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Visible gives you unlimited data, messages and minutes for as low as $25/mo with no annual contracts or hidden fees*.

• Unlimited data, messages and minutes with unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico included
• Pay as little as $25/mo with Party Pay. To achieve this price, your Party must have at least 4 members, but there is no longer a limit on Party size.
• Mobile hotspot included
• No hidden fees or annual contracts
• Powered by Verizon, now with 5G**
• Bring your current compatible phone or buy one from us
• Flexible payment methods you can manage in-app

For more details and full coverage maps, go to
Sign up in-app or online.

*In times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.
**5G will be capped at 200Mbps. 5G currently available on select devices. 5G Ultra Wideband available only in parts of select cities. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities.

For more details and full coverage maps, go to
Sign up in-app or online.

Reach out @Visible on Twitter
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Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Visible mobile MODDED"

  1. Fine app, but Visible customer service is worse than the worst. Coverage is typical Verizon, not too bad but not awesome in rural areas. The WiFi calling doesn’t work at all and customer service doesn’t know what to do. Data speeds are throttled terribly, a basic Google search takes a minute or two to load, and a graphics heavy page usually takes several minutes to load. Customer service is only by chat, no option to speak with anyone. It frequently disconnects, and the agents are useless anyway

  2. G Pudell dice:

    Takes forever to download the app. What a joke. Can’t set phone up without the app, and that’s stupid. Another thing, I signed up because it was $25 bucks a month. You only get that paying for 3 months at a time for $75 bucks. My last renewal was a month for $40 bucks. It was automatic renewal, also a requirement. I will be canceling. I can get Ting or Mint cheaper. This is Verizon after all and very expensive.

  3. Service is usually pretty good, app is ok… Cheapest unlimited data I’ve found so far, so I’m sticking with it. But there are definitely some hassles with such a discounted service: sms texts don’t send way too often; 4G slows, stutters, or disappears entirely somewhat frequently; call quality is not fantastic. For all of these issues, I usually have to restart my phone to jump start the service again. Sigh. But I can hotspot to my laptop/tv & steam movies or music unlimited, so… 🤷🏻‍

  4. Great cell phone plan! Even if you pay the full $40 a month, that’s a good deal for unlimited talk, text, and data. But with the Party Pay, you can get down to $25 a month…and that’s a GREAT deal! My only reason for lowering it to 4 stars is voicemail. I’ve had voicemail that plays back in slo-mo twice and another that I only got the last five seconds from. Also, to my knowledge you can’t set up your voicemail to give you transcripts like other plans allow. Other than voicemail, great plan!!!!

  5. Cheap is good. Terrible support when needed. Was told to reset sim 4 different times with 4 different sets of instructions to try and resolve an issue that it didn’t resolve. You need to update the app every month when you pay the bill. I needed to update Android version to 12 to use Visible in the first place, which killed 80% of my phone’s functions until I found my own solution to the “upgrade” weeks later. I’ve never had a phone service where I was forced to “upgrade” phone software version

  6. Mia dice:

    GREAT PRICES with random dropped calls!! I was on hold with an important call for 3 hrs. As soon as they picked up and verified my name, the call dropped and I never got a callback, and now I’ve lost out on something important. This happens all the time, at random moments. Each time I try to call the person right back, it disconnects instantly. It takes abt 25 tries to get the phone to reconnect again. Angry and disappointed!!!!!!!! YES I’ve reached out to the Care Team, no resolution.

  7. Will drop calls on a realitivly regular basis if you have been on the phone a bit and you have to restart your phone to get it to reconnect to both data and internet once it does it. Overall, it’s a manageable annoyance for how little you have to pay for unlimited data. It’s not a perfect system but worth the affordability for me

  8. S Smith dice:

    Service was great initially. Now we are looking for a new provider. It’s bad. Really really bad. Constant dropped calls. Can’t hear most of a phone conversation. Poor data signal. Price is still great. Service is horrible. Don’t know what happened but attempts to fix it with customer service haven’t changed anything. Unfortunately, I’m old. I don’t have and don’t want a Twitter or Instagram account. I have tried multiple times to resolve my connectivity issue with the chat function on the app

  9. Amy L dice:

    Not reliable at all. Can’t make or receive calls A LOT. Can’t send or receive texts A LOT. Keep getting notifications asking if I like visible this month (no) and every time you try to open the app for anything you have to update the app. Get notifications 8-10 days before you bill is due when you can’t pay your bill until 7 days before it is due. Have to turn off the phone if you want to listen to more than one voicemail. We chose Visible for the price, and clearly you get what you pay for.

  10. Service is great, the app, not so much. The app requires a log in every time, has done so for the couple years I’ve had it. Customer service was okay when I used it, but that was a while ago. Switching to Visible was also a hassle, but they got it working after a week or so.. Would recommend the service, but would advise that it might not be a smooth transition.

  11. its pretty good so far. I stream music most of the day and there are days where connectivity is pretty bad and my music stops constantly. This never happened with Sprint. If Visible could do a better job with this with verizon, id be happy to change my rating to a better one, but if you are going to use verizon coverage as a selling point, you need to step it up. Bragging you have some of the best coverage and then i cant even stream music in the DC metropolitan area is pretty weak.

  12. Completely unreliable. They say “It’s so convenient. Just pay your bill and communicate with us through our mobile app”. They should add, “Just be prepared to go through an app update every time you want to use the damn thing”. If Visible Wireless wants to limit its communication with customers to app payments and requests for customer service through chats via the app, they should at least make it reliable. Abysmal.

  13. dboenitz dice:

    Good until something goes wrong. Once a mishap happens you are the technical support. I spent 10-15 hours over the course of 12 days helping them, help me troubleshoot what was wrong with no results. I was elevated to the specialist team 3 or 4 times. No calls, texts or data. It was extremely frustrating. Sometimes I’d be in the middle of the chat hit the minimize button to get something the live agent would need only to find the chat was disconnected. My own form of groundhog day hell 😑

  14. Really. Really. Slow. To. Load. For an app that is really just for set up and bill pay … UI frills make a simple task harder than it should be. The cell service itself is great, never drop a call, haven’t experienced any major data cap and use my phone as a hotspot for laptop school work constantly – never a problem.

  15. Porting my number over from T-Mobile to visible just caused me to have no service from either provider, but made me foot the bill for both. Right now I’m going on seven days without service. I used to like visible very much, but the ‘error during the port’ issue isn’t getting solved. I also haven’t even gotten an update on the issue in my email as I was told through chat support. At this point I don’t even know if my old phone number can be recovered or not. Just empty promises an no service.

  16. The Visible app is as bare bones as its service. The app allows you to order, check order status, pay bill, and engage support via Chat. Compared to Verizon this app leaves something much to be desired, especially considering that it uses Verizon’s network. If there is an outage or service problem, it probably won’t be reflected in the app. The app should start allowing fingerprint authentication to log in. No question the app could and should provide a more robust environment.

  17. it’s nice for the price everything is great but I took off two stars because every time it switches towers it drops the call and you have to restart the phone to be able to place a call again. it’s the same way with my wife and my daughter’s phone as well and it’s only happen with visible service but other than that I like visible for the price

  18. ..and there’s this glaring user interface issue on the load page. “Activate my service” and “Get started” both look like a button you might want to press, and then right below that, there is this stealth “Sign In” button that does not look like a button and is indistigushable from normal text. Edit: they underlined it to try to make it look like it’s clickable. Such a weak-sauce response but better than nothing. The app doesn’t seem to know I don’t need to activate service. Minor & annoying.

  19. I have and still have issues with cellular service being dropped while at my house and even while on the phone. It’s very annoying. It never happened with Verizon. I contacted Visible and the only thing they told me to do was to reset the phone — which didn’t solve the issue. The other bad issue is that people have tried to call and text when I didn’t even know the cellular service “wasn’t available” so they didn’t know what was happening — only that I was not responding to them.

  20. Unable to make phone calls. I miss phone calls. This past weekend I was unable to reply to T-Mobile subscribers. I had dropped their service about a year ago and had only signed back up with them because of a promotion they were running. Buyer beware. You get what you pay for. Listed device hasn’t been used in over a year. Useless in trying to ask them to update my device. Had one person think that reinstalling the app would fix an error that is on their end. YOU REALLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

  21. The five star rating is for the service not the app, as there really isn’t much to do in the app… There is only one plan option you have, an unlimited everything plan that is dirt cheap and only one fifth the cost of most other wireless carriers… And considering I stream music virtually all day long, I use a ton of data every month and have yet to have any meaningful issue in regards to experiencing a bad connection or signal… Unlike boost and metro where no signal was the norm.

  22. love the discounted service. able to hotspot my tv to watch Netflix without issue. BUT after 5 months of service now my calls get dropped after 10 minutes and then I cant dial out…must restart entire phone. customer service is always very nice but resolve problem and works fine for a week and then drops again. contacting customer service for 5th time and may just switch back to my expensive large carrier at this point.

  23. UPDATE: Upgraded from 3 to 4 stars. Contacted customer service. Everything on their end checked out oaky so, support rep had me temporariy remove my phone’s SIM card for a couple of minutes. So then, no calls have dropped and, nobody has said my audio sounds garbed. Crossing my fingers that the problems don’t recur. ORIGINAL: Price and service are good. Connectivity, not so good. A lot of dropped calls and, many times when outgoing calls do connect, the other person can hear me but, I can’t hear them. However, if they call me right back, we can both hear each other.

  24. garbage, don’t sign up In response to your response. Unfortunately it’s a little too late. Several times my calls were dropped while in the middle of important business calls. I called visible via chat and phone a few times to resolve which led nowhere. Very disappointing. Just switched to Mint to give them a chance which seems to be working better. Again, VERY disappointing

  25. Service isn’t too shabby, the app itself is kinda horrible, it took me month and a million hoops to get signed up, impossible to change my address and my account info, made a typo that jeopardized my entire account and had to remake, but 4 stars because the customer service is actually very admirable. Its easy to text in, and it took a couple tries, but eventually they did help me get everything sorted.

  26. it’s an alright service overall. Plans are good and party pay is a great feature. phones are a big downfall, they’re not open at all on bring your own phone unless it’s already Visible. they don’t tell you what phone will work or even know the specs of the network. been round and round with customer service on it, just gave up.

  27. Carly A dice:

    Every time I try to contact customer service, the app freezes! Horrible!! Horrible!! Update: I haven’t had internet access for a couple weeks now. I can’t even contact them to complain & troubleshoot the issue… because the ONLY way to contact them is thru their app! Can’t really do that WITHOUT INTERNET… Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT waste your $$$

  28. M R A dice:

    HORRIBLE! They say easy activation, not even close. Have spent all day trying to get activated and it shows on the app that my email has been verified, but they say it hasn’t. I verified it twice. I was hopeful with visible but it ended up being what I thought it was. A joke. One customer service representative was rude, and you will get a different one every time. I’ll pay more for customer service and ease of problem solving. They are now telling me it will take 24-48 hours for solution

  29. There is no way this service uses Verizon’s towers. I constantly drop calls even when I’m on the Wi-Fi calling. And sometimes I don’t get texts at all. And some people don’t get my text at all. One time clients needed to get on touch with me in an emergency and I was in a Lowe’s with good signal and I didn’t get text or phone calls. I never got them. Not even after I rebooted my phone and outside the store. The only reason I am still with them is because I need to stay with them for 3 months.

  30. Visible has extremely poor customer service. I signed up for service and ported my number over. The phone I chose was $105 at the time my service started, but would have been free has I returned my old phone. I was unable to return my phone, and they charged $130 for the phone that I’ve already had for a month because the “special promotional pricing ended” Their customer service will do everything they can to cheat you and mislead you at every corner.

  31. Mike Cee dice:

    I guess some folks have a issue but I am quite satisfied with my phone and service. I have been with visible for more than 2 years and never had a problem although if I need costumer support would rather talk to a person and not chat,other than that all is good. I love the Hotspot works great,can watch my ruku and work on my laptop with no problems. My upgrade on my phone was quick and prompt and the price is hard to beat. I’m happy with mine.

  32. Wish I stayed with T-Mobile. I only get service for 5minutes if I stand in one spot in my house. I’ve had so many calls dropped I’ve lost count. And to see if I have any missed text messages. I have to constantly reset my phone so it’ll give me (a very brief minute) of service before losing signal. And in order to respond to my texts, I have to text out my response, restart my (free phone that they gave me) and hope it sends within a minute. I can’t use WiFi calling, my phone just won’t do it.

  33. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus. Service as of lately has been extremely poor. I’ve tried factory reset, different settings, and different locations and it continues to get worse. Having noone to talk to for tech support makes this experience with Visible extremely frustrating. I’ll be looking for another carrier.

  34. This app is ridiculous. Everytime I open it, it has to be updated, even if it was updated just 2 days ago. It takes forever to update. I do not like this app. The phone service is okay….nothing to brag about except I have service for $25 a month per line. That’s the only bonus. I experienced very slow load time in the evenings as more people are using their phones. It doesn’t make a good hotspot in the evenings for sure. I am thinking of switching to a different carrier. This one is slow.

  35. Doesn’t save login info, which is a hassle. I get a notification every month asking me to rate their performance, but that doesn’t work. Trying to chat with tech support on the app is a nightmare as 90% of their solutions are just “restart phone”, and there’s no notification when the agent messages you, so you have to stare at it constantly if you don’t want the conversation to time out and have to start over. The app is the worst part of Visible, and that’s saying a lot.

  36. The service has been decent, other than the constant delayed texts/MMS messages, but the app is terrible. It’s quite buggy and has been since I first signed up with Visible. I just tried to sign in to turn on the new spam protection option only to get a pop-up message stating I need to update the app. It doesn’t give me the option to update and seems to be stuck in a loop. So now I can’t access the app at all.

  37. Review update: ive been woth visible for 2 years and the last few months service has been terrible. Slow speeds, random disconnects and dropped calls. Chat and troubleshoot doesnt help. I dont know what you guys did but service used to be much better. Hoping it improves or i will have to move on. Visible has been a pretty solid service and I love that I get unlimited internet. I do wish I could connect at least 2 devices so it is easier to use my wireless printer. Overall I recommend

  38. Service is okay; it should be better since it’s on the same network as Verizon. When opening a web page, it takes at least 3 trys sometimes 4 to open it. Lately have had many dropped calls, service freezes, frequent phone restarts. The worst part is having to wait for long periods to connect to an agent. Because of the price and the unlimited hotspot, it’s a good deal if you can live with a few hiccups.

  39. Max Power dice:

    App sucks and was going in slow motion till it finally locked me out. It didn’t send a reset link and now their support doesn’t answer. It seems like the new features screwed things up, but locking me out is poor functionality (on their end, I use a password manager) and no customer support us unacceptable. I’m posting here because I can’t contact them anywhere else. Definitely realize before you sign up that there is no way to call or email them. The good news is I can easily switch carriers.

  40. Donna O dice:

    Had the service a little over a year now. Every time try to open app it tells you to update. I can’t even access the app right now, I’m going to have to uninstall and reinstall I guess. Service has become very spotty with having to restart phone/ turn on/off airplane mode just to reconnect to a tower while traveling/driving. Their solution is just use chat on the app; which you can’t access. So, basically there’s absolutely zero customer service. Switching this week to another provider.

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