Fongo World Edition MODDED 2022


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Call Canada and the World and get a Canadian number too!
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Fongo World Edition is the best way to call Canada and the world!


• Your own local Canadian phone number – choose a number that you like!
• Unlimited calling across Canada’s 10 provinces and to any Fongo number anywhere in the world
• Unlimited global incoming calls and incoming SMS text messages
• Unlimited Fongo-to-Fongo texting, including group and picture messaging anywhere in the world
• SAVE your Canadian friends and family money by giving them a Canadian number to reach you at.


• Visual Voicemail
• Call Display
• Call Waiting
• Call Forwarding
• Conference Calling
• Call Transfer
• Receive Faxes
• Sync with your existing contacts and Facebook friends
• English, French, Spanish and Chinese language support


• 2 Cents: United States, China, India, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Romania
• 3 Cents: Poland, Portugal, Greece, South Korea
• For more calling rates, visit our website at

• Use Fongo World Edition outside of Canada with an internet connection!
• If you’re travelling abroad, avoid expensive long-distance and data roaming charges by connecting to WiFi before using Fongo to call or message. Once you’re connected to WiFi, call to anywhere in Canada’s 10 provinces, or call and message other Fongo users, for free. From anywhere in the world.


• UNLIMITED: No need to buy or “earn” additional minutes and texts by watching videos, downloading other apps or filling out surveys. Just purchase the app and you’re good to go.
• CANADIAN PHONE NUMBERS: Purchase the app and get a local Canadian phone number so your friends and family in Canada can call you, without having to pay for international long distance.
• CALL ANYONE: Landline or mobile, domestic or international.

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When you’re connected on a call, Fongo uses 0.5 MB per minute, so a 500 MB data plan will get you 1000 minutes of talk time. If you’re calling on WiFi, you can call nearly for as long as you’d like. When you’re not on a call, Fongo uses a minimal amount of data to listen for incoming calls.


• Supported devices: Supports Android (Lollipop OS 5.0 and higher), Chrome OS
• Supported Wear OS devices: Wear OS 2.0 or higher
• To use Fongo World Edition, you must have an active internet connection (cellular data, WiFi, or wired) and you must create a Fongo World Edition account. If your data signal strength is weak or your connection speed is slow, this app may not function properly.
• Ensure that your WiFi network or cellular carrier supports VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) traffic.
• If you disable notifications, you will not receive incoming calls.
• Questions or need help configuring your device? Tap Support on the Account screen.
• Have an idea how to improve Fongo World Edition? Tap Feedback on the Account screen.
• We are charging a nominal fee for the app to cover the one time cost of the Canadian phone number.


Twitter: @Fongo_Mobile
Facebook: /fongomobile
Instagram: @fongo_mobile

Fongo World Edition does not support 911 emergency calling.


What's new in 2022.11.2:
- Even more local exchanges where you can choose a Canadian phone number, we're up to over 720 across Canada. This the most choice for local areas of any mobile calling app.
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes
Thank you everyone for the feedback and comments, it helps us make Fongo World Edition better.
Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @fongo_mobile to get the latest Fongo app news.


51 comentarios en "Fongo World Edition MODDED 2022"

  1. Neftaly dice:

    Works fine, I could choose my area code and number. Latency is fine. It has ads which is weird for a paid app.

  2. Pathetic application. They’re just looting people. I’m unable to receive or dial call even after recharging credit. THIS DOESN’T WORK!

  3. Eli dice:

    Constant connection to FONGO, ads in a paid app. WTH!!!!

  4. It doesn’t work. When I try to connect to a Canadian number it doesn’t even dial it.

  5. I have been using this app for a short time only. I went ahead and bought the ad free option also. So far so good. The call quality is crisp and clear. No problems as some other users have written in their reviews.

  6. Worst experience and it’s a total waste of money. I need refund. I tried to register multiple times by clicking on Register button but it always lands to a blank page. I applied for refund but they won’t provide a refund for this purchase because it doesn’t meet their policy. This is utter nonsense. Even free calling apps are better than this paid app.

  7. I would rate this app 0 stars. There is no audio on calls so you can’t hear them and they can’t hear you. There are several options in the settings to try to fix this issue but they don’t work ( this shows you there is a major flaw in the apps call audio/recieving because they have several useless fixes in settings). I put up a complaint ticket without any response yet so customer service is extremely bad. I wasted about $10 dollars on this app plain and simple. Do not buy this app it’s garbage.

  8. Hairuo dice:

    When I first arrived in Canada, I can only find this world edition here to install. A year later I changed from android to iOS, I can’t find this version in the App Store though I am still in Canada. As suggested by other reviewers, fongo Mobil and fongo world edition are totally different. This version is not free, and the worse is that even I paid it, I can’t use it anymore in another mobile.

  9. Very pathetic application .. sometimes the sound disappears and sometimes the kepad does not work

  10. If my app is not appearing on rhe screen. People when they call, goes to voice mail, as if my phone was off. And the messages and sms sometiems appear hours or days later. Its soo weird. The idea is awesome but the functioning is terrible.

  11. I just downloaded the app and got a number. However, all attempts at calling the chosen number (including from overseas) have been unsuccessful so far. Additionally, the web link provided to contact the support team to resolve my issue wouldn’t load. Not at all impressed!

  12. It’s okay if you just need it for messaging but I’d give it a zero for calls, even for incoming calls. I received a call which just showed on my screen for 1 second then went straight to voicemail. I wouldn’t have known there was a call if I wasn’t looking at my phone at the exact moment.

  13. Used to be a Fongo(non world edition) and moved to live outside of canada. Fongo app worked properly for the past 2 years. it just recently stopped connecting properly. I bought the world edition thinking this is now how it work since i am overseas. It does work but they do not want to transfes my exiting Fongo # to Fongo world! So yeah I just bought this app wich is useless. Kind of weird that the same company cannot port over their own nunber between their own app.

  14. Used during quarantine. Did NOT purchase credits at all. I have since deleted the App but have recently received a notice that I will be charged $1/month because I have $0.01 credit. I never purchased this credit and there is not even a way for me to use it as it is only 1c and I am not buying more. I no longer need this App but now will have to remember to make a call within Canada every 90 days so I don’t get charged every month. Have a ticket #550463 with no help received! An absolute scam!

  15. It has one job and it does it terribly. How can a phone company employ the worlds worst developers in the world to build it. I’ll be glad when I’ve finally left Canada. This app is the world’s worsy ever home. Doesn’t even work with Bluetooth headsets and it’s a phone app! Wow. There isn’t another single app that has this problem.

  16. Authentication failed message always…

  17. Ma Delia dice:

    I can’t connect my fongo it says authentication failed!!! Why??? I am waiting for an important text. Please fix this ASAP 😭😭😭😭

  18. Using for 3 days. Often fails to connect! useless so far.

  19. App does not connect. I even bought 5$ credit to top up. I created a support call almost 5 days back with no response.(420635). I really want a refund. Edit: The developer sent a response to create a support ticket. I already did that and also mentioned the support call number – this shows the amount of effort that they even took to read this review. Shame – do not download this app.

  20. I contacted the support link provided in one of the older comments and got quick reply. Problem solved. I am now logged in and have called 5 numbers (2 international) with no fuss. Thank you! I’ve been using the older fongo and I love it. I subscribed to this app yesterday and I couldn’t sign in after many tries. Please resolve admin.

  21. I was using it in my iPhone for 3 months and it worked flawlessly. Once I gave my iPhone away and moved to Android I had to buy the app again. Although I can use the same number again, paying for it a second time is unfair. Kindly refund my money paid for switching to Android.

  22. I love this app. Thank you. I’m recommending it to everyone around me!

  23. Does not ring or show missed call. I missed very important calls because any incoming did not ring neither there was a missed call notification. I got to know through voicemail that someone is trying to reach me. Worst app.

  24. Very stupid app. Developed by stupid looters. Paid to buy this app and not able to call any number in refund my money..

  25. It doesn’t send the registration email!! Useless

  26. For some reasons the calls go to voice mail directly at times without ringing. I would rate the app a 5, if i dint experince the issue.

  27. Until recent time app works great, but within last couple of months it doesn’t connect to network via wifi. No fixes from developers by this time.

  28. Worst app ever. Calls gets disconnected automatically. Not able to hear voice on calls. This app is not trustworthy. Don’t buy this app and look for other similar and useful apps.

  29. Very bad app…I am trying to register on it and it always give me error when trying to activate my account. It says your link is expired or unable to save data on server. I have tried about more than 10 times registering on it. Dont know what to do now

  30. Could be a really useful app if it was working all good. I don’t get all the calls and some texts and voicemail are delayed… Not trustworthy then!

  31. Until now the app was great I was receiving phone calls and making phone calls with no problem but now it says loading configuration its been like this for a couple of days now I hope you guys can fix it soon because I’m supposed to be getting a call on this number so please fix this problem as soon as possible

  32. Useless, the SMS doesn’t arrive for two factor authentication, the apps doesn’t ring even with authorization. I don’t recommend it at all

  33. Mathias dice:

    Terrible app, I do not recommend, no costumer service, my app went down for a week I couldn’t use it and I had no help from the app after sending them a few emails. I highly recommend anyone not to use this app

  34. I bought this app and it won’t let me register or try to log-in. It keeps saying check your connection even when I have full Wi-Fi. Feels like a rip off

  35. Call clarity was good. I was able to dial. But I never received any ring or notification when others tried ringing me. It would ring for them and no one would answer.

  36. I have bought this app 10 minutes back. I am based in India and trying to register for Canada location but it always gives some error. Could you let me know what has to be done.

  37. true feeling is that i am disappointed. it gave me a number i wanted but i was not able to make or receive call to any canada number. i even raised a ticket but it didn’t even appear in their site. i feel i have wasted my money. am not sure if fongo or Google store would atleat refund my purchase.

  38. Ross B. dice:

    I downloaded this for global texting. I am based out of Alberta. I purchased the global texting and it doesn’t even work! I’m not getting any of my friend’s messages. What a waste of time and money. I would like a refund!

  39. A little bit of static and they had a slight difficulty hearing me, but otherwise worked as advertised perfectly — $5 for a voip solution so that I could make call from a Canadian number worked perfectly. Thank you!

  40. MODY 6C dice:

    I’ve paid 5$ then nothing as everyone it’s mentioning that app is showing loading confirm always while on Wi-Fi !!! I really need it to start working in Canada I am actually in French and only this app stopping me from my project DO SOMETHING!

  41. The application is not functioning even after paid subscription. Very bad and waste of time.

  42. It’s a scam app. They disable your account after you pay. Also I paid for an app and I was NOT getting any messages from my bank and others for this whole time! And then you learn you have to pay additionally for getting important messages like from your bank etc. I missed a lot of important messages. Don’t waste your money and time, just buy a regular sim card

  43. The initial experience was good, however, lately I have not been able to use the app for calls because my contacts complain about unfriendly echos during the call. This has made the app redundant for me. This should be worked on.

  44. Calls keep cutting off!!! It’s very frustrating

  45. Vurtle C dice:

    Don’t know why I simply couldn’t sign in my account on this app. It kept saying wrong password or email, but it worked fine when i signed in on my laptop. And I just puchased the app assuming that the version is up to date.

  46. Worked well during the first few months but after that I wasn’t getting any audio on the calls. Contacted support and they forwarded some general steps to resolve the issue. I followed those steps but it did not resolve the issue. Contacted support again but it has been weeks and I haven’t yet received a reply.

  47. Adela Abdo dice:

    This app needs to deal with less than perfect data coverage and better control the calls quality…. thanks

  48. Omg this app logged me out first and now it’s not connecting. I tried to update it several times but it’s not updating

  49. Good app but will test it in the long run

  50. It works. Spend more than 10 hours speaking from Georgia to Canada.

  51. Muhammad dice:

    This app is pathetic. Can’t make a phone call, neither can’t receive it nor can receive any sms. Waste of money, kindly refund me

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