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Stay in touch with the people who matter most.
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GroupMe – the free, simple way to stay in touch with the people who matter most.

Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. Greek Life. Bands. Faith Groups. Events. Vacations.

“Lifechanger…. utterly indispensable”

Add anyone to a group via their phone number or email address. If they are new to GroupMe, they can start chatting over SMS immediately.

You’re in charge! Choose when and what type of notifications you receive. Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even leave or end group chats.

Go ahead – fall in love with our exclusive emoji.

Meme images, search and send GIFs, and see content shared from URLs displayed in the chat.

The gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photos and videos shared in your group now, or later.

With direct messages, you can use all the features you love for group chat, but one-on-one. It’s like texting, but better.

Including from your computer at

Whether separated by a hallway or a hemisphere, GroupMe allows you to stay in touch with the connections that count. Get your group together.

We want to hear your feedback!
Twitter: @GroupMe
Instagram: @GroupMe

Team GroupMe

NOTE: SMS chat currently available in US only. Standard text messaging rates may apply.
Privacy Policy:
A member of the Skype family


- Improved: Moved chat details, actions, and settings to their own screen.
- Improved: Pin is now the default option when highlighting a chat with no unread messages on the chat list.
- Fixed: Share QR code page layout fits all screen sizes.
- Fixed: Toast displaying an error loading pinned conversations no longer appears upon app launch.
- Fixed: The loading indicator now properly disappears when pulling to refresh the chat list.


40 comentarios en "GroupMe MOD 2022"

  1. Easy. Better than group texts. Can add and remove group members conveniently without messing up comms. It would be nice to upload a flyer or document easily. I do like the calendar feature, is it possible to allow for document sharing, with an option to sync with phone calendars etc. All over, this app gets the group messages done with ease!

  2. I don’t get great reception at work, which apparently makes this app unusable. Indoors or outdoors, wifi connected or not, sms mode on or off — it doesn’t seem to make a difference, I can only send messages at home. I can still send and receive texts and phone calls, but GroupMe seems to be more picky about the quality of my signal. If you’re looking to start a group chat, I’d recommend discord or really anything else over this. The only reason to use it is if you’re stuck with it.

  3. A Pin for everything. It’s totally frustrating to use the app. I can understand that having a pin to access the account is for safety, but at one point it gets super redundant. It’s even more difficult to join groups via qr codes. Every time I scan a qr code with the app, it takes me to a browser. When I login, it redirects me to the playstore to install the app, BUT, I already have the app!

  4. This app is so buggy. I’m not always notified of new messages, especially if it’s the first time someone is messaging me and the app just refuses to let me add new people to a group. It’s incredibly frustrating when I try to type in someone’s name and the contact list just keeps jumping back to the top of the alphabet. Very annoying and inconvenient.

  5. My friends and I have used this for years. We have noticed little improvement in the quality of the technology over the years. We frequently experience sending a receiving problems and it needs to be reinstalled at least a few times a year when the glitching gets so bad. Please committ to updating this more frequently!

  6. Oluchi I dice:

    Direct messaging is HORRIBLE on this app. Sometimes you can’t click someone’s profile unless you refresh and force stop the app multiple times; even then, it’s still a hit or miss. Notifications also suck. Multiple times I’ve gotten missed notifications from non-muted chats, and repeat notifications for chats I already checked. Edit: I can’t direct message anyone anymore even after updating. They really need to fix this problem…

  7. It’s a good option for organizing large amounts of people and would be perfect if not for some bugs. Adding people into groups sometimes won’t work and sometimes says it failed but they actually are added. Also, making calendar events and polls for group chats is cool but a bit buggy sometimes peoples’ responses don’t show up which is frustrating.

  8. I like the overall experience, I don’t like that in settings you can’t edit a contact. You have to delete them, then re-add. Annoying if you just misspelled their name etc. Also not liking that in settings you can’t change/choose if recipients receive the “You will no longer receive messages from this group if you do not respond.” They can leave the group if they want to, so not really not necessary. Some people just want the communication and not respond, where others want to respond.

  9. I like the app works at my place of work where I get spotty service. It effective for quick and timely communication. However it had really hard time recognizing my contacts. One of my contacts and I downloaded the app at the same time but we were unable to DM each other because it didn’t recognize the other person had downloaded the app.

  10. Rae B dice:

    The notifications work now but only flash on the screen and don’t show up in my notification list. If I don’t catch it then I won’t see it. It’s a good thing there’s also an option to get texts. That does work so I know to look at messages in the app. The texts have random punctuation and not showing all of the message normally so I do have to read it in the app. At least the texts get my attention. It would be 5 stars if notifications were reliable and the blue emojis worked like normal emojis.

  11. Avoid this app and use Discord or Slack instead! This app does not allow you to manage your own DMs (which has been a requested feature for YEARS). Any DM you send someone is in your list FOREVER and can’t be deleted or cleared when the conversation is over. I can’t help but think that the developers either don’t care about what the user wants, or are harvesting the data from all the conversations going on. In either case it’s a solid 👎

  12. Groupme is great. It’s very easy to create and manage group messages, and their DMs are good. Liking messages is a nifty feature undoubtedly. The problem is this: the app is slow and unreliable. It crashes constantly, fails to notify, and freezes frequently. That would be a deal breaker if I knew of a solution even slightly better. Edit: It’s too unstable, and I’m now actively seeking an alternative.

  13. Works great to communicate and keep in touch with large groups of people. However, both my husband and I have experienced different glitches. He has to delete and redownload the app every week because he stops getting notifications (and this is all solution support has had to offer. This has been going on for months) and I’ve had to delete and redownload once because it stopped working/loading all together. We love the app, just hope it gets fixed.

  14. I loved this app and was using it for a while but yesterday all of my conversations, pictures, everything, from all groups, was completely wiped out! Yesterday everything disappeared but the groups themselves. There are pictures from family, conversations with friends, and information for upcoming events that I don’t want to lose. 😭 I contacted support and will update if it gets fixed.

  15. This app worked really well at first, but after a year of using it there have been some intense issues. I have had issues sending and receiving messages in environments where phone operation and wireless signal were perfectly fine. Frequently when I send a message, it doesn’t actually send until ~15 minutes later, and crashes while sending. The only reason I still use Groupme is because it works well on computer. Otherwise I would not recommend for sheer instability.

  16. Unreliable notifications: I use it for work messaging. The ability to mute it is great, especially when others send messages during my sleep hours! However, the notifications are unreliable, which is a huge issue. I have it set to notify me, but it does not (unless I have recently sent a message? Not sure what makes the difference.) That limits the app’s usefulness. I don’t need to send photos or videos so I don’t know about that function.

  17. It works… “Okay” for what I use it for, but seems to be way behind in terms of managing the chat experience. You can’t delete conversations. All you can do is archive. There seems to be many points of notifications, and half the time they don’t even send a push to your phone (in case of DM, tagging, etc). Sometimes, it will completely break for sharing photos even in private conversations. I’ve moved most of my conversations to discord at this point, since it is less buggy.

  18. This app usually works pretty well. However, I’m giving it two stars because for the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing difficulty sending messages. The app will say that the message has sent, but the person I’m talking to won’t ever receive it. It doesn’t even just happen on mobile; it’s on the computer too. The past few updates have usually had something to do with “increased notification reliability,” but I still don’t receive notifications. It’s a good app, but the issues are annoying.

  19. This app is back to working great! I’m not sure what happened previously, but I am now able to receive notifications. My settings were always set to notify me, but for awhile the app stopped sending notifications. If that is still happening to others, I would say ensure that not only alert, but show as pop-up is toggled on for both group and direct messages. A former update may have changed a setting. So glad I was finally able to fix this!

  20. I’ll send a message and it just disappears. It’s not as if I can see it with the error and have the option to retry or delete, it’s just gone. I have to toggle airplane mode, then it’ll show my messages that didn’t send. I have to hit retry or completely delete the message and start over. Very annoying. This is happening numerous times a day EVERYTIME I send a message! It is EXTREMELY annoying having to force stop every time and/or cut on airplane more. I am on android and have already reinstalled. Any thoughts? App used to work well. Now messages fail to send constantly. I have to always switch airplane mode on and off just to get a message to go thru. Used to have to do this mainly for multimedia messages, now I have to do it for ALL messages. So frustrating.

  21. This app started off strong and was reliable. It was a good alternative to group text messages. But the reliability has tanked hard recently. I only sometimes get notifications despite push notifications being turned on in the app and on my phone. Also I can’t even have a conversation in the app without reopening it. I can send a message but then others I type out “send” but actually disappear. It’s really odd and the only way to fix it is to close the app and open it again. Please fix this app

  22. I’m not getting notifications s10e Ever since a recent update I haven’t been receiving any notifications unless I see them when I open the app. I’ve checked sleeping apps, notification settings, power saving mode, and every other setting. I believe an update caused this because it used to work. I’m in a position at work where this is absolutely crucial. Hopefully you guys see this. Other than that, the app is great.

  23. GroupMe is probably one of the best group messaging apps. I’ve used it for years and it’s worked well. However, recently I’ve noticed a LOT of serious bugs. Chats fail to load, it doesn’t give me notifications when I have the settings for those notifications turned on, etc. For something as simple as a messaging app, there’s no excuse for having these problems. They just added a new feature, but nobody cares if the bugs are still there. No reason to use the app when the website works better

  24. Sam dice:

    Good tool for creating accessible groupchats, but the app has a lot of shortcomings, mostly with how it’s streamlined. I often don’t get notifcations for my messages. The most annoying issue in my opinion is that sometimes I’ll send a message and it’ll try to send for 5-10 minutes until it fails. all the while I’m sending other messages while that one just sits there. it also takes a very long time to send images and videos. please fix this.

  25. This app has allowed my group of old friends to keep in touch seperate from a regular messenger. We love it ! We love the group picture, message notificarions are seperate from your regular messenger. One thing would make it perfect. The ability to delete or edit message from the post. Right now there is a hide option. So far that hasn’t helped, it only hides on your own screen, not the group. People make mistakes texting and it would be wonderful to have that option.

  26. Matt Wong dice:

    I have the pixel 4a and I don’t get notifications unless I open the app. When I tried playing with the notification settings, inside the app, it crashes. Update: With the update to Android 11, the notification issue has been resolved. The app is very solid now. Although I would prefer some options to be able to change the message colors or something like that

  27. It’s been great for years but, in the past few months, it’s periodically stopped giving me notifications for some groups (yes i have them turned on). From the list page I can see the most recent message, but when I open the thread, it won’t show the last several and there’s a scrolling blue line at the top like it’s trying to update but can’t. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall several times, and many others that I’ve spoken to have had to do the same.

  28. I love this app; it’s an easy way to communicate with multiple groups at once. What I don’t love is the lack of any notifications whatsoever (and yes, the setting is ON) AND the complete inability to send messages. I can type up as much as I want all day every day, I just can never send anything. Pressing the arrow simply erases whatever I’ve typed like it never existed in the first place. This app has gone downhill faster than a mudslide.

  29. Sabir I dice:

    Works ok, and I’m glad it can be used on a computer and, most notably, with people who don’t have the app using SMS. But there is a lack of features that other chat apps have, slightly slow loading times, and, most importantly, inconsistent notifications on my device. Overall a pretty mediocre app that I don’t like that much but don’t hate enough to try to move chats out of.

  30. It works, but lots of glitches. It gives notifications when it wants to, which is roughly 50% of the time. When sending a message or image, it ALWAYS says that the upload failed. If you kill the app and reopen it, you find that it did not fail. Or you can click “try again” and spam your friends with lots of duplicates. On a Galaxy S10+ running current firmware.

  31. Groupme is at least able to send some photos and messages. That is the only positive, it’s functional most of the time. The reason for the low rating is that it’s inconsistent with its functions (sometimes photos send, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes messages send, sometimes they don’t) and they aren’t competitive in terms of the features they offer, for example, most messaging apps now have the ability for you to edit messages, delete messages, etc. Groupme is just an old, low quality product.

  32. When it works, it’s a good chat app for work groups, class projects etc. but there are constantly issues with it. I regularly stop receiving notifications and have to manually check the app for new messages. I also have had issues where I won’t be able to send messages at all and I have to reinstall the app for it to work. I wish they would update the UI too, it’s so clunky.

  33. This app has top tier features like sending images, creating events, polls, notifications, HOWEVER; there’s a major problem with notifications. I use this app to communicate with my band and half the time we never get any notifications for messages. It’s super frustrating. We’ve checked our phone settings and notifications are on for the app. the only way to fix it that I found is to log out and log back in and I’m definitely not doing that every time I use the app

  34. App used to be very solid and easy to use, but the past month and a half has been plagued by issues. My chats don’t load half the time even though I see the last sent message in the menu, I can’t send messages, and notifications never arrive. It’s a real shame and I’ll be forced to change messaging apps soon if these issues aren’t resolved. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app helps temporarily, but the errors return within a day or two.

  35. Listen here people! This app stresses me out. I never receive notifications for messages that are sent to me. I always have to randomly open the app to see if I have messages and sometimes messages that were sent prior, I still don’t see until the next 2 or 3 times later that I open the app again!!! It’s extremely inefficient and unreliable! Plus they limit the size of videos that you send which is extremely annoying. I am very disappointed and I will use Whatsapp from now on.

  36. This app has never worked properly. It’s the only app that does what it does, and is waaaay better than SMS groupchats (which is why I gave it two instead of one stars) but that’s not a high bar. Crashes often, once it lost all my groups (still haven’t gotten them all back), their support is absolutely non-existent and unhelpful. Also occasionally decided it doesn’t want to send notifications or receive chats, and is nearly impossible to start a group chat on. Very bad app, only option though.

  37. This app is useful when I want to communicate with a lot of people and receive real time responses. The problems are the multiple glitches. The random “message not sent” response where I have to close the app and reopen it. The fact that my pics or gifs come through as blank images on my side but the group can see it. The constant having to refresh the app is getting out of control and something has to be done about it

  38. Sophie J dice:

    Fine for group messages, but doesn’t send me notifications. They aren’t turned off in my phone settings or in the app, and I’ve missed out on several things due to this issue. Also, the app won’t let me change my contact photo. I’ve tried multiple times today, reinstalled the app and even restarted my phone but nothing seems to help, it just loads for 5 minutes and then restarts the app. Very frustrating.

  39. Nicole Z dice:

    Edit: lowering to 1 star because it’s at the point where the app is hardly functional it works for the most part, but as of recently I’ll hit the send button on a message and it just disappears into thin air. Sometimes it goes through 5 minutes later, sometimes it never does. Quite frustrating that now in order to reply to someone, I have to pull out my laptop and use the site. I also don’t get notifications for private messages, only group chats.

  40. Alonso dice:

    EDIT: Notifications work now. Thank you! This app used to work fine, but recently I have not been able to recieve any notifications for it whatsoever. It seems like it does not want to run in the background, although I have every notification setting in the app and on my device enabled and I have given it unlimited access to my mobile data and to run in the background. Please fix this.

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