Contacts 2022

Back up your contacts & access them anywhere
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Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices
• Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud
• Access the contacts in your Google Account from any device

Keep your contacts organized and up to date
• View your contacts by account (e.g., work vs. personal)
• Easily add contacts and edit information like phone numbers, emails, and photos
• Get suggestions for adding new contacts, merging duplicates, and more

Also available for Wear OS.


• New "Highlights" tab gives quick access to Favorites and contacts you've recently added or viewed


40 comentarios en "Contacts 2022"

  1. Gregory dice:

    It’s a contact list. What can I say? This app performs as expected. It runs very well on my Chromebook. I haven’t really gotten into any special features or anything like that, But it is real handy having it installed on my Chromebook. having this app installed on my Chromebook makes it easier for me to tweak all my contacts (I’m actually very OCD when it comes to my contact list) And it syncs with my contacts on my Android phone of course.

  2. steve Ski dice:

    Can’t use Swipe to make a call or to send a message. Instead you have to open the app and press on the phone. I suppose one reason might be that you think the Contact has multiple numbers And even in that case you should use a pop up for a choice. It is so elementary the phone that comes with the Samsung phone has that option. Why should we have to make 2 steps to make a phone call. Other than that I like it because I’m hooked in to Google and I like that it backs up all my phone calls.

  3. I don’t know why my rating keeps getting deleted. For one, there is no app icon to open the app on Chromebook. Doesn’t show up in installed apps under settings. I have to go to Android preferences, then apps, then I can find it. Once I do and hit open, the app doesn’t even work. It opens for about a second or two, then closes. What a waste of time and storage.

  4. This app has numerous flaws and bugs. First, my contacts are out of order following the recent update. I choose to order my contacts by last name and display their first name first. Surprisingly, some contacts appear in the “A” sector (for example) despite the fact that neither their first nor last name begins with “A.” Second, you cannot have custom nicknames for your friends to appear on the list (you may set it, but it will not appear anywhere till you open the contact’s full detail.

  5. Michael C dice:

    No option to display only contacts with phone numbers, one of the most basic features in every contacts app in every other phone I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, my new phone came preinstalled with this garbage with no other option but to take my chances with finding something else in the play store. The fact that this app is missing one of the most basic, common, and necessary features is a huge Fail! Edut: 6 months later, still no change. They apparently don’t care about feedback.

  6. Every single time I try to use this app, and even on the desktop, it freezes or shuts down. The most infuriating thing is that under my Google account, it shows that my contacts haven’t been synced since March of 2021, yet everything else is up to date. If there was a different contact backup app that ACTUALLY works, I wish someone would please let me know.

  7. Syncing stopped working September 6th and this app became more trouble than it’s worth since that time. Things I was able to efficiently do before now take me 3x as long, not to mention all the troubleshooting time I’ve spent. I’ve tried everything the internet has to offer, and am still getting “trouble syncing, waiting to try again” going on two weeks now.

  8. On older versions of Android, you were able to manually change the color that a contacts first initial would be displayed over. For whatever reason that option has been removed and now just a random color is assigned. This makes it a lot less intuitive when it comes to quickly tell who is who within group chats. Not only that, but the color changes when you go to view details of any contact. Android has become less customizable with each new version release. One star.

  9. I want to be able to easily back my contacts up to a micro SD card w/o having to download another app. I haven’t figured out how to do that from this app. Also, when I updated the last time, I lost at least 2 contacts, fortunately, they’re ones i use every day so I caught it quickly. But, that is weird and sloppy. 10/13: Every update erases contacts that haven’t been synced and it turns on “Sync to Google Account” immediately. I don’t want to sync and I want to save my contacts to the device.

  10. When this app works correctly it is wonderful. It can save so much time. But when it doesn’t work it is a pain! Searching is hit or miss. If I search for someone I’m about 50% likely to find the person I’m looking for. If I set labels on users to group them, sometimes I can search for the label sometimes not. If I click on a label I usually only get partial results. Sometimes the label doesn’t even appear in the person’s entry for no apparent reason. Google PLEASE fix the plethora of search bugs

  11. Poorly programmed, no options, one size doesn’t fit all. My biggest issue with this app is very simple, but very annoying. I search for someone, I call them, finish the call. If I want to call someone in favorites…., I click on Favorites, but there’s nobody there, because the search filter is still on (also, no dial option while searching)…so I have to back out of the search function and then it works. It’s simple, when I hit Favorites can’t you automatically clear the search?

  12. Like most things, once it achieved perfection, started to fall off. Added labels to the top of the app that I don’t want nor use, can’t be turned off. Can’t filter by removing labels, only single label or additive, so you can’t have an archive label or a deleted or old you can hide. Either keep it simple and minimalistic or make it a nice tool. This is a simple, intuitive app with some buttons on top and a filter that is mediocre. Can’t wait for the Inevitable redesign.

  13. Mark H dice:

    It’s been working faultlessly for months, now suddenly won’t connect to my Outlook account or even let me select it in the account settings. Everything else, like WhatsApp, is affected. It’s so frustrating!!! Dropping down to 1* because the developer contact in the app store is no longer monitored and to get any direct help they want me to pay for a Google One subscription 🤬

  14. SIM choice: The app only asks for the SIM to call from if the selection under phone setting is set as such. Where a default is set from the phone, most dialers I have used have the option to choose if one does long press on the number to dial. Google Contacts does not have that option. The same thing should apply to the recently dialed number. I should have the choice on long. The dialer should be able to dial through the previously used SIM. Better integration with Meet is needed.

  15. The biggest problem with this app is that it always attempts to sync with Google server whenever you want to make or receive a call regardless of the sync setting being on or off. If you don’t have internet connections at that moment, for example, during travels to some countries where Google service is blocked, you often are unable to ID the caller or even look up a contact.

  16. Can’t customize contacts I’ve accidentally sent messages to the wrong person because I’ve associated a color to a particular person. It’s embarrassing and annoying. Someone the color on the contact page differs from the color on the text page. We should have the ability to assign any color to any contact. I now have to triple check the recipient. Why would repeating the same X number of colors for contacts ever be a good idea? This isn’t an Apple phone, give me some damn control!!

  17. Update: 28 December 2022 – The same problem remains! Absolutely awful. App no longer syncs no matter what you do. It does not recognise SIM 1 and SIM 2. You cannot add any contacts to Sims, device or Google accounts. All contacts added after a certain date a month ago have gone. You cannot delete the app and use an alternative. When you need to add contacts for work, what are you supposed to do?! Do better Google!

  18. Just plain bad. Can’t edit my contacts cuz they “don’t exist” even though they show up in all my apps. Contact images are completely broken. They either don’t show an image or don’t update the image. Syncing with my account creates duplicate entries under the same email. For a company that prides itself on data collection you’d think having a working contacts app that’s default would be a priority.

  19. Used to be decent, now the app looks like it was made by a amateur coder with a big ugly huge unnecessary bar at the bottom that says “contacts fix and manage”… Who in the world thought that would look professional. Theres no way to get rid of it. After years of using Google Contacts i am going to have to switch because of how unprofessional and hideous that bar at the bottom looks. They could have easily made fix & manage hidden in the menu since Its not a feature people would use every day.

  20. Contacts do not sync between the web app and the Pixel 7 Pro. You have to manually type in all of your contacts into the Pixel, and then back that up into the cloud manually. For a phone at this price point I am surprised that the most basic function of a phone just doesn’t work. I’m returning the Pixel if this cannot be resolved.

  21. Whilst this is the best app in its field, I am mystified as to why I cannot pin the app to the shelf in my Chromebook. In fact, the icon for the app only appears in the Play Store app list and not in Chrome settings under Apps, which is a bit of a faff trying to access it. Will this issue be addressed in a future update? If I use the browser version, it does not have all the features of the app.

  22. Yet another Google app that is unintuitive and not that easy to use without doing five different things just to accomplish a simple thing. It took me four or five tries the other day just to add a contact from somebody that texted me. It didn’t used to be like that. Like everything Google however, things just keep going downhill on a steady descent.

  23. Sri B dice:

    The recent update changed the image of the app, and it’s causing dizziness to me. The new image(with white background, and blue person) looks like two persons’ images superimposed on each other. Images appear this way when you have short sight, and right now it’s causing me to believe that my sight has increased. Revert to the old image, or remove the superimposition. Also, when everybody is moving to dark mode, I don’t know why you chose the opposite for the app image; change to dark mode.

  24. Note 20 here and still after my first Note, after 20 years in Note’s the same damned limited archaic dysfunctional contact menu and the same damned dysfunctional calendar and on the suggested I give the Google apps, replacements and I installed both the calendar and the contacts app and what a world of difference. I’m not going to try and explain the huge advantages and differences the Google apps have, but I’ll bet my life once you install the contacts app,you’ll see exactly what I’m saying.

  25. Hate this app. It refuses to transfer contacts that is not synced with Google. My new phone did not come with preferred default contact, message, gallery apps & forced to use, transfer and store everything with Google. Data that was not previously stored on Google is simply thrown off or not transferred

  26. RV Rikard dice:

    As many others have commented, the older version of Google contacts was much better. Syncing across social media accounts is long gone. New contacts do not show up in the web version of Google contacts. In short, if you depend on mobile access to your contacts then find an alternative app.

  27. App is good but sometimes its starts lagging like when conferencing the call its take 4-5s to connect and call history showing is also very bad and one more thing if i had to call from another sim there is no option of that, for that i have to go to settings and then set to it……… Call history is also not showing under the number ,we have to open another tab for that, its soo complicated, kindly fix these issues..

  28. What happened to the widgets? I have a OnePlus 10 Pro and there are no contacts widgets. In the app, I can create a link to a contact, but there is no option to create a Direct Dial widget. Please bring it back. I’d like to call a contact simply by tapping their widget from the home screen, one tap, that’s it.

  29. For some reason I am unable to fix my contact list. Tried for years to delete extra contacts that I don’t use and somehow they’re still here. Should be pretty easy to do. It’s like a syncing error with the store info.

  30. Ndi dice:

    Like most things, once it achieved perfection, started to fall off. Added labels to the top.of the app that I don’t want nor use, can’t be turned off. Can’t filter by removing labels, only single label or additive, so you can’t have an archive label or a deleted or old you can hide. Either keep it simple and minimalistic or make it a nice tool. This is a simple, intuitive app with some buttons on top and a filter that is mediocre. Can’t wait for the inevitable redesign.

  31. Google is selectively removing addresses, and not showing birthdays on calendar! A REAL PROBLEM. I rely on my Contacts database, and Google is currently messing it up. I saved a friends new address on his Contact, and now Google deleted it. I also have dozens (maybe a hundred) saved birthdays in my contats, and none of them show up on my calendar any more. Very frustrated that migrating to a new system is a big headache. but I long for the days when I used Outlook at work- it was so stable.

  32. Contacts now an acore error source Recent update may have a new icon but it is a retrograde one technically. Contacts is utilised by other apps and despite following online advice; clear cache there is now a recurring android acore stopping error message. This appears to occur as other apps try to access contacts data store. Its a very annoying interrupt and regular to boot. Drastic measures like removing Contactas on the device and removing the gmail account seem risky. Fix now please.

  33. There was an update for Contacts. Since it was installed on my Chromebook, the Contacts app icon has disappeared. I am able to launch Contacts by looking up Contacts on GooglePlay. GooglePlay seems to detect Contacts is installed and displays an “Open” button so I have a workaround to start it. I uninstalled the update but it did not restore Contacts app icon. I sent an email to the developer listed on GooglePlay for Contacts but received an auto-generated reply that email is not monitored.

  34. A simple app for which we can’t expect issue. But for this app uptill now 3 to 4 times issue encountered. Contact list not showing due to which searching contact showing no results. Each time I’ve to clear app data and restart the app works. All my history clears then. Very bad app.

  35. HR 8 dice:

    Creates more problems than it solves. Just like thier authenticator app. The merge feature doesn’t work properly and you won’t even know it. Can’t add new contacts because some silly reason by them and can’t solve it either.

  36. I can’t sign in. Whenever I try to using my pre-existing google account, it says “That account already exists on this device.” If I use “Forgot Email” I can do everything I would have to do to sign in with an account, and at the end it asks me what apps I’d like to restore without me even being able to select the options (although they are already installed on the device). Whether I click restore or skip, it sends me back to where I started.The playstore says theapp is compatiblewith thisdevice.

  37. “Back up your contacts and access them anywhere” is a slogan that should not be in use by this app because it’s a complete fraud! After transferring my contacts to my Gmail account, all my contacts keep showing “Contact does not exist” each time I click on them to view the details. On the web, everything looks normal. Why then does the app have to suck? Now, I can’t tell who calls me anymore because of this bug. Please fix this! I wouldn’t consider this app if it weren’t the default on my phone!

  38. 1. Need swipe gesture to change tab (favourite/recents/contacts). Why you can’t add this simple functionality in app. 2. App is going to white on call receiving or merging the call while already on other call. It’s a huge bug. Every time phone is going on dead lock state for 4,5 sec and ongoing call has been disconnected. Either my phone has 8 gb of ram and dimensity 1300 octa core cpu, in this high congratulations app is lacking, what about less configuration.

  39. Sync has totally stopped for last few days after the update. Unable to add, delete, edit, nothing from the app. Please fix this asap, otherwise big trouble is being faced by so many users worldwide. A standard label ‘Assistant’ is automatically reflecting in Relation while trying to create a new contact, but no hassles as nothing gets saved. Absolutely a lousy update. God knows when this will be resolved… It shows the level of seriousness of the devs & testers of an imprtant service delivery.

  40. I don’t use this, and have installed and use a different contacts app, for one simple reason: there’s no option to have a call confirmation come up to make sure I really meant to start a call. Clumsiness and only occasional use means I’ve accidentally dialled before, and I will only use dialler and contacts apps that have an option to have a call confirmation dialog before actually initiating the call. Add this and I’ll use your app, but I won’t unless/until you do.

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