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Messages by Google is the official Google app for texting over RCS with fallback to SMS/MMS. Get more done in your messages with one-tap calendar reminders and emoji replies, and keep your conversations secure with spam protection and end-to-end encryption so that you can focus on connecting with the people and businesses you care about — no matter what device they use.

See when friends are typing or when they have read your message, share high-quality images and videos, easily add people to a group chat, and experience an all-around richer messaging experience.

End-to-end encryption is a security method that keeps your eligible communications secure, so no one (including Google and third parties) can read or view your messages or attachments.

Receive warnings about suspected spam and unsafe websites. Easily block and report potential spammers to help stop unwanted and fraudulent messages.

Share high-quality videos directly from your Google Photos library.

Messages can be automatically sorted into personal and business categories. Nudge replies remind you to follow up on a message, and birthday reminders make sure you send well wishes on time.

Keep the conversation going no matter what device you’re on. Chat with friends from your phone, computer, Android tablet, or smart watch with the Messages app.

Access suggested replies, one-tap calendar reminders, link sharing, and more without leaving your message. Reply quicker and get more out of your conversations with smart actions.

Suggested responses, gifs, and emojis make conversations faster and more fun. Reply back to messages with just a tap and keep the conversation going.



• Bug fixes and stability improvements.


40 comentarios en "Messages FULL"

  1. Generally I like it and really want to like it. But it has some bugs. For example, I cannot see any of my starred texts. When I search and click starred, nothing shows up. If I am in a contact and do the three dots and choose started, nothing. and in fact, that action also causes me to not see any messages from that person when I exit that screen. I have to exit the app completely and come back in to see the messages again. If this bug gets resolved, happy to give this a higher rating.

  2. Nathan L dice:

    It is a shame that Google doesn’t implement Google translate into the application as an option to auto translate incoming and outgoing messages. It would save a great deal of time from switching between apps and copying and pasting messages. Would also allow for reviewing the intended messages if their was a translation issue without having to leave the messages application. I feel like this is a real missed opportunity!

  3. This app worked fine for a couple months and then it just stopped sending texts. I keep getting the message that text wasn’t sent. Also the text to speech is absolutely horrible, and it’s not my phone it’s the app.. It will put the same word in twice, add words and get the words completely wrong. No when I try to send a text and it doesn’t go through, for some reason I have to hit it and then select option switch to SMS.. I am not very savvy with technology but it works half the time.

  4. Seems a lot of people are having the issue of unable to send or receive texts. Is there a fix coming? After getting the standard reply, turning off features works. However, this app came pre-installed. I’ve made no changes and there is an explanation of it working with the features. Something has changed recently that it causing problems. It’s on the developer to fix.

  5. The app is great for the most part but I don’t get why Go edition users get to have the Lite version of the messages app. I have a lot of messages and I’m unable to search on the Lite version so I had to install the main app. Nonetheless, I find it a major difficulty for the Chat feature to activate on default. It’s a bit or miss. I usually have data and I want my chat feature to be activated immediately I have data. Not waiting for “CONNECTING…..” Anyway, keep up the developments.

  6. Have used this app since I got my pixel 6 pro. Love the spam block on it. However, past few days has been complete garbage. I can send messages just fine, but cannot receive. Not even if I link to a desktop. Nothing what so ever comes through. If I change apps multiple times it might catch up, but then stops working again. Have uninstalled / reinstalled multiple times. Nothing has fixed it, aside from going to a different app, so I KNOW it’s not the phone…

  7. Chat features haven’t been working properly for months. It started with messages randomly not coming through and has escalated to messages also but sending. I’ve tried every cache/storage clearing I can, restarted my phone countless times, and checked to make sure phone and app are the most recent updated versions. It’ll work for a day and then get stuck on”Connecting” again. Frustrating. Finally just turned it off. I miss the features (typing, read receipts) though.

  8. Dan dice:

    Very glitchy functionality. Where I live has awful cell service, so I was excited about the wifi messaging features of this app. However, more often than not messages refuse to be sent via wifi and instead attempt to use the weak or non-existent cell network. Pictures hardly ever send and when they do, I hear from my friends that they got them 4 or 5 times. Makes me wish I went with iPhone instead. I’ve tried every suggested fix online and the issue persists. I am at a loss…

  9. The worst ever. Every day I get notifications telling me I have messages and that I have to tap to download, but they NEVER DOWNLOAD. It happens for all group text messages, but also for one-on-one messages. I tried many methods, including un-installing and reinstalling the app, clearing the cache and storage, rebooting my phone etc. Sometimes one of those methods would temporarily work but the next day the problem would re-occur.

  10. Pashtet P dice:

    This app came on my s22 ultra so I started using it. I like it but problem is it doesn’t always send out the messages. And when gives me option to send thru regular text goes thru right away. This app had more features than regular text, but it crashes a lot. I noticed that everytime It shows ‘sending’ I go in app store and there is an update. It’s like you have to update the app every few weeks if not every week. Kinda annoying

  11. Sub optimal. I’ll send someone a message and it will wait an hour to decide to tell me that they don’t have wifi. I don’t care that they don’t have wifi, that’s why I’m texting them! I think messaging via wifi is great but the timer to send that “we didn’t send your message” notification should be much shorter, and it should automatically switch to SMS. Other than that, it’s decent I guess.

  12. oof i feel dice:

    I really do like this app but since the last few updates I’ve been unable to connect to the wifi for the chat. Everytime I go to check it says “connecting” then for a brief second it’ll connect only to disconnect again and again. If I reset it to the original I seem to have no problem with the wifi being connected, the only issue is that in that version I cannot schedule a text. For these reasons I’m giving the app a 1 star.

  13. Leo G dice:

    With this latest update, when holding the enter key on the keyboard, it brings up a send button right above the enter key instead of the emoji button, that has moved to the left. Out of habit, when I’m typing and want to add emoji, I press and hold the enter key and swipe up and release, because that’s how it’s been for years, but now I’ve been sending unfinished texts to people if it’s a text where I wanted to include an emoji in it. This is so annoying. Put things back the way they were before

  14. I’ve been using Textra since like 2014, and never ONCE had a problem. Over the last few years, I have tried this app on several occasions, each for a few weeks at a time. I tried it on my Note 8, then on my Note 10+ a few times, and now I’ve been using it for the last 5 weeks on my S22 Ultra. You’d think that the official messaging app for Android OS would work flawlessly on ANY high-end smartphone. Not the case. This app is just as buggy and laggy as ever. Fragmentation is bad. Lame, Google.

  15. Jude Rose dice:

    It keeps getting worse as time goes on. My cache is empty, my device is not too full, I send 6 pics, I send only one pic, I’m on wifi, I’m on data, my phone is less than a year old. And I went through the trouble-shooting. No matter what, sending images is a slog–sometimes they don’t go through at all. At some point we need to accept it’s a Google thing and not a me thing.

  16. Stevie G dice:

    I always have issues with this app and it drives me crazy. I tried to send a picture to some friends and even resized it, yet the app won’t send it. Also, when I try to send GIFs I always get a size limit warning. I am so tired of it. Could you please get this app to work properly! Update: after updating the app today, now I am not getting notifications that I have received texts and my notifications are on. Still having issues sending photos and GIFs.

  17. Emil Cohen dice:

    Messages sometimes do not gonthrough despite saying sent. When you click on the message the item says waiting for user to come online. Even if the phones are literally next to each other with wifi access and the recipient sends a message. Even if this cant be fixed, while it waits to send a message it should not say ‘sent’. This has been very frustrating…..

  18. I have been using this app for over a year. Since my most recent update I am now having issues sending messages. I get a notification that it cannot be sent. When I click on the message to see options it says switching to SMS/MMS and will then send fine. Sometimes I have to tell it multiple times to resend. Once they do send it says “chatting with mom” or whoever I’m texting. I am not seeing anything in settings to change how texts are sent. ****Update – I’m OVER it – deleting now.

  19. Severe battery drain (and extremely hot phone) even when phone is NOT BEING USED. I thought I could fix it myself: I turned off access to camera. I turned off sync. I’ve read online that the recent update corrects the bug that’s causing severe battery drain. Nope. So I switched back to Textra app. 24hr battery usage went from 57% to 1% just by changing my app. I can’t use my galaxy watch to text without this app. Cannot change battery optimization, not an option. Something is extremely wrong.

  20. Lately, large texts come in broken up into many smaller texts that are not in order and will come in all at the same time. For example, if it’s broken into eight small texts, I might get the second, fourth and 6th at 4:00 p.m. a half hour later two more will come in and 20 minutes after that the rest show up. On other phones it comes in as a single large text. Extremely frustrating, makes it almost unusable. Rec’d email asking 4 clarification but the email link provided came back as unmonitored

  21. On the notifications menu The On/Off switches are very deceiving. As a suggestion any of those menu items that have sub menus SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT HAVE AN ON/OFF SWITCH … It’s useless when the sub menu has a setting for “NO SOUND” …. This drove me insane today… Every single message made no notification sound. And I couldn’t find the sub menu to set a notification sound because it was cloaked by an On/Off switch. Which is strange that messages was set to silent by default.

  22. I just started using this app a few days ago and I keep not receiving text messages. I have to restart my phone and then they all come flooding in. This is incredibly inconvenient as I have missed important text messages. I have tried clearing the cache and data twice as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Will give it a few more days but will probably just go back to my phone’s messaging app…maybe I’ll try joining the beta.

  23. Grant M dice:

    Unreliable and in desperate need of a fix. I work in an area without cell reception, so I keep my phone in airplane mode for hours on most days. Problem is, often after I return and exit airplane mode, I am not receiving text messages. The only way I find out is by restarting my phone, which immediately results in a flood of all the messages I should have been receiving hours or days ago. Rebooting my phone every single day is not an acceptable workaround.

  24. Mr Eff dice:

    It works. I don’t use any of the fancy RCS features, and I don’t text much anyway, so I’m not the best judge, but it doesn’t cause me any problems, and it’s easy enough to do the basic SMS and MMS features. Picture messages and emojis work fine. It has a decent amount of customization, compared to other apps of this type. I’m not a texting maniac or anything. It does what it’s supposed to and does it well.

  25. Lately this app stopped sending messages with error “recipient may be offline” tap for options. No matter how long you wait it will never send the message (if you tap options, will show you the message: waiting for recipient to be online, Switch to text SMS/MMS). Both of us restarted phones and still same error.Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. I just noticed there was an update on August 30. And I’m pretty sure it’s when the problem started

  26. Ok, so I have a little something different to say about the “what can I say, it’s a messaging app?” I have a Galaxy A71 and oddly, when I use the app that comes with the phone, it skips while typing. It’ll skip rows ahead or rows behind and for a while, I thought it could be the keyboard. When I changed keyboards, it still did this. It only stopped when I changed the messaging app. It’s done it on all 3 of my A71’s. ??? Weird? Well, that’s been my experience. So? Yes, I’d say I’m REALLY happy.

  27. this app used to work fine but for the last 2 or 3 weeks my wife and i have not been receiving messages from time to time. We need to restart to get them to come through. this is incredibly worrisome. it continues after trying all the tricks that we found. nothing works permemently and the issues continue. i recently switched back to the old app which is not as nice but i feel will be reliable. i sent message to support and received nothing back.

  28. S M dice:

    I’ve used this app for some time now and at first I had no issues with it! Now nothing but problems wont send half the text even though it says it sent but an hour or so later I get a message stating it did’nt go through. Don’t recieve messages half the time unless I shut the phone off and back on.. Also a lot of the time when I do recieve text NO sound sad because it used to work great now full of bugs!!

  29. Frequent & Annoying “Device Pairing” notifications ruins this app. Love being able to pair my Pixel 6 with my PC to manage messages from either device. But being reminded every 10-20 minutes that the devices are paired is painfully annoying. Why, why, why? Really need a way to turn off this notification without turning off incoming message notifications. The Messages app has many app notification settings but I’ve yet to find any explanations on what they do. This REALLY needs to be fixed.

  30. Buggy on S8 Ultra. Messages that are read still show in the notifications. You have to close the notification separately. Sharing links doesn’t work properly. I will share a YouTube link via YouTube app and the only thing that happens is that the Messages app opens. Doesn’t go to who you shared it too, doesn’t place the link into a message. Link between tablet and phone doesn’t seem stable. Messages that come into my phone sometime don’t even show till conversation is opened. Etc., etc.

  31. It’s been voiced before, but the changes made to pressing and holding the return button are really jarring. I would like it if the emoji button was the first to pop up, like it used to, and not the send. I’ve definitely sent a few text inadvertently and it’s a pain.

  32. Not all messages are coming through. Contacted Verizon and Samsung. Verizon says its a know issue. You have IT people make a website to fix the issue. We shouldnt have to reboot the phone, cut the phone off for 5 min, clear message app cache, and or network reset. When will this get fixed permanently. People depend more on text for business/personal than a phone call. BTW, the app works great. We just need to get important messages. Not just some, all!

  33. BJ dice:

    This is the best app I’ve used for texting! Not only is it more user friendly for those who like multimedia messaging but also like to have more manual control (fewer defaults that can’t be turned off), this team behind the app actually listens to feed back and makes changes unlike most companies I’ve ever given feedback. This app and it’s team are great! Good stuff!

  34. it does ok, it appears to limit as much spam as possible. I haven’t had to many issues with it. If it does get funky on me, I check the messages, that I have everything I want out of them saved.. Go over to the App Settings, and wipe it.. Then rebuild it from the ground up to freshen it up. Every thing is that way. No big deal

  35. DV K dice:

    Been great until few weeks ago. Now it stops working everyday at random, stops receiving messages until I restart my phone, then see all the messages I’ve missed. None of the help articles work or apply. Seems like an update gone wrong. No fixes yet. No helpful response yet. Submitted feedback through the app, posted online, tried emailing the developer email (it’s disabled). At this point, I’ve switched to another app. This one is totally unreliable!!! Plus, not listening to all these reviews!

  36. Keep it simple: 1. Make font size a setting, so it does not change every time I swipe. 2. Add setting to turn on/off emojis; I never use them & they take up too much space on the composition screen. 3. Add setting to use/not-use camera when Add-Photo is selected. Camera waking up takes too much time; I’ve already taken the photo, all I want to do is select it and go.

  37. Been using this app for a while now then all of a sudden I stopped getting text messages back. One day 15 texts will come through at once that were sent in the previous days by my contacts. Also experiencing a lot of issues with the chat feature causing my messages to not be sent and having to switch to text mode to get them to send. I may end up switching back to Samsung messages as I didn’t have any issues with that app.

  38. Sophia dice:

    I’d been using Messages for a year or so, worked great aside from a couple updates at other times that caused issues recieving and sending. I can’t connect to chat now. My number refuses to verify. I’ve gone through troubleshooting and I’m fed up. I switched back to Textra which I’ve used on other phones. Miraculous, chat without having to jump through hoops troubleshooting your messenger.

  39. Ben Wright dice:

    Harder to use than previous years. Not a very nice looking UI or anything that would put it above any other messaging app. And GBoard app sucks now too. Can’t even react to messages. Edit: I’ve sent plenty of feedback over the years and nothing is ever actioned by Google, so I appreciate the offer to give more feedback into the black box of Google, but that’s hardly an attempt to address issues users have in a genuine way.

  40. Hate it. For years it has sent Blurry pics, and Google hasn’t found a workaround for this. It’s embarrassing when you send pics, screenshots, or videos to friends and family only to have them recieve something that is unrecognizable. Their response is always “you have an android phone don’t you?” Android users are subjected to Carriers highly compressed MMS protocols, namely Verizon, not sure about AT&T or Tmobile. Apple uses its own Messaging system which uses Data (4g/5g) like email does.

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