Wear OS by Google Smartwatch MODDED 2022

Wear OS by Google app, previously Android Wear, syncs your smartwatch and phone
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The Wear OS by Google app, previously Android Wear, syncs your smartwatch and phone so you can get more out of your watch. Get proactive help from your Google Assistant, see important messages, track health and fitness, and more, all from your wrist:

• GET PROACTIVE HELP FROM YOUR GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Stay on top of your day with proactive, personalized help and useful shortcuts from your Google Assistant. Get commute times, see upcoming reservations, check your flight status and more.
• TAKE YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS FURTHER: Get healthier and more active by tracking your progress towards your Heart Points and Steps goal
• ROCK OUT WHILE YOU WORK OUT: Control your favorite music right from your wrist and stay motivated through the last mile
• STAY CONNECTED AT A GLANCE: Check important notifications, texts, emails, and calls at a glance
• GET MORE DONE: See your next meeting, add items to your grocery list, set reminders, pay on the go and more
• EXPRESS YOURSELF: Wear OS by Google lets you be you with hundreds of styles—from fashion to fitness to fun and thousands of watch faces you can customize

Learn more http://google.com/WearOS

Supported features may vary across watches, phones, and countries. The Google Assistant is not available in certain countries and languages.


• Explore the new design of Wear OS by Google to help you get the most out of your time - providing quicker access to your information, more proactive help from your Google Assistant, and smarter health coaching, all with a swipe of your finger


40 comentarios en "Wear OS by Google Smartwatch MODDED 2022"

  1. Good app but it has an annoying bug built-in. Every time I walk out of range of my phone I have to re-connect the watch. Please, make it simple. The phone and the watch “know” each other already. Let them reconnect automatically, when they are back in range. Sony does that with their smart watches. Please, do it in the next update.

  2. I love my watch and thought it was working perfectly. Since this latest update, it seems as if there is a glitch in the screens response to touch. I am not able to access the bottom portion of my screen, it only allows for the slide up to see notifications. There also seems to be a delay in the screen going from the watch face to anyother app (Fit, Agenda, Contacts). The screen goes black for a couple of seconds and then the app appears. This has never happened before. I am not pleased.

  3. I have mixed emotions. I love the looks of the software. But that’s about it. I hate that I don’t have continuous heart rate and sleep tracking. I don’t at all believe I’m being picky for wanting those things, because every competitor of wear os offers those things. The software is slow, stutters like no other and just does a lot of things that makes no sense. I think the Fitbit acquisition could really build on the little they have, so I hope it happens. Because I want to stay in the ecosystem.

  4. Step in the right direction, but still needs a lot of work. 1) Can’t find the screen on time for the life of me. I’ve been through all settings and have yet to find it. 2) The media controller app is pretty slick, but it gets annoying that it is its own app, that I have to swipe right to dismiss to do anything else like check notifications. Just make it it’s own Card. Settings > Clock Face > Media Controller > Notifications. I should be able to swipe up and down and get back to it easily. Maybe give an option to make it the default card if media is playing? 3) Battery life still leaves a lot to be desired. 4) Performance still needs a lot of work.

  5. Works great but it could be more useful to add a feature that the clock notifies when the Bluetooth is out-of-range just like some wireless headsets do. So it could be used when sometimes the clock is disconnected and you didn’t notice it or you left or forgot your cellphone somewhere and you’re not carrying it with you anymore so you go back to your car or house and get it back, for example . You get the idea. Keep with the good work.

  6. I have the MK Bradshaw and my watch no longer vibrates or rings when I receive notifications or phone calls. it’s connected but no notifications. I’ve done all the troubleshooting. Update: As previously stated, I have done all the troubleshooting. Checking the volume and settings was the first thing I did. It was working fine until this last update.

  7. I don’t think I would get another smart watch if it had to run this. It’s clunky and difficult to get it to do want you want, and options are very limited anyway, like the unchangeable screen timeout after only a few seconds. Even on a high end watch, checking texts and clumsily controlling music is about all it’s good for, and the Gear Fit 2 I got for free with a phone did this better years ago.

  8. The Google assistant on the watch is messed up if you try to call or text with it. It keeps giving me the “can’t connect to phone” when I try to use them or another feature that doesn’t work such as the “play music” option. The saying “ok google” feature also doesn’t work even though I have it enabled. From what I’ve seen these problems have been going on for a while now and many other people are having the same issues.

  9. The Google assistant on the watch is messed up if you try to call or text with it. It keeps giving me the “can’t connect to phone” when I try to use them or another feature that doesn’t work such as the “play music” option. The saying “ok google” feature also doesn’t work even though I have it enabled. From what I’ve seen these problems have been going on for a while now and Google isn’t doing anything to correct it.

  10. I dig it overall, but I’d love to see a flip display & buttons settings. I have a Fossil smartwatch. I wear it on my left wrist, and the buttons are on the right. Which means when I lean on a desk it hits the crown button, and will cause it to reboot. I tried wearing it on my right hand, but I am not used to that. The watchbands however are interchangeable, so I could switch them to make the watch upside down on my left arm, and the buttons will point toward my elbow.

  11. Overall, it’s a pretty user friendly app. I just wish I could add my photo for the watch face through Google Photos not just Facebook and Instagram. I also wish there were more customizable options for the watch face. I haven’t quite figured out how to talk on the phone from my watch, either, but I haven’t put a ton of time into it. Overall I feel it’s a decent smartwatch for the average user.

  12. This app used to work fine, but now it fails to change my music via Google assistant. the other calls to Google assistant seem to work, it can send texts and get weather reports and start phone calls. When I ask to change music it either says Google can’t be reached or the phone isn’t connected. however I know that the phone is connected because I can skip out rewind tracks with the watch controls. Not being able to ask for a specific song pretty much ruins the experience. It worked for months.

  13. Like alot of the other reviews, it worked great until the recent update. Now I can’t use my watch at all on Android. Works fine for apple though. Please get this fixed! I really have enjoyed it for the last 3 years. *Update- when it disconnected it saved Bluetooth data in my phone. I had to reset all of my Bluetooth setting to get it to work again. Still not a great option, but my watch works now. Hope this helps someone.

  14. It’s boring. It synchronized just fine, but the available selections are disappointing. You can only choose from about 8 “tiles” that they provide and can’t add any that I actually want to use like Pandora or even texting! I can reply to a text but I can’t initiate one w/o using Google assistant which I don’t use. It doesn’t monitor sleep… Limited faces… I’m just really disappointed that I wasted my money on this Fossil watch. It looks great but this software is very bland and basic.

  15. Updated: I ended up needing to factory reset my watch as well as my phone (had some crazy issues going on with my phone). Once I did that, this app worked perfectly. My watch has a longer battery life and is working better than ever. Plus, I can choose which calendar to sync to my watch. That’s a major plus. Apologies and big thanks to the developers.

  16. Terrible. FIX THE UPDATE!! My watch has worked fine since the day I bought it. Until the last update.. now it gets really hot. Burns through the battery within an hour (when I used to get 2 days per charge) and when I try to reset the watch the settings app keeps crashing. I literally cannot do anything. It won’t connect to my phone. And I can’t reset the watch. Thanks google…. You’re really making it hard not to switch to the dark side…

  17. When I installed on my on my watch, it ate up all my storage. Looking into the app on my phone it showed it loaded 3 times. I had to perform a factory reset, then I had all my storage back! Until 5 minutes later it said Wear OS needs to update, and then it duplicated itself. Thankfully it left half my storage untouched, but it did gobble up additional space. Can this be fixed? Performance wise it’s useful, and I like it though.

  18. Super clunky, slow OS. It’s definitely what I’d call unusable. The one thing that really gets me is you can’t change the screen timeout time and basically everything takes longer to load than that. So when you click on something, the screen goes black and will sometimes go home so you have to start over again. My workouts never start tracking on google fit either. I basically have to start a workout 15-25 times for it to actually start. That takes about 5 minutes. 5 minutes to click start.

  19. Matthew S dice:

    WearOS is terrible. It is super buggy. My fossil sport watch worked fine with my samsung s10 for a while then it dropped and wouldn’t recognize my phone. I hard reset both, and they wouldn’t pair, something about not being able to communicate with the watch. Finally got it to connect after a 5 or 6 tries then, after a few months, I have to repeat the entire process. I now have a pixel 4 and I am still having the same problem. If you are debating between Tizen, Apple, or a wearOS watch, well, I can’t speak to the others but wearOS is frustratingly terrible. Every time I look up answers on how to fix it, all I see are people having the same issues without any solutions. I just don’t get how they’re ok with this garbage. Even when it is working it is clunky and slow.

  20. I just got the Ticwatch e and the app is decent. For the most part I like the update but before the update my texts and WhatsApp messages were easier to read. I could scroll through the last several texts and see profile pictures too, and replying was simple. I do not like the new one. I can only see the last text. No profile pictures and the “quick responses” are annoying and way to easy to accidentally hit.. please is there anyway I can go back to the way they were before the update??

  21. This app had a virus-like effect on both my and my boyfriend’s phones. To the extent that we both had to factory reset them. I downloaded this app when I found my old Asus Zenwatch 2. Minutes after connecting the watch to my phone, they were no longer connected and refused to reconnect. Even after uninstalling the app, and restarting several times, my phone would not charge and the play store crashed. The play store and YouTube apps on my boyfriend’s phone would not work.

  22. I would love to have the widget back. While I would prefer a step counter, at least allow the option for a heart points and move minutes widget. So far, I’m just not excited about the updates that have been pushed out over the last couple of months. The app design looks nice and clean and I think I see where the developers are going with it, but I feel they completely abandoned the uses of the original user base (but I’m sure they know how their user engaged with the app) in this rework.

  23. Google please fix the NIXON Mission watchface. Ever since the new update. you can not change the colors or the subdials they are just blank. it shows in settings the colors are changed, but they are not. I know you are aware of this issue. I would like to just know a possible fix timeline. So far the new update is not as good as the older version.

  24. Incredibly unstable. Twice now the phone app has forgotten my watch and reset as if it were a fresh install- taking me back through initial setup. Twice I’ve had to do a total factory reset on my watch just to get it to resync because there is literally no other way to do that- which means all of its apps, data, and settings are gone. And every time I’ve had to do the setup, the tutorial refuses to go away until I manually block it from notifications.

  25. It’s not bad but needs work. There are hardly any tiles and the scroll function with the crown works in some areas but not others (very inconsistent). Also I have to periodically reset the watch in order to have notifications from the messager app make the watch vibrate. That’s a pain as the point of getting the watch was for notifications when my phone isnt on me. There are times where I didnt even see messages because the vibration never happened. Need to work on bugs google.

  26. Update: After some tinkering I got the app to sync. Still a frustrating experience, and Google’s reply to point to the watch company is passing the blame. Also, factory resetting every time is a bad experience. I lost my apps and watch faces, again. The OS app could do way better! This is getting worse every time I try to get back into wearables. Now my watch wont even connect via the app. Ive even been able to manually connect via bluetooth… Which the phone recognizes but the app does not.

  27. >>Update (05/12/20). Finally worked and surprisingly I didn’t do anything different, but worked. Only thing I’d recommend is turn off all other Bluetooth devices around the phone. << App failed and continuing to fail. Won't connect with the watch at all. It used connect a few weeks ago but not after recent updates. Reset the watch and now it stuck at the very first step. Can y'all do a thorough review of the update before releasing it? Appreciate it.

  28. I installed this app after purchasing a Moto 360 sport 2nd generation watch and it, somehow, made it impossible to connect to the Google Playstore on my phone. In addition, all my Google apps stopped working properly. I was forced to factory reset my phone to get it to work properly, but now have a useless smartwatch that can’t be updated or connect to my phone. I looked everywhere to see if there was a way to fix this, but had no luck. If there is, please let me know. Great job Google.

  29. It worked at first but after a couple “upgrades” the app no longer opens. Have to set my Google watch manually and now only use it for time, when it’s accurate. If I knew I couldn’t utilize the features after a couple months of use, I wouldn’t have gotten it. It’s ridiculous the watch can’t sync to my phone without the app. Now when the watch dies I have to set it all over again. It seems nominal but after weeks of doing this, I no longer care to wear the Google watch. And I love watches 😤

  30. M S dice:

    No way to block notifications for a certain time. I use Silence Premium app on my phone to setup “do not disturb” mode at night (10pm to 8am). For the Tickwatch – it doesn’t work! Any WhatsApp, or Hangout, or any other message, sent too late or too early – causes vibration on the watch and wake you up. You can only block notifications on the watch completely (one at a time!) through this app. And then, in the morning you have to turn then back on (on at a time). Or don’t get messages at all.

  31. I absolutely hate the 2.1 update. The notification font size has been decreased and multiple notifications are seen at once, making it incredibly hard to see what the notification is about. And, of course, there’s no way to change this behavior. Google, once again, couldn’t leave something alone and had to fix something that wasn’t broken…

  32. With Google play music now gone, I can’t load music onto my watch to listen on a run. How is this possible? Literally the reason I bought this watch was to go on a run with my music and leave my phone at home. This is now impossible. Thanks. Summary: music CANNOT be loaded onto watch anymore due to app support being removed. The internal storage is now useless to me.

  33. As a big Android fan, I was very excited to see what Google could do in a smart watch. I didn’t wear a watch before this, but I thought the idea would be pretty cool. There is a convenience to it, but overall, it sucks. It feels like a beta. Updates are few and far between, everything is painfully slow, battery life is pretty bad, several basic functions (like setting reminders) don’t work! Last update made it so I have to reboot the watch every day or it doesn’t send any alerts! It needs work.

  34. After the update, my watch stopped vibrating when I got notifications. I tried letting the battery run all the way down after checking all my settings and seeing they were correct. When neither of those solved the problem, I tried doing a factory reset. Now the app closes everytime I open it. I can’t use the watch as a watch! I just keep getting the promts to pair my device, which I can’t do. I sent a message and have not heard back. Was really liking this device/app but now its useless.

  35. Let’s face it: when the idea of an Android smartwatch was developed, it was with the idea that people would want to replace their phones with their watches. Google has finally realized that isn’t what we want – on average, a user spends all of five seconds interacting with their watch. We want to deal with calls, messages and notifications quickly and efficiently. Wear OS does that: it’s not flashy, sexy or snazzy… but that’s not what we want! Wear OS does exactly what we want it to do.

  36. Overall good expeience for setting up and using watches. A couple of improvements would be nice… 1) Ability to customize watch face (not just select it) within the phone app (doing on the watch can be cumbersome); 2) Faster changing between devices. I have 2 watches and its a 4 step process to change. Disconnect current, select new, connect new. Seems there could be a smoother/easier way to switch watches. Edit: -1star. Having to reset watch when switching phones is quite painful.

  37. Want to like it but…It just doesn’t feel ready for primetime. Wear OS needs a major change before I will come back. We need modern hardware for one: A modern processor that uses less battery and has more power, more RAM and storage. The app also needs more options for users and better coding. I found it glitchy. I even bricked my watch using this. It got stuck in a tutorial loop because I factory reset it and disabled the tutorial app before completing the tutorial. WearOS needs to do better.

  38. It’s cool and all, it pretty much works great but their BIGGEST flaw is that you can not speak to text to SEND a text. You can only do it to REPLY to a text. But if you need to just send one, it doesn’t work. I went online to see if I could fix the problem some how and there were HUNDREDS or people talking about having the same problem. It’s not something you can really “fix”. Some people say that Uninstalling google from your phone helps,but having a Pixel you can’t really do that. Soo..

  39. I’ve only had my watch (Fossil Carlyle) a couple of days, but so far it has been more frustrating than anything else. The screen timeout is the worst offender by far. How am I supposed to even get familiar with what this can do when I’m only allowed to look at the screen for a stupidly short amount of time? After some research I’ve found I can change that, but only with a 3rd party paid app. Another basic feature that seems to be missing is text messages. Again, 3rd party paid app.

  40. Just got a pixel 5 to replace my aging 2xl. My Fossil Sport worked fine with my 2xl. Got the updated wear app on my 5, and it freezes at about 10% when trying to connect to the watch. If I close and reopen the app, or restart my phone, the phone thinks they connected properly while the watch is still waiting for it to connect. If I restart the watch, it thinks it never connected and makes you start over, but you can’t because the phone thinks they are synced. “Forget device” repeats the issues.

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