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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your Android phone or tablet with robust security, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and search that works across all your mail.

With the Gmail app you can:
• Automatically block more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, malware, and dangerous links from ever reaching your inbox
• Undo send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes
• Turn on Google Chat to connect, create and collaborate with others
• Get more done as a group in Spaces – a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects
• Enjoy high quality video calling with Google Meet
• Respond to emails quickly with Smart Reply suggestions
• Switch between multiple accounts
• Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge, and lock screen options
• Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type, and spelling suggestions
• Organize your mail by labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam
• Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox
• Read your mail with threaded conversations
• Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone
• Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app

Gmail is part of Google Workspace, allowing you and your team to easily connect, create, and collaborate. You can:
• Connect with coworkers via Google Meet or Google Chat, send an invite in Calendar, add an action to your task list, and more without leaving Gmail
• Use suggested actions — like Smart Reply, Smart Compose, grammar suggestions, and nudges — to help you stay on top of work and take care of simple tasks, so you can be more efficient with your time
• Stay safe. Our machine learning models block more than 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching our users

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Stay on top of the work that matters with Gmail, part of Google Workspace. With secure email as the foundation, you can also chat, collaborate with a group in spaces or make voice or video calls - all in one place.


40 comentarios en "Gmail MODDED"

  1. Great app, when the emails are able to sync. Never had a prblem with any other applications, this gmail app is the worst at syncing emails; just seems to not be able to sync consistently. I have tried everything and spent hours trying to figure out the problem. Even if there was a solution to it, the app should not be that hard to just “enable sync”. I recommend using the “Email” app on android devices. Never ever had a problem with it.

  2. Mostly easy to use, nice UI. It is lacking some abilities which limit full-functionality (compared to the desktop version). There is no “select all” button which means you must select every email individually in order to do bulk deletes, archives, or labelling. It would make it much more convenient to search for a hotword, select all and then you could bulk label or bulk archive to clean the inbox faster.

  3. Megan b dice:

    Update: Thank you for quick response! It was helpful. Gmail should definitely bring back creating new labels for mobile, as it was once definitely possible. Especially since everyone has a phone, not everyone has a computer. I also tried the desktop version on the web browser, same issue. My only problem is I can’t create a new folder/label in my Gmail app or through my web browser.I have even searched it up and it says to “create new label” but I don’t have that. App doesn’t need updating.

  4. Unable to send email. Ever since the last 2 updates I have either been unable to sync emails coming in, and have not been able to send emails out. I have tried all the suggestions offered here as well as forums, etc. Cache cleared, ISP checked, unchecked and checked sync, restarted, updated, etc. Super frustrating. Has been completely unreliable and is basically useless for email communication. My email provider works fine going directly through their website, so it isnt the ISP or internet.

  5. I’ve been using this application for years, and the service for longer yet, but there are some things that could really use improved. 1) Obvious spam is getting through more regularly lately (it had been good at filtering in the past). 2) There should be a dark mode to make the excessive white backgrounds throughout the application be black (generally with off-white text) as many other applications have implemented to not hurt the eyes as much.

  6. Whatever just happened in the most recent update made this app useless. Gmail has been syncing for 45 minutes and counting and I can’t send emails or receive them. Nothing ever failed on the past but every email I’ve sent in the past 45 minutes has failed and there seems to be no solution. I’ve restarted, force stopped, cleared the cache, deleted the app and reinstalled. Nothing.

  7. I have used this app for quite awhile but since about a month ago mu Email does not auto sync. I have to open it up to check. I have dine every thing to make sure it set to sync. I even reloaded the email account but to no help. I see I am not the only one with this issue. I actually missed an important email due to this issue. It needs to be corrected

  8. it will not let me send emails without crashing so this app is completely useless right now. notifications are delayed if any even come. I don’t know if there was a recent update but it is awful. troubleshooting did not help. Google has been unhelpful with all the issues I’ve been having with my Pixel lately. very disappointed as a long time user.

  9. I’m so tired of my emails getting stuck in queue when I use my Android phone! This happens even when I don’t have attachments and when I do, they’re not large. I have restarted my phone, cleared storage space, and updated the APP! It’s still not sending some of my emails. So very annoying! They need to fix this!

  10. gatts br dice:

    Negative one stars because Google’s response telling me to go to a url that just takes me to their homepage and unwillingness to fix their app. Zero stars. Fails at basic functions like deleting. Pressing delete causes the message to disappear from the app, until it is closed at which point you get a notification of new mail, which happens to be that which was just “deleted”. Pixel 6, fully updated, no change in this apps functions. Also search doesn’t work, it just sits there and spins.

  11. There’s a pretty significant bug where if you default reply to someone with a signature (images such as png or jpeg) it will reattach those images back as attachments (without showing) as you send the email making it seem like you manually attached those images. I don’t know why this bug hasn’t been fixed, but I sure am glad I paid $900 for a calculator.

  12. It works. Connected my non Google account easily. One big issue for me is that the options for sync frequency are never, 15min, 30 min, 1hr. Other apps offer way more customization for that. Input # of hours, Scheduling, etc. Much better for productivity to avoid the constant bombardment and sync only a few times a day at scheduled times. This would be an easy change for the talented engineers at Google, how about it?

  13. It’s an email server, and it does emails. That said, issues: Routing is awful. Spam and scams take advantage of Google’s system and send emails to random addresses, hoping the person Google rerouts them to is gullible. Smart notifications needs a lot of work. I have not gotten a single email notif, even for ones that Google marks as ‘important,’ since I turned on smart notifs several months ago. I have no problems scrolling through my email, but don’t list that as a feature if it does nothing.

  14. I’ve used this app for the better part of 15 years and normally i would give it 5 stars. Since the most recent updates however, no matter if I delete messages or not they never actually go away. Also, my inbox will not sync and so I know I have new messages that I cannot retrieve. Lastly, I can no longer read old messages, it appears to attempt opening the message redirects back to the inbox. I need this fixed but can’t figure out how.

  15. I am not getting my notifications. I’ve done everything the FAQS page suggested and all the troubleshooting, and still anly get a full mail dump when I open the app, oh, and then the notifications sound comes then too. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it. I thought everything was just great the way it was. Sometimes, just leave well enough alone. Now I’m missing emails I should be getting

  16. All of a sudden, my Gmail and calendar quit syncing. I got an error message to fix the issue but it disappeared before I could look into it and won’t come back. I’ve tried all the steps on the help page and nothing has worked. It is very frustrating. Some accounts continue to sync but one does not.

  17. Not a fan of the app. Overall, frustrating to navigate, congested with duplicate emails in multiple folders (all mail, important, inbox). Unable to add contacts unless you pay for upgraded app? SEVERAL functions not available without switching to web version, like creating a new label. Legit emails going to SPAM, despite marking as NOT SPAM, threads suppress prior messages. Changed what few options/settings there are to improve daily use to not avail. Moving to Outlook or Yahoo.

  18. It worked fine, but the update killed the email formatting. Any time I send an email from my phone, the email I’m sending automatically jumps to a new line. When looking at the email from any other device the email looks broken– like I push enter in the middle of every sentence. Also there’s a glitch that when I’m reading an email in the Compose mode, I can only read half– it’s like my phone screen isn’t wide enough to read it all.

  19. Why do I need to have 2 ads disguised as emails every time I open a folder? It’s annoying. Also the integration of my Hotmail account is not very smooth. Only syncs every 15 minutes or more? No select all button for emails!? The app is fine I guess, I’m only using it because my Gmail emails stopped showing up in the outlook app. Seems less functional with more clicks to do the same things I can do in outlook. Still can’t find an app to view both emails in one though, at least not smoothly

  20. There should be an option to receive the notification of the emails as soon as they get to my inbox. It doesn’t make sense that the app refreshes every 15 minutes for it to send you the notification. Really like the UID but it annoys me way too much that I can’t receive my emails on real time because it doesn’t have the option to constantly sync the emails.

  21. Kami dice:

    I use this account for Google junk mostly and it all comes through just fine. The email I get regarding a purchase or receipt is blank. I’ve tried just about everything to fix it but it doesn’t work. I also get these emails sent to my primary account and it’s the same thing. Ive searched the help guide on google and it doesn’t help, everything is for computer settings. There are so many ways troubleshoot but no way to speak to someone. I give 3 ⭐ for the inadequate help.

  22. E-mails which are visible on desktop are not being synced to my phone. The “newest” e-mail in my mobile inbox is over 30 days old. If I go to the desktop, I have many many more since then… Worse, if I manually search for a known e-mail I can sometimes find it, but it will never open to allow me to read it. I can see and access everything via the desktop apps or the Gmail site via Chrome on my mobile, but the app is dead. Update: Deleting the app’s data appears to have restored functionality.

  23. For some reason I am not getting notifications for emails anymore….when I open the app, I’ll get all the emails at once. I checked all the settings and all my notifications are turned on but I’m still not receiving any….it’s very annoying. ETA: Wow it’s been a year with no solution. Still very annoying that I’m missing stuff. Hopefully this bug can be fixed soon. Wish there was another app I could use…

  24. Since last update, it keeps crashing. I tried to force stop, clear cache, close the app, restart my phone etc and it keeps doing it. Very frustrating! Also, it won’t allow me to reply to certain emails. I hit the reply arrow and it freezes. Gmail, can you please let us choose to see the newest email in a conversation at the top of the page. We shouldn’t have to scroll all the way down the page to see the newest response. This can be very time consuming when the conversation is long.

  25. Crashes every time I open many of rhe emails. Some emails are fine, some crash the app. I don’t know what about the email makes it crash. One that is simply me and a friend sending short text messages back and forth crashes it. Looked at the links sent in response. I’ve already tried all of the suggestions. There are plenty of people with the same issue on Google Help who the suggestions don’t help.

  26. Ed Guzman dice:

    Like other reviews on here, I am no longer receiving push notifications. Before it’s suggested, yes, all notifications are turned on, and yes, I have attempted every troubleshooting method I’ve found on the web. It’s frustrating always having to go into the app to see my emails. Google, please create a fix as soon as possible.

  27. Deku Nuts dice:

    I can no longer receive notifications on my phone for email. I have lost out on applying on time for serval job offers because of this. I have to manually check if I have emails and it becomes a chore to do all the time especially if you are a busy person that works a lot. Please fix this issue. App has gone from excellent to terrible with the latest update.

  28. The app only refreshes when it wants to. I’ve been trying to refresh my emails for 5 days, and it’s STILL showing old emails that I have already reviewed/deleted, and I know I have at least 50+ emails to review. I have full bar signal strength at all times too… Update: Now the app refuses to send emails! I’ve got emails in the Outbox that were “sent” over 24 hours ago. I have other emails I need to send and have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE the app will do it’s primary function.

  29. Why is there not an option to add, edit or delete labels for sorting out your email into folders. You can only change or add labels while using the web browser version. This just seems so silly that the huge world of Google and their domination in technology does NOT allow you the simple option to organize your email through the GMail App. Why? Please add an update and allow the user to organize their email through the app on Android. Most users do not sit at a desktop. Thank you kindly

  30. Annoying to use hard to delete emails on app. Add a select all button to make it easier to delete emails instead of having to delete them all one by one or clicking on one at a time. Update I know that’s it’s possible on the comp, but for some who have no access to a comp it’s annoying and since now you have limited space it’s even more annoying as if you don’t go through and delete emails at some point it stops showing new emails

  31. Edited: Went through every single step in both links. Still not working. I know it’s not my phone and it’s Gmail because it’s not working on my computer either. This is extremely frustrating. Not getting notifications! Having to refresh app to see new emails. Have already completed all steps I have found on here. I need my email!

  32. App is good but could use some basic features. I was going to clean out my mailbox from old junk. I searched specific names and was going to delete all thr mail from that sender. That’s not possible. They don’t have a select all button. I had to go through and individually select every email. At some point I just gave up. This simple button could save me time and save google storage space because I could remove a ton of email.

  33. So up until recently, I’ve had no complaints, the app has worked great. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. I’m constantly experiencing issues not only with messages not sending, but drafts not saving correctly. This has lost me a considerable amount of work and wasted a massive amount of my time! Google has really been dropping the ball lately in all sorts of ways! If you want the contact me directly, I’d love to elaborate!

  34. Notifications are not coming through unless I open the app Also, although I am manually opening the app, I am receiving emails later than they were sent. For example, an email was sent at 1:11 PM, but I didn’t see it posted in my inbox until the next day (Though, it could have been hours after the last time I checked yesterday. But still.) This is incredibly important. Please help me understand what’s going on because I have turned on the notifications in the app & phone settings.

  35. It works, but after all these years it’s still not possible to create/manage integral features of the service like filters and labels. It’s also not possible to go to a label and then search within it; you’re forced to use the “label:” search manually every time. Edit: Rather than reply with something helpful or an assurance that this will become a full featured app one day, the developer replied (promptly) with simple confirmation of the fact that filters can only be managed from a computer.

  36. It would be great if we had the ability to select all emails in the app and then delete them instead of having to tap and select each one, because if you mess up even a little, it just opens the message, and you have to start over again when you exit back out. I can do that with any other email app but not this one. Why? And no matter how well I keep up with updates, I still keep finding old emails I had deleted (and emptied the trash as well) in the past back in my inbox.

  37. Very unusable. As you try to scroll and read an email, the screen disappears and you have to touch the screen and move it around and stopped and just the right position in order to read any of the texts otherwise you just have a white screen. Very poor from Google. This is highly upsetting and I would consider switching to a different platform. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the same result.

  38. Search doesn’t work. If I could attach a screen print I’d attach one that shows the search screen for “John”, which I know is in several emails. All search shows in a round arrow that does not move and nothing else. UPDATE: Cannot set the app to “All mail boxes” by default. I have 3 accounts but when viewing mail, there’s no way to tell which account received it. All in all a very poor app.

  39. Since last update, the Gmail app no longer let’s me see all my emails in the Inbox (it let’s me see about half a day, then switches over to really old emails/promotions). I can no longer access any of my folders (Sent, Drafts, Starred, etc). It just says the folders are empty, but they aren’t. Please get the app fixed. I rely on it heavily throughout the day. As of now, I have to wait til I get home and check email on the computer.

  40. T dice:

    No longer good. EDIT: Gladly. I’m no longer able to set up enterprise Exchange e-mail as IMAP because latest Gmail app version does not allow you to configure authentication manually before it asks for password. Even after clicking to configure manually, no options are given if you don’t provide credentials, which makes no sense. That’s like putting a cart before the horse. Also, when it worked, Exchange account would regularly get blank screen when attempting to check inbox. I’ve tested this on multiple Pixel phones with same results. This app was much more functional even a year ago. It’s rare for apps to get much worse over time, but this is an instance of that.

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