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Free protection against unwanted calls
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Get rid of the unsolicited calls once forever. Safely and absolutely free.

Telemarketers, phone scams or „just“ unsolicited surveys? The Should I Answer app can get you rid of all such calls.

How does the app work?

Whenever some unknown number calls the app checks it in its permanently updated database – immediately, without internet connection. If it finds out that other users reported the respective number as nuisance, it warns you against it. Or if you want it so, it can block it directly, the caller will not be able to reach you.

It is just the database used by the Should I Answer app which is an absolute unique part. It is composed directly by the users of the app: after each unknown call the users can rate it anonymously either as safe or spam. After approval given by our admins the report is then visible in the database where all users can benefit from.

What the app can do?

• It can protect you effectively against the unsolicited calls. You can set the level of protection exactly according to your needs: from simple alert of unsolicited call to direct blocking.

• It can block even hidden, foreign or premium rate numbers. Also you can write your own lists of blocked or allowed numbers.

• The app can be used as fully functional dialer app: you will find all your Contacts, favourite Contacts and complete call history in it.

• The app can protect you even offline. If you need to update the local database it waits for your wi-fi connection.

• It’s simple, even your grandma can use it 🙂

How does the app deal with your personal data?

Everything is happening directly in your phone, and in your phone only – your data is never by passed to some 3rd party. The app can’t „see“ even your own phone number, all reports are fully anonymous, the app doesn’t send even your Contacts anywhere.

Where you can find more info?

• Web:
• Facebook:
• Support: [email protected]


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40 comentarios en "Should I Answer? MODDED 2022"

  1. This app has helped drastically cut down on the constant stream of scam/robo calls that I was receiving every day for the past month. Just update the database when it reminds you to and you’re good to go. Some blocked calls do end up getting to my voicemail even though it’s set to not allow that, but it’s an intermittent issue. Highly recommend.

  2. Harry P dice:

    Blocks calls AND messages. It appears to also block political messages that are left without actually having phone ring! Best blocker I have found so far. Update: I have been using this app for 2 years and am still quite happy with it. NOTHING gets through. I like that I can allow the caller to leave a message just in case it is a legitimate call. Just remember to disable the blocking when you are expecting a call back from someone not in your contacts.

  3. Great app. You can see how others have categorized and described unknown callers. You can block unwanted calls. Update: I haven’t been getting any notifications about receiving voicemails, like I used to before installing this app. In fact, I looked for the voicemail phone number in my contacts, where it used to be, and it had been deleted 🤔 Please fix that problem. Otherwise, it’s a helpful app

  4. This application actually works much better than I could’ve imagined (I’ve tried many similar applications). My phone used to belong to the telemarketers; I feel that it’s mine, now. I can adjust the settings to disallow all calls not in my contact list, very nice. Thank you very much, Mr. or Ms Software Engineer(s)!

  5. I am completely delighted with this service. My VM greeting says “If you are friend or family, please feel free to leave a voicemail message. Otherwise, I have an app that eliminates spam. Numbers not on my contact list are immediately routed to voicemail. I never get your call.” Of course they never leave a message. I used to work for a survey company, and we would just eliminate those numbers from our call list. I also check regularly to assign a status to these calls. Thank you!

  6. Ive been using this app for years, across two phone upgrades. I love it. It catches almost every spam call with just the normal settings. There was a transition period where they revised the app and it got removed from my phone… I honestly considered going back to a flip phone if I couldn’t use this app. I just get way too many spam calls. The thought of having to manually dismiss all those calls was overwhelming. Lol. Great app 👍

  7. Sarah dice:

    GREAT at blocking spam calls, but it significantly affects call quality. My normal default Android phone app doesn’t break up or have any issues with call quality. However, with this app, I have noticed a dramatic change in quality. My conversations cut out and it makes phone calls frustrating. I have taken to just uninstalling this app when I am expecting a call. And after uninstalling, magically, my quality improves. Shocking. Considering just uninstalling for good.

  8. Bradley H dice:

    Would give 5 stars if a new setting allowed you to delay the hangup time long enough to at least allow the call to connect so the app can hang it up. My phone answers and hangs up too quick and the call keeps ringing and still goes to voicemail. I’ve tested it from another phone by doing *67 calls to send them as an unknown number, and most of them (not all) hung up too quick for the call to connect in order to get disconnected and stop ringing, and then went to voicemail.

  9. I’ve been using the app for quite a while, from 2019 or so. The previous version did a good job even past the time that it was discontinued. Recently upgraded to current version and am pretty pleased with it. This is on an older phone that still runs Oreo. The only thing that I’d change would be the volume level of notifications. It could be the phone, but this is the only app that has a low volume. Having said that, I’ve found this very useful.

  10. Nicky dice:

    Update: When I first tried this app, there were some blocking issues. Now all of my unwanted calls are sufficiently blocked and do not make it to my voicemail. If you try this, stick with it, the developers are helpful. Also make sure it stays updated or blocked calls will get through. Update: This app is still holding steady after 1 year. You have to make sure the data base is updated at least once a week for it to continue to screen calls according to your setting. I would recommend.

  11. Easily one of the best most useful apps on my phone. Want to reduce high blood pressure? IMO this can help. I used to get sooooo many bot/spam calls. Now the ONLY calls that get through are those I want. I’m not aware there even was a spam call until a silent notification pops up. They all have the option to leave a voice mail, but rarely do. . .because these calls are 95% bogus. It is such a relief. I have difficulty getting to the screen where I can hang up. So I dropped a star.

  12. I like the way you can block area codes as well as exchanges. I seem to get a lot of unsolicited calls from from both and am able to block those calls while still getting calls from those area codes and exchanges just by adding numbers to my contacts that I want to receive. I recommend this app to all my friends and have it installed on every phone in my household. I only have maybe on call a month that manages to slip by. I have not found any other app that works as good as this app.

  13. Excellent in keeping scam calls at nearly zero. No app is able to keep them at totally zero but this one comes pretty close. It allows the user to report spam calls unsolicited calls etc and then they’re blocked for everyone that’s on the app, awesome concept. Highly recommended I’ve been using it for awhile now, and bottom line it works. Update: nearly a year later, and this app keeps improving and keeps the spamers away.

  14. First class app. My main use is to block anyone not in my contacts. It does it perfectly! I recommend and install this app on as many friends as want it it truly is a life saver when it comes to blocking unwanted calls. It allows voice mail to be used, so a new number contact gets through, but you can screen it via vm. Most spam callers don’t leave a message

  15. Very basic app. It DOES NOT “block” any calls at all. No matter how many times I tag a call as spam or fraud, it does not actually BLOCK them from calling through. I would like to block ALL CALLS from a certain area code, a spam caller who just keeps changing its phone number again and again and AGAIN, but there is no way to block the area code. I get WAY too many calls coming through, no matter what I do. I want a BLACK list, no need for a WHITE list!

  16. Pat dice:

    So easy to use! It actually blocks all calls that are not in your contacts. You have the opportunity to put in information to either place in contacts or give information that blocks the call. Love it! Just adding to the efficiency of the blocked calls. It is the best app for blocking unwanted calls.

  17. As of right now this app doesn’t 5 stars here’s why: Multifunction is buggy on the app. Once you push the call to the background to do another function, often I can’t get back app to hang up the call. Bringing in another caller on the line is a bit confusing, and sometimes doesn’t always work. Although I use my phone for work had this a phone where I need to get real work out of these 2 issues would hamper business. The spam notification is great only reason why I keep it.

  18. Previous version kept database current regularly. Have downgraded my review of latest version to 2 stars as none of my reported calls show up in the database list beyond November of 2020. App is pretty much useless if outdated database doesn’t block the chains of nuisance calls which have grown in frequency. Support is of no help either. If there’s a better app out there I’d sure like to know. Suggest to add the city of call origination, not just the state.

  19. I have had this app for quite a few years now and it really is the best of the best. It’s easy to use, it’s completely reliable, and it does an incredible job of keeping my phone free from all the harassing phone calls that are out there. I’m thrilled to see that there are no irritating ads or interruptions that come with it. Its focus is always on the user’s needs & preferences while keeping us free from bogus and irritating phone calls. I very highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.

  20. Elroy dice:

    Excellent app. Handles calls very well. The classification of calls is mostly accurate, but it occasionally labels a friend or business associate as spam. That is the reason that I have given only a 4 star rating. This is my third call handling app, and the best so far. Try it, I think you will like it!

  21. If I was employed, I would gladly purchase a subscription! This software has been wonderful! I have used it since it first was available! I love that only numbers in my contact list are allowed to RING through. If you are expecting a call from an unknown number, i.e. a doctor calling you back, I have to turn off the filter. But that is a small inconvenience for me at this time not to have to listen/wade thru spam calls! Try it! I think you will really like it!

  22. POSITIVE EXPERIENCE SO FAR. I have not had any time to experiment with it. Just downloaded and it does the job. However, it is doing the job well. I’m in an intense situation, which should resolve end of month. I will update when I finish current project. The app has made it possible to complete my work more efficiently with fewer interruptions. In fact, it does so so unobtrusively I did not realize it was working!!

  23. Finally a great solution to filter out invasive, predatory marketing calls. The database of malicious callers is constantly updated by all users. Plus it alows me to block the series of numbers, as some marketers change only the last 2 digits between calls – so I can block all calls that start with a certain sequence. I don’t usually rate apps, but this one deserves it big time. Thank you, developers!

  24. d. chang dice:

    This app does a decent job of screening but it’s held back by some very simple issues. 1) The SIA dialer IS TERRIBLE because u get literally 2secs to answer calls & often fails to send tones so can’t interact with automated prompts 2) if you jump out of the dialer to check a website, you can’t find the call again to hang up or interact and 3) they do seem to run an active blacklist which shows my blacklisting actions, but their itself website is pretty spammy with some big ads and ugly popups.

  25. joe yeska dice:

    This is the 2nd phone that I’ve had this app installed on over a 3 year period. Now with a new number, once the spam calls started coming in and turning it on, I have to say that there are a lot of good improvements. I really like it. I don’t really understand the difference between the call block features but that’s ok it stops all the robo calls.

  26. I like this units blocking feature,however it does not update at all… I have tried numerouse times to no avail, also the how to use instructions seem to be lacking, I am not one that appreciates trail and error and hunt and peck guessing at how a thing works….could you consider instructions, and the ability to highlight and copy the number in question, for determining who is actually calling. Thanks much. JMW

  27. Just been using this about 3 days, and I like it. I got it for the pick up, hang up feature. Can report numbers, blocks as it should, easy to use. But… I’ve had 3 calls randomly dropped so far. Hoping this isn’t a bug in the app, and something else happened. It hasn’t ever happened before, I’m at home all 3 times, great cell coverage area. *Edit* No more dropped calls as of lately. Changed to 5 stars.

  28. The interface isn’t intrusive, and I’ve yet to receive a single junk call in 2 weeks. I used to receive at least 5 per day. The UI could use a refresh, as it appears somewhat dated, but it serves its marquee purpose very well. I wish it didn’t force itself to be my default dialer, but technology limitations probably prevent choice. I’m amazed this is free of adverts, and I’m tempted to donate. Great job, y’all!

  29. Love how the phone doesn’t ring at all for numbers not in your contacts. I’ve tried a lot of apps and most let the phone ring one time and then block. If I have an unwanted call, I dont want it to ring, look at my phone, then see it’s an unwanted call. It blocks immediately. I think allowing calls to go to voice mail is good in case you get a legitmate call from someone not in your contacts. My only issue is that the previous obsolete version was easier to set your phone’s dialer as the default.

  30. Fantastic! If your are sick of unwanted calls, this is the best app for blocking them! There are different settings you can choose. I only allow calls from my Contacts list. It will show you who tried to call and you can choose if you want to add it to your call list or keep them blocked. You can also help others by catagorizing what the # was. No more ringing phone with unwanted calls, great app!!

  31. At first I was skeptical about how it would work out with my other apps, but it works really well. I thought it would come with a lot of spam or ads maybe some bugs like slowing down my phone or freezing it. This app works really good, and as of yet no problems. The only thing that’s annoying is everytime it blocks a number or when you call out using the app it wants you to pick a tier which means they have 3 different amounts that you can pay basically it’s the gold, silver, and bronze …..

  32. I like the app in general. It isn’t fully automatic by any means. I could live with that if it were not for the following problems that I detected. One of these issues is that the pick up and hang up feature doesn’t work on my phone. Now that, and my other problem, could be because I have a Note 4. But the problem that I really have great difficulty with is that the interface disables some of my functions, such as turning speaker phone on or switching calls. This is extremely aggravating.

  33. Great App! Highly recommended! I’ve been looking for something that will help with all my Spam calls, and I’ve tried many apps. This one is easy to understand and highly customizable for my needs. I just set it block everyone not on my contact list. Everyone else goes straight to voicemail! If it’s not a spammer they can leave a message, otherwise it can’t be that important. I do like that it has outgoing monitoring to make sure someone isn’t spoofing my phone to dial out.

  34. Works well for me on S10. I’ve used this app for a couple years so far and it has always worked well for me. Original version on S4 was slow, but the new version is very responsive. I originally installed this blocker when the S4’s built in blocker ran out of space. To bad there is nothing to reduce the amount of robocalls. I answer them the first time, but after that – gone!

  35. I can’t get it to work as good as the old version of the app without making it my default phone call app. I understand that apparently makes it more reliable but I never really had problems with the old version for this. I wish they would add the workaround option back for this version. I can’t stand their phone call interface. Not to mention I need the phone call app I already use so I can easily switch to video calls, a feature I frequently use. Probably great otherwise but useless to me.

  36. The best there is! This app blocks phone calls from anyone you don’t want to hear from – they can’t even leave a voice mail if that’s what you want. You can reject the call, or have it disconnect if unwanted party calls, or have them hear busy signal. Lots of options! I’ve shopped around and this is- by far- the best out there! Highly recommend! Would give 6 stars if I could! Thanks developers! You’re awesome!

  37. Sometimes the mute, and speaker functions don’t work. Today, pressing the “X” to delete a number didn’t work and when pressing the “X,” the screen went black. I really liked the obsolete version of the app and wanted to like this version, but its inconsistency in functionality is becoming to be annoying. As far as identifying and blocking unwanted calls, the app is okay but could be better. The unwanted calls still get through. I immediately report them through the app and block them. Even with the consistent inconsistencies of the app, it’s one of the better unwanted call blockers I tried. If the issues are addressed, this could possibly be the best app in the call blocking category.

  38. Finally a call blocking app that actually works! I have tried so many, even trial versions of the so called premium apps. None of them worked all that great, until now! I have the controls turned up pretty tight, none of the spammers and other crud can get through. With the other apps my phone would still ring a couple of times before blocking the call. With this one, it is silent and doesnt disrupt anything. Do yourself a favor and install this immediately if not sooner!

  39. Edit: This app has a bug that support can’t/won’t fix despite my contacting them multiple times. The phone rings, but the screen to answer the call does not always pop up. Can’t answer the call! I’ve spent lots of time trying different “fixes” but none work. Uninstalling until the problem is fixed. LG G6. This app keeps my phone peaceful and quiet…. I have set it up so only contacts ring through. Wonderful!

  40. Did what it says. Which is great. It stops a bunch of calls which would have gotten through otherwise. Unfortunately, it’s eating up my battery and the “phone” functionality of the app is always getting lost when on a call and switching back and for to it, etc. Doesn’t have many of the ease of use functions of the built-in Samsung phone app.

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