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A simple read what you type app!
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Tell Me is a Text To Speech app which reads any text you type! it currently features:

* Volume, pitch and Speed Sliders
* Simple and clean interface (Meterial design)
* Customizable colors
* Different voices, English, United Kingdom, Jarvis and many more!
* Different styles of voices
* Save to file (synthesize to file)
* Slide-out menu with preset text
* Set your created files as your notification sound, ringtone and even your alarm!
* Tablet support

Storage and Photos/Media/Files Permission – Only used to see your saved Text To Speech files as well as play and delete them.

Other, Modify system settings Permission – Only ever used to set your selected Text To Speech file as a ringtone, notification or alarm sound.

Many more features to be added in the near future! Thanks for your support and giving me a shot! And as always have a Simply Complex Day!


* Large rework making future updates quicker.
* Added new share file feature.
* Removed unneeded permissions.
* Fixed the “No Audio Player Detected” bug.
* Other bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Tell Me – Text To Speech 2022"

  1. Been looking for an app like this for a while! I just want to listen to my writing to detect errors and this app makes it so easy. And the fact that it’s free is phenomenal. My only issue so far is the occasional glitching and the fact that I can’t pause and unpause the narration in the same place. Simple to work around! Other extensions and apps I have used simply don’t work, or don’t have a mobile app.

  2. cinnaman dice:

    Great app! I have selective mutism and this app makes it a lot easier to be able to speak to people instead of having to go through the effort of making communication cards. I also really enjoy that you can make preset words so if you click them they say what you’ve put in. Only issue is I wish there were different types of voices and not ‘preset’ ones but otherwise great app!

  3. It definitely works, you adjust pitch, volume, and speed of the text. In the future Ill definitely donate to help aid the creator(s) Edit: A recent issue has arisen where the audio will buffer horribly. Often when I press read, it cuts in and out. I checked if it was a problem with my audio output but the problem persists even without my earbuds connected. Please fix, I’ll return it to five stars after

  4. Works very well and has a very clear voice! However, there are 2 issues anyone who needs this should be aware of: 1. Once you hit “read,” you cannot stop. Exiting the program and erasing the text does nothing. So if you type out the entirety of “All-Star” like I did, you have to sit through the audio until it finishes. 2. It does not seem to work on phone calls. I origionally downloaded it to be able to speak in an emergency call, but when tested you can only hear clicking on the other line.

  5. Tonsillectomy communication I tried a few different apps to communicate after I got my tonsils out, and this was my favorite. It’s very simple and easy to use, but still offers options for different voices, pitches, and speeds. I also really like the saved phrases tab. You can write in your most commonly used phrases for easy access.

  6. Quality build, very simple interface plus zero ads. You can install an infinite voices which is part of the actual phone settings. Change pitch, speed, and volume level. Once your project is complete, you can save it or share it. Saves as a .wav file which is easy to work with or convert to another format with a third party app. The app does not ask for payment or have nag screens or trials, you can donate to the development if you choose. Fantastic simple app that works without flaw. Thanks

  7. Hi – semiverbal teenager here. This app is really good, and I mean that. It does exactly as you think it would, functions as intended. No ads, so that’s a major plus. I like the fact you can save certain words or sentences for the future, makes it much quicker to say short stuff like “hi” cause all you have to do is have it saved and you can tap on it in the saved area which will play out the speech and it’s shdjfnsbdhf it’s awesome dude, 10/10 app, definitely recommend :>

  8. Really nice app – i’m a semiverbal autistic person so having an app I can use to communicate that runs smoothly & doesn’t have ads is really important. my one suggestion would be a way to pause stop speech once it’s started; I have poor motor skills, so if I make a typo or my autocorrect does something wrong, I have to sit through the entirety of what I’ve typed before I can correct it. other than that, great app – would definitely recommend!

  9. A R dice:

    I do not understand why some other text to speech apps have higher average scores. They were overly complicated and had way too many ads. This app, you just type or paste some text in and it’ll read. I use it for reading articles. I read some of the 1 star reviews here, and it’s all people complaining about features it never claimed to have. Dont expect anything fancy. Dont use it as a word processor because it won’t autosave. This app reads aloud what is pasted into it, nothing more.

  10. Absolutely love this app! I just had a Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy done yesterday. I can not talk at all. This app is quick and easy to use. I can adjust the speech easily. It articulates very well. There are no ads! So, I never have to worry about getting something across to someone and accidentally pushing on an ad that would lead me else where. I can go through a conversation with ease thankfully with this app. I recommend this to everyone. Thank you to the developer for your labor of love!

  11. After 2 days of painful laryngitis I searched for an app that could speak for me so I can rest and recover my voice. I’m very grateful that I found this one, very simple to learn and fast to use. After a day I’m already using the “Preset Text” feature. Small suggestions: it would be nice to edit and reorder the Preset Text blurbs. A stop button during speech would be nice, in case I tap too quickly and start the app speaking by accident. But even without these tweaks, already 5 stars from me.

  12. my daughter used this app to communicate when she was on complete vocal rest. It was SO helpful!! i would LOVE it if you could develop an app that could take speech or text and audibly translate it CORRECTLY into another language. (i.e. Central American Spanish.) So many translator apps are incorrect in how the translation comes out, it is confusing to the folks listening to it.

  13. Great reader. Simple and accurate and a very light program. No intrusive ads which is really nice. It works, plain and simple. I’ve been using the program for a very long time through many devices. In fact, if the developers read the text I put into the app to be read, they know me better than anyone should! 🙂

  14. TEG dice:

    It does what it says on the tin. I usually just use text edit, but that doesnt work on my phone. This does the same thing just fine and i can give it 100,000 words no problem. Wish it had a pause button but as a quick and dirty text to speech. It works fine and doesn’t annoy me.

  15. D S dice:

    Had previously posted a pretty positive review. Just removed it and will be uninstalling the app. It just quit working! Not able to edit preset texts! Preset text always default to beginning of the list even though I wanted the next one in line! Not able to edit the order of my preset texts! All in all turned out to be too frustrating to deal with!

  16. Theo B. dice:

    Only complaints is that the voice isn’t too clear sometimes. Maybe add different voices too? There’s not really an option for a masculine voice even with the pitch all the way down, it sounds more like distortion. It runs smooth though and works well as a text to speech app for my nonverbal autistic self.

  17. Exactly what I needed. I lost my voice and needed a easy way to communicate with my young children. This app helped so much. I especially loved the speech speed function, slowing down helped be understood more. Easy to use, no annoying pop up ads, simple. Highly recommend.

  18. I love this app and just found the voice change ability. I see from your description that you have fixed many issues already, however I would just want to add that there desperately needs to be a pause button. The app reads well, but please put in a pause button. Also on a serious note is there a way to nake the voice sound like it is singing? (I don’t want to make funny videos I seriously listen better to sining sometimes, not always, could there be a button for this option?)

  19. A great app thank you. I’ve tried quite a few and this both allows my daughter to do voice to text via the android keyboard mic button AND then have it read back to her which is brilliant. You’d be amazed how many such apps don’t allow both options. I have a couple of requests for future development. 1. the ability to save the text to a .txt or .doc file. 2. That the text box be bigger using more of the available screen space. Thanks Again. Highly recommended.

  20. Considering it’s a freebie it’s pretty good. It’d be excellent if I could put different length pauses in the text and if could change it’s intonation if I put text in quotation, or question marks etc. I have found very few words it cannot deal with. I use text to voice a lot, in various projects, and this is my go to app for that. 5 stars and it would get 4 if it cost money!

  21. Dawn R. dice:

    Lost my voice due to strep and this is a great app to have brief chats with family. Was even able to change to a different accent. Can even adjust pitch and speed, which was greatly appreciated by my family. Had some challenges to get changes to take effect but all good. Great job!

  22. Decent app, but why the “CLEAR” button? That sucker is unnecessarily close to the text square, and anyone with a phone keyboard can backspace or backarrow to remove text. Typed in long paragraphs, got too close to the bottom of the screen, and lost all my work. Happened four times, looking for a tts app with a better layout.

  23. This app is perfect for deaf people or folks that can’t produce speech. HOWEVER: 1 )) some words or names can’t be pronounced properly, so I want to store those words with the phonetic value. I’ve seen Playstore apps that do this, but they don’t have a handy preset text list. 2 )) I want preset text to have their own titles, but fall back to show preset content as title if no input given as title. 3 )) Cool bonus if you can “program” sentences, e.g. telling the time, good morning/noon/eve.

  24. Jai Bai dice:

    Feedback to developer .. When I have finished entering text I cannot click read or clear button without removing keyboard from screen. If this was fixed I would give it 5 stars. This is the best simple easy to use text to speech app that I have used to date. I needed this to help someone who has lost their voice due to throat cancer. Many who have lost their voice also have spelling issues so further down the line a Spell checker may be a good idea.

  25. Does exactly what is advertised, it’s simple to use, plus you can change the color of the menu and there is a dark mode. Great app for if you’re nonverbal (I am semi-verbal), all around great app.

  26. I really like this app! Since I don’t really like speaking (and sometimes it’s hard for me to talk) this app helps a lot! I really like how I can set up the speed of the voice, so I could adjust it to be slower if I need it to be :-] I would love it if there was a feature where you could change the language (because English is not my first language and the pronunciation of words that aren’t English sound very weird) but overall, I give this app 5 stars <3

  27. Pretty basic, but just enough. I like that it isn’t complicated. A slight issue might be the way pasting a huge chunk of text for the app to read will make it a bit weird to scroll up and down, and if you stop the reading you can’t go back to where you left off without deleting anything before that. But I don’t really care, I just need something to process written text better.

  28. Erin Diaz dice:

    It randomly quits working. Just started recently. Worked great up to a week ago. Recent new problem (Nov. 2022): the volume randomly lowers, when showing it’s at max volume. Several app and phone reboots don’t fix it. Then it acts okay and then starts doing it again!

  29. thanks for your work ! this “simple” app does the job of reading any text, using the Google text to speech engine. I gave you 4 stars, but i will come back and make it 5 if you add options for controlling the playback (pause, start from somewhere in the middle of the text, …). good job anyway.

  30. The best simple ‘say what you type’ app I could find. I lost my voice to a throat injury, and this app has made things so much easier for me. I like being able to use a keyboard, and not having to touch my phone. Here’s how: * type what to say * [tab] x 2, then [space] –> it says it. * [shift]+[tab], then [space] clears it. * [shift]+[tab] again and you’re ready to type again It would be nice if you guys added a shortcut key for speak, and clear, for all us voiceless keyboard users.

  31. really convenient. i have trouble talking sometimes and using this helps a lot to communicate with people when my mouth won’t let me talk. can’t figure out the presets, but that’s okay because i don’t really need them. :))

  32. This app is awesome. However there’s one option you should add to it, a playback option. Once you stop the reading it starts from the beginning, there should be an option of it starting from cursor position.

  33. This is an amazing app! I used it to communicate while I lost my voice, and it worked perfectly. I love the clear function; it is very convenient for quick, short messages. The voice is between robotic and human, and even has a little sass to it. It even minds punctuation!

  34. Fantastic! It alowed me to communicate with my kids when I lost my voice. At 6, 6 and 4, the older ones can read a little but not easily enough for me to just write everything down. Honestly, this saved my sanity. Only issue we had was the accent. We’re australian, so the kids had a hard time figuring out some of the words in the US accent. I just had to adjust the spelling to try getting it to sound right.

  35. Thank you for making this app. I lost my voice due to being sick and this is so useful to reply to people quickly. I wish I could organize my preset responses based on who or type of conversation, however, even without that this is awesome! Thanks! 😊

  36. fear dice:

    the app is great, been using it for almost 10 months now, I normally don’t do reviews since the app works perfectly but I’ll leave an exception since as of now the pitch and speed slider doesn’t work anymore, only the volume. thank you developer.

  37. Kris Bell dice:

    I have selective mutism. It is difficult and frustrating for me, and everyone involved. I usually sign, but the majority of people are not receptive to ASL. So far.. I have only used this at home to communicate with my partner. But I really, really love it. It’s very simple and exactly what I need. I love that you can save phrases on the side bar. I can see this helping me in so many ways. So, thank you. Thank you guys so much for developing this 🙂 you’re awesome 🧡(⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)

  38. VERY GOOD APP. I’M ENJOYING IT. Although, it would be nicer if you could allow the speech to be saved in one folder root directory once and for all than for me having to name all my Speeches and save them in the same folder. I could always rename them myself 🙂

  39. Kerri J. dice:

    I’ve been enjoying the app. It has been very helpful for me while the doctor has me on voice rest. I do however, wish that the in app volume was independent from my devices volume. There are times when I forget that my phone’s volume is all the way down and I try to use the app, no sound comes out.

  40. Your app is fantastic! Thank you! I would still suggest a couple things to make it even more sweet. Could you please add the Daniel United Kingdom voice, and the ability to change voices? Maybe even enable the voice to raise its tone when a question is asked or even to shout when you put an exclamation mark in.

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