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Secure and private browser with built-in VPN and AdBlock for faster browsing.
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Protect your Android smartphone or tablet against hackers, trackers, and ISPs with AVG’s private VPN browser with built-in ad blocker.

Most other “private browsers” don’t actually make you invisible. AVG Browser is a next-level secure browser with powerful tools that actually keep you private. Features like built-in VPN, automatic ad blocker, total data encryption, unique PIN lock, and more.

To all beta testers, we appreciate your support!

App Features:
Automatic Privacy:
✔ Stay anonymous with AVG Browser’s built-in VPN
✔ Encrypt everything – your browsing data, tabs, history, bookmarks, downloaded files
✔ Customizable modes for your browsing needs
✔ Nuke site data with one tap

Faster Browsing:
✔ Automatically blocks ads and trackers that slow you down

Powerful Tools:
✔ Private video downloader
✔ Encrypted media vault and private media players
✔ Unlock with your unique PIN or fingerprint
✔ Secure DNS options
✔ QR reader


Our browser engine has been upgraded, got super-fast and stable, for a speedy and flawless browser experience.


52 comentarios en "AVG Secure Browser MOD 2022"

  1. I would give this app 5 stars, BUT it is terrible when it comes to downloading things! Whenever I download something, the item goes to a hidden media vault that is difficult to access. I have had trouble with this for the last 2 days! Then when I find what I am looking for, the vault will not let me save to another location. I am going to start using another browser (not AVG) for downloading!

  2. Valerie dice:

    I’m logged in, I have a subscription, and it’s still trying to get me to upgrade to something else. In windows, I could turn off that upgrade recommendation. That alone will make me go back to Chrome. Browser also wants me to add an avg VPN which I already have! Manage Subscription link doesn’t work either. Basic stuff here Avast!!!

  3. For whatever reason this app takes more time to load any single page than it would take the entire sloth species to develop a modern society and fly to Mars. I think I sprouted a grey hair looking at that loading bar move 1 pixel per eon. Meanwhile firefox, chrome, and the YouTube app I was trying to replace with this to avoid the ads, the one thing I got this app to do, seem to run at a crisp lightening pace.

  4. As far as the browser itself goes, I love it! It gives me flexibility to set things up the way I want them, not the way Google or whoever wants them to be. So far AVG has made me feel very secure with all of their helpful tools, not just the browser. The ads, on the other hand, which you get stuck with if you can’t afford to buy their premium packages, are filthy pics of half naked women and scams for everything you can think of, so don’t assume the ads are safe just cause AVG’s software is.

  5. Pretty good internet browser. Found my Chrome, Firefox, and Samsung bookmarks. Does not play well with Google and has an annoying “This browser is not the default browser, Click Here” button on its home screen. Also, does not have an option to select another home screen. I have been using it to increase my confidence level. UPDATE: Found a way to select a home page which helps (and which improves it over Firefox which requires a sign in a sync delay prior to being able to customize the home page. Found that I needed to delete all cookies, cache files, etc. a couple of days after using it to prevent slowdown. I have been wondering about add-ons and other tweaks to improve my personal experience.

  6. So far this browser blows away Firefox. Trying to use a secure browser as rock solid as the Tor Network without having to use the Tor Network. This is most definitely the closest browser I have found. It has the search features of Google and the security features of Samsung. It’s a underrated browser. Pay the $9 a year, it’s a no brainer. VPN, Custom Modes, etc. No need for adding plugs and or extensions when they are already part of the browser? You just need to arrange it the way you want it.

  7. I have used AVG for 20 plus years on all my computers, and now on my cellphone. It has never slowed down my computer or my phone. One thing I love is that its scans for junk on my cell, then offers to remove it to clear up my space. It does this at random. I have the Ultimate AVG which provides many useful things, such as a VPN, spam control, antivirus, etc. I was sold on it years ago and it has never disappointed. I am a %graphics software instructor at a Community College , and freelancer.

  8. Jerry G dice:

    After downloading this browser and using it to view a few pages, I closed it. Now, after starting it again, when I touch the screen of the last viewed page (reloaded), the app “retreats” into the background, and I’m thrown back to the Android home screen. The AVG browser is still shown as active, but when I bring it forward again, the same thing happens … over and over. I don’t even have the opportunity to enter a URL. 🙁

  9. I liked the App enough to purchase the Pro version of it. But after doing that the app is still showing I’m using the free version. I’ve contacted them and still have not got a reply. Very disappointing. Just an update it’s been one month and they have yet to resolve the issue I’m having. I would not recommend this browser. Don’t waste your data for the download.

  10. I have only used this browser for minutes on a tablet. So far i like: vpn, privacy and security, find in page, trying onesearch, dev answers reviews. I would like: zoom/forced zoom with word wrap similar to opera browser, to add home search engines like qwant, tabbed browsing, full screen view. Strongly dislike: though I have 5 other browsers open in the background too, only avg resides in memory 100% of the time even right after cleaning memory. Thanks for providing another browser option.

  11. I like it ok. I wish i could import settings and passwords from Google. Wish it would offer to auto translate pages like Google does. Then there is irritating issue. There are times on my LG V20 when a webpage I am viewing on the AVG browser goes blank, stays that way even after i try to refresh, then i get a crash alert and have to close it. The icon is still active at the top of the screen after that and doesnt disappear. This is all moderately annoying.

  12. It’s a normal browser like any other one, but the so called ad blocker and protection doesn’t work good at all. It either doesn’t work at all or works too much and blocks things that aren’t ads and makes my browsing experience bad so it does work fine as a normal browser but it isn’t that great for me.

  13. C Sanch dice:

    The browser is Extremely Slow, I’ve never been able to open any sites I visit oftenly. It continues to Buffer non-Stop. Nothing ever happened or got Fixed. I installed & uninstalled multiple times. The customer care wasn’t Helpful, no one got back to me. A waste of my time space & Data… If they would Fix the browser & buffering issues I may consider installing again. But probably not…

  14. VPN mode is off by default. After all the hoopla to the opposite in the intro, I discover after logging into a site that it was turned off! You shouldn’t tell a new install that they’re protected when they’re not! Also the site’s internal messaging did not work as expected. Pressing send simply discarded the message I typed (site was fetlife com).

  15. This is the worst VPN browser by far. Opera is free and works as soon as you load it. When I load AVG it takes, I kid you not, literally five to ten minutes to connect to the servers and to connect to the internet. Every time I lock my phone and unlock it, it takes five to ten minutes to reconnect to the internet. Opera doesn’t have this problem. Wish I hadn’t paid for a one year sub.

  16. Mr King dice:

    great app with alot of free features, the browser feature is incredible let you switch no problem ,free VPN is great,I be testing all anti-virus,malware apps to the last 3 months,this one works more effective and easy to use,privacy work on point ,I be updating soon,I need an app that really do the job,not a program app ,that tell u everything is good ,n you have all this Spyware n viruses under radar,I do my own test to see if app are doing their job honestly and work for the people not them,

  17. J M Razos dice:

    It’s doing great until now but itself AVG collecting way more data being admin will have total control of the devices and I am only afraid if anything mess up there is no way to protect privacy. Several companies saying that they do not keep the backup even it is downloadable and then if someone dont buy the subscription after trial they sale info and when you un install or go for free version the system devices become worst and never comes back to the original state as they were.

  18. kirby Dew dice:

    I have the free trial version. With my security levels where they are, add a parent bad at all. I have the AVG hotspot shield, cleaner, secure browser, VPN and the virus cleaner. For some reason , I still get pop ups saying your phone is not secure, I don’t have any of the above essentially. What can I do about this, if anything. Thanks in advance.

  19. r Allen dice:

    Perfect Idea Andvirus for all good free product good free extras. Virus effects us all. Norton will hijack your freedom and bog down your system. And play commercials on TV for old people who don’t turn it on. It’s robery. Avg is so good you feel guilty for not paying and get way more than money’s worth. I talked to high level IT person guess what AVG it’s not cheap. It’s free so we are free from contamination. It’s responsible and you will be good on free version you will be impressed when not

  20. It is very slow and It refuses to open even basic Google searches I cannot search anything on Google and haven’t been able to since I downloaded this app… I’m going to have to delete it because nothing has changed I don’t understand why I cannot do basic Google searches it’s ridiculous!!

  21. Feel slightly more secure with the AVG suite of products installed. Not a fan of ads but understand need for them.

  22. Stephanie dice:

    I’m only giving 3 stars, for now. I just started exploring all the options. I’ll probably change it a couple times before I’m done. So far, everything seems to be in order, and I just have to learn the best way to use it. I’ll update as I go. I really hope this app does what it says. If it works, yay for private secure browsing! I also have premium AVG Anti Virus, And premium AVG Cleaner. With all that I should be well protected. I shouldn’t get hacked from any website. We’ll see. I’ll update.

  23. Wanted to love it, but it needs work…. it freezes constantly, it’s very slow, links don’t open correctly (sometimes they will on the second or third try), records history& there’s no option to turn it off. Honestly seems the vpn browsing & ad blocking is the only working feature & i already pay for avg antivirus which also has the vpn option & use another browser that also has ad blocking & runs smoothly.

  24. It’s a great app to have anyone and everyone should have this app or one similar, the only downfall is for you to subscribe which not everyone can afford to have is that there should be a free virus and malware so people can see what it’s like and how it works before they decide to buy. Apart from that everything works as it should do, so invest and get this app.

  25. I really appreciate that the AVG secure browser is offered to the general public, free of charge. It gives me extra peace of mind adding extra security and safety to my daily browsing. God bless Elizabeth Charlotte Allen

  26. Incredibly incredibly slow. It takes ages for pages to open, it’s loaded with ads, so far I’m not satisfied at all.

  27. Downloaded this just today and already happier than the last 4 browsers I tried. They were all easy to use and did as promised, but AVG browser works best for me.

  28. Need the option to import bookmarks. Currently under construction. The only other browser I’m aware of that allows it is DDG. Fix please!

  29. AVG Browser truly is reassuring. I’ve used AVG products for years. To me, that speaks volumes about their reliability in keeping my phone secure. I won’t hesitate to try any of AVG’s products. Neither should you. They are the best in security there is!

  30. AVG browser sucks! The vault is a joke! Downloading any sort of images is a complete pain in anybody’s booty I highly recommend any other browser than this one. For that matter to get the menus to pop up on any website is near impossible. Check out soul browser really really well done customizable browser equally Chrome is even better than this. And definitely edge browser is Way beyond better than this. I like to image collect harmlessly across the internet document & categorize this is’nt it

  31. Ron Smith dice:

    Takes some getting use to. But in the long run, I had no idea there were so many ads peeking in on my surfing.

  32. A C dice:

    Ultimately this browser is useless. It is unable to connect with any popular sales website like Amazon or eBay and many others. I appreciate the intention of this app but it’s design and programming falls short of a meaningful application. Make it happen AVG and please stop nickle and diming your customers with so many ‘security options apps’. Remember your roots and who put you on top. It was your generosity mirrored by your client base. Sincerely your oldest advocate

  33. Terrible functionality. Can’t delete history and cookie on exit in secure mode. Terrible and inadequate fingerprint resistance. Can still detect my device type, RAM, GPU, etc.

  34. Well all i can say Exceptional most complete app anyone can purchase i hav quite a few AVG apps and service is fantastic i hav been with AVG just shy ov 10 year now and cannot fault in anyway i hav brain injury n memory problems with that and paralysis and if need assistance using my apps avg always happy to help and assist and will continue to use thank you so much

  35. Havent had n0 issues at all like i had with other browsers you must try it for yourself all of AVG products are top grade they know how to stop hackers and keep you safe thanks AVG…

  36. This app is supposed to stop ads in YouTube. Well it doesn’t. If I could send a screenshot to prove it, I would.

  37. I liked it at first, but now it keeps freezing and won’t respond. This happens all the time and is obviously not a once off thing.

  38. I do not think its working , i use duckduck go but been having problems with it closing so thought i’d try this , like the built in VPN was going to buy upgrade , but i thought i’d try it first, set it to secure mode logged into facebook and looked how many trackers were blocked ZERO!! On duckduckgo atleast 20 are blocked in every min. On facebook

  39. Keep up the good work 😀👍👍 Browser is highly recommended!!!!!! Updated regularly to fix & address any issues!!! Safety from malware is also a high priority for this browser!!!!

  40. My experience wasn’t so great this time around, I used a prepaid gift card to buy a year protection because my phone has been having some kind of virus issues and not only did my money get taken and no service at all, my phone is still having the same issues , I used to love avg now I’m not so sure

  41. AVG was there for me many years ago when I first egan using the internet. It was recommended by a trusted source ALL THOSE YEARS ago (more than 25 years ago now. Wow! Hard to believe !) and honestly, I’ve never had a problem while using any of the AVG product’s I have used in all of those years. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I believe it’s just a company that really does want to provide a great product & service and follows through by consistently, year after year after year, doing just that!

  42. App does not work with physical keyboards. I can type in the address bar and nowhere else. This is common across my S22 Ultra, Tab S8 and Tab S8 Ultra. On screen keyboard works fine, but that is highly inconvenient on a tablet with a physical keyboard cover or a docking station.

  43. First experience I found that the web shield and firewalls would not let me connect to the rest of my devices wirelessly. However I don’t believe this is a problem that I cannot Iron out myself. That being said I give this app a high rating for security and functionality.

  44. I give 3 stars because I have seen quality from AVG. But take it off meaning apps do not work in tandem to see if other apps can be downloaded you will find it prevents them. To hear what AVG Secure offers I only hope for quality and security no malwares, no Trojans, nothing else of bad. Within twotwos the whole phone is being destroyed.

  45. No Staff dice:

    I love it in terms of safety. Kept my old phone safe from pretty much everything. But once I checked the exact permissions it asked through Play Store for us to accept – which we do clueless of all of them – made me block it immediately and uninstall it as fast as possible. Why does it have access to my finger print, recording, all files, camera, installing & sharing API, billing.. etc.. other unexplainable perms.. I understand if it gets activated upon accepting certain terms. Not this..

  46. I have used AVG for years, and really like it. I wish though they had something to block ads that the add blocker do not block. The invasive ads that keep coming up and I can’t delete them.

  47. M M dice:

    Very slow even with PRO Upgrade, I know its protecting me but it makes me feel like I’m on dial up waiting for webpages to load. The app has also crashed several times. Love AVG, hate this app.

  48. Only had AVG for a couple of days and so far have been pretty satisfied. Too bad AVG doesn’t have an app for all the damn telemarketing and robo calls. I would SUPER impressed then.

  49. AVG has always protect everything, I bought it when it frist came out, That’s been yrs ago & I am happy with it. Thank- you for making such a good product.

  50. They keep telling me I am using up too much space. I had to take apps off because of it I got it to protect against viruses and hackers not to dictate to me.

  51. Rizan dice:

    Slow loading of sites (compared to other popular browsers). Too much clutter in the UI with “upgrade” banners. Import bookmarks still under construction!! App needs to improve

  52. Very helpful app. Been fighting with this virus for a min and it helped me clean it out. Thanks for the help

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