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GMX Mail App – Your All-in-One Email App

Everything you’ve come to expect from a GMX webmail account can now be utilized on your Android mobile device with our official email app. Enjoy convenient and easy access to your free email account wherever you are. Quickly find contacts in your address book, view, receive and reply to messages, all at the touch of your fingertips. Experience unparalleled mobility and freedom with our email app.

✰ Some of the features of the GMX Mail app at a glance:
✓ Available on every Android device
✓ Optimized, simple and intuitive usage
✓ Synchronization with your GMX or WEB.DE address book (optional)
✓ Battery saving push notifications for incoming emails
✓ Secure access with PIN protection mode
✓ Read and save attachments easily

GMX’s free email app is not only designed to be easy to use, but simple to install, too. Once downloaded, you’ll have access to all the same features as on your desktop. No longer will you be anchored in one place to receive an email, but you will be afforded the flexibility to view and receive emails while on the go.

Ease of Use
Sending and receiving emails should be as easy as possible, and it’s that ease of use that has gone into the design of the GMX Mail app. Regardless of your provider, collect all of your email accounts in one single place. Navigating and managing emails is a simple task with the use of swipe gestures, and your address book, inbox and other folders are never more than a click away. Saving attachments is effortless and will allow you to keep them on hand for later use.

✰ Customizable and Intuitive
Just as everyone lives a different lifestyle, we understand everyone has different expectations and requirements from an email client. With this in mind, we have made our app customizable to suit all tastes and needs. Whether you’d like to set custom alerts for emails, enjoy a more low-key mail experience with a vibration notification, or change the way emails are presented to you, GMX Mail enables you to do this and more.

✰ Always take your Email with you
Never miss another urgent email with GMX’s mail app. Our push notifications will alert you to incoming emails, meaning you won’t even have to have the app open to be informed of new messages. With GMX’s PIN protection mode, you can rest assured that your mail will always remain safe and secure, and will be privy only to you. Never miss another email with our free mobile app, courtesy of GMX.

Have fun using the GMX Mail app!


We are pleased that you are using our Mail app. To provide you with the best possible user experience, we are continuously optimizing our app for you. This allows you, for example, to use new features in your mailbox and mail even easier, more convenient and faster. Regular updates also fix bugs that have arisen in the app.


40 comentarios en "GMX – Mail & Cloud MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve had emails w GMX for years.All of a sudden, I can’t get into them.It’s the same experience that everyone else is complaining about. I’ve messaged support. They are worthless as they send you an email saying to go to their help center. I already did that & all of the suggestions there were unsuccessful. Having an email that is unaccessible is a horrible circumstance. Oftentimes, without a functioning email that you used to sign up for an app, you cannot get into the app. Its ridiculous!!!!

  2. Awful app, worked for a while and now just stopped. I have to go through 3 screens retyping my password and info over and over again and after the third time, it simply says you logged out successfully. Well that’s definitely not what I wanted!!! I can’t get in anymore, so please fix the issue ASAP!!! Uninstalled and reinstalled the app again without success, not solving the problem.

  3. I used GMX because it was the only one with a specific email address, still open, that I wanted. In using it I find that it is okay, but lags behind other apps as far as what they offer. A good example would be to retrieve mail back that has already been sent out. It automatically uploads everything to the GMX Cloud, which I don’t want and can’t seem to turn off. Aside from it doing what I don’t want it to do, and not doing what I would like it to…its good.

  4. K Leigh dice:

    This has completely stopped working for me. It suddenly doesn’t allow me to log in, it also shows up in German instead of English. It tells me that my email address does not exist and I’ve had it for several years without problems. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it tried to web version and still no luck so I guess I’m done with this email.

  5. Val Lore dice:

    Loved app when it was ad free. Ads are mixed in with emails which I’m not fond of at all. I know Facebook exists but I don’t like being tricked into going there by accidentally hitting the ad. If I want to go there (which I don’t) I can go to the site myself. Otherwise is a decent simple app. Haven’t used all the features (organizer, etc.) but am slowly trying them out.

  6. The best email provider I’ve ever used by far. No weird fancy stuff that has absolutely no purpose, just an amazing email provider that does what it’s supposed to do: gives you access to your email and allows you to attach files and send emails. Honestly, I don’t have time for tricks and annoying ads which is more visible on every other provider I’ve tried. Keep up the great work!!!

  7. I have using this app a couple years now and really had a great experience with, but recently it has not been so great. They have added ads to the app and it is really annoying to see ads with my, that is why I have changed my rating of the app from 5 stars to 2 stars. Get rid of the ads please, they have no place in email, considering the amount of spam that already comes into people’s emails.

  8. I used to like this app very much. But recently it was very slow syncing data. I was told to reinstall it which I did. However, not much change and also now no matter the size of the attachment, it will not send the email!! Also if you lose your phone# virtually impossible to reset password!!! Didn’t think it could get any worse but it did!! Worked fine in the morning but by afternoon instead of sending emails – went to trash folder. Then sent email to myself and new email NOT in inbox!!!

  9. Cindy B dice:

    I have used this for a number of years. This morning I noticed it has not synced for 4 days. I hit the sync button and my app disappeared. LITERALLY DISAPPEARED FROM MY PHONE!!! I cannot get it back. All I am finding is a cloud app. It is NOT what I had. This new cloud thing is NOT an icon on my phone. I can NOT click to view emails. I can NOT view my folders. I will never NEVER recommend ANY app of any kind that just disappears. I would give this a MINUS TEN if possible.

  10. I have been using Yahoo mail for years and decided I have had enough with there political nonsense and the ads . This email has ads but it doesn’t pop up all the time like Yahoo does . This email service is easy to set up and add other email clients to view all in one location. If you don’t like the ads you have to pay for the premium service , the ads are along with the emails you read so it’s no big deal . I have not had any issues with security and the editors from CNET rated this high !

  11. Dev dice:

    this was my go-to email app until the most recent update. now when opening the app, it asks me to login again for account security, and once i do, it redirects me to the gmx homepage. in order to get to my inbox, i have to log in a second time. once i do, no images within emails are displayed and there is no option to display external content. really hoping the team fixes this so that i don’t have to switch email servers!

  12. I used to like this app a lot, I was able to sync all my different GMX accounts for email in one app. Then they added ads to it out of nowhere. Now you can’t even see anything on the screen cuz the ads are so big that takes up what you need to do to enter information like login and password. and now it says my passwords are invalid which I didn’t change anything and even if I put the right password in it takes me outside of the app and sends me to a website not in any of the browsers I use.

  13. When I first started using this app 5 months ago it was great. As of yesterday it keeps crashing and I dont know why. I tried to fix it in settings but it continues to crash. It is also causing Facebook messenger to crash as well. Very upsetting because this is how I keep in contact with family and friends. Very disappointed in this app

  14. App works well for email purposes but the intrusive ads are beyond anything acceptable. I have seen it insert an ad right where the bottom most email is that you are tapping to read just in time for you to tap on the ad instead. Was a decent app but these forced ads are maddeningand unacceptable. Display your ads at the top or bottom (and give user preference in settings). Dont force these invasive ads on your users. Will definitely be looking for a new client to accessy gmx email.

  15. I like to be able to get my other emails with my primary and still keep them separated. Sometimes the retrieval is slower than the instant we are used to. Nice to not be really limited on file share size. Wish I could mark an email as unread with one click, not a dropdown menu. Just hoping the email is as private as advertised… knowing it’s better than gmail at least is comforting

  16. Works great. My only complaint is that when I send an email through GMX, it usually winds up in most people’s spam box. Also, sometimes when I use this as a contact when filling out a form, I’ve had many instances where it gets rejected and tells me to put in a valid email address. If not for those issues, I would give it 5 stars.

  17. Very good email + cloud app that continues to improve and grow. I recommend this app for anyone who needs multiple anonymous email addresses and storage. Very user friendly and easily synced between multiple devices. Possibly testing encrypted communication soon or already. I have Protonmail paid version and very satisfied with it. Looks like GMX is building up to be a contender with some of the established names. Very good for a free app. Will buy subscription if / when available.

  18. Ami S dice:

    The app does not sync automatically, messages not arriving in real time, no notifications in real time. When I open the app, I can see at the top: synced 2 days ago, or 5 hours ago. All the settings are correct in the app and device (app is working the background) Costumer service gave me irrelevant solutions. Is anyone else experiencing such an issue?

  19. John Tidy dice:

    Issues with the App The email service is working fine & my account is accessible (logged in via Firefox with no problem). BUT this version of the app won’t let me to log in on Note 4 (just says “try again later”). An earlier version works perfectly well on Samsung xCover 4s so there’s clearly an issue with latest update. Looks like I’ll have to extract .apk file from older version until they sort it out. VERY ANNOYING as I’m moving off Gmail to GMX. Don’t want go looking for another email.

  20. Full of it’s own trashy junk news and ads. worst email provider. very restricted service in the free version as well. even as a customer from the old days, where it was all for free without much trash news and ads. would instantly switch to another email provider, of not most other services were not linked to this one….

  21. Keith S dice:

    App hasn’t worked for a while, every time you try to log in, it brings up another page to log in, then you log in again and it brings up another page to log in with a random letter/number string, once completing this it brings you to the home page and says “Successfully logged out” Seriously what?

  22. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Non Stop loops of log in screens and translation prompts, never able to successfully log in. Total fan of gmx email service, but now limited to web access. Maybe an Android 11 issue, the app works fine on my older Android 9 device.

  23. Nadi K dice:

    What’s wrong with gmx. Now advertising windows appear in the middle of the screen and can’t be turned off???? They even cover pictures in the picture galleries….??? This app is getting more and more wearisome and disappointing.

  24. I’ve never had any problems with GMX on a daily basis. The only small issues I have is when sending pictures of a certain size. It sometimes says that there may be a problem due too the file sizes, but I guess this applies to most email apps.

  25. Worst service ever! The only thing this app can do is throwing login errors. It is possible to login with many password resets, but if you succeed, then you will automaticaly logout. Hmm, this makes even for me no sense. Stupid service, stupid app, just use a different email provider!

  26. Dave 2112 dice:

    This app started off ok but now it has started to shut down unexpectedly on it’s own which is a pain if I am trying to compose or send an emai The only way I can get the app to re open is to switch my phone off and then back on, but then I have lost the email I am writing.

  27. Utter junk. I’ve been trying to login to my account for weeks, the app redirects me to German language website and requests I input my password again, only to dump my on the German language homepage with a message (again, in German) confirming that I’ve successfully signed out! The phones language and region is set to en-GB, why the hell is the app directing to the de-DE website! And why am I signed out rather than in!

  28. sioson dice:

    I was looking for a new short extension name, and here I found this mail with added bonuses. Here’s a new mail with twice the storage of any other mail servers, even for starters. Take a tour!

  29. I have had a GMX account for years and for me it is the best email app. Easy to use, integrates well with calendars and storage, and also counts down before sending a message just to give you time to cancel in case you hit send by mistake.

  30. GMX emails have been great to use. The best feature is the fact that you can create several different addresses on one account. It seems intuitive and easy to use. The one thing that I would improve however, is that if you have several draft emails sometimes it does not let you edit the one you want. would definatly reccomend gmx.

  31. I can’t log into my account. It is in German. Asks me to log in 3 times and then says I’m logged out. I hate this app. There is vital information that I can’t get.

  32. p lan dice:

    Stopped ‘syncing’ 3 days ago seemingly! Cant see my current sent or mail received. Very frustrating.

  33. If I could give this app no stars I would. It has worked just fine on my android (pixel) phone for years. Recently I have no longer been able to delete emails, so I uninstalled the app, rebooted the phone, etc. When I reinstalled the app I can no longer sign into it. It doesn’t recognize my email or contact email so I am sent into endless futile loops of failed login attempts. I can’t report it to GMX because they don’t recognize my email! GMX email works fine on my laptop and iPad. Fix this!

  34. This app doesn’t make sense. Registration is so convoluted and it takes me to a German language page and I have no idea if it worked or not. I tried following instructions provided but I just can’t register.

  35. App works perfectly. Haven’t had single problem on my android pad. Update 2022 – only works with GMX email (which my personal email is). Doesn’t work to add my 2nd Rackspace email.

  36. chain saw dice:

    Worked great until recently, very slow to respond and constantly freezing when selecting e mails.

  37. I downloaded on my Android tablet. Possibly the app I downloaded is not designed for Android? All I know, though, is that my internet IP is NOT closed, and I should not have difficulty logging in.

  38. Ben R dice:

    I have been a GMX user for years. However I contacted GMX regarding a problem with saving an email as draft, where the email would not sync and would end up as gibberish. This was infuriating with a long email. I would have to re-write emails multiple times. So I contacted GMX, explained the problem, and received a standard pre-written inhumane email, about how the system automatically saves emails. Not what I asked. Very sad to see what was such a great app decline.

  39. Quezun dice:

    App does everything I need it to do which send and receive emails. Took a star away because I had it set up to where I paid to get rid of ads but now I can’t seem to find that ability anymore after I switched my Play accounts.🤔

  40. Good app but it’s not easy (if at all possible) to view secure emails on it (the same emails can be viewed easily on the browser). Makes one wonder what the whole point of the app is…

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