G-Stomper Studio MOD 2022

Full-featured, High-Quality Groovebox Workstation, perfect for Live Performance!
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G-Stomper Studio is a Music Production Tool, highly optimized for doing Electronic Live Performances in Studio Quality. It’s a feature packed, Step Sequencer based Drum Machine/Groovebox, a Sampler, a Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (VA-Beast), a polyphonic + a monophonic Step Sequencer for melodies, a Track Grid Sequencer for Beats, a Piano Keyboard, 24 Drum Pads, an Effect Rack, a Master Section, a Line Mixer and a Live Pattern/Song Arranger. Wherever you are, take your mobile device and start straight away creating your own music.

The integrated VA-Beast is a polyphonic virtual analog Synthesizer to produce complex synthetic sounds of any variety, designed for experienced sound designers as well as for beginners. So it’s up to you if you just explore the Factory sounds or if you start right away with designing your own sounds in impressive studio quality. Its sound capabilities paired with the intuitive and clearly laid out interface simply makes G-Stomper VA-Beast to the ultimate Mobile Synthesizer. You will be able to create the sounds you want, and you’ll do it faster than on any other mobile synthesizer.

Instruments and Pattern Sequencer

• Drum Machine : Sample based Drum Machine, max 24 Tracks
• Sampler Track Grid : Grid based Multi Track Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks
• Sampler Note Grid : Monophonic Melodic Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks
• Sampler Drum Pads : 24 Drum Pads for live playing
• VA-Beast Synthesizer : Polyphonic Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (Advanced FM support, Waveform and Multi-Sample based Synthesis)
• VA-Beast Poly Grid : Polyphonic Step Sequencer, max 12 Tracks
• Piano Keyboard : On various Screens (8 Octaves switchable)
• Timing & Measure : Tempo, Swing Quantization, Time Signature, Measure


• Line Mixer : Mixer with up to 36 Channels (Parametric 3-band Equalizer + Insert Effects per Channel)
• Effect Rack : 3 chainable Effect Units
• Master Section : 2 Sum Effect Units


• Pattern Set : Live Pattern/Song Arranger with 64 concurrent Patterns

Audio Editor

• Audio Editor : Graphical Sample Editor/Recorder

Feature Highlights

• Ableton Link: Play in sync with any Link-enabled app and/or Ableton Live
• Full round-trip MIDI integration (IN/OUT), Android 5+: USB (host), Android 6+: USB (host+peripheral) + Bluetooth (host)
• High Quality Audio Engine (32bit float DSP algorithms)
• 47 Effect Types including Dynamic Processors, Resonant Filters, Distortions, Delays, Reverbs, Vocoders, and more
+ Side Chain Support, Tempo sync, LFOs, Envelope Followers
• Per Track/Voice Multi-Filters
• Real-Time Sample Modulation
• User Sample Support: Uncompressed WAV or AIFF up to 64bit
• Tablet optimized, Portrait Mode for 5 inch and bigger screens
• Full Motion Sequencing/Automation Support
• Import MIDI files/songs as Pattern Set including Song arrangement

Full Version only

• Support for additional Content-Packs
• WAV File Export, 8..32bit up to 96kHz: Sum or Track by Track Export for later use in the Digital Audio Workstation of your choice
• Real-Time Audio Recording of your Live Sessions, 8..32bit up to 96kHz
• Export Patterns as MIDI for later use in your favorite DAW or MIDI Sequencer
• Share your exported Music


FAQ: https://www.planet-h.com/faq
Support Forum: https://www.planet-h.com/gstomperbb/
User Manual: https://www.planet-h.com/documentation/

Minimum recommended device specs

1000 MHz dual-core cpu
800 * 480 screen resolution
Headphones or speakers

Check out the free demo before buying the full version


Storage read/write: load/save
Bluetooth+Location: MIDI over BLE
Record Audio: Sample Recorder


Fixed the full screen bug related to the navigation bar on Android 13



40 comentarios en "G-Stomper Studio MOD 2022"

  1. One of the only truly functional, fully featured music productionion work environm3nts available on the Android platform. Honestly, it’s a shame this software doesn’t get more attention and exposure. Every time I think “that’s it, that’s the wall. It can’t have a solution for this problem, that’d be asking too much,” I’m amazed again by the depth of what is capable. Sequence(including other hardware via midi) record and play audio, full drum sampler and editor. Blown away.

  2. Insanely good. Try the demo, then buy this if you like it… It’s worth way more than the price it’s listed at. The UI is kind of basic, not going to lie, and working on a smartphone is not as powerful as a PC… But it’s really close. Plus, I’m able to get into grooves much easier with this, since it’s easy to just jump in and get started with the drum and synth sequencers… These are fairly complex tools made really simple and straightforward. A+

  3. I am a perpetual novice who has failed to become proficient at a handful of instruments. I just watched the quick start videos on youtube and I’m already creating. It’s incredible to find such power on a mobile app. And that’s out of the box. I haven’t even connected any external files or hardware yet or learned what the majority of the features do. I could never justify spending money on a sequencer and drum kit but can now get that functionality out of a phone.

  4. Tried Fruity Loops and several others, but so far as Android goes, there is no better DAW. Very low latency (not sure specifically what milliseconds, but basically imperceptible). The GUI is pretty straightforward if you have any prior DAW experience, but I think the documentation is good, and assume the video tutorials are as well. Solid MIDI device support. Presets are a bit lame, but that’s by design I imagine. Otherwise, definitely worth the asking price.

  5. The app is very powerful, but be prepared to spend some time with the user manual and the playing with all the controls. Using using my own samples and loops, allows generating latin rhythms and music which is a genre that is pretty much ignored by almost all software developers (including G-Stomper products) out of the box.

  6. Best app for making tunes on the go! Very capable synth! sampler and sequencer are easy to use. Micing section for eq, sends, and individual track processing (this is the best!) plenty of “plugins” to go with that! i could keep naming things but the description does that better! Recommend for all producers who juat can stop making beats! ps. the only reason for 4 stars is no quick way of to undo recorded midi, automation or notes played. Also a 1 bar metronome count-in on would be super helpful!

  7. Amazing app…smooth workflow, nice & clean interface…I can’t say anything bad about this app. It’s amazing and inspires me to always compose on it. In the future, one suggestion I can give is maybe allow “playlist and pattern feature” to jam but compose a full song more easily. But other than that, this is one beautiful, solid, and efficient app.

  8. There’s a lot to the app could be a little bit easier to figure out But all in all I was able to make a beat

  9. GREAT APP! already Got Like 24 song Created. That’s a couple Eps. More Than just 24 synth sound and presets would be Awesome. More Sounds,More Organic. Please Update.

  10. Excellent app with punch and minimal latency. I’m using it mostly as a sample based drum machine (works a treat with my own samples in there. My next step is to try to use it as a midi master to sync with my tc helicon voicelive touch 2. It’s the only android app I’ve seen which sends out midi clock, rather than slaving to another device. Fingers crossed..!

  11. J. F.G dice:

    Almost great. Been looking for an app for performing by live looping and step sequencing. Step sequencer is great but, other than that there is no undue function for practicing riffs and deleting notes manually is a chore. UI is ridiculously over populated and simple things like, copying pattern sets takes too much time for what I’m trying to do. Can’t launch individual clips. Only pattern sets. Boo. Adding effects is extremely complicated. I would appreciate my money back.

  12. Mr Kok dice:

    It’s an extremely good application and it’s like a miraculous to have such instrument on go. I like it can be used both on my tablet and phone devices, which is cool due to its interface. I like it very much and I hope it would get as good as it is without major redesigns in future. It’s a-thing-in-a-case, G-Stomper is really effective if you on road and wish to create something right in a moment. It’s like to be a producer in every situation. Thank you!!!

  13. good full stuido app that makes final mixing easy, best used in conjunction with some other DAW as some filters are not included, but hey who cares unless you want an old tape sound the ones inculded are good at the job. The fact you can have none standard timings like 15/16 8/4 and 7/4 makes getting a nice heavy metal or rock tune going easy. Most fun I had in any DAW, keep up the good work. Quick note, the customer serivce is 10/10, even when you have the dumbass issue of settings too high LOL

  14. I’ve never used a music app this complex on a phone before but I figured I could learn but I lost interest quickly bc I’m used to learning programs on a PC, it’s quite different for me on a mobile for some reason. IMO the main screen is too busy, so much squeezed in that the text is hard to read. I’m sure if I was already proficient in using this type of software I would love this app but I’ve had it almost a year and it collects dust.

  15. Van V dice:

    I only scratched the surface but i’m already figuring out ways to integrate the software with my hardware. Really impressive ui and i was happy to see they have an excellent set of manuals/docs. This is a densely packed software so it’ll clearly have a learning curve, but i’m very excited to explore its capabilities.

  16. I used G-Stomper for a few years now and it was great. But now, I can’t access any of my files, an “Important Privacy Change” message appeared on the app, and now all of my saved files are gone, as if it was a brand new app. I checked the internal storage in my phone and they’re stiill there, but I can not access them through the app, it just shows empty. Please let me know how to fix this problem.

  17. excellent app with extensive depth of functionality, fun and relatively easy to get to grips with

  18. Even though the technology isn’t quite there yet, we are on the precipice and it’s because people like this making apps that make it possible for people like me to have the ability to record and do this or that with my music compared to 10 or 20 years ago. Amazing times in which we live!!

  19. No.1 Android DAW. i have purchased almost every android app but this is the one i keep going back to .the beatmachine can be touted as the best available in softwares till this date.it is almost like working on any of the Elektron products. this review can only land a fraction of the featured packed in this monster. my fav features 1. step automation lock 2. every pattern can have completely different sound sets, fx and settings which can be changed on the fly.

  20. Great music app really enjoyed playing around it but I purchased the TR add-on pack I searched everywhere in different folders to use it and I can’t get the app to pick the sounds the makers really need to make it easy to use the add on packs one place automatically so the app picks them easily until this happens I wouldn’t purchase any add-on packs!!!

  21. Still new ro this app but I already see the possibilities… There are a few interface options available that instantaneously make groove pattern creation easy… I will give a more detailed review after producing my first track. On the less than positive side of the app, already experiencing latency issues… Ugh. More to come…

  22. Well developed music program! This app is way better than it needs to be. I can recall when I bought my first tablet when tablets were first introduce. I wanted to use my tablet to make music. This was one of the first apps I downloaded. This was about 15 years ago. It was complete garbage! It seemed it was not made with hiphop producers in mind. So, I immediately uninstalled it. Here we are in 2020, and this app is a complete beast! There’s so much in it that I was intimidated by it at first.

  23. Literally the best twenty bucks i have ever spent. So very appreciative to the developer for sharing such awesome quality! Hands down no ?’s asked you will not be disappointed. Im talking to those that are on the edge of buying but aprhensive. If you consumer see this, hopefully, in the following weeks. Buy it. Once u get the gist of the interface it all falls into place and is super easy to control each aspect from tone to timing and effects. Really if even 1 person buys im satisfied.

  24. Absolutely brilliant app. Very useful for songwriting and guitar practice. I’m still getting to grips with its features. There are lots of video tutorials available. Already built collections for entire songs. Works great inquire an old tablet.

  25. The synth needs a LOT of work. I’m using an huawei M5 yet it stutters all over the place. The preset browser also needs to be reworked, they are painfully slow to preview with multiple taps needed. It should be full screen with instant touch to preview or perhaps a long press to preview. It would also help if there was some kind of name / tag filter.

  26. Incredible tool and fairly intuitive, at least as far as the drum machine goes. Only downside is that the stock drum samples are basically trash. Load your own and the possibilities greatly extend beyond your desktop workstation. 5 stars due to value:price ratio.

  27. It’s 👌so far,just start using this G stomper system.Can’t really feel something wrong til it stalled on me,trying to create that new wave sound.Anyway,thanks guys👌I gave it a 3star& I bought one of the packages from the app 2 try it Out. Glitches destroy the process and makes it hard when Creating💯So fix these problems so System runs efficiently for future users.

  28. To be honest I didn’t expect much from it at first but after taking a chance with it I must say this music app is very good. Perfect for creating music demo on the go. And if you have the patience you could create a full professional sounding beat. definitely a must have for mobile producer who’s rocking a Android device.

  29. Great app. The only DAW music app for the android! The input format is not the easiest DAW for timing and writing from memory. G-Stomper requires deep thought and focus in order to place music from the mind onto a format that can be played.

  30. Coming from FL Studio Mobile, this virtual groovebox is great, but i wish it had as much factory samples and presets as Caustic (which feels like a toy compared to this). I’m torn between the two at the moment!

  31. Great package, solid algorithms, fun to use but seriously creative!

  32. I had no idea how intricate and thorough this app would be. Can’t say enough about the detail and design put into this medium. It’s astounding to think I can use only this app and make any sound I want! Couldn’t be pleased more!!

  33. I’ve used FL Studio for years on pc and mobile but GS Studio is replacing FLM as my goto app on the Note 9. Its ridiculous how much they packed into this app for 12 bucks. Worth double that at least. Samples are epic and importing your own sounds is as easy as it gets. Highly recommended.

  34. I was reading a review that was saying caustic is better and simpler. I thought caustic was more complicated, maybe it’s just me. But I like the look and feel of g stomper better. I know 0 about beats but I like to screw around and learn about them. I bought studio with no regrets and once I really got some tracks I like I’ll probably buy producer.

  35. Coming from cubase I was very sceptic at first but i was definitely proved wrong. Nice app to kill airport-time in a creative way. I usually use it to get a little palette going which I continue to work on once back in my studio.

  36. Once you get the hang of it This is a very interesting depth app very very very hard to get the hang of but once you get it it’s like lightning in a bottle

  37. SLAG dice:

    The best music creation/production app for mobile. PERIOD.

  38. I have been using this app for the last 5 +years with no problems…y’all added new add-ons, which was great, just install, restart and BAMMM, use…now this new version I have to go through so much to get access to the add-ons. Who ever came up with this new version is a DDDDUUUUUMMMMAAAASSSSS

  39. I have not slent enough time with it to say wether or not it is a good program. It seems like its got a pretty difficult learning curve wich is not necessarily a bad thing. It may just be capable of alot more than I can think of and just need to be patient. Once I have spent a bit more time with it I definitely have a much better and more complete review.

  40. 😎’This app is amazing! it does better than a lot of DJ Hardware that costs well over $1,000. 😆’I definitely recommend this app as it’s only $12! 😎’When you use the TB-303 sound in the VA beast synth it makes the most awesome 303 that you can imagine…😀’it’s the best way to Make a synth that I’ve ever seen!😆

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