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Childcare Management App and Software: Daily Sheets, Sign In-Out and Billing
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Procare allows you to run your entire school operations through our childcare app and website. Save time and money by streamlining core administrative functions while raising the bar for the parent experience with professional communications, easy-to-access portals, and the opportunity for real-time updates from the classroom.



PARENTS: Engage with your child’s activities that are shared from school and easily message your child’s staff. You can also invite other family members / nannies / grandparents to engage or share your child’s activities. Plus, you can pay tuition online.


STUDENT ATTENDANCE: Replace paper sheets with digital SIGN IN-OUT. Record student attendance, absences (add notes) and transfer to different rooms. Generate BEST industry standard reporting from our website to satisfy childcare LICENSING needs. (Also has OFFLINE MODE to run without network)

PARENT KIOSK: Parents can drop off and pick up children easily (optional use of a 4-digit pin). Record SIGNATURES and capture answers with DROP-OFF form. Charge payments based on their HOURLY attendance and collect LATE FEE.

STAFF TIMECARD: Staff can CHECK-IN from the app using 4-digit pin. Build REPORTS of their timecard from website for PAYROLL.

TRACK RATIOS: Always be licensing-compliant. Track ratios in real time from the app for all your rooms.

PHOTOS and VIDEOS: Send any number of photos and videos, and tag students with one click on our daycare app. Unlimited storage and sent to parents with one tap.

LEARNING: Record custom student activities and attach development skills like fine motor, social behavior, language and more.

DAILY SHEETS: Send daily activities for infants/toddlers and record Diapers, Bottles, Naps, Meals and Bathroom visits. Reports are sent to parents automatically.

BILLING: Create and send invoice to parents easily. Manage all billing transactions, payments, refunds and credits from the app.

INCIDENTS: Record all information related to any student incidents, send the report to parents and get their signature.

CALENDAR: Share upcoming events with parents easily for any day and month.

PARENT COMMUNICATION: You can send a message, text or email to parents instantly. Have their phone number and call if needed.

MANAGE CENTER: Keep your entire student and family database in your fingertips. Setup registration and maintain roster online.

REPORTS: Detailed reports for everything you do is available from website for student attendance, staff timecard, billing (payments/invoices) and entire roster.

INTEGRATIONS: Procare Connect integrates seamlessly with all major SIS (student database) systems, Quickbooks (accounting systems), payroll systems and much more. Just let us know and we are happy to integrate.

*** WEBSITE has more information

Send NEWSLETTER, view attendance reports, and run BILLING automated plans

Set up Tuition or Attendance Billing Plans with Online Payments for Daily/Weekly/Monthly cycles. Use Procare Connect for all your accounting needs.

BEFORE / AFTER SCHOOL billing with LATE fee can be set up

New REGISTRATION system to manage waitlist, applied and active roster

Complete childcare management and daycare software features, e.g. student / family information, immunizations, reporting and more.


- Updated Activity Icons
- Implement zoom on photo previews
- Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Procare: Childcare App MODDED"

  1. Hi, this app is such a great concept, it really enhances the experience of being a parent 🙂 that said, some things are rough around the edges. Photos are nice, but the viewer isn’t very advanced- you can’t even zoom. My workaround is to download then view in an editor. The video doesn’t play natively either, so I have to open in the stock video player. Other than that, great app! So glad our school uses it!

  2. Extremely easy to use. Have had zero problems with it so far and no issues with it not working either. It’s a great app for daycare facilities to utilize. It’s nice having an easily manuevered app to receive updates on my children, including photos, and having peace of mind about what my kid is doing and ate for the day. Love it!!

  3. Update… after my original review below, where i had given it 3 stars. I got a response from procare solutions. I am still not receiving notifications, and yes, all my push notifications are allowed, so I’ve lowered my review to 2 stars The app is not the greatest. Unfortunately, this is what my childcare provider utilizes it constantly crashes, and a lot of times, I don’t even get notifications when they send me messages. I like the idea, but it needs a lot of work.

  4. This app works well for IOS devices, but the experience isn’t the same for Android. You can’t zoom in on photos in the android version and the notifications do not work consistently. I have to check the app regularly for messages from our daycare because the push notifications haven’t been working. Update after developer response. Notifications are turned on they just don’t consistently work. I know I can download and zoom in, but you don’t have to do that for iOS (which was my point)

  5. The app shows me stuff, but it really is a poor experience for Android users. I cannot zoom into photos, I can’t swipe between photos, and I cannot choose to turn off the swipe to exit the app. This feels like the people building the app do not actually use the app or have kids.

  6. I love the fact that I can keep up with my child throughout the day. I just wish you could add or eemove/save photos. What a missed opportunity, otherwise.. I’d give the app 5 start! I’d love to see more with the pictures aspect of the app… I also wish I could change profile pictures and I believe they should allow the parents and emergency contacts pictures as well, for safety!

  7. Love the app and the fact I get daily updates and photos. Really disappointing you can’t enteract with the photos or reports (hearting or liking) or even being able to keep photos without having to screen shot. Also think messages should go directly to teachers vs going to office then having to be relayed later on. Otherwise it’s a great app.

  8. Gavin Oag dice:

    I did like this app, but the recent update stopped me from being able to use the sign in/out feature. I removed and reinstalled the app. It didn’t help. Reading another review it seems Android 8 may be the issue, but that is the latest my phone supports. Seems strange it was working last week, but not now. Very frustrating.

  9. I like the app overall, but the latest update ruined my ability to sign my child in and out. Pressing the icon to open the sign-in/sign-out crashes the app immediately. I’ve reinstalled the app several times with no luck. My phone is only 3 years old, so this is very frustrating. Please fix the sign in button for Motorola phones (Android).

  10. It’s really nice for communication with teachers and staff. The payment portion works fine but it is very basic in that it does not itemize or show payment history. There is a fee to use the payment option but that is reasonable. Unfortunately the photos cannot be zoomed in. The app also lacks some of the functionality that the online version has so you will still need to open a browser to add photos of kids and family members to the pickup list and some other things.

  11. Getting activity pics and naptimes for my kids is great. However, you are not able to zoom in on any pics unless you send the link to yourself and open it from there. Both pics and videos show a download symbol/button, but it doesn’t do anything when you try to click it. The videos cannot even be sent as a link, so they are unreachable outside of the app. It would be nice to zoom in and actually send or save these videos to see in the future.

  12. I use this app to track both my kids’ activities at daycare. I find it simple, intuitive, and delightful to use. Switching between the kids is seemless and smooth. My only suggestion: find a way to persistently show the dates as one scrolls through the feed. I easily lose track of which day I’m looking at. Additionally, it would be amazing to have an album type view, where all the pictures automatically show in a gallery format.

  13. S.J. G. dice:

    So far so good! I am a teacher, and the capabilities of this app are amazingly convenient, as well as user friendly! An outstanding communication tool to keep parents and staff in the loop, track attendance, post projects, documents, and set up the daily schedule and make adjustments as needed, and so much more! I’ve yet to find a downside (if one even exists, lol). Procare has really raised the bar with their app; I couldn’t imagine going without it now!

  14. Song Luan dice:

    pretty smooth experience and full feature support. No major bug. Very impressive for an app in this category. Overal app performance like speed can be optimized. One Nit on user experience: should support swipe between photos and videos once a user click to open a video or photo. Now I always need to back to timeline and click next photo or video.

  15. Always good when an app is required, that it works quickly and intuitively like Procare. My biggest complaint is around pictures in the stream, you must open each one and close it, this adds a lot of taps to just view a few pics. I would love to swipe through to the next or previous pictures attached for that child/class.

  16. As long as the school uses it, it’s amazing. I love getting notifications about what my little is doing and where my little is at. The notifications even include pictures so I get to see my baby when I normally wouldn’t be able to. They can send you reminders and notes about your childs progess, activities, events and even moods. Overall, 10/10, would recommend.

  17. The app has been good thus far if not a little confusing but I’m not sure if it’s just the school not explaining that there’s even an app to begin with or what it is. Theyre new to it though so it’s a learning curve for both them and parents. If it was a bit less confusing for both of us it’s be great, and lower the amount of difficulty we are having. Maybe offering a tutorial when teachers and parents log in for the first time could help? Helps to keep track of my kid. Ad free or unoticable ads

  18. Love love love this app! Toddler mom here, and it’s really nice to be able to see what the little one is up to throughout the day. One star knocked off due to a recent (and seemingly ongoing issue) where the photos are not showing up with the posts. I can see them on the desktop version, but they rarely are coming through on the app. If they could fix this one little thing, it’s an easy 5 stars.

  19. Overall good app, my parents enjoy seeing the care their child receives throughout the day and we enjoy the new messaging setup. However, I struggle with the connection on this app. Takes way to long to load most of the time, every now and then I can quickly add to a child’s day. Recently, the app has shut itself down and let me know there was an error which means whatever I was posting did not post. If I took pictures with the app and their was an error my pictures are now gone.

  20. Kelli N dice:

    Chronological would improve rating. The caregivers often add an activity that they missed earlier in the day but it logs it on my chart out of order. It does include what time it happened at but I wish there was a way to sort like they had filled it in at the correct time and not later. It makes it very confusing to see what has taken place throughout the day. Swiping between kids takes someone like me that is tech savvy. Most people click on the other child’s picture which doesn’t do it.

  21. Was great but since most recent update it no longer shows pictures. I thought there wasn’t any until I checked the emailed report at the end of the day and saw all these pictures I missed. It works perfectly fine on apple devices and in the chrome browser but the Android app is no longer showing pictures. It’s incredibly frustrating when the teachers ask if I saw something they sent and I have to tell them no because the app won’t work.

  22. Dominic G dice:

    After using several of these apps with daycares and preschools this one is a standout. The UI is easy and is very well organized. Its features seem to encourage great use by care providers. Giving us a clear perspective of what is taking place each day. The experience is driven by how the care provider implements the app. We are fortunate to have a provider that robustly uses many if not all of its features. Great app, I highly recommend.

  23. An easy app to use and see what the kids are doing. Love the picture feature. I wish there were more choices for push and email notifications. Example split the “Notes & Learning” into 2 different choices. Our Learning Center puts “needs diapers” in the notes section, but when it’s paired with “Learning” I get over bombarded with notifications & miss the diaper comment. Need a way to make actions required by parents more obvious. Apps & notifications for job, etc have taken over my phone & life

  24. Poor app, very limited features. I’m a parent. Posted images cannot be zoomed, which are sometimes text and calendars which is impossible to read with such low resolution. And you cannot download all your kids’ photos all at once. To save the photos from last year (400 photos) i have to do it one by one!!

  25. The app is good. But while playing videos many times, I have to click play then exit the app then play again to actually play the video. Doesn’t play videos seamlessly. One more suggestion for nap times, can you also show the total nap time along with nap start and end times? That would be helpful to know at a glance how long did my baby napped during the day.

  26. I’m a 2 year old teacher, and this app is literally the BEST. We can put their diapering activities, pics and vids, meals, naps, and even curriculum objectives on there. We can communicate directly with the parents (as long as the front office management team sends it through)! It’s just amazing. Can’t recommend this enough for daycares to start using <3

  27. Easy to use. My facility is incrementally (thank goodness!) implementing additional features. And every time they do, I love them. Sign in and out is so easy and fast. I love seeing updates on what food he’s eating (helps me know what new foods I can try with him). And seeing pictures of his day are real pick me ups while at work.

  28. I like the app, but it has a few bugs. My main problem is that every now and then I wanna open the app, and it won’t bring me beyond the Procare screen. Not sure if that is an Android issue or an issue with Procare. It is frustrating though, because twice this week I had to Uninstaller, and reinstall again.

  29. I like the layout and how the day is all listed you can easily see what your child has done all day long but you can also change it and filter things out and only see pictures or only see pictures and potty breaks…etc. the only things I don’t like is it doesn’t show when the child gets picked up for the day. When you have multiple people who pick up the child it would be nice to see a pick up time listed.

  30. This app keep me on the up and up all day about how my child is doing.. be it meals, bathroom breaks, activities, ect I never miss a minute. I love seeing the pictures of my child with all the friends. I know when she’s napping, how much she eats, if she’s using the potty, or if she’s having fun. It’s also great because with one message I get to talk to the whole team at the center: teacher, admin, ect .. totally recommend

  31. It’s good when it works, I like being able to receive updates during the day but the app constantly is not working to some degree. Either the daycare will let us know it isn’t working on their end or I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted my phone. Yes I keep my phone updated regularly, it might just be a glitch happening this week with the app and Android bc my husband says it’s working with his IPhone.

  32. This is a great app, but I do wish there was a place for drop off notes. I’m a teacher as well so I use both sides & it is a nice app, I like the clean look & the way things look in the daily report. As a teacher I wish there was a page where you could view a “summary” of every child at the same time (like last ate or last bottle & last diapers/potty) it’s nice to see where everyone’s at. And drop off notes to include last meal/ bottle, diaper, wake up, pick up time & contact person.

  33. Great app but the only big issue I have is the inability to pay tuition dues through app and have to log in through browser, and the inability to connect bank account as a payment option without having to go through school and pay monthly or automatically. I also HATE that there is a 3 dollar fee for using credit/debit which is the only option. That raises my child’s overall monthly childcare by 12 dollars which may not seem like a lot but over a year costs me $144 just to pay my bill!

  34. I hear this is supposed to be an excellent app, but here’s the thing. There’s a really important feature missing, and that is the inability to stop one parent from blocking and deleting the other parent. When you have divorced and one parent is abusive or controlling, you want to be able to have access to what going on with your child when they are with the other parent at an enrolled institute (school or extracurricular). There should be a better way to deal with this. And I’ve already tried

  35. Not bad, needs some changes. If you have multiple children, they show up listed alphabetically in the app. That’s fine, except when you get a notification for the child listed 2nd/later, and you touch the notification to open the app, it defaults to the first child. So you have to swipe over to get to the correct one. The notification should take you straight to the post in question, not simply open the app to the default page on Child A.

  36. Mark B dice:

    I just started using the app for a week, and my initial first impressions are great. App is easy to use, especially for checking in and out. I haven’t encountered any problems, and your experience can vary depending on how proactive your childcare facility is. I would give 5 stars of the picture quality was I increased.

  37. This app gives me useful information about my child’s day with just the right amount of updates: for example, what he ate for lunch and snack, and when he started and ended his nap. But the best part about my child’s day care switching to this app is the ability to add photos. I get to see so many more photos of the lessons and activities my son took part in during the day. I have been using the Procare app for two weeks now and in my experience, it has been simple and user-friendly.

  38. App is wonderful, stable and updates instantly, but there is one thing is like to see remedied. Photos are not pinch and zoom on the Android side but are on the iPhone side. Please port pinch and zoom to the Android app version.

  39. Works fairly well. It scans the qr code faster than the iOS version. It doesn’t have the ability to pinch to zoom in the photos sent from the school though. Can this be added? I usually download them anyway but it would be nice to be able to zoom in and make sure my kids in the picture before downloading it.

  40. Matt dice:

    Update: Recent update to app has fixed push notifications. Have improved rating. Still wish the sign in/out stamps would say who completed the action. It’s still generic where previously it would state which user specifically signed in/out Used to like the app but no longer get notifications even after the most recent update (which states it fixed the issues). Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Also verified I have the most recent OS and settings have not changed

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