EF Hello: Learn French Spanish MODDED 2022


Language learning with A.I. teacher, practice speaking, grammar and listening
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Want to learn a new language, but don’t know how to start? EF Hello is your most trusted way to start learning French and Spanish. Built by learning experts and loved by millions. A rich choice of topics with excellent quality courses, learn through dialog and practice all the skills you need to use a new language with confidence.


– A study by the University of Cambridge found it takes only 8 hours in EF Hello to master the material of a typical semester of college
– Designed by language experts, powered by science-based teaching technology, built by a world-class team passionate about language learning
– Best Self-Growth App of the Year on the Google Play store



Choose from many topics covering everything from daily life to business in French and Spanish! Pick exactly what you want to learn or let us guide you with a pre-built collection of courses curated by experienced EF teachers.

Learn through dialog in bite-sized lessons. Learn step-by-step and feel motivated with innovative methods of learning.

Easy-to-understand courses based on real life. Useful for both work and personal life.

All the skills you need to use French and Spanish in the real world.

Dedicated learning material for mastering pronunciation specifically for French and Spanish.

Revisit past lessons, see your answer history, and practice past mistakes.


It’s time to start learning, download the EF Hello app now and begin learning a language today!

If you like EF Hello, try Hello Pro; get a 7-day free trial! Unlock all courses and study without limits.

Got questions? Head into the EF Hello app and shake your phone to see the feedback page.
Terms of Service: http://hello.ef.com/terms-of-service
Privacy Policy: http://hello.ef.com/privacy-policy


We've been working hard on fixing some annoying bugs this week and implementing some general improvements.


40 comentarios en "EF Hello: Learn French Spanish MODDED 2022"

  1. If we can go back to take proficiency test anytime anywhere in the app, it would be more fun. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I have paid for one year of service and now the service has been stopped for over one month. Please try to fix otherwise I need to take actions. Also, let me know how to get back the money I have paid for the full year!!! Thanks!

  3. This app is incredibly excellent. I’m so fascinated to learn English with it. It helps me to improve my English skills.

  4. A pretty smart way of using AI!! I could use it as a tool to practice English speaking with the so-called native speaker. By the way, I have a question, whether you could put different accents aside from the British one for we users to pick, American accent, Australian accent, etc. Good app without a doubt.

  5. Mee Chan dice:

    the exercise is interesting and fun.

  6. It’s really helpful. My English has an improvement in most aspects except writing since I used it. If the app can help with my English writing, it will be better.

  7. I’m speechless at how organized and smooth the app is.

  8. one of the best applications for improving English skills i was inspired by the video about EF hello on the YouTube, it’s kind of interviews , mentioned the purpose of this application is to make English education free, you guys have a big picture and do a really good job, i so appreciate for that and i hope oneday i can do the same thing as your do.

  9. I do still love this app although I can’t pay for higher levels just because I live in Iran. It helped me get enough confidence to talk in English and send voice messages to my friends around the world that didn’t(and still don’t😁) speak my mother language which is Persian. I’m installing it now again to enjoy the free part again💙

  10. Md shahid dice:

    she is a very hard thinking about you I am very happy

  11. This app is one of the best way to improve your English. It presents some lecture according to your level. Also, you can find a language buddy to make practise.

  12. btw can u add a feature to test and train what we have learned from level 1 to 10 and level 10 to 20 something like that!! What i mean was I want to a test to know how much i have learned from the start!! and if u wouldn’t mind, can u add a feature to learn and train vocabulary that all we have learned!

  13. Good app! I loved this kind of learning method, it’s new and helps me with a lot of different words and forms to express myself in a comversation.

  14. User One dice:

    This is my first day using the app. I can say the UI is pleasing to the eyes. The articles paired with comprehension part as well as the grammar topic is spot on. Can’t wait for the next coming days of trial

  15. wafa alg dice:

    Guys, is it only for the Korean language? I downloaded this app to improve my English, but when I tried to studying everything becomes Korean! I tried to change it but it doesn’t work. So, if this app only for Korean language please somebody tell me because I don’t need it. And If I can change the language that I want to learn tell me how. Thank you, I’m looking forward to your response

  16. Easy to follow, intuitive and educational. Great help to start or improve language skills.. well done.

  17. It’s the best app I have ever seen but after update I can’t use it anymore all courses is looked and it has one option “enroll in course” but it doesn’t work please fix it

  18. It’s a good app but there’s something is weird for me. Free users can access one task per day and, It is coming which is weird, cannot access the task which has been studied by free users. Let us know, do we need to focus on learn or writedown?

  19. I really like this app, first because is for free, you can improve your listening skills and reading skills, also to have the opportunity to improve your English which is the most worthwhile use of this app.

  20. Very interesting app, the most beautiful thing about it, is that he keep speaking to u so u can listen and read in the same time, beside learning grammar

  21. It makes me feel like talking to a friend, wonderful! the only thing that i’d complain is my British accent has been recognised as inaccurate so i have to pronounce American English to make Speaking 100% match.

  22. It’s a excellent app I think I have ever used and can sensitize the sentences you speak precisely by AI, superb job.

  23. Ellie dice:

    Really good and effective for lazy learner because this app is colourful and easy to use.The most of my favourite part is interesting topic based on my level.

  24. This app is flawless. I was afraid that the sound might be robotic but it’s not. A well done app! I would recommend to everyone.

  25. Cool app! It looks like you have a tutor and it makes experience more interesting and enjoyable.

  26. I like the way this app shows the questions and instructions. Hope it can improve my English proficiency. Thank you

  27. Amrizal dice:

    I download this app from beta until now become official and the new version getting worse and worse, I prefer old version because I don’t need to wait for next lesson and old version have feature language buddies.

  28. It is the best app I’ve used so far! I’ve chosen an advanced level and I’m so happy that I can learn and do some challenging tasks! Thank you for an amazing app!

  29. the video stream is terrible, sometimes you may need spend at least half hours to stream especially first time to open the app every day, rest of app is highly recommended

  30. the best app to learn English I’ve ever seen for improving 4 skills plus grammar and vocabulary, in one word: the most comprehensive app, I’m so pleased to install it😍😍😍😍😍😍

  31. I love this app, it is quite likely the one that I used at the i-lab in my EF classes. JUST FOR FREE! I LOVE IT!

  32. Great app. It’s fun and interactive. I can study English whenever I want. i love the convinience 😎

  33. Thankyou so much for your help it is amazing .i am learning as well as enjoying. Hope all levels are also adorable .

  34. I really appreciate you for designing a informative app that is easy to understand and practice. I love it🙂

  35. this excellent app is very helpful for ppl who are practice english by themslef,it is very useful for me to improve my english,auch a good app!

  36. Good program to learning English, it’s another way to learn English far away from the classic way !!!!!

  37. I’ve not received any code. I cannot create an account to find a language buddy. Wish there was also a way to sign up with email

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