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Identify callers by name and block unwanted calls based on your risk level.
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Your phone is your door to the world, and you shouldn’t open it for just anyone. With Call Filter, you can screen incoming calls, auto-block spam and report any unwanted numbers. Or, upgrade to Call Filter Plus with Caller ID for added security. Put a name to the unknown numbers, make your own personal block list, and even assess the risk level of incoming calls. Enroll today and start answering with confidence.

Key Features:

• Get real-time alerts on your incoming call screen so you can better avoid spam calls

• Automatically send spam callers to voicemail with the spam filter

• Report a number as spam so you can help improve our algorithm

• Block calls from phone numbers similar to your own or from a specific NPA-NXX
• See each spam call’s level of risk so that you can learn more about the caller

• Manage other unwanted calls with a personal block list

• Block all incoming calls from international numbers

• Search our spam database to see if a number has already been identified as spam

• Identify unknown numbers by name on the incoming call screen, call log and eligible messaging apps, even if the caller is not saved to your contacts

• Seamlessly update your contacts with newly identified numbers

Eligible customers get a 15-day trial of Call Filter Plus. Customers can choose to enroll in Call Filter to get the basics (spam detection, blocking and reporting) for free, or subscribe to Call Filter Plus for all that and more for $2.99 per month, per line. Accounts with 3 or more eligible lines can subscribe to Call Filter Plus (Multi-line) for $7.99/mo by logging in to My Verizon. If you choose to enroll in Call Filter or Call Filter Plus, the spam filter will be automatically set to block high-risk spam callers, but you can change your block settings at any time. Data charges apply.

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40 comentarios en "Verizon Call Filter 2022"

  1. Haven’t noticed a difference in the number of spam calls with this app installed. It doesn’t catch spammers that my other spam blockers let through. This app doesn’t really seem to be doing anything. UPDATE 01/23/23: Verizon, thank you for contacting me, but the problem is that a call cannot be “filtered” unless it has been entered into the database. Scammers keep changing and faking their phone numbers, so this app doesn’t really help block them. Yes, I am set up properly, thank you.

  2. - dice:

    Actually works quite well with the proper settings. Been using for a while, and it’s made a big difference. BUT, the lookup number feature is essentially useless. It needs to be integrated with numbers that called you (can’t even cut and paste from the list of calls), and it has never given me information on any numbers that I’ve looked up.

  3. A serviceable app with seemingly no imagination expended towards actually using it. It has a number of basic issues that really limit it’s effectiveness but it would be really great if you could actually do a search on a phone number to confirm whether you want it or not, without having to remember it, switch screens, type it into Google, and then go back and block it. Seems like that should be a basic feature.

  4. No One dice:

    Not pleased with the free version of this app. I have a Samsung S9 directly from Verizon so app. was already installed. It misses about half the calls no matter what settings I choose. I then have to manually block them. Also, I have same issue as Ed Connor. I don’t receive voice mail messages from these calls until 3 or 4 days later if at all. I’d like to see the developer to find a way to also block text messages and emails from these calls. Please correct or I will uninstall. Waste of time

  5. Ed Conner dice:

    Overall I’ve been pretty pleased with this apps free version until recently. However, lately I have been missing some very important voice messages. Either they finally show up days after they were left or if I hit the refresh button a million times a day they will show up. Anybody having this issue? I would be pleased to hear from someone on customer service in regard to how this can be fixed.

  6. Finally, a call filter app that might be worth it. The ease of use is middle of the road but has an area code block. If this blocks at least 60% of them, then 4 stars, 80% 5 stars. There’s no way to catch them all, too many out there with even more techniques. I swear, though, if loose this feature, I’m gonna drop Verizon like a dirty diaper. I get far too many bad calls.

  7. Useless with an unlocked phone. EDIT: The support options are to be told that you can buy a phone direct from Verizon or it won’t work. Verizon is using it as a way to push people to buy phones from them directly claiming a need for additional software only on those phones, yet AT&T offers this service to their customers on unlocked phones and there are many 3rd party apps with similar features.

  8. Clay C dice:

    Minimally useful. Seems like they’re charging us to crowd source enough data for the app to function – and not spending much on active or creative/useful development. Call the thing beta, let your customers use the full version for free until it’s worth the subscription. And for heaven’s sake, if you have “permission to read texts” give me the option of having you block any text that contains a key word, set of words, or phrase such as: “erectile dysfunction” or “free trip” or “all natural”.

  9. OMG, I love this feature! I know from what state #’s are being called from. If it’s even a US # too!! The only thing I wish they would add? Would be a text blocker & an email blocker. Only cuz if they can’t get through via a phone call? They send a text or email. Not too sure that’s an option right now. But, I’ve had that problem in the past when I was payin for this option & they were able to help me out. They do try to keep up with all the ways we’re all getting scammed! 10 ⭐’s for tryin!

  10. Currently escalating to level 3 tech support, because this app detects that calls are fraudulent and does not block any of them. I have spoken with Verizon six times, trying to cut down on scam calls. And every time they do as little as possible to help. They are not familiar with this application. They are not helpful in setting it up. And they have specifically told me that it cannot do things that it explicitly can do, and vice versa. I’m ready to dump Verizon. They suck.

  11. Bad App. Only popped up a possible spam alert then stoped working. Does not filter calls – still get the same amount of junk calls. Ever since the install location is randomly turning on without warning. The app has hidden itself, the only way I found it again was a search in the Play Store. Ever since the install the phone is eating power at a tremendous rate. Uninstalling now.

  12. It’s ok, definitely could be better, not blocking all of the spam calls that I get on a daily basis, but it has slown them down. Update: the call filter now blocks phone numbers that are stored in my phone. The only thing I can tell is that it’s blocking all non-verizon users. Which doesn’t make sense since the numbers are stored in my phone.

  13. Stephen dice:

    Zero Stars, don’t waste your time. Update after app update, still completely worthless. Update, year later. Not even noon, and I’ve had 6 spam calls that this worthless app did not a thing. Worthless, trash, waste of phone storage space. Doesn’t work. Still getting spam calls. My AT&T call filter works so much better! Update, still completely worthless. I get at least 10 spam calls a day. Still completely worthless. You have to subscribe to block calls when you can do it FREE with your phone.

  14. I’ve had call filter plus for years. Since I bought my galaxy fold 3 about 10 months ago… the app tells me that I only have “call filter” I’m paying for plus.. but not getting it. If I tell it to upgrade, it says pending for a few hours, then goes right back to the free version. Time to call and demand a refund for the past 10 months of paying for nothing

  15. App says it blocked the calls, and yet my phone still rings. I double check in recent calls. It says blocked. I have enabled permissions required for the app. it even says potential spam and I have it set to block ALL levels. it still rings. waste of money. 100% do NOT recommend. if it’s not fixed soon, I will unsubscribe and request a refund.Edit: Contacted support via email that they provided. Long story short: Their response “it worked for us”. I got my refund and use “Calls Blacklist” now.

  16. This app is fairly useful. It most definitely is successful at limiting spam calls. some still get through for some reason even when I have every risk level blocked. The thing that this app needs to improve on is not unintentionally blocking numbers that are stored in the users contact list. Myself and many other sales reps have found themselves being blocked in our customers phones after helping them set up a very useful feature. As a sales rep this is exactly the opposite of what you want.

  17. This app is inconvenient because it doesn’t interface completely with my phone app. On my last phone, I was able to block and report calls from right inside the phone app. Now, I have to remember to open the separate app – Call Filter – to report numbers. Also, no ability to batch-delete multiple calls at once is frustrating. And why do I have to click a “Leave” button to close the app? Dumping another star for 9/2022 fee increase w/ no anticipated new features.

  18. It’s got ideas that sound good on paper, but don’t actually do anything. You can block calls, but they still end up ringing and the only way you know it was “blocked” is because the call log will retroactively update itself to being blocked, even if it rang/was picked up. What’s the point of a call filter app if it doesn’t filter calls? I’d happily buy the subscription if it worked, but it doesn’t.

  19. compete falsehood. “Try it for free! Eligible customers get a 10-day trial. After the trial ends, you can choose to get just the basics (spam detection, blocking and reporting) for free, or subscribe for all that and more for $2.99 per month, per line. Data charges apply.”. rubbish. those options are indeed disabled without the premium subscription. Verizon should be ashamed of themselves.

  20. I can’t find the option to activate the free call filtering. The option isn’t there. I only have the option of subscribing for the $2.99 monthly service or stopping my trial. The website link in all the replies to the other comments keeps going back to the fee based service. Even in “My Verizon” the only option is to subscribe. Also since installing this application, every time I get a text message my text messenger application reports that it crashed.

  21. It sort of works. It stops some, but most of the time the “low level risk” still gets through even though it is set to stop “all risk levels” and when it does stop them, it goes to voice mail and I have to go in listen and delete. If I block, block it, it is all the wasted time that’s annoying. It is easier to answer and hang up, except that I have to do it right then, so stopping some is nice, but not great. If #s couldn’t be recognized they could overload and kill our 911 system. Help us too

  22. I have called with issues and each time I get a different response. I understand all calls will not be stopped even if you have the filter set on low. However, unknown calls that are not blocked are to show so you may block them and list why. I have calls that jump the filter and they do not show up to give me the option to block, leave as is or add to my contacts. I was told by one person with Verizon that can’t happen.

  23. Johny G dice:

    Cumbersome and difficult to use. There’s no consistent context menu and when there is, it takes several steps that each have to be confirmed. And then you still need to go back to clean up to recent calls log, back again to clear the recent list and again to delete/confirm the number from the logs. IF VERIZON REALLY CARED, THEY’D make this simple and easy. Instead they charge for an upgrade that offers no additional benefits or services.

  24. This feature is a free feature that is installed to the Note 8 and Note 9 by Samsung. Except that if you got your phone from Verizon, the menus to access this free feature are disabled, and the paid service is available from Verizon instead. Any free feature that is hijacked by your provider so they can put a toll on it, is not worth what they charge for it. I didn’t even subscribe when I realized the scam that this is. My Note 8 purchased directly from Best Buy has this feature for free (the real value) built-in to the phone. As for use on my Note 9, I don’t care if I pay more, I will find a better app/service that Verizon doesn’t profit from. Boooo Verizon.

  25. This application does little, if any, to block calls from your phone. Verizon, just like all other providers, has the ability to block calls automatically when the header information of the call does not match the phone number. And Unavailable calls can be blocked automatically by the call providers. Instead, they want to charge $ 3 or $7 to give you the ability to block calls. Completely useless. Even with this feature and application, I probably receive 20-30 calls/day that are spam, unavailable or should be blocked but are not. I removed the app and this feature and strongly encourage others to do the same.

  26. The app seems to block some numbers, so it helps. But, I avoid having to a tually open the app. Visually it’s an outdated interface; but I could live with that. The main problem is the horrendous lag. It’s the only app that I have which fails to register screen taps – I end up tapping repeatedly hoping one of the taps will actually register. Just trying to backarrow out of the app is slow and lags. It is by far, one of the worst apps I have used in a very long time due to these issues.

  27. Factory purchased/unlocked S9. Won’t activate after week or so of trying. Worthless, and judging by other reviews, won’t actually filter known spammers, so not sure of it’s purpose. EDIT; have had issues with a few other apps, and with text messages taking a long time to reach recipients. Started thinking it through, problems happened at the same time I installed this app. Uninstalled Call Filter, rebooted – I immediately received several text messages from the last several day and more, that had apparently been blocked or filtered. All were texts from my contacts list. Apps with problems started working fine again. Not sure how much this app embeds itself – but if you’ve got problems with your phone, uninstall this ASAP.

  28. This app is a huge help! It sends notifications when an incoming call is potentially spam, or just a number you have blocked. Then it allows you to choose which category that number most resembles. Ie; Spam, telemarketing, etc. If a call does come in and inaccurately marked as potential spam- you may remove it from the list. I chose not to purchase the full featured app that offers more options. The free version is very adequate for my needs. It’s great maintaining Peace of Mind!🙂

  29. The app says I’m not a customer, which I absolutely am. Edit: Because my device is “unlocked” I’m unable to use the call filter app. Fortunately I was shown a means of editing its properties through the My Verizon app. I’ve updated the rating to 3 stars for the assistance I’ve received and will follow-up with another updated rating once I can gauge the filter’s performance.

  30. I was a fan of this app but it doesn’t seem to work on my new device, I assume because it’s an unlocked phone straight from Samsung. When I try to open the app it says I must be a Verizon Wireless customer and connected to the Verizon network, which I am. VZW customer service confirmed I still have the “feature” on my line, which is as far as their troubleshooting went. Can’t recommend something that doesn’t work.

  31. Erin dice:

    After the most recent update the app is not blocking any spam calls. I have had this app on my phone since it was developed and it has worked great until the last 2 weeks. I am getting 10-15 spam calls a day despite updating the app, setting it to all risk levels, calling tech support (which even their call came through when we were disconnected and they had to call back – that has NEVER happened before, even the tech was surprised), and I’m missing settings and features in the app. Fix it.

  32. Honestly when I first got this app last year it worked great. It sucked to have to pay for it but it worked. Now it doesn’t even do that anymore. I’ve had calls come thru that won’t even show up on the app and when I manually look up the number it shows that it’s a low level spam risk. The app has all the access it asks for and my settings are on to block all risk levels. I’m sick of paying for a service that flat out doesn’t even work anymore.

  33. Came installed in my phone, absolutely useless! Only shows the incoming number, on occasion warns of possible fraud calls, otherwise, unless I take the upgrade, and there are plenty of free apps that do better! As a senior citizen on a fixed incomes, I can’t afford to pay for apps, given the cost of my cell bill, alone. I would think that since Verizon put this app in and I cannot remove it because,” it may make other apps inoperable”, that, at least they would install the best app. free!

  34. 1. Call Filter (“Free” version) has reached Allowable limit, apparently; I’m unable to find a solution to this problem. 2. Attempts to retrieve password or create a new one always send me into one of a few unique loops. All of them ultimately lead to error messages stating either: “Web page unavailable. Error 404.”; or instructions to Chat with virtual agent. But even following those instructions ultimately end up putting me back into that loop again. I feel like the hamster on a treadmill.

  35. Vita Girl dice:

    It’s horrible. Doesn’t easily allow you to block calls. How do I revert back to the previous version?Verizon, shame on you for this horrible version. Update: it still does not work properly. Bring back call ID, I don’t need to see my contacts listed on the app. If they are already a contact, why are you identifying them? When you get a group text, it does not identify any unknown numbers. And yes Verizon I have the latest update. Stop asking. Just accept you have a useless app

  36. Works great to identify “known callers”. My ONLY issue is that I use my phone 75% of the time at work driving a company vehicle while plugged into the Android Auto connection. While it’s connected, it will NOT show any Caller ID, and EVERY call will come through – even if they were previously set to be blocked or are in the “High Risk” category. Call Filter has no record of these calls, and zero management ability while connected to Android Auto. PLEASE FIX THIS! Thanks 😊

  37. D. G. dice:

    I believe I am getting more calls in the last 6 months than ever before. Mostly from spoofed numbers. Some never say anything, like they are checking the # to see if anyone answers. You call back and it’s not a real number or no longer in service. Some are local, most are from Los Angeles Ca or Florida and Texas. Most are plain old Robo-calls that thankfully often don’t leave a message. It has gotten terrible. I don’t think this app is of service 97% of the time. There is never a caller ID, which must be in a paid version, but it shows the number. I block it but they just switch to another number. I have only received one notification that I recall for an incoming call. Very disappointed at present.

  38. I’ve been using this app for well over a year and paying for the “plus” package to get better options with spam calls and I receive at least 6 a day and shows that I don’t have the subscription even though it is in my account and on my bill. I can’t work with my phone on and I work at Verizon. There is no way this should still be an issue. I have a brand new phone, am all up to date, and permissions are on. I’m also on the do not call list and STILL get at least 6 to 10 calls per day.

  39. This app is completely useless; especially when it never activates the free version that it tells you it’s in process of doing. You literally have to click a yes button and then it tells you it will take about an hour. after looking at that message for 3 hours or so, it reverts back to when I opened the app for the first time expecting me to say yes again. Very lame and a waste of time.

  40. Chris C dice:

    Well it was working fine. It used to after every call ask me what I wanted to do with it but it doesn’t do that anymore for some reason it just stopped randomly. It was good while it lasted. The generic message you get from “support”?. Completely useless. Been thru all the steps but nuthin changed. It updated today then says checking account status & gets frozen spinning & spinning. It’s a complete waste of money.

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