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Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you’re in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your school community.

* Communicate in real time—on any device.
* Keep personal contact information private.
* Translate messages into more than 90 languages.
* Share files, photos, and content from your favorite sites.

Join the millions of educators, students, and parents using Remind to manage school communication and make time for what’s important. Visit our site to learn more:


To make your Remind experience great, we update our app every two weeks with features that help simplify communication and improve speed and performance. You can turn on automatic updates in the Play Store app, and check out our FAQs for what’s in our newest release:


40 comentarios en "Remind: School Communication MODDED"

  1. I thought this app was pretty neat at first. Being able to have a group chat with my classmates while under the moderation of our instructor and keeping our privacy is great. Then one day, when I’m supposed to be receiving a zoom link to a meeting with my group project members, the app starts crashing. I even went throught the hassle of reinstalling the app and it still kept crashing. I cannot open my messages without it crashing. The app is now useless for me. I missed my meeting. What a joke.

  2. Overall, it’s a great app. Most of the clubs and activities at my school send out info through Remind, so the app is handy to have. There’s no ads in the way and it’s easy to use. The only down side it that there’s no option to delete, archive or even hide old conversation. I still have random conversations from teachers and classmates from 2017! And since the main page of the app is the conversations, they get in the way and are really annoying. Please fix this!!! Then I’ll give it 5 stars.

  3. I love the app very much. I love the design and look of the app. Don’t change that in any updates to the app. I don’t have much to say to improve the app except for maybe some sort of activities we can create in the app would be cool. Like you could create events that are coming up instead of the announcements. And maybe a higher character limit for messages. Remind needs a dark mode.

  4. The interface is very awkward as a teacher writing messages. Some things are only easy to get to on the app, while some things are only easy to get to on a computer. But neither one is developed very smoothly. Also having trouble posting a sign up, where responses of people checking things off the list are not visible to others, to prevent duplicates.

  5. As an educator I LOVE this app/website and have used it for quite a few years. I have even used it as a coach with my husband’s sports teams. I am having a lot of difficulty with attaching photos as of late which makes it very frustrating. The app just says “timeout” and won’t continue. I end up just giving up, which is NOT what I want to do as this is my primary form of parent communication. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled several times and get the same message. I tried 2 phones!

  6. Remind has been a really handy way of keeping in touch with everyone! At that’s what it feels like! Remind has allows you to join different classes, and then everything that you put in, gets sent out to everyone. Not in the app at the moment, or missed the notification? No problem! It sends the message via your text messages as well! It’s great for businesses, schools, or just the upside of just good old group texting, if anyone remembers that. I highly recommend this app!!! It’s a life saver!!!

  7. Overall this app is a really good tool in the classroom it makes it easier to communicate with parents. The only thing that is disappointing is the amount of characters we can type on the announcements. It is very limited and it can be annoying having to type separate messages just to get the message accross.. other than that it is a really good app

  8. It does it’s job, just rather difficult. The issue is that about every time I open it on my phone (LG Android if you need to know) it takes me to a sign in page and has me confirm my email unreasonably often and I can’t seem to find a ‘stay signed in’ option. Another issue is that in order for a message to send, I have to close the app and open it again. However both of these issues seem to be far less occurring when using it on my iPad.

  9. I can’t get it to download. It goes to the last .2mbs, and stops every time on both wifi and wireless. Is there an issue with downloading the app currently? I have a Galaxy S8, if that’s helpful. (Will update rating once I can use the app to reflect experience. Just want to bring attention to the current problem in case it is happening for others.) edit: It worked! It seemed to have been on my end. Thank you for the quick response from the team! The app works great!

  10. This app is great! As a student teacher, I have used this first hand in a classroom and it has proven very effective as I can keep in constant communication with parents and students. It also allows students to keep in contact to complete student projects or keep each other updated on assignments, quizzes, and exams. Remind also helps the students be held accountable for their own assignments. Furthermore, I like that it can be linked to google drive and Quizlet.

  11. S L dice:

    I like the concept, the idea behind it. It looks nice and the user interface is clean, but it is very glitchy, even taking a half-second per letter still caused the words to have double-characters or to conjoin, and if you go any faster, it will just scramble everything you type. Probably just a coding or app size issue that needs to be fixed, I hope.

  12. Good app but notifications and updates are slow and sometimes don’t come through at all. Occasionally will get emails from students asking why I didn’t respond to a message on the app. Sometimes the message is there and sometimes not, but I won’t have received a notification. I’ve also gotten a notification, tapped it, and when the app opens, the message isn’t there so I have to close the app, reload it and try again. This does not always work, though. Good for reminders & updates when working

  13. Problem with this app is it is extremely slow. It takes for ever to send and keeps sending reminder notifications for the same message. I would suggest a few upgrades and features needed to be added. It does it’s general purpose but with technology today and all the apps out there, this simply doesn’t live up to the standards already set for communication apps.

  14. Sometimes it is difficult to get messages from people. I have to refresh my app numerous times before I can actually see the message. I get the notification, but I am always delayed with being able to see the message. I wish that issue was remedied. This slows down response time with students and can confuse ones receiving messages when multiple messages are sent.

  15. Robin S dice:

    The premise of this app is a good one. However, Remind does not allow you to delete past messages, or remove yourself from a class at the end of the year or if you change classes. This means we have 2 years of different teachers listed and their past conversations with the class taking up your personal phone space. It is also annoying because when you have so many old messages, it’s hard to know what is old. I guess this is better than nothing

  16. This app provides an avenue for safe and accountable communication for any setting. I am a student and really appreciate this service. The interface is simple and works well. The only negative thing I’ve come across is duplicate messages. If your are in multiple classes with the same teacher and they send a blanket message, you will receive one for every class. Over all, a terrific app!

  17. It’s easy to use and is highly responsive in the fact that there is no trouble loading the program on any divice. I find it helpfull to remember my home work assignments. You can also talk to your teachers, and your friends, if you don’t really understand something. I would highly recomend this app to people who need to remember there assingments.

  18. I’ve never had an app with this many issues. It’s supposed to be a way to keep in contact with your child’s teachers, but I never receive notifications for new messages despite having push notifications selected and my phone’s notifications on as well. In device maintenance it constantly shows this app has crashed. Every year there’s a new issue. When I go into the to app it takes forever to load and I have to retype my email at the start every time! What happened to keeping us signed in!

  19. When I try to open app, the blue screen comes up for about 5 seconds & then an error message box with “Unfortunatly, Remind has stopped.” and then gives the option to ‘Open again’ (which it does the same thing) or close it. The only way I know a message was sent is because I have a copy sent to my email. It has been doing this at least 2+ weeks now. It had worked fine for the last 3+ years until recently. Any ideas why? We use it at work & I don’t see the messages right away going thru email.

  20. Overall, this is a wonderful way to communicate between parents and teachers. Two issues. 1: won’t let me “add family member” no matter how many times I try.. Wish that worked. And 2: I wish there was a way to delete old messages from previous years. Leaving the class but messages still show. It’s cluttered. Other than that, great app

  21. Remind is a great app for connecting with organizations and teachers, and I use it in many classes and clubs. The only annoying thing is that sometimes notifications can be really late, which is unhelpful when someone is trying to notify you about an immediate event. But other than that it’s useful to get in contact with a large group of people.

  22. Brilliant way to keep in communication for both kids on one app! Pictures and files can be uploaded, this is great. Only confusing part was messaging back, it implied it went back so everyone could see but I think it only went to teacher, which is how I wanted it. Maybe that could be cleared up. Overall, this is great, concept is wonderful.

  23. Very great for school, but one key problem: If I were a teacher, I would want to delete old groups or messages that aren’t wanted. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete messages or groups. It is great, near perfect for school communication, but I just wish there could be a way to remove conversations. Other than that, its a really great app!

  24. Really great app! But, it’s very annoying that you’re not able to send a ton of pictures at once. I’m always bothered by the fact, that I have to click into each one and send it one at a time… Otherwise it’s a great app. As a teacher, you like the ability to just send a whole bunch of pictures of an event, or just from every kid, to post them on the class chat. I’m editing this review here at the end of 2021, and I still feel the above-mentioned issue should be corrected ASAP Thank you again

  25. I use this every week to send schedules to our teams. I USED to be able to copy and paste messages within the app. This was very convenient since a lot of what I send is repetitive. Today I found that I can no longer copy and past within the app. Hopefully the makers of the app will add this function back. I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars if I could still do this. UPDATE — I was contacted by the developers. Apparently something has changed in the update. There is a specific place on the app that you have to press to get the option to copy a previously sent message. Now that I know where to press, I can copy previous messages again. I’m changing to 5 out of 5 stars.

  26. H Berube dice:

    It’s a good messaging tool to help avoid important messages from getting lost in email. However its not always clear if you are responding to a group message or as an individual which can keep people from engaging on the platform. And I need better control over merging my profiles (email and phone) without having to get in touch with someone.

  27. I does the job. But it’s very frustrating that I do not get notifications until I actually open the app. When the app is closed, my push notifications do not come through so when my child’s teacher is trying to reach me, I never know unless I think to open the app. Then I get flooded with notifications. It’s a very faulty app and could use some work. But I like being able to securly chat with the teacher throughout the day if needed. My child is special needs so when she’s having a bad day, her teacher can message me to ask advice on how to handle the situation. Or can remind me of events coming up. I give it 3 stars because the push notifications feature needs a serious overhaul and there is no reason for it to take longer than a few seconds for my messages to be sent..sometimes my messages don’t get sent. Other times it can take up to 8-10 minutes for a message to successfully send. Otherwise, it’s definitely a 5 star app.

  28. Very buggy/glitchy. Messages say they didn’t send even though they did, trying to send files is difficult because it acts like it freezes up, you end up sending multiple repeat messages not knowing which have sent or not sent. Very crapoy app. Some of the app is hard to figure out who is in the conversation or how to fix it remove old classes is a pain. The whole thing is not user friendly nor is it smooth operating either. Very glitchy and too many errors

  29. i must admit, this app is very useful, considering i have play rehearsals every week for the next two months, and some days, my part doesn’t need to come. changing the subject, i really do not like the new look of the app. i have an android phone, and now, the ‘r’ for remind is cut off and looks really unprofessional. please change the logo back to the cloud!

  30. I love that if I send my students video tutorials or notes it can be accessed later through app files. It’s great for parents too! Since 2020, I have also used remind as an option for 1 on 1 tutoring. Students can text me privately for help with math problems. They can text me a picture of their work to verify their process. It’s a great way to build confidence.

  31. This is a really nice app to communicate with my team! A part of me wishes that regular students could message anyone, not just leaders. It’s kind of difficult sometimes for students to go through me for information on another. Notifications are almost instant and I haven’t had many problems so far. Joining classes is alright, but sometimes it duplicated my account. I would definitely reccomend this app!

  32. Having an app where my child’s teachers can reach me quickly and efficently is important, especially with a special needs child. This app is not it. The app is constantly crashing and freezing. Also, most of the time it will not send notifications that new messages have been recieved, resulting in missed messages that are very important. Also there is major lag in the timing to send messages. I would NOT recommend this for school-wide use. I use it because it’s what the school uses.

  33. My son’s teacher had us download the app to have easier communication between the parents and herself. We’ve been using it for about 2 months and I have found it VERY useful! His teacher will send us reminders of varies class-related things such as project due dates or picture day reminders. Most recently, she got in toich with me because he was not feeling well. This app is great! I love it!

  34. Make sure you have ALL of your settings adjusted. My old phone got every message, but after I got a new phone with space for the app, it was hit or miss. New one has several settings that impacts my notifications. Sound/vibrate/silent, Do Not Disturb, Priority, Messaging app… I love the mass texting feature of Remind, but not sure I’m loving how the app works. I’m still trying to find the academic team. But I added into the scout pack and debate team and out of old groups.

  35. Overall app is reliable, and does as advertised. My two complaints are the 120 character limit, and that it is super tedious to add people from one class to another. Would be nice to be able to add multiple people to another group all at once by clicking and holding or something like most other social apps, versus the current like 5 step process you have to do for each individual person.

  36. Great for sending out messages to large groups. I really like see the delivery report immediately. Just needs to be easier to join for those who are not so tech savvy. In addition, I wish it had the capability to save drafts automatically. If you accidentally touch something, everything is gone! Thanks.

  37. App’s concept has potential, but is severely underdeveloped. Issues: Parent of whom? Should my daughter wish me to contact “Wendy’s” mom for a playdate, but doesn’t know the child’s last name or the mom uses a different last name, it’s a no go. Some teachers teach more than one class. Others teach the same class or room number as last year, but have kept last year’s pictures and message collection online. It’s trial and error to pick the right one. Can’t make old attachments go away.

  38. It works excellent!! It’s an exciting and unique way to communicate and discuss things about class with my teachers/classmates. Also it’s a very good way to find out what’s happening at school, whenever class is canceled or not scheduled, and alot more. I love my teacher for finding this app for class and the people who thought up, published, and made this great app!!!

  39. This is usually a great app, however under the circumstances of the world right now, it doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the amount of people accessing it so much. Having issues with opening the new messages but the new messages not being there and when sending a message it is taking extra long… right now it has been almost 10 min since I sent a message to a teacher and it still says sending.

  40. This app has been so beneficial when it comes to parent communication. The only downside is that your messages are limited in characters when sending a group message. This makes it a bit harder to send longer messages. A great development would be an auto split of the message you type into the appropriate sizes, rather than having to try and split the message yourself.

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