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Video chat that brings you closer without asking you to compromise on trust.
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Communicate face-to-face in a private, ad-free space with no interruptions or intrusions. This award-winning video chat app isn’t social media. There are no “likes” or comparisons, and there are no tricks to keep you on the app for longer than you wish.

Send a video. Get one back. Talk one-on-one or in groups. Continue the conversation on your own schedule.

Our purpose? To help people feel close. To fulfill it, Marco Polo does things differently.

We monetize responsibly. The Marco Polo Plus subscription plan allows us to make money in a way that’s true to our purpose – no ads, no selling your data – while maintaining a free service for the majority of our community.

We hold ourselves accountable. Earning your trust is vital to our team, from the technology we create to the business decisions we make.

We measure our impact. Does our product deliver on our promise and our purpose? Does it make people happier? Research indicates yes, and we commit to conducting this research regularly to ensure we stay on track.

Marco Polo is FREE, with:
Unlimited chats and groups
Emoji reactions and fun special effects
Sharecast, our newest feature. Send one video to everyone in your circle, and only you see reactions and replies. It’s the convenience of groups with no cross-conversations.

Marco Polo Plus offers premium features including:
1.5-3x speed control
Background listening
Custom and animated emojis
6 Plus Passes so you can share 2 months free with friends and family

Marco Polo Plus Individual
Annual: $5/month billed annually at $59.99
Monthly: $9.99/month billed monthly

Marco Polo Plus Family
Save with up to six memberships with one plan. Plus Family is not limited to members within one household.
Annual: Less than $2/month per membership billed annually at $119.99
Monthly: $19.99/month billed monthly

– Payments are charged to the user’s Apple ID account at confirmation of purchase.
– Subscriptions automatically renew unless the user cancels at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
– The account is charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of the current period.
– Users can manage and cancel subscriptions in their account settings on the App Store.

Terms of Use:


Thanks for using Marco Polo! We update the app every week to provide a faster, more reliable experience. Turn on auto updates to make sure you always have the latest version.


40 comentarios en "Marco Polo – Video Messenger MOD 2022"

  1. For some reason it keeps crashing.ive restarted my phone. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Everytime I go to open it it crashes. It has been good so far. I have several messages waiting for me to view,too. UPDATE: The crashes stopped the day after I posted this.Marco Polo did reach out to me,but it stopped before then. I gave it a 4 star because of length of time to get back (24-48 hours and I do understand y’all have a life too) to me. If it happens again then it can be figured out.

  2. I understand certain features to only be available if you pay for the premium app, but the free features should still work properly and don’t. If I leave the app during a message (whether I pause the message or if a phone call or something interrupts it) I now have to start the same message over and over again, because for some reason it won’t save my place anymore. It’s annoying to have to listen to the same parts over and over.

  3. This app was great until about a year ago. Have been experiencing several problems, but the most troublesome being that it often stops recording recording mid message and frequently closes unexpectedly. I haven’t been able to open the app for over 24hrs. I’ve attempted to fix the issue by rebooting my phone several times, uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing has worked. I’m not sure what’s going on, but this is horrible. Not dependable at all.

  4. This app is perfect for those of that that hate to text! This is far the easiest and best way to communicate with people. With texting, you lose inflections and tones of voices, but when you get to see the face and hear the words as they’re meant to be. Leaves little to guess work. And I don’t have to decipher your spelling and the bazillion acronyms that are getting made up everyday. Thank you so much love it!

  5. Besides a few glitches here and there, I love this app. It’s a great way to stay connected with loved ones other than using the typical text and phone calls. I gave it 3 stars because I’ve been using this app for years. Probably since 2017/18 and all of the features that use to be free are now only offered through premium. I can understand if new features were added and need to be purchased through premium, but to take away features that loyal app users have already had is wrong (in my opinion).

  6. So far I’m loving the app, even if I’m “late to the party.” I can respond whenever I have time or watch live. In a world of monotone faceless texting, I really appreciate this. I feel so much more connected to my friends around the globe, and my own city. I would love for them to add some more modern face filters for those mornings I feel like a potato. But overall I would definitely recommend this app for people who enjoy hearing people’s tones in messages.

  7. Jenny B. dice:

    This app makes me feel more connected to people than any text based messaging! It’s also super accessible for any who struggle with dyslexia. Unless you can’t find a few seconds by yourself to record – in a parking lot, waiting for your dinner to cook, etc – I think you are likely to agree. I gave 4 stars only because I set impossibly high standards, and I have noticed a few bugs since I’ve been using the app (since COVID began).

  8. Excellent for the older and less tech-savvy of my people. Easy to use and more importantly, easy to explain. Just say, it’s like a walkie-talkie and the analogy works. It’s great even only using what’s free. Recommend a ton. Also, great safety device at a party. Record, and then wait to send until and if necessary. Also great for little kids you don’t want using too much data.

  9. This is a great app, everything works well. My only complaint is the cost of the paid full version. It is simply too expensive and a monthly subscription is unreasonable for the added content. This is not a media platform where new content is constantly being added and paying half the price of a Netflix sub for the added features every month is simply unreasonable. It should be a one time purchase. Other than that the app is great.

  10. Back when this app first came out it had most of the paid features provided. Now you have to pay to do anything beyond sending a video to someone. The non-paid version does not even low you to zoom in on the subject you are trying to video. If you take the video outside of the app then we’ll send it via multimedia message as you cannot send the video without paying the subscription fee. This used to be included but has been pulled. Hope this helps some in the future.

  11. It’s been great for the most part, but like recent reviews, I’ve had issues with messages not playing, saying someone is on a slow network or the message interrupted. I came to update the app to see if that would help and unfortunately it did not. I’ve missed several messages or parts of messages in the past weeks because it just won’t load.

  12. This app is great for feeling close to people but have a busy schedule. I only gave it 4 stars because I wish there were a way to not have to look at yourself while you record or minimize while you record. Sometimes it’s annoying to have to stop recording to look at a calendar or another app.

  13. Fun little app to send video messages to friends & family. Kinda like texting, except instead of typing a message, you’re recording yourself! It’s nice to see a loved one’s face and hear their voice rather than just reading what they typed to you in a text. I know you can do the same thing by calling and face timing them, but if they can’t necessarily talk at a particular time, they can just watch your video message and respond when they DO have time. 😊

  14. Honestly this app could be something amazing. It buffers so much it doesn’t send videos it can’t stay connected to any kind of service. Switching from Wi-Fi to data is a nightmare. I get that they need money and stuff but now they charge for what used to be free piece of s***. And you don’t even get notifications

  15. I’ve been using Marco Polo since 2020, and I still use it every day! So obviously I love it! However, I only give 3 stars because the price is so expensive and after almost 3 years there is still no cute or fun filters, just the ugly weird ones! And ever since my last update, almost every time I open the app, it tries to load but says there’s a problem and I have to exit and try again and it will open on the second try…. every. Time. I really do love the concept and use it on the daily.

  16. Fantastic app! I’ve kept in touch with my family and friends with this since the pandemic. It’s fun while everyone’s live, but I love opening up the app to have videos to watch/listen to. It’s like my personal podcast of my loved ones. And the fact that you listen uninterrupted to a person’s thoughts has really strengthened all of my relationships because of this app. The app can get glitchy at times, but their feedback response is excellent💯.

  17. I personally do not care for Marco Polo but it is the only app I can video group message without a time limit. I think it’s senseless that in order to use any of the other features you have to upgrade. Only thing available is video recording. Basic filters, can not add text to videos unless you upgrade. I am ready to switich back to SnapChat and do group conversations there😒

  18. Betta Mom dice:

    It is a good app but it keeps cutting off the end of my daughters messages! Says it will get back to me when available, but never does! Edit: The problem with cutting off has ended with the end of the season and I’ve had no issues with communicating with her. If it starts up again this summer then I’ll know it’s because too many people are using the Wi-Fi. They’re in a camp out in the middle of nowhere and there’s only so much Wi-Fi available. If this is so I will come back and edit again.

  19. I’ve had this app for almost 5 years now! The biggest issue I had previously were glitches. I decided to drop my 5 star rating down to 2 because of all of the changes. In the beginning many features that were FREE 4 years ago are no longer free.. I understand the creators of this app need to make $$, but let’s be foreal! It is unfair to offer a free service including features within, only to later lock those features to those it was once available to!

  20. Been using Marco Polo since before they started charging for all the premium features. I refuse to pay $60/year. That’s a ridiculous amount for what you get. The only premium feature I care about is the 2x speed. Would happily pay half that though. I think if you dropped the price for plus you’d see more people jump on board. Only 8 out of my 84 friends on Marco currently have plus.

  21. I’ve used this app for years and years. I’ve loved it. But in the last couple of months, the platform is painfully slow. I’m plagued with “slow connection” messages constantly and it takes me forever to get through a single Polo. The polos take forever to load. I’m a plus member and I feel like I just gave my money away. I’ve updated the app, cleared the cache, used WiFi, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. Same issues persist. Disappointing.

  22. I’ve been using MP for 4 years and paying for the extra features for 2 years. The amount of glitches are at an all time high. The background audio feature should’ve been a setting not an automatic feature as it’s the least useful feature they’ve added. The app crashes upon opening and the “unable to load” has increased. I emailed a month ago and was promised the background audio option would be addressed. Between myself and my 8 chat friends (also Plus members) we expect the app to work properly

  23. This app use to work great, but now I’m constantly having trouble just opening messages. If WiFi isn’t available for whatever reason, the app doesn’t work at all. It just keeps trying to load. I can do literally everything else on my network data: I can play games and stream movies, etc. without any issues, but trying to open a message with Marco Polo? Forget about it. I was considering paying for the full version, but there’s no way I’m spending that kind of money on something that doesn’t work

  24. They keep chipping away at the features of the free version to make you pay. I understand most of their choices, but some just seem almost vindictive, e.g., the app no longer remembering where you are in a video and restarting it if you have to toggle away from the app for a second. I get it’s free, but instead of adding value to the paid version, they just make the free version increasingly unusable, which leaves a bad taste. I only have one friend that uses it, so $9/month isn’t worth it.

  25. I think Marco Polo is great, BUT my biggest complaint is not being able to move back and forth in a message with a slide bar. Having to go either 5 or 10 seconds at a time is super annoying! Update: Still like Marco Polo, but with the new update they’ve made every original feature “special” now and those basic features aren’t available without upgrading to the paid level.

  26. Just downloaded the app. the only good feature is you can go back and replay the messages. All the good features of the app they want you to pay for. For example you can’t pause what somebody is saying, go do something else and come back and continue where u left off, it always starts over at the beginning. the pause feature only pauses it if you stay in the app, you can’t do multitasking while the app is open. The app is over rated in my opinion.

  27. I’ve used this ap for well over a year. I started having issues a couple of weeks ago. Just a black screen and won’t load and videos getting hung up and taking forever to play. Says “slow connection” a lot. Looked to make sure I didn’t need to update and everything is good. Looks like MP hassome work to do I don’t seen to be the only person having ussues.

  28. Most of the features used to be free. Now this app is lame, but let’s be honest, it was never very good to begin with. There tends to be copious amounts of lag time distressing the picture to sound quality as well as heavily pixelated imagery especially across long distance messaging. Once again this app is totally lame, especially now that the only good features have been removed unless you upgrade. Boo! 👎

  29. Great app for staying in touch with friends who do not live close by. I enjoy the more personalized video messages instead of text messages! App still needs work, especially with reactions. If there’s “too many” they do not all show up on my notification bar and sometimes I find myself having to look through multiple videos to check for reactions. It would be nice if there was a “reaction” notification in a menu in the MP app itself.

  30. I love this app. It really keeps me and my family & friends in touch. I do recommend it BUT lately about a couple weeks now there has been an issue. I give it a 3 star because the issue is that when you have been talking to someone and its your turn to respond, it will start recording then the video freezes and it just stops. You have to close completely out of the app and then open it again for it to work. Its been like this for me & several others that I have talked to. Love it otherwise.

  31. Cindy dice:

    So many errors I love this for letting in touch with my family, but randomly it will just stop recording my sound. I have to reboot my phone to make it work again. Lately I’ve been having a ton of errors getting others messages to load and mine loading fully for them. It’s so frustrating because I love the app. No one else I communicate with has the sound issues I do.

  32. Great app. I use it to communicate with family and friends and everyone loves it. Even the free version is really useful. Create groups and collaborate, all while seeing and hearing others. Better than text and email which can be cold or your words be misunderstood. Seeing someones facial expressions andn hearing the tone of voice makes communication much richer.

  33. Charlieee dice:

    I’m able to contact my friends and I’m glad. But why only videos? Why does premium basically have to take everything? I get that they need some sort of money-making thing in the app, but why does it need to be so bad? I do get notifications for it though, which I’m glad about because most of my messaging apps don’t give me notifications, but the premium is ridiculous. At least let us do picture, videos and audio. Preferably adding the feature that they can use pictures and videos from photos.

  34. I downloaded this to communicate with my family and friends and slowly watched all of the features I previously could use for free chipped away and put under the pro version 🙂 I would not recommend anyone pay for plus, simply because it’s not worth it to pay for something that used to be base functionality and was paywalled, instead of having new, extra functions on top of what you had originally.

  35. This app was great before they added the exorbitantly priced paid version. It’s almost as if they make the free version glitchy and awful on purpose to force people into the paid. I get that work costs, and I would be willing to pay, but the price is beyond ridiculous. I can get a whole television streaming service for that price. This week it’s force closing, won’t start recording, and has now started playing videos from someone else while trying to watch others. It’s getting stupid.

  36. Edit: since the last update, polos are slow to load. For one second of video/audio it takes 7-15 seconds to load and play the next second. Even just playing the audio (which would normally I’d be excited about) has to buffer every other word. This app is how my family stays in touch across the country! We love it!

  37. T dice:

    FINALLY they made the obvious needed upgrade to this app: the ability to keep the audio playing while you do other things on your phone. As well as being able to close the app, reopen, and pick up where you left off, rather than having to reopen the conversation and find the polo you were listening to.

  38. C G dice:

    Get a constant “slow connection” on one of the group chats. Don’t get it on others. Glitches, constant problems. Something changed but nobody seems to know how to fix it. Would believe it was a “connection” issue but ill get it in one convo, switch to another anf its totally fine. Never used to happen and now it’s all the time. It used to be a good app but not so much anymore.

  39. I’ve been using this app with friends & family for years. It seems to have issues on someone’s end on a regular basis. QA is apparently just 💩. Poor reception = it doesn’t work. Sometimes over Wi-Fi it doesn’t work. Sometimes the app persists in crashing upon opening. There are constant problems with the Sharecast functionality: I often can’t watch replies and now have 5 editions of my sharecast. Any company could do video messaging better. Why is there no other competing app out there?

  40. It was reliable until a few weeks ago. I’ve tried it on different wifi and cell locations, but consistent problems with getting videos to upload. The only other person I’ve discussed this with (who lives in a different city) began having the same problems at about the same time. Internet trouble shooting hasn’t helped. Seems like MP is having server issues…

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