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USCIS Civics Citizenship Test 2023 Audio Questions, Study Guide and Full Tests
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Ready for your US citizenship test 2023? Study for the US citizenship test in 2023 with the official study guide and actual test questions. Learn about US history, values, government and symbols with 70+ interactive audio lessons, quizzes and tests. You’ll find all the 100 questions that you need to pass the civics citizenship test here.

Access all the practice you’ll need to pass the test. Study chapter by chapter, and try over 300 questions at the end of the lessons. Practice tests that help you evaluate your knowledge. Get feedback on your correct and incorrect answers.

All the app’s material is based on the official USCIS “Learn About the United States” booklet. Practice with the state-specific questions that you will be asked on the test, from the current and permanent (2008) version of the civics test with 100 possible questions. Get full explanations for every question.

Use the audio-enabled lessons and easily follow each paragraph, word by word with better concentration. You can get ready for your us citizenship test 2023 on your way to work or school!

Don’t know the meaning of a word? No worries! Access to a full content-focused flashcard and dictionary to improve your vocabulary while studying for your us citizenship test.

Keep track of your progress through the chapters and lessons. Keep track of your test scores and average time. Easily pick up where you left off with the Continue Studying shortcut.

Study on the go! Use the app wherever you go without an internet connection, and still access all the lessons, quizzes and tests.

→ State-Specific Content
→ Feedback on All Correct and Incorrect Answers
→ Customizable Study Reminders
→ Dark Mode Support (with automatic switch)
→ Countdown to Your Test Date
→ Listen To Glossary Words Pronunciations

Feedback on the app, the content, or the questions? We always would love to hear back from you! You can reach us at [email protected].

DISCLAIMER: This app is not affiliated with the USCIS or any US government entities.

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40 comentarios en "US Citizenship Test 2023 MOD"

  1. Stephen P dice:

    It’s the perfect study guide. It transcribes the current user guide and the user interface is pretty easy to use with practice questions at the end of each section. After that, there are 10 more mini quizzes under all multiple choice, so they’re very easy to break it down into bite size amounts. Also, there’s a glossary of words and meanings for those that were highlighted during the classes. Those words also so active buttons that you can use to show while reading.

  2. The flow between chapters is choppy when using the voice instruction. It doesn’t even stop for the chapter quizzes. It is not very interactive with the reader, it just reads on and on. So, pay close attention and read with the voice to get the most information possible. But despite all these, I am enjoying the app because it is very easy to use.

  3. It is easy to use but it has too many ads and on top of that they don’t let you use all the app unless you pay

  4. Jamo Jay dice:

    Not only does this app provide lessons it also give you test questions along with the option to check your answers to check your progress. Of importance also is that you it provide an audio which makes it easier to multitask. Would definitely recommend it to anybody who is about to take their citizenship test.

  5. Edit: Since my original review, I have found several grammatical errors and spelling mistakes making the exam hard to understand. Hence the downgrade to four stars. Please fix. Thank you. My original review follows. My experience so far has been great. US Citizenship Test 2022 is clean, clear, concise and correct. I highly recommend it to all who are wanting or needing to study for the civics test and wanting to ace the test, not just take it.

  6. Ray Ramz dice:

    Edit: The app is not fully free but it will not change my review and stars. This is one of the best apps I’ve found that helps prepare for US citizenship. It is easy to use. There are no ads and you can practice and learn a few chapters. The information is clear and concise. My one recommendation is to make the playback button a little smaller.

  7. I like the app. But what I don’t understand is that it says upon entering the building the officer will ask you questions verbally, and you have to pass that. But then I read in another spot where it said, that your test will be multiple choice so is this a second test? And is this also verbally ,or is it on paper? Because it said multiple choice or true or false questions.

  8. this app is great it gives a detailed explanation of events 👌

  9. Great AND easy to use app. I didn’t pay anything to use, just installed and go. Started a week ale a half before my test time, Brett late I know, but with this app I went in confident that I knew everything I needed to know for the test part of the appointment. I passed with flying colors!

  10. This is a helpful review,however, the section on Governors lists current state Governors which is not up to date. This list should be kept up to date or deleted. Thanks 👍🙏

  11. The experience was great, I like that it’s organized in groups. Nice job, It makes me think harder to get it right. Thanks

  12. Excellent way to learn, the app will give you a paragraph to read and then you will answer the question. I’m having a great experience learning with this app.

  13. Definitely too much unnecessary information. Doesn’t clearly state the question: it rephrases the real questions. Overall I do not recommend studying from this useless app.

  14. Max Swain dice:

    Doesn’t load, just shows an error message after waiting for a while.

  15. Love it very easy to use. I find myself delving deeper onto the info provided.

  16. Easy to use. Information provided in short chapter make me understand political content. Recommended.

  17. Excellent! It’s very helpful, I’m glad I downloaded this app. It’s just the firt day and I am learning a lot in order to get ready for my Citizenship interview.

  18. Great app, very detailed This is the best app that I could find out of maybe 10. Very clear, and explanatory like no other.

  19. Worse app ever , once you subscribe good luck with unsubscribing . they make it impossible to unsubscribe can somebody tell me how do I unsubscribe from this stupid app

  20. Tao Yang dice:

    Great, but it’ll be better if you can provide answers to questions for specific states.

  21. very clean and easy app to work with. I’m just doing it for fun.

  22. Easy to read, explains everything simply, and tests are easy.

  23. Jo Henley dice:

    It’s broken down into nice bite sized chunks..only on the first few chapters though..

  24. Fun to test knowledge, but some questions are poorly worded.

  25. Definitely helped me study anywhere I went. I had to take a civics test for my Associates in Business. Passed with a 90%. Thank you!

  26. Can Someone reply me,I want to know if the option of lifetime payment on this app means you will not pay again for life as long as you already made that payment, I want to know,because I will be using it for a long time, to get myself better prepared for it

  27. Very useful and user friendly app which helps you to save your time.

  28. Great study materials but not enough quizz questions after completion of each section.

  29. Edo Jr dice:

    The reading was very informative and easy to understand. Great work!!!

  30. I am using this app to study for my upcoming interview and it’s very informative and easy to understand.

  31. Ina ! dice:

    Really good and detailed. You can study at your own pace and it’s up to date.

  32. Really well done. Easy to follow. Explanations are concise.

  33. Highly recommended this app will help you pass your history part of your test and accomplish your goal to become a USA citizen, good luck….

  34. Good app for studying. I really like that it reviews topics and then tests you on them.

  35. Awesome application. Easy to use, clear navigation.

  36. Really enjoy it. Reminds me that I retained a lot more than what I thought.

  37. I appreciate the fact that Iexplanation and take the tests and then review the answers with explaination. Excellent app.

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