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Secure and private browser with built-in VPN and AdBlock for faster browsing.
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Protect your Android smartphone or tablet against hackers, trackers, and ISPs with AVG’s private VPN browser with built-in ad blocker.

Most other “private browsers” don’t actually make you invisible. AVG Browser is a next-level secure browser with powerful tools that actually keep you private. Features like built-in VPN, automatic ad blocker, total data encryption, unique PIN lock, and more.

To all beta testers, we appreciate your support!

App Features:
Automatic Privacy:
✔ Stay anonymous with AVG Browser’s built-in VPN
✔ Encrypt everything – your browsing data, tabs, history, bookmarks, downloaded files
✔ Customizable modes for your browsing needs
✔ Nuke site data with one tap

Faster Browsing:
✔ Automatically blocks ads and trackers that slow you down

Powerful Tools:
✔ Private video downloader
✔ Encrypted media vault and private media players
✔ Unlock with your unique PIN or fingerprint
✔ Secure DNS options
✔ QR reader


We incorporated search suggestions in our browser to streamline your browsing experience.


40 comentarios en "AVG Secure Browser MOD"

  1. My VPN got switched and it went from decent, if a tad slow, to horrible. I cannot switch it back. It won’t often download sites properly – they show up in a form that reminds me of sites that were garbled up in bad loading during the 2000s. Sometimes the site will not load at all. Refreshing the browser doesn’t work to solve the problem either. There is no way I can do my shopping or pay bills with something like this and expect things to be ok.

  2. Pretty good internet browser. Found my Chrome, Firefox, and Samsung bookmarks. Does not play well with Google and has an annoying “This browser is not the default browser, Click Here” button on its home screen. Also, does not have an option to select another home screen. I have been using it to increase my confidence level. UPDATE: Found a way to select a home page which helps (and which improves it over Firefox which requires a sign in a sync delay prior to being able to customize the home page. Found that I needed to delete all cookies, cache files, etc. a couple of days after using it to prevent slowdown. I have been wondering about add-ons and other tweaks to improve my personal experience.

  3. As far as the browser itself goes, I love it! It gives me flexibility to set things up the way I want them, not the way Google or whoever wants them to be. So far AVG has made me feel very secure with all of their helpful tools, not just the browser. The ads, on the other hand, which you get stuck with if you can’t afford to buy their premium packages, are filthy pics of half naked women and scams for everything you can think of, so don’t assume the ads are safe just cause AVG’s software is.

  4. So far this browser blows away Firefox. Trying to use a secure browser as rock solid as the Tor Network without having to use the Tor Network. This is most definitely the closest browser I have found. It has the search features of Google and the security features of Samsung. It’s a underrated browser. Pay the $9 a year, it’s a no brainer. VPN, Custom Modes, etc. No need for adding plugs and or extensions when they are already part of the browser? You just need to arrange it the way you want it.

  5. I would give this app 5 stars, BUT it is terrible when it comes to downloading things! Whenever I download something, the item goes to a hidden media vault that is difficult to access. I have had trouble with this for the last 2 days! Then when I find what I am looking for, the vault will not let me save to another location. I am going to start using another browser (not AVG) for downloading!

  6. Jerry G dice:

    After downloading this browser and using it to view a few pages, I closed it. Now, after starting it again, when I touch the screen of the last viewed page (reloaded), the app “retreats” into the background, and I’m thrown back to the Android home screen. The AVG browser is still shown as active, but when I bring it forward again, the same thing happens … over and over. I don’t even have the opportunity to enter a URL. 🙁

  7. I have used AVG for 20 plus years on all my computers, and now on my cellphone. It has never slowed down my computer or my phone. One thing I love is that its scans for junk on my cell, then offers to remove it to clear up my space. It does this at random. I have the Ultimate AVG which provides many useful things, such as a VPN, spam control, antivirus, etc. I was sold on it years ago and it has never disappointed. I am a %graphics software instructor at a Community College , and freelancer.

  8. I liked the App enough to purchase the Pro version of it. But after doing that the app is still showing I’m using the free version. I’ve contacted them and still have not got a reply. Very disappointing. Just an update it’s been one month and they have yet to resolve the issue I’m having. I would not recommend this browser. Don’t waste your data for the download.

  9. I have only used this browser for minutes on a tablet. So far i like: vpn, privacy and security, find in page, trying onesearch, dev answers reviews. I would like: zoom/forced zoom with word wrap similar to opera browser, to add home search engines like qwant, tabbed browsing, full screen view. Strongly dislike: though I have 5 other browsers open in the background too, only avg resides in memory 100% of the time even right after cleaning memory. Thanks for providing another browser option.

  10. I like it ok. I wish i could import settings and passwords from Google. Wish it would offer to auto translate pages like Google does. Then there is irritating issue. There are times on my LG V20 when a webpage I am viewing on the AVG browser goes blank, stays that way even after i try to refresh, then i get a crash alert and have to close it. The icon is still active at the top of the screen after that and doesnt disappear. This is all moderately annoying.

  11. Dreadful. Decided to try the free trial before committing to a one year subscription. Well the only VPN server that is available to me is London and it doesn’t work and hasn’t for weeks. It just constantly hangs on ‘connecting to London (UK)’ and never does. Have force closed, cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled, reinstalled. Use Opera, download speeds are slower but at least it works. AVG is trash. They want money for this garbage?

  12. This is a great app and it works just perfectly you will be able to visit websites without any ads and it’s true even YouTube except some ads in the video would happen but it will only happen once or twice the video will go away very quickly as you are able to watch the video without any ads interrupted

  13. I really liked this app as part of my security on my phone. However, it got some kind of bug and won’t open or look up anything. It has been like that for weeks now my phone just says this app has a bug wait for your developers to update and fix the bug. That is disappointing. Are you aware? Wondering about the integrity of my phone in conjunction with the other AVG apps. Once this is fixed and working, I will change my rating. But for now, I am in limbo and don’t know what to do.

  14. As of the update to the app on 13/01/23, the London browser and device wide VPN servers have been removed. I bought a one year subscription to this app for access to the London servers. The websites I use flag your accounts if your IP address doesn’t match the country you’ve registered in. I’m in the UK. I can’t make any card payments online now as my location shows as abroad and it’ll be flagged as a suspicious transaction because I’m using a UK card on a UK website via an IP address abroad.

  15. So far no ads and no glitches. 3 days of constant use. Very good. But after using it for 4 days it is extremely slow. Painfully slow. Uninstall and try again. Still doesn’t work. They have a lot of work to do.

  16. Is a great free app. Does scary it says it will do and then some, but once I bought it the upgrade it won’t allow me to use it. It says Uninstall the play store last di da same with paramount and showtime bundle I feel like I wish I had time to bust on this ANDROID and do an exorcism. Someone stole my iPhone And I never got out back in not rich And baby afford to get a decent iPhone it never gave me the issues this Android does. So before you buy anything make sure you have the VPN INSTALLED

  17. Nothing has worked from i changed to you for all security I can’t get on to the website I want to as my phone keeps shutting down also I keep getting pop ups from different sources on my security telling me I need to protect my phone now I upgraded to your highest package I think I have spent £38.49 through my Google account and double that with my PayPal account and my phone is the slowest it has ever been the only thing you do is tell me that a website I have used for years is safe to use

  18. Hi@Avg You came up with a Very Good High quality app so i wanna thank You very Much and i hope its all fine+Having such a Good time i wanna reach out as 99%will bash an app Like a kid than ever coming up with afix every app is fixable and so What in Life has No Flaw i ask ?it I’d ♥️ if it had 20+k/1mill+it easily can if it is What You Desire.i Avg is #1 antiVirus company it really shouldnt be of an big issue at all Give it a Lock/bg play it should be as known as brave and opera No anything Less

  19. Bella B dice:

    I have down loaded twice already and both times I can’t get into the website like example local food Banks. This website is supposed to be more surcer but how can I even use it if it won’t let me lol.

  20. Just a great app that keeps me safe give it a try.the best ever it stop FB. From getting into my account I bet there app.manager was upset thank youAVG for a great job done if that don’t get you to try these guys then you are crazy.

  21. I like this browser. The adblocker doesnt block everything. I like using Ublock origen. Its a better ad blocker. I hope you fix this in an update.

  22. Bryan H dice:

    Since the last update app will not open..it crashes immediately when I try to open it and it says app has a bug..please fix

  23. “DOES NOT WORK ON ANDROIDS” states AVG Customer Care Teams. Great on my laptop but after purchasing upgrade to Pro and finding my android device wouldn’t upgrade, I have now been informed that despite advertising it as doing so, they know it doesn’t work on android. Yes they compensated me adequately but still, if they know it doesn’t work on Android, DON’T SAY IT DOES. On Windows it fantastic.

  24. Ugh this app started out great it wasnt slow and very easy To use, but now I cant even get the page to load correctly anymore or even at all.

  25. Kappy57 dice:

    I have downloaded and uninstalled this browser but won’t work on android. Gives me white screen even after I synced dated from desktop. If problem is solved then will update review. Desktop is great but you people force us to upgrade free services. It should be our choice.

  26. Another one from AVG. I just keep getting great things from great company’s and AVG is one of them.

  27. I recently installed it after using the AVG antivirus, but when i start it it keeps frozen on Initializing… I would like to start using it asap

  28. There’s one thing I can tell you for sure AVG should be guaranteed because they do a great job at covering you every way from your IP down to the A’s and Z’s on the keyboard they cover it all very thorough I like it actually I love it good job guys

  29. It worked really good and I must admit I always use avg products as the give u the best free security for me tried other one but always come back to AVG. 5 Gold ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Best

  30. Wouldn’t use any other.I had a male ware and ransomware attack on my computer before purchasing AVG Ultimate. Since purchasing in 2018 I have had 0 problems with my online life. I highly recommend spending the money or atleast the free version of the app to check it out.

  31. Protects identity, safe to use. Definitely private browsing a plus, ONLY browser that does that

  32. I received excellent customer support after having problems with initial install, which was very impressive from AVG. The browser seems great, the one thing I’d really like (which seemingly isn’t feasible yet) is for the ad-blocker to work with YouTube. Presently, YouTube is a pointless waste of time on mobile devices due to the constant intrusion of utterly vile advertising.

  33. Have not been able to turn on ad blocker since I bought this?? Sent ?s to customer service never got an answer.

  34. Kate dice:

    AVG a really good app for security. Sure all apps can be compromised, however this one certainly has got all the bells and whistles. Thanks AVG Dev team I have been using your app for over 10 years!

  35. I have used AVG products for many years and now the AVG browser has been chosen as my default browser.

  36. Works very silently but very effective and it blocks a lot of the internet malware and trackers thank you

  37. AvG wins again for secure simple easy form of making me faster and safer.

  38. I love AVG it worked right away now I don’t get all these spam calls thank you so much AVG keep up the good work

  39. Awesome crawler, protects against anything, like wearing a condom for the net! The ads are smaller now, so that’s good. The VPN is easy to use, and for me, it works better than surfsharks. All AVG’s software can be relied on to simply work, without constantly nagging you with pop-ups. For me, it’s the first thing I install on anything that hits the net!

  40. VPN no longer works. It constantly says connecting to VPN.

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