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Scam Shield gives you control over T-Mobile’s anti-scam protections like Scam ID, Scam Block, and Caller ID, and is available to all our customers.
– What is Scam Shield? –
Our supercharged network analyzes every call using A.I., machine learning, and patented technologies. And our defenses update every six minutes to stay ahead of scammers.
Americans deal with billions of scam and robocalls every year. Our Scam ID and Scam Block technologies help identify and stop them before they ever reach your phone.
Now you’ll see a caller’s information, even if they’re not in your contact list. With Scam Shield, full Caller ID access is automatically included, enable it.
– Included features –
• Scam Block – Our network will automatically block calls from likely scammers, when you turn it on, helping to keep them off your phone entirely.
• Scam Reporting – Help identify suspicious callers or fraudsters and prevent their calls from being received by you—or others—in the future.
• Caller ID – See who’s calling before you answer.
• Allow list – Calls from numbers on your Allow list will never be blocked by our network and always ring your phone.
• Verified Business Calls – When available, verified caller information from trusted businesses and why they’re calling will show on the incoming call.
– Premium features –
• Personal Number Blocking – Block specific numbers and contacts as soon as they hit the T-Mobile network.
• Category Manager – Tired of telemarketers? Or survey calls? Scam Shield gives you control over what types of calls are allowed to ring your phone.
• Reverse Number Lookup – Not sure who a number belongs to? We’ll do a reverse phone number lookup and show you anything we can about who is calling.
• Voicemail to Text – Get text messages containing readouts of blocked calls that were sent to voicemail.

Qualifying service & capable device required. Turning on Scam Block might block calls you want; disable any time.
Location Permissions are not requested or required for the use of the application. For help and support, please contact [email protected].


Bug Fix.


40 comentarios en "T-Mobile Scam Shield FULL"

  1. A.R. WB dice:

    This app is NOT managed by metro by t-mobile or by t-mobile, by their own admission. It suddenly stopped allowing usage of reverse number lookup for no reason. I pay for premium. You will get endless emails that say nothing even when you send screenshots regarding the issue. I don’t know why it stopped working. I now use rlookup, which is free and actually works. Cannot recommend. False advertising that t-mobile or metro runs this app. They do not.

  2. It works most of the time. But a lot of the time it’ll block the 1 or 2 spam calls then let it come through. I have contacted t mobile team about this a few times with screen shots. But they just marked it as problem “solved” the second I submit. When I reopen the ticket it just says they are aware of the issues but seem to not really be trying to fix it or they don’t know how to fix it… Also would help is it can stop spam text messages.

  3. Kas s dice:

    Works really well! Really cuts down on the number of calls I get from scammers and collection agencies looking for someone who hasn’t had this number in years. The only negative is that it updates once in awhile and shuts itself off, but that’s maybe twice a year and it’s easy to restart once you realize what happened.

  4. Staci dice:

    This app stopped me from getting phone calls from people I actually care about. Saved contacts in my phone marked as ‘favorites’ in various different places. But didn’t actually stop me from getting any spam calls, just labeled them as “scam likely.” Edit after response: they were added as favorites, and still sent right to voicemail. But I uninstalled this app, and it hasn’t happened since. Edit: 2 years later, got a new phone, gave it another shot. Still the same issue. It has been deleted…

  5. I like the fact that I can get free reverse caller information right in the app. It does a good job of screening and identifying callers before I pick up. It also lets me know when the call is from a verified business or not. I have control over which numbers are always allowed to go through. Which are auto routed to voicemail and which are blocked. Most others are just a front for selling you an “investigation” and collecting a lot of personal information so they can sell it to others.

  6. It works well, but sometimes too well. I was waiting for a call giving me an access code (no option for getting it by text). Never got the call, even trying multiple times and had to resort to getting the code by snail mail. I happened to check the blocked call list, and found several blocked calls from around when I made the request. If you’re waiting for an important call and you don’t know the originating number, disable the app until your call comes.

  7. In order to have the full functionality of the app, an upgrade is required. Sprint customers were provided a fully functional app for Spam blocking, but with the merger, we are forced to use an incomplete product and pay in order to have it work. Seems like another attempt to fleece customers. There was a reason I was a Sprint customer, so I wouldn’t have to deal with t-mobile…

  8. Doesn’t work on my phone, but it does on other family members phones, which are all on the same plan. It’s turned on, there’s not even a call log, or call history. It used to work on my previous phone. All permissions are enabled. We’re just using the basic free version. It’s a shame that the premium features weren’t enabled for all customers. Also, I did uninstall the app, and reinstalled it.

  9. App has suddenly decided to block calls from contacts lists, even from my favorites list! I have NOT blocked my own children’s numbers! Yet every extended car warranty call gets through! Shouldn’t have to manage numbers manually. Would be nice to either allow or send to voice mail all calls from my area code. Important calls keep getting missed. Caller ID rarely works. Needs to be fixed! Great concept. Poor execution. It’s a shame. Used to work pretty well before it was switched to scam shield.

  10. When it worked it was ok — not worth writing home about, but functional. The problem was that it worked intermittently and inconsistently. Sometimes it would block calls. Other times it would let them through but log them so I’m theory one could manual add them to the block list. But alack, it was just as common for the app to neither block nor log any calls with the native android or t-mobile calls proyocols being used for incoming calls of all types. Finally the caller id sucks rocks.

  11. D M dice:

    After switching from Sprint’s free call screener for only a few days, I regret switching my SIM. Previously blocked calls marked as high risk are identified as verified by this app and are allowed through. A large majority of features including managing what kind of calls are blocked, managing the block list, and finding the orgin of unknown callers (most of which were spoofed VoIP numbers)are only available to premium users, which are things that Sprint provided for free. This app is useless.

  12. I have been using the for almost a year and I feel like it does the exact opposite of what I says it’s supposed to. I get more scam calls then I did before and now with random names attached that have nothing to do with said call. I’ve called T-Mobile to report the issue and they have verified that there is absolutely nothing they can do for me because the app says it’s a verified number. They won’t even track to see what is going on. Absolutely zero help.

  13. Slow, rubbish programming. This needs rewritten and the code issues fixed. The interface is okay and easy to use. But the app itself needs a lot of work. As I’ve never used this before I can’t say anything about the performance fixes outside of it’s really bad. So how bad was it before? It has also failed to detect 99 percent of the scam numbers I’ve already blocked with Google

  14. Pretty good app. For some reason the blocked calls always show up twice on the activity list, making it look like more calls were blocked. But I am grateful to have this to filter out quite a few junk calls. I wish there were more free settings available instead of being prompted to upgrade, but that’s alright. At least it doesn’t force 3rd party ads on you!

  15. The app basically does what it says, and a little bit more, but there’s a few catches. First off, if the “Scam Block” is on, it’s only going to block the call if T-mobile has the number listed as “Scam Likely”. Makes sense, but not clear to users. It’s not exactly the easiest interface, either. There are premium features (which is ok) but I’m not here for those. The app has a built-in reporting tool to manually send info to the FTC/FCC (per call). It’s easy to use (1-2 min), not easy to find.

  16. When it works, I guess it’s okay. But it keeps turning itself off. I usually find this out when I get telemarketer call. I then check the application and yep sure enough it is turned off. And certainly I would not consider upgrading to the premium version when the basic version doesn’t even seem to work consistently. No idea why keeps turning itself off.

  17. It doesn’t work. On both my wife’s S8 and my Note 9, it only identifies the caller information after the call is over and only if you open the app. This is pretty much useless. It doesn’t block squat and doesn’t allow you to manually screen calls any better than you could do with out it.. It must work for some people; but it it obviously doesn’t work for many. I don’t know how t-mobile can ignore so much bad feedback for so long.

  18. So far no good. It seems like you have to have the app running in order for it to work because the minute you close the app and reopen it you have to press the button that says start protecting which makes me think that unless the app is running then it’s not. I have not noticed any reduction in spam calls but I am hopeful. TMobile is trying so I’m definitely going to give this one a really good chance I’m sure there will be changes where it might start functioning like they hope it will

  19. It’s a great idea in theory but the app is buggy. The biggest issue I have is it blocks calls from numbers saved in my contact list calling them “scam likely”. I would expect the app to recognize that numbers saved are “safe”. You can go into the list and override the blocking to allow the call to come through but it’s still listed as a scam likely call with a big red circle and line through it.

  20. It’s a good app–It does block unwanted and unknown calls, but I’m finding that it has a tendency to block a lot of calls from numbers that are essentially good, but only come up as the number (for example, a business calling me about an order ready to be picked up got blocked). The default operation of the app is very black or white–you’re either known and allowed through, or unknown and blocked. You can change that after the fact by going in to the logs and either starring (allow) or have it sent to voicemail the *next* time the number calls, but with no information about the caller given, there’s no good way to figure out if that was a call you wanted to get, or a truly scam call to block. My biggest peeve, though, is that there’s no option to set the default operation for unknown/possible scam calls to be ‘send to voicemail,’ that way you can figure out who was on the other end of the line and whether or not you should pick up the next time, or even return the call. I’ve dug through the app options and haven’t found that yet, so I’m hoping it could be put in one of the next updates.

  21. It work quite well for a couple weeks. Then all of a sudden the blocked calls started to come through. Apparently, every button I press in the app takes me to an advertisement wanting me to upgrade to a 4.99 a month premium service. What a waste. This should just come with the T-Mobile service. But nooooo! Just another way of nickel and dime’n your account!!!

  22. Disappointed! I really thought with all the news releases leading up to this app’s release that this was supposed to be free. The free version has very few features. Instead you have to pay to upgrade. I don’t get it. You can’t even block numbers without paying! Well it does block fraud and it does provide caller ID. Both free. So that’s good! If you want to block specific numbers on the network, or block other types of calls such as Telemarketing or Surveys, you have to pay a monthly fee.

  23. PC Setup dice:

    I’m changing my review, because T-Mobile doesn’t seem to understand. This app is horrible. I use my phone for business. Several scam calls still get through. Several calls from legitimate callers are blocked as a scam. In fact about half of my clients (all are just random local citizens, mostly elderly) are either blocked or listed as “scam likely”. This app is not worth getting. The Sprint version worked good. But unfortunately I can’t use it anymore since the merger with T-Mobile.

  24. Some useful features, but far from ideal. Ocassionally blocks important calls and option to add from my contacts isn’t allowed unless they are recent calls. Must have a paid subscription to fully manage contacts and add friends who haven’t called in a while. So if grandma hasn’t called you in a long time and she isn’t already in your favorites list, you won’t get the call. But it does a great job of filtering legit spammers. Some family say they call me and it doesn’t go through.

  25. The app initially worked great when i would get a lot of random calls and telemarketers. However, this latest update renders the app useless. I have to go into the app after the call has completed and refresh multiple times before the number shows up, and most of the time now it is not even identified. I have been emailing support for over a week now and the suggestions were to disable the app in order to uninstall the updates and then re-enable the original version and “try it”. DOES NOT WORK.

  26. Not worth the $4/subscription T-Mobile adds to your bill. You still have to do all the leg work to block and report a number and does nothing to reduce “spoofed” local numbers. In my opinion, this is no better than the native number blocking the OS supports. Supposed to get 30-day trial when randomly ended after 14-ish days; I just uninstalled instead of trying to finish out the trial. There are plenty of other free options.

  27. The app does not filter all scam calls, they still come through. Although the amount of scam calls I get has reduced. There’s an option to block numbers and most phones already have this feature and they’re not truly blocked, they just go to voice-mail. Reverse number look up, it’s 30/70. Rarely do you get an actual name, you get a state and a service carrier. It’s only $4 added to my bill, but I don’t think it’s worth it.

  28. J C dice:

    Works, some of the time. The app will turn itself OFF after an update, and doesn’t notify you that it did so. You just start getting a bunch of spam calls and unless you check the app, or turn off automatic updates for all apps, you will never know if it is still running or not. But even when it does run, it only catches about half of the spam calls I get.

  29. The app keeps “Authenticating” all the time. It’s like it doesn’t stay signed in, even if you disable battery optimization, uninstall/reinstall, etc. This only began when the service was renamed to Scam Shield. Reply: no, you guys can figure it out on your own. Others have complained of the same issue already and you’ve still not fixed it. I’m not going to waste time talking to a tier 1 person that reads from a script to do even the most basic things.

  30. This app SUCKS! It blocks scam calls OK (really hit or miss) but it also blocks some of my friends & family RANDOMLY even if their contact is saved in my phone! Even if we’ve called and texted back and forth before. I can’t add people to the “always allow” list without it asking me for a subscription and it doesn’t show me any activity in the app just one random call from a long time ago. I can’t uninstall this app only the updates. I hate it.

  31. Overall I am very happy with this app. It seems to block the calls like it’s supposed to. That being said, I just received a call which the app blocked like it is intended to do,and popped up a notification of the blocked call. 11 notifications in total to be exact. From the same number that called, at the exact same time. Honestly, I only needed one notification of the blocked call, not 11 of them back to back. This seems to be an ongoing issue. Uninstalled, reinstalled, and still same results

  32. I’m not sure this is actually free. It said trial and I didn’t pay attention if that means I must opt out or it will downgrade. Plus, I know it doesn’t make sense, but I’m actually getting many more unrecognized calls than before. And they aren’t getting blocked. Some are. But most just ring then no voicemail. I call this junkware at the moment. And perhaps misleading “free” app. Been with T-Mobile for 19+ years and disappointed with this.

  33. Doesn’t seem to block anything. Not very intuitive. Do I add scam cam calls to list or is it automatic. They’re still coming in and its not clear where they can be added. UPDATE 1+ Year later: Since T-Mobile joined with another major provider I had hoped that this app would have improved. But while it is suggested that the protection it offers is free, it is still virtually worthless unless you upgrade to the paid service. Still rates a ‘zero’ in my book.

  34. This thing is awesome!!!!! It does a great job of blocking spam! It can be set up so custom numbers – annoying sales calls – can be auto forwarded to voicemail without even ringing the phone so you don’t get bothered. Yes, you can even just block those calls entirely too. The app has blocked 40 spam calls for me in the last 30 days. The free version has plenty of features!

  35. Constantly screwing up my calls. Just blocked a call from one of the numbers in my contact list when they called, they had to text and ask why I wasn’t answering. Constantly getting messages from the app that “Sorry, we’re having trouble fetching your voicemails at this time.” Last one was at 1:00 in the morning. Gives you the most basic info about blocked calls, etc. If you want anything more, you have to pay for it. Disabled it. Add it to your plans free or dump it.

  36. I’m frustrated that T-Mobile makes us install an extra app rather than working out the security holes in their network and caller ID system, and addressing the problems at their source. But as for this app, it doesn’t even work. I’ve had it enabled for months and it does not prevent spoofing. I still get spam calls with spoofed numbers, they slip through the app, and like, when I try calling back the number half the time it isn’t even a valid number. I’m angry that these networks aren’t doing their job to address this issue on their end. Like, if they cannot trust the integrity of the caller ID system, they need a new system, and without that I want them to just stop displaying the numbers since we can’t trust them. This problem has also gone on for too long. It’s been going on for years now and has been intense (i.e. multiple spam calls a day every day) for at least 2 years now. I legitimately don’t understand why they have not been able to solve this problem. And I don’t want them to “fix” this app, I want them to fix their network. The mere fact that they HAVE an extra app (to try and fail) to prevent spoofing and spam calls/texts, bothers me, they need to be identifying and blocking this stuff at the network level, before any of these calls ever reaches the user. Shame on them, on T-mobile and on ever major cell provider, for gloriously failing to do this for years now.

  37. Apparently, the version that once worked well, is no longer compatible with the newer phones (i.e. Galaxy S8). I’d highly recommended downloading Hiya and cancel this monthly subscription. Hiya is free and identifies all calls, incoming and outgoing. It doesn’t identify texts, but then again, neither does this T-Mobile service for which we’re paying monthly…… Free app that identifies all calls vs $4 service that doesn’t identify anything…..your choice

  38. I have been a Sprint customer for years, but had to change over to T-Mobile because of the merger. I liked the Sprint version as I could block a number within the app. The T-Mobile app does not allow you to do that unless you purchase the upgrade, so I have to block the number in my phone. Overall the app seems ok, just wish I could block the number as well as report it without having to pay.

  39. I was constantly getting calls from unfamiliar phone numbers. This was annoying and intrusive to say the least. Scam Shield was a godsend. I no longer had to do anything because this app identified and stopped the culprits. Except for some other great features offered, I took the cheaper route. But in itself, does the job I need to have done. It’s a must-have app.

  40. 12/21- I have been using the app both paid and free since introduction . Thus the reviews. Why would you stop a blocked spam number four times and then the fifth time let it go to voicemail? 9/21-continues to be a rip-off as they charge you for every thing that most providers give you for free. Since it came out it keeps changing what’s free and what’s not, plus they’re selling your data to third parties (read the fine print), and to stop it you have to contact each one individually.

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