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Fast internet with Adblock! Privately browse on a safe, incognito search engine.
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Brave Browser is a super fast, private and secure web browser with Adblock. It is 3X faster than other browsers and has over 50 million users. Now with Firewall + VPN, Brave Wallet, Brave Search, and night mode!

NEW App Features
✓ Firewall + VPN. Protects everything you do online, even outside the Brave Browser.
✓ Brave Wallet. A secure multi-chain crypto wallet built into the browser.
✓ Brave Search. Private, independent search engine. No tracking.
✓ Night Mode. Easily read in low light.

Additional Features
✓ Free built-in Adblock
✓ Private internet browser with pop-up blocker
✓ Saves data and battery
✓ Sync Bookmarks securely
✓ Free tracking protection
✓ Https Everywhere (for security)
✓ Script Blocker
✓ Private bookmarks
✓ Browsing history
✓ Recent and private tabs

🔑 Brave Wallet
Buy, store, send, receive, and swap crypto with Brave’s secure Web3 wallet, built right into the browser. Support for Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, and more.

🔎 Brave Search
Brave Search is the world’s most complete, independent, private search engine. It doesn’t track you, your searches, or clicks.

🙈 Private Browsing
Enjoy fast, secure, private browsing. Get free ad blocker, anonymous browsing history, personalized private search, and private tabs. Browse the internet without saving your history.

🚀 Browse Faster
Brave is a fast web browser! Brave reduces page loading times, improves web browser performance and blocks ads infected with malware.

🔒 Privacy Protection
Be protected with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS Everywhere (encrypted data traffic), script blocking, cookie blocking, and private incognito tabs. All other browsers fall short of the level of the privacy and security protection that Brave provides.

🏆 Brave Rewards
With your old web browser, you paid to browse the internet by viewing ads. Now, Brave welcomes you to the new internet. One where your time is valued, your personal data is kept private, and you actually get paid for your attention.

About Brave
Our mission is to protect your privacy online by making a safe, fast, and private browser while growing ad revenue for content creators. Brave aims to transform the online ad ecosystem with micropayments and a new revenue-sharing solution to give users and publishers a better deal.

To learn more about Brave Web Browser, please go to

Contact us at We love hearing from you.

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

Download the best private web browser app for Android today! Securely browse the internet with confidence.


In this release we:

- Updated Widgets to make them more useful.
- Improved how we request notification permission on Android 13.
- Added Solana DApp Support.
- Upgraded to Chromium 109.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions for future releases? Visit the Brave Community ( to let us know. And, as ever, thanks for using Brave!


40 comentarios en "Brave Private Web Browser MODDED 2022"

  1. Hmoov Her dice:

    Good browser, great ad blocker and I love that you can play audio with your phone off. One issue though: sometimes the video I listen to starts stuttering if I do not have the app focused. If I turn off my phone or go on another app, the audio stutters (after a prriod of time). This started happening after a software update on my Samsung A71. Would be awesome of you could look into this and fix it.

  2. John Lexo dice:

    In IT since ’67. Very easy to use, easy to learn. Appreciate forethought, features very helpful like copy link, share lots of different ways, open tabs easy to use, of course search has been terrific and fast. Not a “pig” like other big name apps the suck up memory & CPU hogs. Same for desktop. Very unusual for me, but I don’t have any suggestions for improvement. Easy, fast, highly functional and intuitive. Excellent design & user interface. The only browser I use now. 2023 Update: Still loving

  3. T MA dice:

    Brave makes it easy to clear your cookies, history, etc however the night mode is still experimental, the way you open a new tab and compile tabs feels clunky and just a step away from being intuitive enough to be efficient. It doesn’t allow you to open a new tab outside of a bundle unless you copy and paste the link over after you made a new bundle of tabs, or you open it and have to scroll at the bottom while avoiding exiting out of them because each bubble has a little delete button

  4. I have enjoyed Brave for over a year but during the last few weeks I’ve experienced frequent crashes and bugs. Its crashes at least every 15 minutes and sometimes the navigation bar at the bottom doesn’t appear. I experience this on at least 3 different devices. Also the “group tabs” ruins the experience making it harder to find the tab I want and adding another annoying bar that doesn’t go away even when watching full screen video. I will change to firefox if the problems aren’t fixed

  5. It might have taken them a year to get to it, but the devs have actually increased the number of top sites again. Admittedly, I’d have preferred two rows of 3-4 (maybe a way to customize it so everyone is happy?), but I’ll take four top sites. That had been my only real complaint about this browser. It’s definitely the best one for Android, and the desktop browser is also great. If you’re looking to switch from Chrome, I suggest trying it out.

  6. Definitely my go-to browser on Android devices. May take some time to get set up when switching from Chrome with passwords and etc. But it’s definitely worth the small hassle it is to get switched, because I have tried a good many of the browsers on Android and this is by far my favorite.

  7. Cat Lover dice:

    An app that’s exactly what it says, UI is a little hard to get used to, and I prefer other apps for that, but ad free is amazing. Edit: recently when I enter private browsing, the bottom UI disappears, making it impossible to change tabs. Edit2: It’s exactly what I said. I enter private browsing, search something up, then when I go to return to my other tabs, the button to open the tab list isn’t there, and I can’t get it to show up. I have to close and reopen the app to get back.

  8. Chris G dice:

    One of the best browsing apps I’ve used. There’s just one or two sites that sometimes don’t load images (I’m an artist – so I love browsing art gallery sites) and when I open same site different browser, the sites load. Not sure what the compatibility is, or if it’s that those sites are less secure and Brave is protecting my phone? Don’t know, tbh it could be something like that, but it does everything else so I’m happy with the browser.

  9. It’s a great app! It’s too bad that if you use/change to another device you lose all the brave rewards. It would be nice to be able to sync the browser to multiple devices whether it be using generated code or a custom code. edit: I found a sync feature but it doesn’t work exactly how I thought it would be…

  10. We’ve all seen the ads on tv about the super creepy g°°gle guy peeking over everyone’s shoulder watching everything you do online. If you’ve ever wanted to look for something, without a gazillion ads popping up (related to what you’re looking for), then this is the browser you need. I love this app so much that I downloaded it on my laptop. If you want zero ads popping up later in future searches, this is what you need. You can get what you need done without being distracted by similar stories.

  11. This browser was recommended by a web security specialist I follow on YouTube. I’ve tried a couple of others, like DuckDuckGo, and some I can no longer remember. But this one is easiest of all to navigate, use, and can easily be upgraded to a state of the art VPN if need be. Since I don’t travel or have to depend on public wifi much, I don’t see the need for that expense. But, I love this browser, and I’m sure you will too! Give it test ride. 😎

  12. Jesus C dice:

    This is the best browser I’ve ever used. The tab management, reading list, and multi-device syncing features are superb. Simple, fast, clean, and unobtrusive interface. Ad blocking is excellent. It’s definitely a slight departure in terms of layout and usability from the other major browsers, but that’s what makes it great. You’ll be glad you took a few minutes to get used to the way Brave does things. I’m extremely happy I decided to try it out – it’s now the default browser on all my devices.

  13. It just keeps getting better with updates and new features. I absolutely trust this mobile internet browser to get me where I want to go on the web. There is one thing that could use improvement; whereby a website is asking for landscape mode, it takes over my home screen, puts everything in landscape mode instead of staying isolated to Brave Private Fast Web Browser. Other than that I have no problems.

  14. Pixy Stix dice:

    This is a great app that is fighting an uphill battle. Asoon’s they add a way to block something, the websites defeat it. Twitter autoplays video regardless of settings. I don’t want to watch videos. I don’t even watch television besides occasional historical documentaries that my partner puts on. I just wanted y’all to know they broke it. Autoplay is blocked, individual site settings only allow sound and Javascript, and Background video playback is disabled. Otherwise, best browser I’ve used!

  15. Peter W dice:

    Pleasant surprise: it actually improved compared to previous versions. Site logins work again, which haven’t done so before the last two updates. Now, if the developers could add an easy, selective history delete for specific sites, this would be at serious risk of getting four stars, and possibly five. But, yes, definitely much improved over the version just two months ago!

  16. Best browser available, 99.9% of the time. Google always finds a way to rope me in because of compatibility with some browser-based apps, but that is certainly few and far between. Brave is hands down the best browsing experience because of zero ads, privacy standards, and speed of loading pages.

  17. Ryan M dice:

    Well, until a couple hours ago, everything was working perfectly fine and had been since I downloaded it months ago. Now, for no reason whatsoever, it’s 100% dead. Opened app, blank screen with an address bar at the top and completely unresponsive. Deleted, cleared cache, redownloaded, and the same thing. Initial splash screen asking for permission to send usage statistics, but completely unresponsive; cant check or uncheck the box or hit Continue.

  18. Matt Maux dice:

    For the last few months background video play does not work (at least on YouTube). After 30 seconds the audio starts glitching non stop. Brave should separate the wallet functionality into a new app focused on defi. This app should be solely focused on being a browser. Also you should be able to move whole tab groups to new windows. Without that feature it’s virtually impossible to organize tabs. Also tab search functionality is broken as it won’t jump to the tab if it’s on a different window.

  19. I haven’t decided if I want to update or just delete the browser all together. I downloaded last yr and tried using a few months but end up back at Chrome … even though I hate using google. I found Brave to slow and just can’t find or open the sites I’m trying to get to. There’s a couple of things that are just to annoying for me to use this app. The settings, prompts, on Brave are on the bottom of the page, a box goes up & down, blocking my view of the page. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  20. I used to love Brave. I could surf the internet smoothly. Not any more. Half the time I try to go to a site it says it is unrealiable and when I press continue to the site it stutters and never lets me in. There are other search engines that have a lot of the same features especially the ad blocker, which is what I look for the most when using a browser. Not sure what happened but I don’t use as I used to.

  21. Disappointed with the bookmark widget. The icons are huge and there’s no way to customize it. It used to be good, similar to Google, but now I can barely tell what the icons are for and I have to dedicate an entire screen page just to be able to have the description of the site. Hopefully you can change it back or at least allow us to change the front/size. I was just contacted by Brave about changing My review because they didn’t understand what I meant: The icon size and font is too big

  22. Cid Xexyz dice:

    I haven’t had a lot of the issues other are referring to recently, just the same one for years. The “Are you still there” YouTube pop-up is infuriating. It blocks ads, but I still have to unlock my phone every 5 minutes of background play to clear the message. It defeats the reason most use this browser. I’m probably going back to Spotify with ads because it’s unacceptable that this is still an issue after years of user complaints. Que auto response telling me to clear cache and go to the forum.

  23. Brave works well on phone, tablet, and PC! The IP address places me in another state, so I have to enter my actual location when looking for a local business. But that’s the idea! I don’t want to be tracked. The ad blocker is great! Very few websites, like Walmart for one, will not work on my PC, and I have to switch to a different search engine. But that is rare. I use both the browser and search engine with good results and have done so for some years. Satisfied!

  24. *OLD*: This browser has been great, but over the last couple of years (especially over the last year) the size of the app keeps getting bigger, and is now taking up more space on my phone than any other app I have. It is also a battery killer. You should make a Brave Lite app for people who don’t want a browser that takes up half a gig of space *EDIT*: This browser is completely broken for me. It won’t load social media sites anymore, and keeps freezing constantly. Uses an ungodly amount of RAM.

  25. Just installed the latest update and I hate all the download notification pop-ups. I went into settings, notifications and turned them off, but they are NOT going away! I hate them. They get in the way and they’re unnecessary. Don’t want them, didn’t ask for them. Kinda goofy that it blocks web pop-ups, but I get more pop-ups from the browser itself! Fix this, please.

  26. A K dice:

    Sometimes ads will slip through. Also when watching YouTube videos it will pause and ask if I’m still there, interrupting my listening experience and forcing me to pick up the phone and say “yes”. I hope brave can fix this bug. But all around a great browser with Google constantly trying to usurp and be the default browser. It finds a way.

  27. Eli White dice:

    It was great until recently. Now whenever I leave the app, even for just a second, and come back, it reloads every tab and vanishes any private browsing tabs. Hopefully it gets fixed or I’ll have to switch my rating to 1 star Edit: Now it randomly goes back in my browsing history when I leave and reopen the app. It’s barely functioning at this point.

  28. E Mello dice:

    Same ole’ ..same ole’ 😡 I absolutely love the browser and what it offers, but I cannot continue to support it if it does not scroll correctly. I have no problem with scrolling in any other browser or the phone in general but when I open up brave and try to scroll it is beyond frustrating! It’s ridiculous! Recent updates have done nothing. Time to start “browsing” for other options …😞

  29. Absolutely awesome. Running on a familiar Chrome-like platform, this is now the only browser I use. Tired of ads from being tracked site to site? This is the answer. Has also reduced by 75% (or more) the ads I’m shown on FB, due to being tracked. Smooth running, great interface. I have recommended to many people I know, since using. Thanks for the great work.

  30. Best and fastest web browser out there. And they keep improving it well keeping your stuff and privacy safe. It has dark mode, saved passwords, cross platform sharing, etc. Of which you can turn on and off basically anything and lots of options times in between. There are a few small improvements that could be made yet it’s stuff that most browsers don’t have. Ex: more video playback options, sharing links to establish group messages, creating “scarp/saved” folders to go back to reading/research

  31. Can See dice:

    Now my shortcuts open in there own page like an app instead of in the browser. My passwords don’t save. If I’m using my email as a login, it wants to update the password instead of save new. Really tired of dealing with it. And the search results are becoming more and more censored. And starting to look a lot like Google results.

  32. My favorite thing is that I don’t have to watch any of the mind numbing irritating you tube commercials, I just find the video I want and play. I wish I could turn my screen off while it’s running. That’s the only thing I can think of that I would change because I like to listen to music at night and I don’t have a music service so I find full albums or whatever on you tube.

  33. I love using Brave browser! It has natural ad blocking you don’t have to do anything you just don’t get pop ups and ads and things. For this reason it’s much faster, and if you’re on a data plan and using wireless data you use much less with this browser. It’s got all the functionality of Chrome without all of the bad stuff.

  34. M P dice:

    Needs better search functions and I would like to be able to choose my homepage graphic. It can be one Brave’s, I would just like to be able to pick which one. When searching, I get results from the UK, not the US let, alone regionally. Thankfully, it’s not a full page of sponsored ads like Google. You can pick a different search tool, i.e. Google in a Brave browser. Overall I’m pretty pleased! I love that I can have a black background on every site, minimal to no pop-ups and no YouTube ads!

  35. Reader mode is working better. Popup move from the bottom of the screen to the top is still a bad design choice. Crypto wallet integration still seems broken as well. Webvine / DRM doesn’t work on some sites. FF works great, would be a shame to have to switch back after adopting brave a few years ago, but this wouldn’t be surprising.

  36. Kelsey dice:

    Brave is suddenly unusable. Since the last time I updated, I can no longer sign into any sites, and some sites (like wordle) don’t load at all. I updated today and tried again with the same issues. It also has always had small issues like some older bookmarks not being marked as bookmarked when you open the page, and rearranging tab groups if I separate a tab from a group. I also like to keep private tabs up basically indefinitely, losing them happens occasionally but lately it’s almost daily.

  37. Andy SoS dice:

    it’s a perfect browser. I can’t even put it into words! it plays my youtube playlists in the background even when my phone screen isnt on. the iOS version let’s you save songs and videos to your browser so you can have them offline. and it blocks ads! alot of reviews are complaining about Chromebook issues but I have had absolutely zero problems on any of my phone’s or Chromebooks

  38. This was always my browser of choice. Now it freezes when scrolling and gives me the “not responding” error. I see I’m not the only one with this problem. PLEASE FIX THIS! 11/14/2022 Received stock response. I’ve been to the community page already. What more info do you need? I’m scrolling down a webpage, it stops scrolling and I can’t move it. Then I get the “Not Responding” (Wait or Close). That’s the issue.

  39. 130rne dice:

    Y’all might wanna keep an eye on chromium. This browser is having issues with basic functionality. Zooming in on simple Amazon pics, loading pages, very basic stuff that never used to be a problem. It’s near unusable sometimes, I have to close and reopen. I’ve NEVER had to close and reopen Chrome like this. It’s base code. If y’all are just rolling chromium as a base, y’all need to start monitoring the base. Idk what Google is doing but they’re screwing stuff up. 4 stars for now.

  40. This is a really good browser if you disregard the crypto distraction. I like how you can sync between desktop and Android phone and tablet and iPhone. What I don’t like about the Android version in particular is that setting up my own preferred search engine doesn’t work, while it does work on desktop and iOS. Very odd.

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