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Messenger: SMS & MMS is an instant messaging app for Android. It’s a great messaging app.
Keep in touch with all of your contacts using the Messages app on your phone. It’s never been easier to share photos, send emojis, or just say a quick hello.

Powerful Features:
📱- Default PHONE HANDLER- 📱
– Embedded dialpad that directly make a phone call with dual-sim support
Well designed calling and in call screen
– Clear call logs for your private contacts after each phone call
– Call Screen for incoming calls with call flash. Beautiful, stylish caller screen display in caller screen themes
– Set your own call flash with local video or photos
– Send text for free – Messages Send picture, audio, and video MMS messages to share amazing moments.
– Funny Messages: Messages supports new emojis & faces in SMS
– Text has never been better, with countless emoji, GIF, and stickers.
– Enjoy sending & blocking text messages with Key Messages.
– Messenger Home – SMS Widget and Home Screen
– Switch to Privacy Messenger
– Messenger Home SMS
– Get more features – SMS Messenger Keyboard, Messages Themes
– The system detects the appointment right at the message section.
– Thousands of beautiful, attractive, modern themes.
– Choose a beautiful color for your SMS Messenger
– Customize text size, fonts and more
– Personalize bubble chat color and style
– No worries about spam messages bothering you with a blocker
– Send SMS every time with Schedule messages

Privacy policy:


- Some minor bugs fixed.
- UI/UX improved.


40 comentarios en "Messenger: SMS & MMS FULL"

  1. NA Kan dice:

    Ikong SMS & MMS is a very HOT SMS texting program. Really appreciate it syncing securely. Privacy I really appreciate. The many options to set up make it a task to explore features until you get the colors and styles you like.I recently added Photos and Logos to my Contacts and they magically appear in my text list, which makes searching a lot easier. Really satisfied with all the features and secure sync.

  2. The best free messaging app on this side of the galaxy! Seriously, great work by the developers – the attention to detail is unbelievable.I’m amazed at the number of different options for personalizing each contact on a message – it’s so easy to get involved!Been using Ikong SMS & MMS for 3 months with no issues. I am not paying for this app, I am completely satisfied with the basic features. Highly recommended

  3. Best SMS app I’ve had and I’m picky. Too much customization and NO ADS! I have been looking for this kind of application for a long time.I’ve been using it for a few months now, took a while to get the hang of all the settings but now that I do, I’m very happy.I have not rated any other messaging app a full 5 but this is worth it and I will definitely change it if my opinion changes

  4. EDIT: If I may suggest another color for ikong SMS & MMS icons? (Is it in here?) … I bounce around. I always try many messy apps, and enjoy different features and so on..ikong SMS & MMS is one of my all time favorite apps. It’s not only customizable city, it runs fast, even on my old data, I recommend you give it a try.Surprise. Give it some time, like a tasty treat. Especially if you want to customize. .

  5. Special application. I’ve been looking for a messaging app that allows me to control the look and feel of the messaging app, and this app deeply exceeds my expectations. it’s fast and responsive; however,there is a slight hesitation/stammer when scrolling through a chat containing photos, gif..etc but it is very small and does not affect the usability or functionality that this app gets ranked my 5 star rating.

  6. So far I still like this app. I have been looking for a messaging app that allows customization and sends good messages. This was a good choice for me and I’m so glad I found it.I would like to ask the developer to add an option to put background image in the background of a list-like chat.Thank you for your hard work to create a great product!

  7. Ported from the paid version of Chomp. Both apps are highly customizable, best in class. However, Ikong SMS & MMS has a better editing area and options.With today’s larger screen phones, having to scroll back and forth in Chomp to see what I’ve written is frustrating. I think the editing area should be controlled by the user.These MMS apps are absolutely better. Customizations always make texting and sending faster

  8. I can only assume most of the ratings are fake. I opened this and, before I even saw the home screen I got a full page ad asking me to subscribe to get ‘premium features’. Then I was confronted by the most hideously garish interface I’vw seen in a long time, with icons that looked like they’d been designed by a 4 year old. When I opened any of my contacts’ messages, they were all just empty speech bubbles. I’ve rarely uninstalled anything so fast in my life!

  9. Quality application. Many features include a wide range of themes and customizations. I never experienced any delays sending or receiving Messenger. I also like the fact that the app is relatively small compared to other text apps.

  10. I just got this app on both of my phones and have to say it works great so far,messages are received very quickly and I can delete and send photos to family and friends, I can also Block calls and messages if you don’t want to be interrupted. for certain people texting every few years, Thank you for the nice updates…

  11. Very good performance, suitable for all body, it has the option to change different colors so you can create your favorite visions,leave me five stars, thank you very much and I will continue keep using this app, you just need to download it right away ‘ I’ll enjoy it.

  12. A totally unusable app. The opening screen is a full page ad. Very intrusive ads pop up. This does not entice me to pay for the sd-free version. Disappointing app. I find it hard to believe that a rating of 4.8 has been posted for it.

  13. love it. So far, that’s what I’ve been looking for forever. Thank! will check it out more :)the only thing i would like to see added is the ability to change the color of a specific line of text within a note. Sometimes I want specific items or lines of text to stand out more than other items or lines.

  14. Honestly I’ve had quite a few messaging apps but so far this seems to be working fine so far as text and MMS messages do the job and that’s all I love Demand Infinitely better than the overloaded stock app. Works perfectly and is very pleasing to the eye. Many thanks to the developer!

  15. Great application. It is perfect for my needs. I use it whenever I need to remember something.I put it right on my home screen so I don’t forget. I love that all colors and font sizes can be customized. It’s simple to use, but effective, and it doesn’t take up much space on my home screen.

  16. This is Hands Up (2 Thumbs Up) by far the best Messaging App out there! I’ve tried Google, the number is probably 10 other places,trying to find the specs I personally want in an ei messaging app: Messy scheduling., Sending reports, Archives, just one few names. THIS IS THE BEST Messaging app on the Playstore by far!

  17. Just loaded this app minutes ago. You have to make this your default phone app or there will be issues. For $3.49 a month you get the ability to block messages (feature should be included), NO ADS (and there are a lot), and you can access the VIP feature button. Otherwise nothing special here.

  18. This is it! It is very attractive and looks clean. It is easy to use and the widgets are reconfigurable. I really appreciate that the memos I have written are stored until I delete them. Great application!

  19. It is a very good application to preserve with friends. I love this app so much. Because this app is very easy to maintain with my fb Friends. We can also see profile pictures on this app. Emoji-sele

  20. I’ve been using this Messenger app as my default messaging app for a few years now and have been very happy.The quick response from the lock screen is one feature that I like best. It is highly customizable down to custom vibration settings. Highly recommended.

  21. After trying several messaging apps, I decided on this because it is so versatile. No annoying ads, fast and configurable.

  22. This will make you fall in love with SMS Ikong again… I wish its makers would add more themes though. However, with the updated version now, you can have a different look. Some features keep converting

  23. This app is awesome…A great feature….I love it…Very cute and all the features are awesome, I recommend everyone to try it and enjoy to the core. … This is an unregistered thing

  24. I love this app, I would love to get the premium package. Anyway I love the app, I’m going to change a few things other than making it great so far like it’s better than anything else.

  25. This is the ultimate messaging app! Anything you want to customize, you can! It’s amazing and the one time purchase for the premium is worth it! Love it! Hope you guys continue to make great apps!

  26. as far as possible. Expect more customization with pop-up notifications/quick replies. I think this app is fully compatible with my Samsung J7 Prime.

  27. Excellent app appears all white text on blue ocean background is readable, you can also go to settings on this app and enlarge text size.

  28. Love the app. Won’t uninstall it. It has the best features. I can change the color and background image.

  29. Its great and wonderful. Save quickly. It is the best saver in playstore, I love it so much that I have to write a review for it, otherwise I usually don’t write a review for any app.

  30. Very excellent, infrequently replenished. With smart storage feature like this app. You guys are doing well! keep it up

  31. This is an excellent application with a lot of features, I think sometimes it is easy to understand and some really essential and simple features are here? it would be better

  32. It’s reliable, it works, and it also has games for you to play on the go, and it has a great opportunity to do group chats. Really happy to try it

  33. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this messaging app. I’ve tried a few messaging apps, but yours outdo them all. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK!

  34. Good job. Lots of features. I wish you could allow certain messages in a thread to be selected and forward/delete etc. besides copying them.

  35. Messaging apps in my stock are very limited on my note 2, so it’s more efficient to search for messaging apps. I like how the app’s size is relatively small and how many options are available

  36. Kate Wood dice:

    Used to love it, still do now. Customizable easy to understand . Settings in the interface have multiple ways to change the font with settings menu items labeled fonts.I can access this app again in the future if the replacement fails for me. Update, add more support and icon . It’s back to being the best sms/mms option out there.

  37. One of the best, if not the best Messengers available in the play store, I like everything about it. some minor tweaks in the making,someone will have to come up with something better and go above and beyond to beat this app

  38. Finally a working application. When I downloaded it and turned it on, it all worked. Better yet, you can choose who you want to keep so they won’t be blocked. So great! There are several options in the app, stickers, message options. , etc. 100% recommended!

  39. It’s easier to use, chat and communicate quickly with others. Please continue to uphold! It is a great app!

  40. talim 668 dice:

    Overall, this is a good app. Pretty well designed, works well, the interface is clean and mostly customizable. For most people, this app will do the job.You can schedule messages, there’s a new delayed delivery feature that’s a must-have for me. He is always working to improve things

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