Star Walk Kids – Explore Space MODDED

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Encyclopedia of the solar system & Educational movies. Astronomy app for kids
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Can such a complex discipline as astronomy be simple and exciting for kids? Star Walk Kids ⭐️ Explore Space ⭐️ was created for parents to explain the basics of astronomy to their curious kids in an interesting and accessible form. Kids will learn a lot of new facts, meet planets, comets, constellations and much more. Is there life on Mars? Why is the sun hot? Why is Ursa Major called so? Learn astronomy with Star Walk Kids and get the answers!

Explore space, constellations and planetary system with your children anytime and anywhere.

✶✶✶Star Walk Kids ⭐️ Become a Space Explorer ⭐️ is fully translated into English, does not contain Ads and In-app purchases✶✶✶

Encyclopedia of the solar system for kids – main features:

⭐️ Star Walk Kids as well as its adult version – famous application Star Walk, can be used as a telescope to find and see the planets and constellations for real, observing their correct positions.

⭐️ All kids love cartoons! There is a space cinema in the astronomy app with a collection of fascinating and informative cartoons about space. Explore the wonders of the universe with videos about Polaris, Ursa Major, the Hubble Space Telescope and a black hole.

⭐️ Using the time machine, children can not only view the objects of the sky in real time, but also turn back time! Our app lets your children explore the stars and constellations in different periods.

⭐️ Kids will be able to explore space, find different celestial bodies following a special pointer and learn a lot of new just by tapping the screen. For example, listen to the interesting facts.

⭐️ With this amazing app little space lovers will learn planets, see the Hubble Space Telescope, find out interesting facts, learn how to determine the cardinal directions with the Polar Star and much more.

⭐️ Encyclopedia of the solar system for kids allows them to take a quiz to check the knowledge acquired during playing with this educational game. It is very short and inspiring and shows how much the child learned.

Explore space with fun!

Make a colorful and unique journey through the outer space with this awesome encyclopedia of the solar system.

Show your kids how fascinating it is to explore the stars and constellations with space encyclopedia!

The perfect app for introducing kids to astronomy!


We have fixed the black screen problem on Android 12. Sorry for the inconvenience.


40 comentarios en "Star Walk Kids – Explore Space MODDED"

  1. Holly SD dice:

    Great at first. After a while it got old as there isn’t much to do on the app. My 6-year-old learned everything that’s on the app fairly quickly. If it went more in-depth and offered more information for my daughter to learn, she’d probably never give me my phone back. Brilliant idea, just please please please add more stuff to it.

  2. Installed on 2 devices (one Samsung, one Google), will not work on either. Play Store won’t refund for some reason, not sure why. Both devices have the same black screen on launch described in a previous review as being caused by the March update. Apparently it isn’t fixed. I’d love to update the review if it ever starts working.

  3. 3 stars because the original intent for purchasing the app, the point your phone up and see what stars, does not exist. Has good enough information about the planets and some stars and constellations. But you’re better off watching content on YouTube as the interactivity part does not exist or work.

  4. Great app! My daughter uses it every night and loves it. She especially loves the movies. I would like to see more movies added in the future, it didn’t take long before she had them all memorized.

  5. Good app for learning the basics of what you’re seeing in the starry night sky. Isn’t cluttered with tons of other nonsense that you wouldn’t even be able to see. Also gives some facts and lore about how they received their names and what have you.

  6. We like the easy navigation and calm narration. It seems to be very good app for kids to learn about the constellations.

  7. The app is great! Helps kids (little and big) learn about the planets, and consalations, and all other kinds of stuff! And no adds plus helps kids learn bout our solersystem, all for free? Amaze deal! Download this great app!

  8. New update 03/18/2022 broke the app. Now its showing black screen only. Tried reinstalling but same result. My phone is S20 plus. I have star walk 2 licence version When fixed rating will change to 5 😀

  9. John J dice:

    Rather fun app, and quite educational. I’m a 63 year old kid and I’ve leaned a lot about the solar system, and constellations, I didn’t know before.

  10. App not loading, just a black screen. Nothing happened even after reinstall.

  11. NOT SAFE! They tried to get me to take multiple screenshots of my personal information and send it to them! Do not download!

  12. The app looks great because my contractions are working but canis minor don’t work.

  13. Black screen on startup, doesn’t work.

  14. Fun informative easy to use for children of all ages

  15. Liz D dice:

    The app won’t load at all – all we get is a black screen.

  16. Doesn’t do anything the free Star Walk does. Just puts kid graphics on top.

  17. I am fond of this App. It’s the perfect app Astronomy for kids.

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  19. My son (6 years old) loves this app.

  20. I’m enjoying app as much as my grandkids.

  21. Pretty cool, even for an adult

  22. Jupiter dice:

    I like the game can you update for nebulas

  23. Black screen that is all I got!!

  24. I am an adult and love this app

  25. O’Reilly kids so I like it

  26. Благодарим харесва ни

  27. Decent cut down kids app but the inability to override location detected is a problem. You better hope you’re near a wifi point, or that your device incorporates a GPS with the sky visible. EDIT: Works on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone but not on Galaxy Tab 3, where it displays a blank screen. I bought this for the kids to use and they have the tablet. Therefore this has been a complete waste of money.

  28. We need more young children educated about the science of what is around us. This is hands down the best app I have ever purchased for my daughter. She isn’t quite 4 but has a sudden deep interest in stars and the universe.

  29. Well I must admit having had the pleasure of experiencing Star Walk and Star Walk 2 that I wasn’t surprised that Star Walk Kids would be equally enjoyable and I was right, it is great!, the kids love and so do I!!!. The format is just what is required to lead into Star Walk and Star Walk 2. There is no other app as good as this to guide the younger learners on this wonderful path that leads them into the wonders of the cosmos!.

  30. Great example of what not to do. The thinnest possible set of mods to starwalk functionality, “cartoon” cause you know kids hate real pictures of space stuff, a totally arbitraryow rent v/o. Patronizing to any kid who actually likes the subject. Ugh. Full disclosure: I am involved with SkySafari, a competing product. Our least expensive app, SkySafari 5 is not aimed at kids but at $1.99 its just such a better choice for a kid w an interest in space. Original Starwalk 1 (free) is a better choice

  31. My two year old daughter already enjoys looking at the ‘twinkly stars’ and I look forward to her learning about the different constellations as she grows up.

  32. A much cut down version of star walk but ultimately my son liked this one a lot more. Easier to navigate and the educational videos were great.

  33. The app is crashing on LG G2. Android 5.0.2 … crashes before logo disappears. Right when the button bar (with home, back and apps) begins to disappear and the app tries to resize or move.

  34. That looks awesome! I haven’t seen anything like it thank you Google Play! Thank you for the bug fixes too!

  35. My son is only 4 but it was so fun for him and he is already absorbing so much information and it’s so easy for him to navigate… Best app I have found yet!!

  36. This is really cool app for kids for all ages. Really well done.

  37. Doesn’t load any more on S7 just black screen

  38. Awful, wouldn’t run on android, wasted a 5yr olds evening. Total rip off. Avoid! 🙁

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