iSharing: Find Friend & Family MODDED 2022

Find Phones, Friend, Family and Devices for safety
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iSharing app lets your family be in touch and stay connected with your family member anytime.
The family sharing app provides a realtime location sharing service allowing families to privately share their location information and communicate with each other. We help parents and caregivers reduce anxiety around the whereabouts of their family members with alerting messages. Find phones, family, and devices for your safety control

With iSharing Find Family & Phone you can:
• View the realtime location of family members on a private map
• Receive real-time alerts when a family member arrives at or leaves destinations – The best way to protect your family!
• Receive automatic notifications when a family member is nearby (Eliminate disruptive Where are you texts)
• Location finder for stolen phones or lost phones with find my phone feature
• Shake your phone to send the Panic Alert in an emergency situation.
• Turn your phone into a walkie talkie with iSharing finder and enjoy free voice messages
• See the history of your family members’ whereabouts

* iSharing app should be used under the consent of the other.


It's officially summer and we're ready for our summer glow! iSharing now has a whole new look and feel -- the same awesome features to share location between family, with a sleeker new design. Enjoy the improved way to flip through friends and the easy access to messaging them!


40 comentarios en "iSharing: Find Friend & Family MODDED 2022"

  1. Wants physical activity sharing to “improve accuracy.” You don’t just get to deny it once, or even just every time you open the app! It pops up constantly within the app as you use it. Absolutely irritating, and the accuracy is just fine without it. Every other location app can judge your speed without this. Super shady, uninstall. Response to editor: I addressed the speed. The pop up is obviously by intent. Useless response.

  2. Nicci Dee dice:

    I’ve had it for just over a week (the freebie version) and I love it! The advertisement is very small and runs across bottom of screen. It shows where my Loved One is within a half-block, so am wondering if the reviews of those who say it is not accurate are in some area where there are less cell towers? Anyway, I think it’s great. It updates when they are moving through traffic (every couple of mins.) and the advertisement is collapsable with a downwards swipe. I read lots of reviews for various apps before choosing this one, and as long as it keeps doing this well, it gets to stay. 🙂

  3. Literally the best app that i have found for sharing locations. I can follow my loved ones and see as they move with amazing accuracy, i can see the street view, their history and the best part is that I can even get directions to their exact location! I only pay $7.99 a month for it, but even the free version is amazing! I thought that the free version wouldn’t be good, but it’s just as good! You just can’t see the street view or history, but the accuracy is the exact same — much better than any other app that I have ever tried (especially for free!). I am extremely happy with the app and super comforted by it. The only thing I would say that’s negative is that I wish it has a desktop version, but honestly, that’s not even a big deal. Definitely try it and if you like it, get the full version, or just keep the free one. ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

  4. Perfect app for me to be able to keep track of my teenager without it being too invasive so he still feels like he maintains some sense of privacy on his phone. The texting option thru the app makes it quick and easy to communicate. I would highly recommend this app to any parent that wants to keep a close protective eye on their kid. The GPS is more accurate than I expected it to be as well. Def scores a 9/10 in my book!

  5. It’s pretty decent especially the free features. One thing I don’t like is that you HAVE to share your distance to be able to receive alerts. Would be nice if there was a privacy option that would disable all location sharing but still receive alerts … I want my kids to be able to send me alerts but they don’t need to know where I am all the time. 😀

  6. The best thing about this app is how deadly accurate it is when locating someone. Goole maps has nothing on iSharing! The instructions on how to set a zone when someone enters or leaves it, or set a location for the same is like reading Japanese. I still can’t figure it out. It was hella easy to invite my family and friends through SMS or Facebook messenger and set it up on both ends. Totally worth downloading, and my fav location apps out there.

  7. It only shows certain people moving steadily while driving,some of the others are jumping ahead instead of moving normally like it was doing. We keep uninstalling and redownload,some of the people still jump instead of moving smoothly. Was doing good with but a lil disappointed now. Please fix it. Still doing the same thing

  8. Kindly add an option to export my Location History. As it gets deleted post 90 day, if I get an option to export my location History, then i can save it for future reference, and with that option in your app, i can stop using Google Maps Timeline.

  9. Jodi dice:

    Never had a problem with accuracy but hate that it doesn’t work if my son has battery saver on. It’s getting dark, my son is on the road and I know he was upset. I wish I knew how close he was to home. But I guess he has battery saver on. The app indicates he has 79% battery power, yet some how the only information it can give is that he was here 6 days ago!

  10. This app is not worth the 14$ I tested it & it said my fiance was home still & him & I were 2 towns over. That was 1 incident. What it shows when u look @ the street view is way off. Very disappointing for the cost now if it was free or a couple $ then well it gives u an idea but… update yes I am well aware there is a free version. It does not show u history! I was charged after I canceled & now don’t have pro version uummm smh

  11. I used to love this app until one of their advertisements sent me to a pop-up black hole that just hosed me. Ridiculous. That advertising is allowed to do that kind of thing to a cell phone. Maybe the company wasn’t aware of it but really it’s on them to vet who they run adverts for…

  12. Subscription is too expensive. If they wanted more people to buy the paid version it would be half the price per month. The free features are great, but I would subscribe if it were way less a month.

  13. It used to be a lot better but it’s okay but now it just kind of skips around doesn’t really track the whole time so there’s a lot of missing data but it’s probably one of the better ones out there still unfortunately it’s all the rules and regulations that people put on your own cell phone that you pay for it I don’t know I guess we can’t have our own cell phones oh no we can there are other phones out there guys actually you can get them yourselves it’s total private phones go get one

  14. I would of given it a 5 star, but the only reason I don’t Is because I don’t like the fact you block yourself from the person’s youre sharing locations because you don’t want them to know right. But it let’s them know that your location is hidden, like really 🤫 why do they have to know specifically if you’re the main person in charge of this app. But other than this I really like it keeping track of everyone in my family.

  15. S Grewal dice:

    I switched from life360. So far good and accurate. But they only let you add 1 place in free version. That’s the negative part other than that its good app

  16. R C dice:

    Found app to be good and quite accurate. However from last couple of updates it has been using a lot of my battery power- a considerable amount and I have it on battery saver. May have to uninstall.

  17. You can only have one friend or in this case four total family members. To have more than one member you have the choice of either selecting one or upgrading to premium services. If you select one over the other, you would need to resend the invitation.

  18. I’m looking for accuracy and cheap/free but this app hasn’t consistently proved it. I’m waiting and giving opportunity before removing. I have emailed, hopefully there is a way to have it fixed. Wife’s location changes to different places in town while shes still at work.

  19. I love this 1st off because it is free! I love being able to know where my loved ones are because this world is so dark and anything could happen. This app updates location so often and I really like that about this app. Really recommend trying it out. 10 out of 10 recommend!

  20. This app is accurate and I use it daily. My wife has the premium service and Im thinking about getting it too. Recommend this app highly

  21. I understand that location permissions are needed but this app requires all kinds of unnecessary permissions. One example; contacts. No, isharing, you don’t need to access my contacts to see who is using this app. I should be able to invite & add who I want & who agrees to be added to a group. I shouldn’t be forced to violate my friends and family’s privacy & share my contacts. Uninstalled.

  22. great app I use it with my wife agreed on both sides no creepy stuff like following her around but for use of when she leaves work late night I can track her every step she has this phobia of being kidnapped so with isharing if she is I can locate her

  23. Has been great so far! No complaints. Does what is needed! Update have been using for several months and is a blessing!!!! Thank you!!

  24. It’s a really good app and you don’t have to download the extra money they want you to all the time it works out just fine but when you do download with a little money it can pinpoint to within feet

  25. I was looking for an app to allow my wife to track me when I go fishing and travel out of town. I started the free trial and elected to purchase the premium account for a year. Very happy at this point. Highly recommend this app.

  26. Bronwen D dice:

    The app is great, but we cannot use it, because it chews up too much cell phone battery.

  27. I sharing is best app to find the right place of your dear one….its working amazingly…this is not fake app….Thank you I sharing team

  28. Best GPS locator I’m still using. I’m really appreciate the performance of it. From Africa, I was able to locate my friends in Canada and Europe without even the premium subscription.

  29. Even worse than Family360. Without an expensive subscription, you can barely do anything with it. Hate hate hate it.😡😡😡😡

  30. The location is a little general some times , but overall a good app.

  31. It’s accurate at first install then over times it’s never accurate.

  32. I want my premium service canceled . It’s not working for me ,it’s not updating properly .

  33. The app is very inaccurate and shows the gps even jumping to different states. I sent in a complaint and I got the basic check your settings response which we had already done. Don’t waste your money. There are far more accurate apps for half the price.

  34. Can’t find where to add additional family members!! Should be easy

  35. Not compatible between Apple software and Android software. As a result they will never see each other having family using both platforms. Was able to maintain compatibility for a short time but overall I would not recommend this product if using different software mentioned above. We’re having success with Life360 for example several months plus with no disaster shows as witnessed from this app. But you don’t have to take my word on it try it yourself. Its geared towards prescription.

  36. Finally an app that works correctly in real time. There is a monthly fee but it is a great price it works great and you can rest at ease knowing where your family is.

  37. L P dice:

    Having had a mini stroke this has given both my husband and myself a bit of reassurance that I can be found quickly if necessary.

  38. actually impressed with the accuracy . and sending messages through the app is a plus .

  39. I really wanted to like the app, but I couldn’t get past the requirement to upload ALL my contacts to their server in order to use it. Not a fan of using an app requires full contact info for everyone in my phone. I have maybe 3 people I want to see or be seen by in this app. I’m not ok with being forced to share all my contact info (no matter how safe they claim it will be — because there’s never been a data breach with any company, right???) to be able to use this app. I know they’re not the only ones that require this — but for me, for this app, not being able to be selective about which contact info they’d upload (not just access — but upload to their servers) was a step more than I was ready to take.

  40. Was good but from few days app is not working.. Unable to update the location

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