Mr. Potato Head: School Rush MODDED 2022


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MR. POTATO HEAD stars in his first-ever interactive storybook app!
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Are you ready for a Spud-tacular adventure? MR. POTATO HEAD stars in his first-ever interactive storybook app – MR. POTATO HEAD: School Rush! Tap, swipe, shake, and tilt your way through the action as MR. POTATO HEAD comes to life in a cinematic, thrilling tale!

When MR. POTATO HEAD tries to get you to school on time, you can expect as many twists and turns as the number of detachable parts on his body! An exciting, interactive saga awaits when you try to keep MR. POTATO HEAD in one piece! This is a story you’ll want to read (and play!) again and again!

Grabbing MR. POTATO HEAD a new hat or cranking up the Parts-o-Matic machine is enough to send you and your potato pal on a wild ride! One minute you’re in his Parts Emporium and the next you could be anywhere, doing anything…

• Surrounded by gruff pirates on the high seas!
• Encountering aliens in the galactic void
• Wrangling a seahorse at the bottom of the ocean
• OR just trying to maintain control of your slick rocket skates!

• Delightful, cinematic animations and interactive moments with MR. and MRS. POTATO HEAD on every page!
• User-driven story with costume and parts changes.
• Eight fun locations, including the Parts Emporium, the ocean, outer space, a junk yard, a construction site, and a pirate ship!
• Imaginative play is encouraged with a story that makes full use of MR. POTATO HEAD’s detachable parts!
• A shake-a-thon finale where you can shake the device to watch MR. POTATO HEAD’S pieces fall apart and then help put him back together
• Designed for early and emerging readers and anyone who loves MR. POTATO HEAD!
• Narration blocks can be swiped away for uncluttered play!

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26 comentarios en "Mr. Potato Head: School Rush MODDED 2022"

  1. Really cool app you have to do all kinds of cool stuff from tilting your screen for me potato head whiles he’s in outer space to help him move to tapping on the screen to open doors and of course putting Mr. Potato heads parts back on correctly! And the best part is my 2 yr old baby girl looooves it! Good way to keep her occupied and sit still for a lil while. If you have a lil one get this app every toddler should have it I think….lol

  2. Matt Mumm dice:

    Unable to play on multiple profiles on the same device, endlessly boot loops. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Android 12.

  3. Boring even for a 2 year old. Needs to be updated woth a free play mode. Storyline is over to quick.

  4. It’s not really worth $4.00 Mr. Potato head just falls apart, you rebuild him etcetera kinda boring

  5. A bit short in plot line but other that a good game

  6. Doesn’t work in restricted user profiles. Sorry but I’m not making my kid’s tablet profile be an administrator just to play this game.

  7. It’s good for kids I like this app except when you put him together it doesn’t keep it Ya

  8. My two year old grandson didn’t care for this game. Why? He didn’t say

  9. Cuz I love this In cuz I love cavinee kids and I love this

  10. J dice:

    My son has used in love this game for years

  11. need to get a refund becauae athiss app was bought unauthorized by me

  12. Lolo E. dice:

    I like Mr. Potato head

  13. I loved three year old son is in love with four year old daughter likes it also.great app.thank you.

  14. What a jip. This game needs a free play mode. There is nothing interactive about it…Sure it is OK once but now there needs to be something more to do. We thought we were buying a virtual potatoes head…Something the kids could get creative and have fun with. Wasted $4 on ten minutes of directed play…BORING even to the 3 year old!

  15. It son loves it but it’s over too quick and there is no separate build mode.

  16. My 3 year old loves this game! It’s a cute game.

  17. wont refund, claims to be installing …..has been stuck on install for 15 minutes, wont even display progress. is this a scam?

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