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Play, sing, and learn about all kinds of feelings with your friend Daniel Tiger.
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2015 Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award Winner!

Children can play, sing, and learn about all kinds of feelings with their friend and neighbor Daniel Tiger from the hit PBS KIDS series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

•Trolley Game – Drive the trolley to discover more than a dozen mini-games about feelings.
•Sing-Along – Choose from 18 of your favorite Daniel Tiger songs, each one fully animated.
•Drawing Easel – Use paints, crayons, stickers, and more to express yourself.
•Feelings Photo Booth – Take pictures of yourself that show lots of different feelings. Daniel will help you pose!

Ding! Ding! Play Daniel’s Trolley Game!
In Daniel’s Trolley Game, children will have fun driving the trolley and playing more than a dozen mini-games about feelings featuring Daniel and friends.
•Practice calming down just as Daniel does, with a squeeze and a deep breath.
•Feel proud as you help Daniel clean up his toys and put away the silverware.
•Count to four with Daniel when he feels so mad that he wants to roar.
•Laugh along with Daniel’s happy dance!

Sing-Along with Daniel!
In Daniel’s Sing-Along, children can choose from 18 of their favorite Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood songs, each one fully animated and expressing a different feeling. A great resource for children and parents alike!

Express Yourself!
Daniel’s Drawing Easel has everything you need, including paints, crayons, stickers and more. Save your pictures to the gallery or share with friends and family.

Strike a Pose to Show How You Feel!
In the Feelings Photo Booth, children can take pictures of themselves making their sad or mad or happy faces. See how Daniel looks when he feels that way too!

Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings is based on the PBS KIDS series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, produced by the Fred Rogers Company. Targeting kids ages 2-5, the app is designed to extend the series’ social-emotional curriculum, helping kids identify and express their feelings.

Check out the other Daniel Tiger apps: Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night and Play at Home with Daniel.

For more fun with Daniel Tiger, visit pbskids.org/daniel.

Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings is part of PBS KIDS’ ongoing commitment to helping kids build the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. PBS KIDS, the number one educational media brand for kids, offers all children the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and digital media, as well as community-based programs.

Across all media platforms, PBS KIDS is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for children and families and being transparent about what information is collected from users. To learn more about PBS KIDS’ privacy policy, visit pbskids.org/privacy.


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40 comentarios en "Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings MODDED 2022"

  1. : dice:

    It says No wifi needed for sing a long videos, but they actually do not work unless you turn on wifi! I don’t let kids play on the internet And the sound is too low. This app would be so great if not for these issues. Please fix it or tell me how to view videos without wifi.

  2. The volume level of the songs is about 50 percent of the main volume. So when we set volume high enough to hear song and then it goes back to main screen or between songs it is waay too loud.

  3. Love this app! My granddaughter has been loving this app for 2 years now. She is 4 now and has discovered even more to learn on it as she gets older!

  4. Wont load up just black screen all my otger daniel apps work fine

  5. App won’t even start.. S21 fully updated

  6. It doesn’t work anymore on my note 8.

  7. It appropriate for all ages

  8. My son loves Daniel Tiger but this game sucks! Can’t even take pictures in the photo booth or do the paint a picture! How do you get a refund??

  9. Reese dice:

    I don’t use app. I don’t know what it’s like but they force me to reveiw it. I know nothing about it.

  10. How do I get a refund? My 5 yr old ordered this, and i don’t know how to get a refund.

  11. doesn’t work on my note 9. I paid for this I’m mad

  12. Hello how did do I’m the broken I just split into hope you’re fine I got time to do everything you said you would frames of the past day memory your future in ma ba pictures of sunny days in the smile in the pa if I could say if I was broken how cou hey everybody wha Hello how did do I’m the broken I just split into hope you’re fine I got time to do everything you said you would frames of the past day Hello how did do I’m the brok

  13. My sister learns how to solve problems

  14. My 3 year old loves it. =)

  15. Give it a round of applause

  16. Kate A dice:

    I love this app but it stops working often. When playing songs, the background “select a song” sound repeats over and over while the song is playing. Today (Dec. 15, 2021) it says there’s no internet connection to play songs but all his other apps are working and the wifi is functioning normally.

  17. Daniel tiger day and night works fine . This has display issue were parts are blacked out please fix. Wrote developer son love show but never heard back. With my kobo arc hd. Some level the pieces are completely back while rest is in color. For example you cannot see menu pitch black but game are in color. Not all are blacked out just some I have no idea why. Great concept but needs work.

  18. We love this app, especially the feelings songs, but as most have stated it freezes. We will be playing one of the songs or games and the screen will go black, I simply have to unlock the screen for my little one and it goes right back to what we were doing but it is quite a hassle to do every minute or two.

  19. My son loves this app, and I love that there’s so much to it. Each of the components would be pretty good apps on their own, and having them all together is great. I can pin it on my tablet to keep him from accidentally exiting, and he is content with the same program for a long time, because of the variety. I also really like that I can access a list of all the trolley minigames for him (in the parents section), because he likes them randomized sometimes, but also wants to repeat favorites a lot.

  20. My 2 yr old loves the app. There are a few bugs in it though. 1. The screen turns off during the music videos. If you touch the screen anywhere to keep it from locking it pauses the video. 2. The trolley is very hard to move for a 2 yr old. It just didn’t seem as responsive as it should have been. 3. Why is the only positive emotion for the camera happy? What about excited, loved, silly etc. The idea is there but the app needs a little bit of work.

  21. This app is great for kids. Great songs and useful apps inside to keep the little ones occupied. My concerns are the large file size, over 300mb and when the video plays for songs, the screen dims. I also feel there needs to be more to this app to engage kids, it feels like a demo.

  22. I haven’t had any of the problems listed in other reviews. App works great. No glitches or freezing, so I’m thinking it’s a RAM issue. It does drain the battery fast. My 4yo was getting bored with other games, and she seems to really like this one. She keeps asking for the “baby tiger”. We don’t even watch PBS.

  23. The bundle for the ipad is 5.99, would’ve been nice to give a discount to those that purchased all the Daniel Tiger games. As long as the funds go directly to pbs funding to keep the shows going, I guess I’m not that bothered. Also the game glitches a lot so basically my daughter can only watch the music videos and that’s it. I hope there’s an update soon.

  24. Didn’t know I purchased this app, not mad but I bet I know who did install, will write a real review once I check it out

  25. It freezes too often. There is no way to exit the game other than hitting the home button

  26. I think my child would have some serious mental issues if they took all of this rubbish in.

  27. Fabulous game for under 5 kids who can’t read yet. Teaches about feelings with fun activities and music. Very entertaining, lots of replay value.

  28. The kids seem to like the game, it looks there is a moderate amount of educational value too. It would be nice for a proper exit of the game (either as a menu option or by double tapping the back button on the main menu). The younger kids don’t understand to press the home button to exit.

  29. This app works well when there is adequate space on your device for it. Otherwise, one may experience hangups and glitches. Please try this first before becoming frustrated…

  30. Where do the pictures save on a galaxy 6 edge? I cannot locate them anywhere on my phone but knkw they are saved somewhere since they are incorporated into a different game… i want to clear the bad pics from the memory and stop blank pics from showing up thru the trolley game.

  31. The only criticism I have is that brown isn’t a color you can use in the easel minigame, so when my toddler asks me to draw Miss Elaina, I can’t use her actual skin color. My toddler really loves the easel and trolley games, and it’s fun to sing along with the videos.

  32. Until the issue with opening the app and only getting a black screen is fixed. 1 star. My daughter is upset. Please fix.

  33. My 3 yr old daughter enjoys playing the trolley game & singing the feelings songs but it freezes constantly. I have it my android & just bought it for the iPad as well. I hope the freezing isn’t an issue with the iPad like it is on my phone.

  34. I tried to install this on a gs5 and a Toshiba tablet, and the download failed multiple times on both devices.

  35. Clicking blindly you can navigate the app and listen to the songs and such but its not usable for a child like this.

  36. I have tried several times to download this game. It just won’t do it. I have full Wi-Fi signal. I would like a refund please.

  37. The kids enjoy the game but when they try to play with the art easel the game freezes.

  38. It just keeps saying error. Don’t waste your time.

  39. This app needs updates. Lots of bugs. Drawing easel portion not working, songs overlap each other or keep playing when you exit the app, locks up and closes app entirely, etc. Causes my son lots of frustration. Please update this app!!!

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