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Take Classical KUSC with you anywhere you go. Classical KUSC is one of the largest and most listened to classical public radio stations in the country, dedicated to making classical music and the arts a more important part of more people’s lives. Located in downtown Los Angeles, KUSC has been a broadcast service of the University of Southern California since 1947.


Introducing Classical California as our new umbrella brand with aspirations for new services that nurture a love of classical music for all.

New Curated Playlists:

The Great Escape
Whether you need that musical deep breath or need to push the musical reset button, we have your Great Escape at the touch of a button. Hosted by Robin Pressman.

Classical Americana
Explore the diverse history of composers capturing the sounds of America from our early days to today. Hosted by Lara Downes.


4 comentarios en "Classical KUSC MOD"

  1. Suzanne Brenner dice:

    I am extremely frustrated with this app. Five or six years ago it worked very well. Now it’s constantly buffering and the music cuts out at random times, making it almost unusable. The info about the current piece also does not update when the piece changes. I had thought maybe it was a problem with my old Android but the problem is even worse on my new one. Please fix these problems! I live far enough from LA that the radio signal is very weak, so I rely on the digital stream.

  2. Jerry Glazman dice:

    I love the station but really dislike the app! No matter what device I use; phone, tablet or computer, it is constantly buffering. And frequently when it buffers, it either fails to restart or switches streams. I have sufficient bandwidth. Cable internet which allows movies or YouTube to download without interuption. But I can’t listen to this station without ineruption even when the audio stream is the only thing coming in on the internet. Come on KUSC, you can do better.

  3. Carol Steffan dice:

    The KUSC app was very easy to download and install and I was listening in no time, unlike other apps that I have installed. It’s easy to use (ie intuitive) and allows me to listen not only in my car but anywhere (especially at work). Another feature I love is that while I’m listening if I hear a new piece or an old favorite, I can quickly tap the app and write down the name of the artist and performer, which I was unable to do before. Five stars.

  4. Lawrence Diener dice:

    What is with the rapidly flashing screen when running this app??? It’s AWFUL ! You’ll need to figure out how to get off the app home screen when it’s running or you’re going to go crazy like in some bad ’60’s horror movie. Seriously though, it should come with a seizure warning epileptics about this. Bit rate is a little difficult to find, but glad it’s available at a decent fidelity. Careful with the alarm function! It comes on at FULL VOLUME. Which means it’s really loud !!!

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