Plus helps block unwanted ads from your browsing experience
• Use a secure browser and block ads by turning on AdBlock: Visit Settings and click Content Blockers.
• Use our secure browser to remove distracting content

Organize & Collect: Organization on the go
• Our secure browser makes is easy to have a more productive experience every time you browse.
• Collections makes it easier than ever to collect and organize content you find on the web across your signed-in devices.

Get Microsoft Edge, the fast and secure web browser that helps protect your data and save time and money when you browse.

*This shopping feature is currently only available in the United States. Microsoft account requires.


40 comentarios en "Microsoft Edge: Web Browser MODDED"

  1. frangkee dice:

    I’m starting to use Microsoft Edge because of the additional features and keyboard shortcuts that Chrome doesn’t offer (web version). And I’m carrying this over to mobile version. it would be nice to open another window versus just piling up tabs on one window (feature available to Google Chrome on a tablet), this will help get certain searches focused and organized. I just also realized it would be nice to pin certain tabs.

  2. App works fine. One QoL issue is that when closing tabs that are at the bottom of the screen, the “undo” bar covers the x on all the other tabs located on the bottom as well, so you have to wait until the pop up bar disappears before you can close any more tabs. Wouldn’t be that much of an issue if you could select multiple tabs and choose them all at once, but you can’t do that either. A tab grouping feature would also be well received.

  3. Microsoft Edge is the ultimate browser experience. I really enjoy using it, from the page you set up with all things you enjoy reading in categories such as science & technology, top news, wildlife, etc, to being able to click and change it all and set it to focused which is a blank page with the search bar either light or dark, depending on your settings preference. I really enjoy the quizzes you can do. The plus is that you gain reward points that you can later use on prizes just by searching!

  4. Carolyn R dice:

    I’ve been able to keep using the Edge browser as my default. For one reason or another, browsers work for awhile, they get an update an things start to break. For the most part Edge has been stable, however since the last update, the “shopping” function for coupons is no longer there. I deleted cookies and restarted, tried fixes from web searches – nothing. With the holidays coming, I was relying on them for the best prices. I guess I’ll just have to wait for another update.

  5. I LOVE Edge. I use it across all of my platforms and recommend it. However, within the last 10 days, on my android tablet and my android phone, the app force closes often. Almost every time I open it this happens at least once or twice while I’m reading or typing. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the same issue persists. I hope that this issue is resolved soon.

  6. It has great features and privacy compared to Chrome but there more than a few times when links just won’t work, forcing me to drop the security level or sometimes needing to switch back to Chrome because I don’t want to spend the time to figure out what setting is causing the link not to work. I want to use it as my default but find myself having to switch off to make things work too much. Brave is easier in this respect, but it has other issues I’m not fond of. I miss Netscape 🙂

  7. Matthew C dice:

    Been using it for 2.5 years now. I haven’t ever seen the bugs that a lot of the 1 star reviews. It’s been rock solid for me. I do like how you can sync your account and bookmarks between desktop and android, that way you earn points on either. I especially like collections, it’s nice to be able to save portions of a website, pictures and or notes. It makes researching easy. I’ve earned a total of $45 in Microsoft points which is more money than i got using Chrome by $45.

  8. Although this is my favorite browser so far, there are things that were not working. Things I like is the ease in syncing the bookmarks & password as well as customizing the browser and enhanced security. However, ad blocking is only 70% effective and pop-ups are not effectively blocked especially in Chinese sites (Aloha and Brave browsers are better). Also, screen sometimes freezes in certain websites. Finally, please return the ability to rearrange the quick settings.

  9. Secure and Simple Navigation, Edge Mobile is reasonably fast and also syncs well with your desktop account if you have one. It’s built of a Chrome platform, so the experiences are similar. 1 star off for it leaning on you to have Bing as the Search preference, but otherwise, I appreciate the moderate ad and tracker blocking it can do right out of the box. Also has decent form filling as well as password saving features.

  10. App works fine, doesn’t crash, none of that. However, I’m not rating higher than 3 because YOU CAN’T COPY LINKS IN INPRIVATE TABS. If you wanna open a tab you have open in InPrivate/incognito in a regular tab, you’re going to have to find a whole workaround to be able to do that, since you can’t copy links, for some Godforsaken reason. I put them in a folder where I immediately know where they are in my Favorites, and then I’ll open a new regular tab, and open the link. Very very frustrating.

  11. A really good browser. Fast with cross device syncing. I’d make it default if the clipboard issue ever gets fixed. Clipboard is grayed out in the search box on most sites, which makes it unusable. Please FIX that you can’t arrange the menu in large tablets. PROS: 1) UI on Samsung tablets SO much better now, almost like desktop version. 2) Blocks ads & trackers. 3) Cross device features are good 4) can enable desktop sites by default on ALL sites. Ten times better than Chrome!

  12. *Update* I’ve used Edge for three years now and it is a decent Android browser but not what I hoped it would grow to be. The app freezes for no reason and the ‘sync’ feature that should keep the browser the same across devices doesn’t work. I have 4 devices and tested using manual sync… right after completing sync one phone has 38 open tabs, one has 31 open tabs, one has 20, and the last has 26. Collections did sync ,as did passwords. Ad blocker works sometimes, sometimes not.

  13. There’s times where the search engine doesn’t provide the “straight-forward”, “right away” results of the topic I’m searching for.. I have to scroll down the page or search other pages to look for the website I’m looking for. Other than that, it’s pretty great. I especially like and enjoy the home page, with stock options, celebrity news, etc..

  14. Worked fine for 3 years on android device. Then today just constantly crashed upon start up. Couldn’t do any troubleshooting as you couldn’t open the app. Didn’t realize that when I went with uninstall and reinstall that all my saved fans weren’t saved somewhere in my Microsoft account. Used to like Microsoft browser on Android but forget it, sticking with Firefox, it actually saves favorites and recovers them if something happens.

  15. Jason H dice:

    This app has suddenly developed a glitch. When I highlight a word, instead of getting a pop-up of options such as Search, define, etc… It performs a search automatically in a new tab. I see the options, but the app mediately performs the search option and doesn’t pause to allow me time to click on the option I want. I also cannot copy what is highlighted, nor can I adjust what words are selected due to the immediate search glitch … This only happens in this app.

  16. Works/runs very well and fast. Many quality of life and customization features (like collections), but could stand the addition of a select few more IMO. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have, but would definitely recommend for Xbox One-SX/SS users. Even Xbox users who don’t use Xbox’s Edge browser too often (like myself) will still find benefit in Edge’s Synch settings, as it allows you to carry your searches, settings, session, etc. over from your mobile browser to your Xbox browser & vice versa.

  17. David Jr dice:

    Almost perfect! Everything is great except that a dedicated button to switch to reader mode and force dark mode on pages that don’t support it – would secure my reasoning to make this my default browser But for now, I’ve narrowed it down to half a dozen and this is among them for the speed, AdBlock and the scrolling screenshot features

  18. Andrew G dice:

    The browser is reliable and fast and syncs most important data (passwords, Collections) with the desktop version. You can turn off Trending Searches (which I hate!) under the search options in Settings. Unfortunately syncing tabs and history and sending tabs between devices is almost completely broken.

  19. Whenever I browse through the tabs I have open, it Always either starts me from the very top of the tab page, or the very bottom. There’s never an in-between (aka keep me where I am on the tab page). Not only that, new tabs open from either the bottom or the top instead of next to the previous tab. Those are the only things keeping me from using Edge Everywhere. I’ve already considered a Chromebook. Please fix this ASAP.

  20. David dice:

    I really don’t like this new thing of opening a new tab when I launch the app with no way to turn it off. I always have to close it now and go to my main saved tab. This “new feature” is just dumb. Overall the app is getting better but things like this make me think about switching back to chrome as default. It basically comes down to which browser annoys me less, not which has better features. If an app gets in my way, I stop using it.

  21. I’m impressed with the layout and the options you have to customize and do other cool stuff. The tab that reads out the portions you high light is a sweet option. I can’t tell you how great it is to look at something than have it read back to you. it takes digital reading to a new level….

  22. gbzorro dice:

    Every web page it displays is completely overstuffed with ads. It’s more like browsing the phone book Yellow Pages (remember those from the past?) than browsing the web. Plus, in the first three sessions, it hung/stopped, with the standard system pop-up message, “This App is not Responding … Close? .. Wait?” Like with so many Microsoft products (beyond Windows & Office) it’s a big FAIL. Best advice: Uninstall.

  23. The auto fill choices cannot be removed and it blocks the keyboard when there are too many, making it impossible to type. At least provide an X to remove it. Also, the built in translation doesn’t always work and no way to manually trigger it. For some reason, Edge appears to run as multiple instances sometimes, which is very weird. Tabs will be missing, but that’s because they’re in a second instance. Not sure if this is a bug or feature, but there doesn’t seem to be a setting. No plugins 😞

  24. Gene S dice:

    Microsoft. Don’t fix what is not broken. Why, why did you mess with the menu buttons? Please return the now missing print button and the ability to organize the menu. If you want to remove the button remove the useless “help and feedback” button. Edited to 4 stars: Microsoft returned ability to roll back the old style menu through “flags”. Glad to hear someone is listening. I still don’t understand why they think removing the basing customization features is a good thing.

  25. Nat R dice:

    Update: 9/2022 It just keeps freezing! It’s nothing buggy and it’s difficult to close/restart the app. I always enjoyed the edge app. I returned and its been issue after issue. Today’s issue is that the options at the bottom are scrollable but I couldn’t scroll down it was just stuck and I couldn’t get to the add to phone button. I hate that I don’t have preview windows for open tabs and they’re just headlines on a list.

  26. EDIT: Back to 4 stars after MS replied with a fix for the menu. Thank you! PRIOR: This used to be my favorite browser until the last update totally ruined the Overflow menu by removing the option to customize the menu, which was such a wonderful feature. Fortunately, Microsoft seems to listen to its users & I hope that it will do so in this case as well. PROS: Syncs well, fast, ad & content blockers. CONS: needs tablet improvement, clipboard grayed out in form fields on MANY sites. Fix please?

  27. Love logging in and have my favorites and passwords saved. Very robust brower. However, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3/4, when you are browsing on the front screen then open the phone to the larger inside screen, I have to tap a good half inch below what I want to tap. I have to close the program in the recent apps menu and relaunch to fix. Kind of annoying.

  28. Diana dice:

    Works great 👍 I switched from Chrome to Edge about a year ago because Chrome kept giving me issues (both on mobile and PC), and it ended up being a great decision. So far I’ve had no issues yet with Edge; it works smoothly and loads quickly, plus a few handy built-in features that I like. Unless Edge drastically changes one day, I’m sticking with it.

  29. Update: Quit blacking out my phone screen. Like seriously? Now nothing about this app wants to open lately. The home page is broken, Comes up blank. Blacks out my phone screen constantly, very buggy to the point where i can’t click on anything, this all started 5 years ago. Now the page flickers and crashes. It already crashed 3x during the last time i said anything. How disappointing that this keeps up after 5 years. About ready to vote no on Edge. Automated responses, frustrating. Uninstalled.

  30. Steveo D dice:

    Update: the Google search results page font has become so large its really annoying to scroll through. No matter what setting I change I can’t get it back to normal. The web pages open and look fine it’s just the search results that are abnormally large. Please fix this as this is my favorite browser by far! Original review below: Awesome best browser out there no known issues I can find

  31. Edge had been a great browser until August 2022. At some point during the month, something changed with the app that resulted in it crashing on opening. Only way to resolve is to force close Edge which then makes the browser useable again. When it works, Edge is an awesome browser, but the crashing on opening needs to be fixed to make the app great again.

  32. Matt Wood dice:

    Edit 9/14/2022 I am changing my review from 5 stars down to 2. In the latest update, they took away the print button from the menu and also the ability to rearrange the icons in the menu. Why? Why mess up a fully functional, usable product? Is this the Microsoft way? You better not be stealing the Mandalorian motto here. -original review- Edge is better than Chrome as it has a lot of features, such as clearing history upon exit, tabs are easily navigable, and it’s just a cleaner UI overall.

  33. Joe Shmoe dice:

    Simply the best. Intuitive, robust, and secure, for real. Over the years, I have used just about every browser out there, bcoz i work in software, and finally came back to the MS Edge Browser – the Cadillac of browsers. What sets the Edge few notches above the rest is its reliable security and strict privacy policy, which gives me a peace of mind in a dangerous internet environment. Plus, I prefer Microsoft products because it’s authentically an all American company. Thank God for Microsoft!

  34. It just works! Microsoft Edge makes it easier. I like to use it to test that the web pages and applications that I design are responsive and function well with different mobile viewport sizes in addition to verifying that there is no conflict with the operation of a web page or software application across different operating systems and mobile formats. Linked to Microsoft account. Makes working from device to device easy. Security options are awesome.

  35. Every single search result link is purple, not blue, as if I viewed the destination related to the links. I thought Bing was the culprit, but I have cleared and reset it. Guess i need to do the same for all browsers? My security software isn’t catching anything. Does MS Rewards behave in this way? I’ve never had so many problems with Browsers and Security when using Mozilla FireFox… Edit: 60 seconds ago I received a notification:, “Edge Pasted From Four Keyboard” wasn’t touching phone.

  36. Just got a new Pixel 6 Pro. Installed Edge and it’s still crashing constantly. UPDATE: Started crashing constantly. Tried clearing cache, then data, uninstall and reinstall, restarting device, and no luck. Uninstalled and went back to Chrome after over a year of using Edge. Will try again in a month to see if the issue was fixed. Better than Chrome. I particularly like the collections.

  37. JarOCats dice:

    In a word: slow. Much laggier than Chrome itself. I was hoping speed would convince me to switch to Edge from Chrome, but nope — it’s a painful, slow grind to load even the simplest of Web pages. I’ll come back again in another few years, as I always do, to see if things have changed. Uninstalling.

  38. New layout is buggy & unintuitive. Since the recent update that changed the Taskbar layout to the top of the screen, I’ve encountered one headache after another where I can no longer just type in a search query. Now I have use voice-to-text and can no longer easily copy/paste URLs if I want to share them… A BIG STEP BACKWARDS to whomever thought of this genius idea, and I have yet to figure out how to reverse this change as an end-user.

  39. M T dice:

    The last update deleted the shopping tab and freezes often. Had to use Chrome. Downgraded to 3 stars. Lines and columns are too narrow to display all the information. Have to use Chrome instead. Many coupons do not apply or expired. Please reference the CNET website for improvements. Need more contrast or different color for the open tab in order not to close the wrong tab. When reading aloud or hitting the three dots on the top, the screen turns dark and hard to see.

  40. Shawn Fox dice:

    Yes, at it’s core it’s yet another Chrome browser (Chromium). Sure, I see the potential cataclysm that could unfold under compete lack of diversity. 1💍(browser) to control them all by way of virus that navigates, twists, & worms around the same corners, nooks & crannies just beneath the mask of a UI that makes it look incredibly different. Leading to a take down of the internet: every computer, phone, & 🍎 Newtown PDA! Everybody! (but for Firefox). vs Free💩 MS rewards. I take the💩.

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