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Identify unknown callers & telemarketers. Search for People and Contacts
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Reveal unknown callers. Block scammers & telemarketers. Find missing or lost contact information.

Download the FREE app and let Spokeo help you protect yourself. Identify unknown callers, block unwanted calls and enhance your address book.

Create a free account or log in with your existing Spokeo account.

– Identify unknown callers. We’ll show the caller’s name on your screen and include their photo, if available. We will even identify your missed calls.
– Block or ignore unwanted calls. When known scammers, fraudsters, telemarketers and debt collectors call you – you will know. It is the best and FREE call blocking app on the Play Store.
– Report unknown telemarketer calls to Spokeo and share with the larger Spokeo community.
Block phone numbers via the updated “Recent Calls” list. Annoying robocalls will be a thing of the past.
– Enhance your contact list. Most of us only save a person’s name and phone number. We will search public records to help you find missing info like home addresses or email addresses within your contact list and you can choose to sync those contacts with your address book.
– View Complete People Profiles and Background Reports on matches we make to your contacts and incoming callers.
– Find profiles based on your address book contacts or from searching by someone’s name or phone number.
– Find people by searching for a specific address or search for them by their email.

With over 18 million unique monthly visitors, Spokeo empowers users with up-to-date, detailed data about people. Spokeo’s proprietary technology organizes 12 billion records to help users reconnect, update lost contact information, potential business prospects, reunite with family and friends. Even more so, Spokeo enables users to protect themselves from fraud or scammers and discover and monitor their own online footprint.

Do Not Sell My Info: https://www.spokeo.com/privacy/control


We're constantly fixing bugs and improving the app performance to provide you a better app experience. Turn on automatic updates to receive our latest improvements.


40 comentarios en "Spokeo – Identify Unknown Calls, People Search MODDED 2022"

  1. Several years ago I paid for an unlimited lifetime subscription. They changed their subscription model and don’t honor the membership I paid for. Because of that, I paid for a phone number lookups. For $5 all they told me was the city the number was from. *Edit* Thanks for your reply! You did a great job not addressing the point that you sold me a lifetime subscription then changed your pricing model and don’t honor your subscriptions anymore.

  2. Information found is available publicly, but I kept my subscription until recently (I can’t afford it now) because it was a convenient. I took away a star because there is no option to unsubscribe from Playstore or the app. You actually have to call them. I did call and spoke with Aria (1570), who was incredibly polite. I would consider resubscribing when the economy bounces back because of the customer service and convenience.

  3. If I could give a 0, I would. They CLAIM AND IT IS PRINTED you can cancel at any time. I sent an email requesting to be canceled after they gave me a premium membership. Not what I wanted. All of a sudden they put a sliding scale from 9.99 a month -34.99 a month. That is absolutely false advertising. Their info is so outdated and useless I can get ftom public voter registration info. Sending credit card folks my info and this useless acct will be canceled. Do not be duped. End of story.

  4. Michael dice:

    The single most useless app I have ever installed. It provides an actual name for one out of every 13 numbers that I submit. It gives an approximate area of the state for 4 other numbers and it can’t find any info whatsoever on the remaining numbers, several of which are either toll free or commercial numbers which Google found immediately. They do offer to give you info on the neighbors of the person they couldn’t identify. I was pretty excited about that..uh, no wait, no I wasn’t. Useless.

  5. The info on a lot of people needs to be updated if possible. And I understand the need to pay for a subscription, but could you maybe finagle the pricing just a little if the info isnt fully updated? Other than that, it’s very user friendly! I searched my ex, fiybd some things I hadn’t known about him. In summary, decent app with decent info, just try to finagle that pricing!!

  6. David F dice:

    They kind of present it as a People Finder kind of App but I’m still trying to figure out what the hell I just paid for. It said you can do reverse phone numbers searches. The only thing it gives you is so broad it’s really worthless. For example, if I want to lookup sketchy dude hanging out at the dog park without a dog and called my daughter 24 times in two hours, I can’t. Well, all I could get was that it was a land-line in Denver, when it was a Mobile 90 miles away.

  7. Useful for getting the scoop on basic information. Of course apon purchasing your able to receive standard knowledge of known callers wirh caller ID, such questionable emails, and if available or inornder with an extra charge. You can find out about suspicious social media accounts. Although there are some qualities…I feel are unfair, like in order to have “additional access” your forced to make the (pro or con) decision of repeated taked on charge. customers with a subscription even have to

  8. Totally Unreliable information, while testing numbers and addresses for known people and businesses, most of them came back with incorrect information, at least 90% of them. Also the service is very hard to cancel, I had to search the website for quite a while before being able to cancel the services when initial trial was up and then was still unable to remove my payment information, so I was charged for a month for services that are utterly inaccurate and ultimately useless for anything.

  9. I received a suspicious text and used Spokeo’s “free” phone number lookup… After going through the number search, it stated that there was complete information about the number (Name ✔, address✔, carrier✔ etc, etc) – IF I PAID for trial membership… So I did. Only for the actual results to show NOTHING – EXCEPT 1 piece of INCORRECT INFORMATION – that the number was a landline (again, I received a text). THIS FEELS A LOT LIKE A SCAM!!! REQUESTING REFUND! FOOL ME ONCE…

  10. I’ve been using spokeo since 2001. Its given me insight and resolution to many problems. Its like your own private detective. Recently I’ve tried to use my subscription 3 times and I pay the fee every three months and I have no access. The info in the app is great billing and subscriptions not so much. Hopefully this can be resolved.

  11. Overall I think it is a decent app. The search tool is utter garbage. The “advanced” search options do very little to filter the results. What really upset me was the extra paywalls. You pay for a monthly subscription which gives you the basic information, but to gain access to court documents or historical data (like marriage/birth certificates) you have to purchase add-ons to your subscription. After all that it’s even more $ to print. The customer service is the only redeeming quality.

  12. Becareful when you use this search engine. When I used it and paid the 1 time fee to do a search. The website automatically signed me up to a subscription service without .e knowledge or permission. When I received the monthly fee of $24.95 I called and disputed it. But due to bad policies. The person I spoke with could only refund me $9.98. I will never use spokeo again because of this shady practice. Infact I’d rate this with 0 stars if it was possible.

  13. Ethan dice:

    I paid for this service a while back. Fully understanding if I don’t cancel the service, I would get charged monthly. That is exactly why I immediately canceled the service as soon as I was finished with the search I paid for. Really hope I can get a refund for the charge that I DID NOT authorize.

  14. anything that sounds good to be true, usually is. the app says free which makes us download it, but as soon as you want to see the results of a search, it hits you with membership sign ups. its free to download, but you have to pay at the end 0f the day. you be better off just blocking unwanted calls.

  15. Could be more accurate (for the service) – but better than most! Especially for the social media results. As for the app: works pretty well in most things but the updates section is terrible, and a couple other minor things I can’t currently recall – but might edit this later to list them, should I remember.

  16. Paid for a month subscription and it’s now saying that I can’t search without paying. It also won’t allow me to reenter payment information. I know it’s just a glitch but 9.99/mo for this to not even work but still charge my account is ridiculous. And don’t tell me to reach out to customer support, I’ve read enough reviews to know they won’t help.

  17. You pay for a certain service and what they don’t tell you is the service you paid for doesn’t include what was initially advertised. Suddenly every little add on is an extra fee here and ‘oops it looks like this wasn’t included in the package you purchased’. Spokeo – you don’t provide the services advertised. Tis all false!!

  18. Mista K dice:

    Alot of good stuff. It does get some things wrong. And alot of times I come up with nothing. So that’s pretty frustrating. But I use it as much as possible. Little pricey to get the other add-ons. There’s places alot cheaper. And paying for 1 or 2 people a month is way better than 20 a month unless you run a business or looking up people around your family.

  19. Great app with very accurate and up-to-date information. It comes with many great features and a very user friendly interface. I’ve used alot of different app/sites to be stay informed of who is coming and going on my life and Spokeo definitely takes the spot for #1 above all.

  20. My experience is wonderful, the app is so useful. It’s Fantastic that is no lie. And I’m not trying to just make the app sound great for the hell of it. It is great. It’s wonderful. I think anyone needing a little more help with identifying the calls and to help get the contacts in order and to get some extra info about people your not sure of should have this app. It’s good to double check your kids friends. And for your own welfare. A++++++😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  21. One of the most helpful tools you’ll find. Spokeo is hands down in my top 2 for apps I’d use to reverse search a phone number. Right there with TF. But often times Spokeo can produce information where TF doesn’t. One of the best in my book. I use it often on spam callers.

  22. it’s okay for looking up phone numbers for the most part sometimes it has different profiles for the same person and no way to tell it that they’re the same person or at least suggest it to them so they can put them together and have all the information one place, as far as the legal background check part don’t waste your money my records as long as my leg I searched myself all I found was to driving parking tickets

  23. For $10 dollars/mo., app shows past locations; colleges, which states they’ve lived in, associated websites, relatives, such valuable info for such an economical price. Truthfinder shows some of the same things but not as much. Thank you guys!! U rock, keep up the great work.

  24. I subscribe to spokeo and have for years. They always ask for feedback, but never do anything (age range, middle name or initial to narrow down search). But this app SUCKS. Trying to force it’s way into my phone call list? It won’t let me search unless I agree to give them access? One star and uninstall.

  25. I tried to pay for a subscription via the Play Store. The app says it needs confirmation of payment, and the Play Store says that confirmation will occur upon opening the app… but it doesn’t, rendering my “unconfirmed” payment for subscription useless. I would’ve given Spokeo my patronage [$$$]. However, it is apparently impossible for me to subscribe. Truly a shame that poor coding cost you my business (and I’m surely not the only possible customer).

  26. Just paid the 9$ a month subscription only to find out if you want the real information you have to pay more. On top of the fact that the info given to me now is utterly useless. Unsubscribing. They got me for 9$ once, it won’t happen again.

  27. Emily dice:

    This app is creepy if I’m being honest. You can literally track anyone if they have a public email available, phone, or if you know their email. Their email or phone will give you all their linked accounts and usernames which is pretty invasive imo. I decided to look up myself with my emails to see what’s out there and am freaked out since a lot of my old online accounts were found on here, including my deleted ones, even the ones from a decade ago. It’s creepy it keeps track of everything.

  28. Pretty terrible app. Locks up when trying to search. Filters suck. I have a birthplace, name, date of birth, but don’t know where they live. I can enter where they live in the search, but not the info I actually have that could help. If I knew where they lived, I wouldn’t need an app to find them. There wasn’t an option for negative stars.

  29. Pugsley dice:

    DO NOT USE!! WORTHLESS!! I paid money to get a report on a phone number, and expected at the very LEAST, after reading reviews and details on their web site and this app, that I would be given a name, a person or a company, attached to that number, but all I received was a City & State. I found that info elsewhere for FREE. I am completely disappointed and had better NOT be charged after the 7 day “trial” period. I will NEVER use this service again, and the 1-Star review stays, no matter what.

  30. Definitely could be faster on the updates,it takes days before the app catches up to my contact list. And u should have a feature where u can edit contact info from the app itself. Frustrating as hell.

  31. Mr. Blue dice:

    TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I chose the get information on the phone number only option and after paying the $2 that’s all it told me was that it was an AT&t phone. It actually told me that for free on the same page before I paid! Just like the other person who left a review who got scammed they thought they would get the name. You literally made us pay for something that you had broadcast with the initial free scan. outrageous. in your face rip off. do you guys not realize this?????

  32. Okay app. You can look up people by name and location, it gives you their age and relatives. The relatives part is not always accurate. I linked my contacts to the app and when i got an unknown phone call, it didn’t know who it was as well.

  33. Big zero. I used this app once to check one number owner info they charging $0.99. all the information I received it’s available on line for free. So I try to cancel it my account with no success, This app Will never let you go out unless you get charged $24.99 for the first month, even I after I contacted with the customer service, he said nothing he can do. Now I’m will need to contact with Google play to get the refund .

  34. They continue to make purchases from my card even after I cancel them. They refund it, then take out double the next day. Total scam! I had to cancel my credit card because of them.

  35. Software and payment is abysmal. I paid for a subscription June 9th and the app just kept saying, waiting for my payment to process via Google play. I waited days and I checked my Google play and credit card and the charge came out of my card and yet when I go on the app it still says I have a free membership. I click the pay option and it charges my card a second time instead of verifying that I already made a purchase. Then I called the customer support and they were no help at all.

  36. This app is good for gathering information, however it sets up another pay wall to get things like background checks or detailed reports. I’m not saying the app isn’t good for that it’s just better to be transparent rather than making people assume they get the full deal for the initial purchase. Otherwise it does what it says

  37. Pretty positive. Just frustrated that years ago I called and corrected my own data and now I’m deleted from system. I’m in Barrington IL and a cousin in California, who has my maiden name exactly… is showing up with some of my data. I’ve been told there’s nothing that can be done and Spokeo said some corrections can migrate from the social world. Very upsetting on that regard otherwise it’s been very helpful for reunions that I chair periods

  38. You pay for a subscription and then you’re told to pay more if you want to know who’s bothering you, which is why you bought the subscription in the first place! Thankfully, Google very quickly refunded my money from this scam operation. Stop charging people extra fees after they subscribe and I just might reconsider my review, but I won’t hold my breath.

  39. Horrible experience with Google Play payments. I’m still unable to access an enhanced report after more than 2 days of supposedly being paid. I’m going to cancel, I’m guessing I’ll be out $10 as well.

  40. T. Medina dice:

    Not so great… When I pay for a service, I expect to receive it. Over 50% of my searches this app claims nothing was found. Free websites produce accurate info on identical search terms. Couldn’t even find MY OWN EMAIL ADDRESS. I suppose some apps survive on initial payment alone cuz I doubt I’m alone with my frustrations and I’m canceling after initial payment!!

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