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Block Incoming and outgoing calls. Block spam private hidden etc. Caller ID
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Are you looking for a free nuisance call blocker?
Want a do not disturb spam blocker for android that will block all unwanted calls from unknown numbers?

Meet Call Blocker, which is a call spam blocker for android free app that blocks unwanted calls, call centers, spam, robocalls, telemarketing, private calls, hidden calls, anonymous calls, strangers, etc. Our spam call blocker gives you the peace of mind you deserve!

Block incoming calls from unknown callers & outgoing calls with an advanced call blocking system. Tired of annoying calls from telemarketing, spam, robocalls? Use this caller ID spam call blocker to blacklist calls & reject calls that you want to block.

Unlike most call block & robocall blocker apps, Call Blocker enables effective call blocking of outgoing calls. Our outgoing call blocking uses a security code that makes it easy to manage outgoing calls, for children, employees, people with disabilities.

Numbers from the blacklist are blocked silently and without ringing. So when you ignore calls with our spam call blocker for android, they will delete your number forever and never disturb you again. Our robocall blocker can reject calls from ANY unknown numbers that is not in your contact list.

Practice smart call control of your nuisance calls blacklist with ease. When you want to make a change in the reject unknown callers blacklist, you can easily remove the number or add it to your whitelist. Stop unwanted calls easily!


– Block any number, spam calls, fraud numbers with call blacklist
– Block Private and Hidden numbers
– Block Incoming calls and reject unwanted calls automatically
– Schedule Call Blocking to block calls in a particular time
– Security Code to access call block app and change call block settings
– Enable whitelist to avoid blocking your favorite contacts/numbers
– Block unknown contacts not in your address book
– Block international calls and numbers with our call blocking app
– View Record logs of rejected blocked numbers
– Turn on or off call blocking any time
– Blacklist Incoming call block using area code, prefix or suffix
– Powerful, simple and light call blocking app
– Best Call Blocker app to block calls
– 100% Free Call Blocker App. Block calls without limits.
– Phone dialer to call and add new contacts
– T9 Dialer – quickly search by name & numbers
– Easily find contacts

– Set up Call Blocking Schedule to block specific calls as per your daily routine. Block Incoming Calls and turn on do not disturb call blocking to avoid disturbances by unwanted calls.

– Block outgoing calls.

– Block wildcard numbers in patterns, starting or ending with a particular series of numbers or block numbers by country code.

– Whitelist your favorite numbers to avoid blocking them!

– This block unknown numbers app helps to create a list to avoid calls in important moments

– Call Blocker will automatically block phone numbers from spammers, telemarketers, robocalls. Stop telemarketers & stop scam calls with 1 tap.

– Block private and restricted calls using Calls Blacklist

– Our block phone number app blocks unwanted calls automatically.

– Hate spam calls? Want to block calls from anyone? Just add the number to blacklist and block all calls from the numbers with the Call robot blocker.

– Don’t want to be disturbed during a meeting, important appointment, the night, or event? This free call blocker is the best do not disturb app to block calls.

Use the best call blocker (also known as bloqueador de llamadas) to block spam calls & unknown numbers!

☑️Download Call Blocker FREE!

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• You can now select an animated wallpaper for the received / placed calls screen;
• Major and minor bugs fixed;
• New font;
• New contact details mask;


40 comentarios en "Call Blocker – Block Callers MOD 2022"

  1. Hi since the last update the app told me that it has to be default instead of the phone and i did. But what happens if that when I get a call i only hear the ringing but I can’t see or get access to the phone dialer and i can’t see who is calling me in the notification or on the screen and fails to showe me the buttons to accept or reject the call. Thanks

  2. Gary Y dice:

    Works perfect for completely eliminating unwanted spam calls. I have it set to only allow calls from people in my contacts. If any other numbers call they have to leave a message. I am able to determine which are legitimate calls by the message. Then I can add them to my contacts book if reasonable to do so. I get no spam or ads that I’m aware of from this app.

  3. Eric Mayo dice:

    Love it! I love it so much, I paid for the ad removal. One minor nit is I wish there was a way to configure the number of times a call is received before it is NOT blocked. I think it’s hard coded to 2 but would like option to change it to bigger value. The answer and hangup option not only blocks calls but mostly blocks them from leaving voicemail too. Now if it only could block text messages! Hats off to the developer(s) of this app. Thank you for a great app.

  4. Easily the best app I’ve ever downloaded. I have it set to where it rejects calls from any number not in my contacts, and it does exactly that. It hasn’t let one slip through. I honestly can’t remember if it was free or if I paid for it, but I promise you it’s easily worth hundreds. It’s seriously the best app ever. No more spam or collectors!!!

  5. No, the issue isn’t caused by my system, Francesco. It’s your app. You have forced me to use your dialer, which when in a call, doesn’t allow me to switch to anything else, like SMS or a web browser. Your app does not answer and hang up, it always sends to voicemail when blocking. This app does nothing more than what is built into my phone. Own up to it. We know. You’re not going to fix the issues. You’ll just blame the phone or the carrier. I had high hopes for this one.

  6. Ali dice:

    I don’t like the fact that when I’m on the phone using this app, I can’t go into other apps or parts of my phone. So if I’m making a dr appt over phone, I can’t click on my calendar to check my availability. I can’t send the person im talking w a text, can’t look up contacts or do anything until that call ends. Also,there’s no setting to silence keypad when dialing a number.

  7. Two things I especially like about this app are (1) You can block entire area codes. This is important if you are getting spoof-called from your own area code, like I always do. (2) The app blocks calls without ringing first or anything. Some other blockers I’ve tried, the phone might ring for a few seconds before the app finally clues in and blocks the call. This kind of defeats the whole point. Call Blocker blocks calls without you ever knowing (although you can look at the list of calls that have been blocked), which is exactly how I want it to work. One very minor complaint is that the user interface isn’t as well- organized as it could be. But no big deal since you really only have to set things up once, or at least infrequently. UPDATE: Another minor complaint is that sometimes the blocked call can still get through to leave a voicemail, which is annoying. SECOND UPDATE: There is a setting you can use to answer the call automatically and hang up, so it does not go to voicemail. But it doesn’t work. It still goes to voicemail anyway.

  8. Lda Mal dice:

    Update: The Answer & Hang-up feature only works with their dialer which is lacking in its abilities. It’s difficult to add calls, video call or use my bluetooth features plus there a ton of ads that keep getting in the way. You used to be able to use these apps without switching dialers-not sure why that’s no longer the case but it’s quite inconvenient. I find myself only using this when I don’t have to make a call.

  9. I’ve tried lots of spam blocking apps. Many of them work fine, but this one adds something others don’t have; The ability to block spammers who use consecutive or closely related numbers. This app has the option to include partial numbers and wild cards to completely shut off spammers.. It’s a great app and and well worth the tiny investment to support them. The only issue is the option to not send calls to voicemail doesn’t work..

  10. After two weeks of use, I’ve found it exceptional. There are some annoying scammers that keep calling and I can drop them. I would like to record a message that plays for the scammers before hanging up. I also would like to set certain blocks to not notify me, but have others show the alert. Maybe a premium feature.

  11. I went from 14 calls a day to none! Only quite notifications from the APP about the calls that were interceded and blocked. I do also appreciate that it will accept recordings in case its a doctors office or something that called and i can return it at my convenience and add to the “white list” for approval. Now I’m only down to text messages but it’s not as pervasive and distracting and irritating as the phone calls.

  12. Blah dice:

    It is blocking calls just fine. The problem is that when someone from my contacts calls nothing pops up to show me who it is and the is no way to answer the call. I had to remove the default setting from call blocker to my regular service which again allows the spam to ring through. I did contact call blocker IT and received some generic message. And the problem is still unresolved.

  13. Carrie dice:

    This app truly does block out all unknown numbers as well as private or any number that is not saved in your phone. It’s absolutely amazing and I’m so thrilled because I get anywhere from 9 to 16 calls a day that have been filtered. Sometimes my phone doesn’t even ring during the day now. Absolutely worth applying to your phone.

  14. I wanted to post an update from my last review. I found out my voicemail app was kicking in when a call was blocked and it wasn’t Call Blocker. With that revelation, this app works exactly as needed. Does what it says on the tin. It allows my contacts and whitelist through and blocks everything else. Finally some peace from the flood of calls!

  15. Since the update, the Block Mode that would allow the caller to hear the full amount of ring tones until and then naturally go to voice mail, is no longer there. This feature was the reason why I chose your app over the others and actually PAID for the app. I didn’t want certain people to know that they were being blocked temporarily. Now with the 3 available block modes that I am being forced to choose from, the caller will now know that they’re being blocked. Why did you remove that feature?

  16. I had my earbuds in and it answered a call when I had the answer hang up option on. Dude started talking to me and it wouldn’t hang up on him. That’s the only way you don’t get voice-mail & have the annoying voice mail icon all the time. Bit if this bug allows that then what’s the point. Most people walk around with earbuds in. But if you use the silent call send to voice-mail it doesn’t answer the call if you have earbuds in. It seems that no app out there ever does it right pffff

  17. David dice:

    This isn’t really a call blocker, more of a call diverter. It sends any number not on my contact list silently to voice mail. I don’t even know the call came in – unless they leave a message. Anyone with a legit reason to call would leave a message, then I can add them to contacts. This app is great !!!

  18. Very easy to use after installing it. I would have given it 5 stars but on the last update it changed the page where you call shows. Everything is scrunched up together and it makes it hard to read the keypad, microphone, speaker etc.

  19. Seems to be working really well so far. None of the usual spam calls have gotten through, so no irritating notifications or ringing yet. Occasional numbers do still show up in my call log, but they are noticeably fewer than before. Overall, very nice! I’m pleased with it. 🙂

  20. Mister A dice:

    This app is good BUT it has a stupid PERMANENT ad at the bottom part of the screen that blocks out part of the app’s instructions! Like gee wiz you don’t want us to know how to use your app?! Get this advertisement out of the way! There’s no way 4us to remove it. It’s in the main menu section and blocks the part that tells us what the white list is for. And contrary to what the response says, we CANNOT remove the ad. It stays there. No matter what.

  21. It works very well. I haven’t gotten alot of spam calls, and if one gets through it’s easy to Blacklist. The menues are clean and easy to use. I’m giving it 4 stars for one reason, the ads. Many people have listed them as being unintrusive, my experience has been the opposite. The ads running at the bottom are just fine, but they can expand and contract speratically causing flashes. I’ve also had ads take the entire screen up without a way to close them. I hope this issue can be fixed soon.

  22. Unfortunately I entered the realm of spam calls. I made it a long time but no longer. I searched a bunch of different options and this looked like the best. So far it has been a very good choice. It has blocked everything except my contacts. It hasn’t been intrusive. The ads aren’t bad. I think I had 1 full sized ad in like 4 weeks now. I don’t need to be in the app much. Those that had trouble configuring probably didn’t follow the suggested options. It’s easy to update if you need.

  23. Noah dice:

    This Call Blocker is literally the most stable and consistent app of this kind I’ve ever seen. The free tier offers everything one could need, and the call blocker actually works. My phone does not ring, but rather, all calls from unknown numbers are sent directly to voicemail. I’ve been using this for months and can say I’ve experienced no issues, no bugs and no hiccups of any kind. I happily recommend it 1000x over! 😄👍

  24. 10/10 RECOMMENDED!!! Absolutely amazing! I researched for months looking for an app that blocks all numbers from certain area codes. This is the only app that I’ve found that does it for free. I had a huge problem with solicitors calling me about warranties and other nonsense. Blocking them individually didn’t work bc they’d call from a slightly different number. This app takes care of that.

  25. H Roberts dice:

    I’ve used several of these apps, and this is the best I’ve tried so far. One was deleted by Google as a security concern. Another kept force closing, and calls would sometimes ring once before catching the call. This app seems rock solid, and I really like being able to copy a blocked phone number, so that I can Google it if I want. I also like the dark theme setting. Keep up the great work!

  26. So far this is doing a great job at blocking calls. I have a One Plus phone and YEAH, it did NOT block calls at first. I had to go through the help documents and dig deep into the settings of my phone to get it working. Just like the developer said, there are so many phone versions and brands that each one is different and have their own security settings. So, YES while I can now block calls it was a pain to get it working with a One Plus phone but now that I’m done . . . it works great! Oh, and there is an option to flat out reject the call and not go to voicemail.

  27. After trying dozens of different call blockers, this is actually the best one I’ve ever used. It’s not intrusive in any way. And it blocks both incoming and outgoing calls superbly. And as I said it doesn’t take over the call screen or it doesn’t take over my messages. It just really is very effective at blocking calls. Meaning the calls that I definitely don’t want to get. I highly recommend this application for anyone who is looking for an effective Android call blocker.

  28. This has been a very good app so far for more than a month. I have it set to transfer all calls not listed in my contacts list to be answered directly by voicemail. It’s possible to make up a personal list of excluded numbers in combination with contact lists. Also, a user can choose to have the app disavow a call instead of going to voicemail. I don’t get the volume of robocalls some people receive but they are always a pain anyway.

  29. Nyx S dice:

    Loving it so far! I had to replace my old call blocker app because it didn’t seem to be working very well anymore. This one is way better. Make sure you follow the setup instructions. Of course, people can still leave voicemails, but the call doesn’t ring through so I’m not bothered by these spam calls as much anymore. The notifications show the phone number so I can still check it just in case it is somebody that I actually know who’s not in my contacts.

  30. Best app! This app actually blocks the caller. The call does not ring your phone. The app stays running and I have not had any issues so far. There are great features on this app for blocking all incoming and even outgoing calls, international, hidden and spam. Plus number specific beginning and ending numbers. You can add numbers to a whitelist and blacklist. Best part? Its free with minimal ads!!

  31. This is by far the best call blocker I have found for an Android 10 phone — better even than the numerous paid options. And you DO NOT have to set it as your default phone/dialer app. It allows you to block all incoming calls, save for numbers in your contacts and whitelists — and allows you to set up wildcard filters for both your blacklist and, this is much rarer in blocking apps, your whitelist (i.e., getting a return call from an organization that has multiple lines sharing the same prefix). In addition, adding to both lists is made easier by being able directly to reference the call log (sadly, only incoming and blocked at the moment, not outgoing). Blocked calls do not ring, but will give you a notification in any form that you configure it. However, the blocked calls can still leave you voicemails — but I’m not sure that can be changed unless the app is your default Phone app. Kudos also to the developer. He’s extraordinarily responsive to suggestions. I’ve sent him a bunch and he’s already implemented a number of them. I have confidence this app will continue to develop positively. You should try it, and definitely donate if you like it!

  32. This app is by far the best! I have my landline set to simultaneous ring on my cell phone, so it blocks all unwanted calls to my landline as well. Another great feature is the only accept calls from contacts. It allows you to add numbers to your whitelist or blacklist. Keeps track of all unwanted calls. I love this app and recommend it to everyone. Thanks…great job.

  33. Best call blocker app on the market today. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do and then some! If you set it up with your white list and contacts only then it blocks any potential spam or unknown calls from even ringing through. It’s amazing and I definitely recommend for anyone who is bombarded with spam calls. Also it doesn’t wear the battery down even with it continually running in the background which is a huge plus for me!

  34. I used true caller for a few years but it got more intrusive with each update(wants to be your main phone and messaging apps, forces terrible caller id screens on you). I gave this app a shot and I’m glad I did! This doesn’t force anything on you, you use whatever phone app you like, and there isn’t any forced caller id screen. All you get is a notification when it blocks(if you want it to)which is all I want. The free version works perfect, but why not throw a couple bucks to the dev? Thanks!

  35. Wasted way too much time on other call blockers.Fiorenza’s V4.2.1 Call Blocker actually does what its supposed to do… block calls — importantly, with wild carding that works -all- the time. Great app. I keep the app’s ‘shield’ ICON on the notification bar (via settings) to be sure it’s running in the background. Rarely, if ever, does the task die. If it does, other background tasks are dead too, so it’s the phone’s OS that should get the blame. My phone is currently running Android 8.1. Be sure to enable all permissions when installing.

  36. Almost perfect! This app does everything I need it to do such as blocking all numbers starting with a specific area code (genius) I just wish I had options when it comes to actions whenever unwanted calls come in. For example, I wish I had the option to “hang up” and not just block. Otherwise, this is the best app I’ve found and big thanks to the devs for all the hard work!!

  37. Great so far! You know those scam calls you get that have the same 6 digits as yours? This app lets you block numbers that fit any pattern you want. When one of those calls come in all you get is a silent notification that a call was blocked. No interruption, no annoyance! (But you can set it to vibrate or make a sound when a call gets blocked if you want it to.) I sprung a few bucks for the ad free version because they did have some full screen ads, but I’m willing to pay for an app that works

  38. My goal is simply to block all unknown callers. This app has done that so far flawlessly. If I need to turn it off for an expected caller that won’t be in my phone book it’s simple. When I want to turn it back on, it’s simple. The UI is also clean and professional, the advertisements are not obnoxious, and it doesn’t ask for unreasonable permissions.

  39. Works, wait it started blocking my Pal! Bullshorts! It works great to kill any calls outside my whitelist, BUT it’s blocking a pal. I added him manually twice, and it still blocks him. So one star for that. 4 for working otherwise. TWO net stars overall. I have reported the issue. I’m looking for a new one, without ads. I started to update this one, but if brings ads, I won’t be able to use it. I’ll wait to hear back.

  40. Name of app on icon is “Calls Block”. No ads or “freemium” options, just free. It gets the job done, but the interface is a bit clunky, with a poor menu structure and odd English. For example, you can set the “Block alls” option (no, not “Block calls”) to block all calls not in the Whitelist. I would have called that “Allow Whitelist calls only”. And while the Blacklist is at the top level, you have to pick the 3 horizontal lines (the “hamburger”) to get to the Whitelist. While it keeps a log of blocked calls, I find it easier to use the phone’s regular missed call log to view them. I turned off the apps’s own notification sound when a call is blocked, so I just hear the notification sound from the phone, not both. It also has options to block private numbers and international calls. The Whitelist or Blacklist can be loaded with your contacts, groups, numbers in your call log, or numbers you enter. You can also schedule blocks for certain times (up to 3 time periods, on whichever days of the week you select), but it seems to be all or nothing, you can’t have different blocks in place at different times (like also blocking calls from work after hours). I’ve only used the Whitelist. 12.66 MB storage space. V 2.1.0.

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