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Safe Streaming & Downloading of Shows. Watch Episodes & Videos for Kids.
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Watch live TV, stream, and download episodes with PBS KIDS Video! Safely stream videos from shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Sesame Street, Curious George, Odd Squad, Alma’s Way, and more!

Download free episodes of safe entertainment for your kids wherever you are! Bring the fun of learning to your child, at home and on the road. Watch shows from PBS KIDS Video to encourage learning for toddlers and early grade school children.

PBS KIDS Video is a safe streaming video app for children. Free educational episodes of kid-friendly cartoons are added weekly. Your child will play, learn and grow watching episodes designed to spark their imagination and curiosity.

Stream, watch, and download free kids videos and episodes that are child-safe. Stream and watch free live TV from the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel on the app with no subscription or login! Enter your zip code and tap “LIVE TV” to see what’s on your local station.

*A Webby Winner and Webby People’s Voice Winner in Apps and Software: Family & Kids (2022)
*A Webby People’s Voice Winner in Apps, Mobile, and Voice: Best Streaming Service (2020)
*Winner of Webby People’s Voice for Best Family & Kids Mobile App (2020)
*A Webby Winner for Best Streaming Video (2018)
*A Parents’ Choice Recommended Mobile App (2017, 2013)
*A Cynopsis Kids !magination Award Winner for Best Educational App (2012)
PBS KIDS Video Features

-Watch 400+ free full episodes of over 35 PBS KIDS shows
-Stream live TV or watch over 5,000+ clips from shows children love
-Download shows to watch offline
-Educational entertainment live or on demand

Watch new episodes that come out every week from your favorite PBS KIDS shows, including:
-Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
-Wild Kratts
-Sesame Street
-Odd Squad
-Curious George
-Alma’s Way
-Donkey Hodie
-Elinor Wonders Why
-Xavier Riddle & the Secret Museum
-Dinosaur Train
-Pinkalicious & Peterrific
-Molly of Denali
-Hero Elementary
-Clifford the Big Red Dog
-Let’s Go Luna
-Nature Cat
-The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That
-And more!

*TV schedule for your local PBS station
*Learn more about a TV series, such as intended age and learning goals
*Download kids learning apps from PBS KIDS
*Buy full episodes and shows from Google Play
*This app is optimized for Lollipop (5.1) and above.

The PBS KIDS videos may only be viewed from within the United States. This is due to restrictions on PBS’s license to offer this service.

Currently, select shows can be downloaded: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Alma’s Way, Donkey Hodie, Dinosaur Train, Elinor Wonders Why, Jelly Ben & Pogo, Let’s Go Luna, Peg + Cat, Odd Squad, Sesame Street, SUPER WHY!, Wild Kratts, Word World, and Xavier Riddle & the Secret Museum. Additional shows will become available for download in the near future.

PBS KIDS Video is a key part of PBS KIDS’ commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children through curriculum-based entertainment—wherever kids are. More PBS KIDS videos may also be found online at pbskids.org/video.

Funding from corporate sponsors supports PBS KIDS’ mission to use the power of media to open worlds of possibilities for all children. To acknowledge the vital support that PBS KIDS receives, brief messages from corporate sponsors are included at the start of select full-length episodes on the PBS KIDS Video App. You can support PBS KIDS through the selection of other apps and TV shows available on Google Play.

The PBS KIDS Video app gives kids and parents access to thousands of free videos, including full episodes and clips from top PBS KIDS series. With this app, kids can watch their favorite PBS KIDS shows anytime, anywhere! PBS KIDS, the #1 educational media brand for kids, helps children ages 2-8 learn lessons that last a lifetime.

This app was designed by PBS KIDS.


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40 comentarios en "PBS KIDS Video 2022"

  1. All of a sudden the app is playing ads or ad blocks every time my toddler starts a new episode and I can’t find a pay option to remove them. Since his favorite activity is to listen to the theme song and then either start it over or switch to a different show and listen to that song, this is amazingly frustrating. He doesn’t understand why he can’t listen to his songs so he tries to change it but just gets another ad. This app is now useless and was the only one with content I 100% trusted.

  2. Super laggy. Unfortunately it just won’t load entire shows when we choose them from the side bar. It’ll just show the loading animation forever. Live TV option usually loads fine but any other options just take forever or never load at all. Also the offline/download options are confusing and not always available. We love the programming so much and I have no other complaints. Just wish it would load the shows we like. It’s particularly temperamental for the City Island show. Android OS.

  3. This is a fantastic app and it’s used a lot by our five year old. My only issue is the data usage. When we first started using it there was an option for lower quality video vs. HD to reduce data use when you were on your network plan. That option has been taken out (or maybe I just can’t find it anymore) and the amount of data this app now uses is staggering. Make SURE you have a WIFI connection or unlimited data. Frustratingly, this app also has issues disconnecting when minimized (currently on Android KitKat, though this has been an issue for awhile now), so you can’t be sure the app isn’t drawing data unless you manually close it out of the tray. I still highly recommend it, but you might have to have some rules governing when it can/can’t be used.

  4. We love streaming from the PBS Kids app, and we cast to our TV. We really wish the app didn’t force our phones into landscape mode the moment we launch it though! It’s super frustrating, and it happens even when we have auto-rotate turned off. There’s no reason for it to be in landscape when we’re not watching it from that device. We’d love to see this changed in a future update. Thank you.

  5. Miju dice:

    The content of PBS does are great as always. I use this app to cast shows on the TV. It would be helpful to have an in-picture scrolling and time bar (?). Sometimes, the kids want to rewatch a song/scene, and trying to find the start of it is like a stab in the dark. Also, the “grown up” button just changes the show that’s playing. I don’t understand the function or the purpose of that button.

  6. Casting live TV to my Chromecast causes the video to completely freeze. I tried clearing data and cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, and even factory resetting my Chromecast. Same result. This does not happen when casting from the website using my laptop. No other casting issues with other apps. This used to work well, but not any longer. I am hoping it addressed and fixed. If you are just using it on the phone, everything works fine. If this gets fixed, I will change my rating.

  7. Not designed for adults. The interface appears to be targeted at grade school children. It’s simple, which is great for little kids. But it’s too simplistic for adults. It only displays in landscape. No playlist options. It takes over your entire screen and makes it cumbersome to switch tasks quickly. I use it to cast video to our tv for my three young children, not watch in the app. The app isn’t bad, it’s just not convenient for adults to jump in and out or queue a playlist.

  8. This app is wonderful and we love the content in our family. We cast to our tv and could not be happier. The only reason why this doesn’t get 5 stars is because there is no way to set the app to turn off/end/stop casting at the end of an episode! It autoplays forever and I can’t find any way to make it stop other than sit there and hope I can stop casting fast enough before the next episode starts and the meltdown begins. Please add the ability to turn off autoplay!!

  9. App does stream pbs kids video content. However, there are some changes that can greatly improve the user experience. First, it would be nice to filter content as others have suggested. Filtering by age/grade level, as well as full episodes vs clips would be nice. Second, we mostly stream content to the TV via Chromecast. The fast forwarding does not work in Chromecast mode. Third, the captions don’t work when doing Chromecast either.

  10. Love this app, especially on the Chromecast with Google TV. One small problem on that device – video occasionally freezes briefly while the audio keeps playing. Then in a few seconds it repeats the content that was messed up correctly and continues playing. Some days it only happens sporadically and some days it happens a lot. This is the only app where I observe this behavior.

  11. I wish other apps delivered this consistently. Never an issue with streaming/casting content. 5 full episodes and tons of clips for the shows. The option to turn on/off auto play would be nice. As it is now an episode starts as soon as the preceding ends. Ability to create a playlist or favorites would be awesome as well. I let my kid watch 1 episode of Daniel Tiger and then 1 episode of Sesame Street before nap. Would be great if I could set them up to play instead of switching around.

  12. I love the idea of this app, and it works well when viewing directly from a phone or tablet, but it only casts to my Chromecast or loads on my Firestick about 10% of the time. Additionally, after attempting to cast the app, I have to reboot my Chromecast before any other apps will properly cast. I have emailed customer support an have not reached a solution.

  13. We love this app, the only problem is when you choose the live tv option. We like our little one to only watch a certain amout of tv and we like for him to watch the more age appropriate shows, but tge app will say on the schedule that it is playing one show, but will be playing a totally different show. We have the same issue on the app on our Roku. It makes it difficult to schedule appropriate screen time.

  14. The content is great and I love that there’s no unnecessary ads. But the app itself still needs a lot of work. Freezes often, does not connect to Chromecast majority of the time. When it does connect you can’t change to another show without it malfunctioning or ever playing the video but refreshing constantly and not allowing you to cast using any other app (YouTube kids, Netflix, etc). Wish there was a screen lock button and a queue/playlist option that you can add shows specific to your kids.

  15. It’s great, but I’d love to be able to block shows that aren’t age appropriate. I get that all of the shows are educational, but that doesn’t mean my 3 yo should be watching shows with themes, characters, and emotions meant for much older kids. She’s now reenacting power struggle scenes that she doesn’t quite understand, and her baby brother is now her arch nemesis lol It would great if the app would either filter the app based on their birthdate or allow parents to manually block shows.

  16. I love this app so much it is not laggy and there is not any ads except the ones that are made by PBS there isn’t any pop ups and the app is completely free the app is also really easy to use if you want some shows for your kids or for yourself you should get this app I don’t really understand any of the lower reviews as I have never had the same incidents. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you get and enjoy this app!♥️🥳

  17. Not really sure to care if you want to take it as a warning or a threat.? I don’t know if you guys are part of the corruption like the government, by sending personal information to a bunch of child traffickers. But for some odd reason this is the only application on the phone that messes with my Wi-Fi and turns it on and off and your application should not even have access to my Wi-Fi settings. If I find out you’re tracking my location I will file a lawsuit because it’s illegal.!

  18. Tia Watts dice:

    When casting from Android using Spanish audio, it casts in english. However, it works when I am using apple devices. Otherwise, it’s a great app, no marketing ads, no subliminal programming, and no hyperactive scenery. I feel this is very child friendly and educational vs. a lot of what is out there.

  19. as a parent I really appreciate PBS the app the station the games all of it. it’s nice to have a good wholesome station I know my son can watch and learn only good things. I don’t usually leave reviews but PBS means alot to me. as a parent I feel confident in letting my son watch and learn from this app

  20. Really phenomenal Android app. Looks beautiful and so easy to use. Same praise for the PBS Kids app for smart tv’s. Please don’t change a thing — it’s already perfect.

  21. Amy Blair dice:

    The App doesn’t work on my Roku tv. They worked so great on molly of Denali the app on my Roku didn’t work for today Roku tv app didn’t work (took ages) on tv or app it is corrupted! Do Not Install!

  22. Me Myself dice:

    I am very disappointed, the videos in this app can only be viewed in the U.S. I am an American citizen living overseas, for work, and my three year old is unable to view these educational videos. This is simply not right.

  23. would be great if it worked offline. even when I do have service it loads and buffers for a while. even then my kids love it.

  24. I’m using my mom phone and I can just go wherever I want and watch I’m 7 and I thought I would never like this but it is so fun like I remember playing it a long time ago and I forgot about it but now I remember and it is so fun I just can’t get my eyes off but like you should download it cuz it is the best to me and it will probably be the best to you too

  25. Can I watch Daniel Tiger that was super fun let me give it 10 out of 10 of course I love it even they have games too yay now I have to of them I have PBS Kids games and PBS Kids videos that was super duper duper fun

  26. PBS truly is the jewel of children’s programming I grew up watching Sesame Street and Mr Rogers Neighborhood and without them I would not have turned into the person that I am today I learned about kindness I learned how to count I learned it’s okay to be me I learned that being different is all right I learned that it’s a lot easier to make a friend than an enemy. Fred Rogers was a saint bless that man and Jim Henson another good one and PBS they do a good job our children are better for having

  27. I love watching cartoons with my girls they can learn a lot from it and it’s very fun to watch them even though I’m grown up I still love to watch cartoons with the little ones

  28. entertaining short enough to keep there attention, educational,independent, love that they have dad and grandma In this

  29. Seriously the best video streaming services for kids, and it’s free!

  30. Can you give us an update soon in January for the intro and more for work it out wombats no episodes please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. my daughter loves it and it helps keep her occupied while I finish my degree.

  32. Awesome app for entertaining kids with appropriate content. Love PBS Kids.

  33. PBS Kids is fun it can help like I can kind of help you learn 😀😀

  34. I do like the couple shows on your app of dinosaur train and Arthur there is a kind of a little bit problem with it don’t really like when for most of the shows that gets expire especially dinosaur train even if you download them but I do like the future you can download stuff maybe you can make it the way that when you download a show it will stay there forever and can you put the download feature on Arthur. please can you update the app?

  35. i love it the best app i can watch my favorite shows that i love Xavier riddle and the secret museum, hero elementary, and alma’s way the best 3 shows i really like I’m a big fan of and my childhood favorite maya and Miguel, i love my 4 favorite shows i like on PBS kids, i am a huge fan of Xavier riddle and the secret museum, hero elementary, maya and Miguel, and alma’s way, the bestest shows i love💕. I enjoy the new show came out back on monday is rosie’s rules best awesome show and i love it.

  36. My kids LOVE this app! This is so much better than Disney, Nick and Cartoon Network. Very educational and that’s important!

  37. This thing is totally yet for your kids learning be a breeze 🙂😉🔮📜 you don’t have to sign up it’s completely free it has all the classics new classics they even have wild Kratts odd squad curious George many more try it out completely free 🆓 try out PBS kids games trade out it’s awesome for your little ones 🤠🤔🏡🏘️ on the go and I’m not lying 🤥

  38. mely mel dice:

    its awesome kids can learn 5 star for sure and coming from a 9 year

  39. this app is great for kids & it teache then so many things.

  40. one of the best app it is so good i love it and it so cool it very fun and i learn so much for it in my live and also so has my brother it so helpful to use

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