Woofz – Puppy and Dog Training MODDED 2022


Dog training app to teach your pet! Puppy tracker and easy dog tricks trainer!
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Welcome to Woofz—our handy, all-inclusive dog training app for you and your fluffy friend!

Ever wondered what makes your dog tick? What do those barks really mean? Or how to help your dog get rid of bad habits and form good ones instead?

Look no further! Woofz will answer all your questions to help you create a more harmonious pet-person relationship.

So, what’s packed inside our puppy and dog training app?

– Dog training activities — Learn tonnes of easy dog commands with step-by-step video and audio lessons.

– Problem Behaviors Program – Say goodbye to barking, chewing, biting, etc.

– Course Completion Certificates — Inspire yourself and your pet to new levels of dog training with course completion certificates.

– Tricks and tips — Train your dog and help them learn new tricks by following simple commands—sit, give paw, and more.

– Profiles for each dog — Keep track of each of your pets with individual profiles, where you can monitor their health and check their dog training stats.

– Doggy calendar — In this handy puppy training app, you can keep track of your dog’s schedule— walks, trick lessons, dog health, vet visits, and get reminders of coming events.

– Precious moments gallery — Woofz isn’t just a dog training app. It’s a place where you can store all your precious fluffy friend moments and accomplishments.

– Helpful puppy trainer tools — Armed with the in-app dog clicker, you make training even more easier.

– Walking tracker — Who said training dogs didn’t involve any effort or energy? But with Woofz, you can take the guesswork out of how much your pet has walked with our built-in puppy tracker that will track those puppy-paw steps.

And much more for training your dogs and puppies!

Grab a treat and set off on an exciting journey in the dog world! You will both love it!

Official Website – www.woofz.com


Woo-foo, human!
Your puppy will be over the moon with this new update! We've added a special training card for puppies (0-6 months) that will make training your furry friend a breeze. With our new sequential training plan in the form of a route, you'll go through points that will help you understand your pup better, solve behavior problems and teach commands. It's easy, fun and your pup will love it!

Woofz team


40 comentarios en "Woofz – Puppy and Dog Training MODDED 2022"

  1. Initially thought the app was pretty decent, but seriously lacking content for the price point they were charging. But then I decided I’d still use it to log my walks, because it was a well designed app. Wrong. Went for a 28 minute walk, which clocked 1.42mi on my watch, and it didn’t record anything but the time in the app. Just bad. (Location permissions were indeed enabled)

  2. I had trouble figuring out how to use the app. It’s not at all intuitive. I wasn’t using the app and, in fact, forgot I had it. I was charged 49.99 without notice because apparently I was on auto renew. Within 5 minutes of receiving notice that my PayPal account was charged I asked for a refund. They refused to refund my money. Reputable companies send notice that a subscription is going to renew. Not this one! They hope you will forget and charge your account.

  3. Basically forcing you to pay. Just 1 or 2 training videos available for free, the rest you have to pay. I understand you must have premium plans. But putting “In-app purchases” is not adequate, since 80% of the training plans, courses and videos, you have to pay to watch them, so if you’re gonna be like that just sell the app directly, don’t put it for “free” if people won’t be able to use it unless they pay… Terrible experience over here

  4. Seems decent so far but have literally just started using it. Would like to have had more time to check it out before being continuously prompted to leave a review. I will try to remember to come back for an update if we really like it or end up hating it lol.

  5. This app appeared to be a great training option. It lacks immensely. Did not correctly track my dogs walks based off of my watch. Now the app won’t open up. Too much money was spent for such a lacking app.

  6. First, I was annoyed by the constant redirect to rate the app. What made me finally actually rate it? The fact that all I get is a blank white screen these past few days. Beyond useless!

  7. Very easy to use got a little confused on the walking section know now to press start walking and figured out to press click but as she is learning her command’s but we are figuring it out thank you

  8. The app is good but why does everything have to be premium everybody does not have alot money you know some of us are not rich can you make it free there is something that i want to train my dog with but I can’t because its premium that only that is not premium is like 1 or 10 ehat is that

  9. You will find much better and more substantial content for free online. Really lightweight on the content side. Very disappointing.

  10. I just started this app I paid for woofs and I’ve got it in my download but now it has directed me to another account where I’ve got to pay an extra $20 on top of this I don’t want to do that I just want a couple simple training techniques for the money I have already paid why are you sending me somewhere else to spend more money it kind of acts like you’re misleading I’m going to drop everything and start over answer me as soon as you can otherwise this will be canceled

  11. I have only used the app for a couple minutes and have been asked to rate it 4 times. This is annoying. I might have given the app a higher rating had I not been pestered to rate the app so often after such minimal use.

  12. By:Suss dice:

    super fun, only thing that i wish it would have is sharing a dog(s), we have 2 dogs and if we could share and have same things on both phones it would be amazing

  13. I loved the concept of the app but I didn’t really wanna pay for the monthly membership I wish I could access more without payment 😕

  14. Good app for a first time dog owner. Let’s you understand the basics very well!

  15. amazing app has a great user interface loved it keep up the good work

  16. Don’t waste your money! You can get all the same information from trainers on tiktok and better info too. Cute app but isn’t robust in training info.

  17. Rating this 1 star because it kept asking for a rating when I haven’t even tried the rest of the app yet. Suck it 👊 UIUX Designers, you know better than to piss off your users. You failed in this part.

  18. i relly love this app but the reson why i didnt give it 4 or 5 stars is becuse the trick opsions are limmted and you can teach 2 funny and 2 basic i would rate it mor if it didnt have lots of pro moves but other than that i love this app.

  19. It would be a big improvement to be able to skip videos to move to applicable ones.

  20. So helpful for learning about how to train our first puppy! And love all the animations 🐕🐾

  21. Terrible app. Youtube is 10 times better. .let of this app is just pages explaining what to do. Wasted 20 bucks.

  22. Each and everything is paid, and in this amount I can get a trainer who will physically come and train.

  23. Stupid restrictions that prevent using the app to train your dog. “Here’s trick for day one, use trick from day 5 (that you can’t access until then) to make it easier to teach day ones trick. So sit on my backside till day 5 unlocks? Pass thanks

  24. From the few minutes I was on it, first the layout is so adorable, 2 you get to take a personalized quiz to better match the skills you want to teach your dog which I also really like so far 5 stars

  25. Lana Povs dice:

    I really like all dog training apps but I feel like this was the most helpful. Even though I cannot afford it it’s free cprses are great

  26. Huge waste of time. Every single piece of content sits behind a pay wall you won’t even discover until you install the app. Just don’t bother

  27. I like it so much it made my dog a trainer! Actually never mind what’s wrong with these games they always need a card or permission

  28. I love this apps so much! I’ve had it for 2 years already and my dachshund is already mastering all the tricks! This is so amazing!!

  29. They just told me not to crate train my dog. Definitely want my money back. I was getting this to see if there was anything I could add to my ideas of training my current rescue and I see this joke of a statement saying not to leave your pet alone ever in a cage etc….

  30. Turn this into a full app purchase, this is not worthy of subscription at all. Played around and was displayed a ridiculous monthly subscription. Will seek alternative and certified training on that note. Turn it into a full app purchase. Are you based in China? Where are your servers located? Permissions and collected data is extremely sketchy.

  31. Zaptor dice:

    Very useful , i taught my dog how to kiss in 5 minutes , it’s so easy. It’d be cool if there were more free things but still cool

  32. Program is great. Dog needs some work.

  33. It’s awesome, my dog learned how to sit,wait,paw in just 3 days

  34. This app came so handy! My dad’s dog Loki is still a pup but this app is gonna come really handy! He’s usually really jumpy but, soon we can make him stop! He’s also very scared of small dogs which is one reason I’m using this app! This app should come handy to your pups and dogs to!

  35. Very easy to understand and to follow.

  36. H D dice:

    Has an overpriced subscription, they say that you can still use the app without a subscription but this is false as the only thing you can do without a subscription is to call a dog and teach it its name which you do not need an app for. Everything else is pretty much locked away for 9.99 a week to 45.99 a month which is a ridiculous price to pay when you can just watch a video on YouTube for free.

  37. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for weeks now I have emailed every email address attached to this app & I am still being charged every week this is the worst subscription cancelation I’ve ever had to deal with at this point they are just stealing from people I Google how to stop the subscription & you just see so many people having the same issue I guess I’m going to have to contact my bank & have them handle it

  38. I just bought this for a year. I have to say it wasn’t as expensive as I thought. I am on a budget right now, I saw a 76%off but only got 68% still great! But definitely could have used a little more. Since I just got the app, I haven’t yet done anything with my dog, who is 8 months. I can say it looks very easy to use. And has a lot of animated videos, which is super helpful when you don’t always have time to read article upon article. Will update soon!

  39. Little free content. This app is only good if you subscribe for £40 a year. If you aren’t willing to pay that I don’t recommend this app. I do know there is a way to not pay, however if you do not subscribe, most tricks and exercises are locked. Even sit is locked without premium! (If you’re looking for some similar apps I recommend Dogo)

  40. Misleading to have this in the free section in the app store. The only way to use this app for free is with a 3 day trial where you automatically get billed an insane amount after the trial. Seems like one of those shady apps that are hoping you forget about your free trial so they can bill you a lot of money every WEEK. Dog lovers, you’ve been warned.

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