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Learn How to Play Guitar! Learning Chords, Tabs & Tricks Has Never Been Easier!
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Learn Guitar Lessons with Justin Guitar app → 1M+ Users.
Learn how to play & tune guitar with guitar lessons taken by over 1M users. Justin Guitar is the ultimate guitar learning app, created by the world’s best guitar teacher – JUSTIN SANDERCOE.

This Justin Guitar tuner app is designed for beginners using Justin’s tried and tested guitar lessons teaching method and techniques developed over 20-year experience of teaching millions of aspiring guitarists just like you!

Justin Guitar → Ultimate Guitar Lessons To Learn Guitar:
🎸 Fun & effective guitar lessons for beginners
🎸 Course level: beginner Grade 1 & Grade 2
🎸 Hand-picked songs to practice for each module
🎸 Bite-size lessons to learn guitar at your own pace
🎸 Daily Practice Routine System to accelerate your guitar learning progress
🎸 Over 1,000 hit songs – plus new songs are regularly added!
🎸 Innovative color-chords helps you learn guitar chords faster
🎸 Easy-to-use guitar tuner
🎸 NEW sound technology – just like playing with a real band
🎸 NEW Vocals option with backing tracks
🎸 NEW Song View UI to find songs in the Newly Added and Mood & Themes, besides genre, modules & chords collections
🎸 NEW Playlists to create auto-play & shareable song lists

Learn Guitar Tuner, Tabs & Chords

Justin Guitar is everything you need to learn guitar in one app. Guitar tuner, songbook with chords filter, and beginner-friendly song player with unique color-chords. With interactive guitar lessons, you will learn how to read guitar tabs, practice guitar chords, and learn how to play guitar in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Play Your Favorite Guitar Songs

Practice your guitar chords and play along with pop, rock, and country songs. As one of the best ways to learn guitar, our interactive song player is specially designed for beginners with great features such as slowing down tempo or backing lyrics and guitar chords display.

Guitar Band Experience

Introducing the new state-of-the-art sound system which delivers the experience of a real guitar band and added vocals option. Now your practice session will sound just like you’re playing with a real band and your very own lead singer!

Your Personal Guitar Teacher & Coach

Renowned for his friendly and engaging teaching style, Justin makes guitar lessons fun & effective as well as keeps you motivated throughout your guitar learning journey – just like having your own personal guitar teacher! Justin has a great way of explaining and teaching guitar lessons for beginners and makes even the most challenging skills such as guitar chord changes or strumming seem easy to master.

In Justin Guitar App, the Daily Practice Routine combines all essential exercises for each module into a fun & effective 10-min routine which you can repeat daily until you’re ready to progress to the next module.

Feedback: [email protected]

Justin Guitar Lessons offers several FULL ACCESS subscription packages that unlock unlimited access to the entire song collection & all the stages of the Guitar Learning Path.

Subscription purchases are charged to your Google Play account upon confirmation of the purchase. All subscriptions will AUTOMATICALLY be renewed unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Your Google Play account will be charged a renewal price equal to that of the original subscription within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renew in your Account Settings after the purchase. Subscriptions are non-refundable and may not be canceled during an active subscription period.

Privacy policy: http://musopia.net/justin-privacypolicy
Terms of use: https://musopia.net/terms


Alongside new songs, we've made some great improvements in this release including:
- Create an in-app account today and easily transfer your progress/playlists to new devices as well as unleashing other useful features!
- Minor improvements to the app's overall speed and stability
If you are enjoying the JustinGuitar app, please spread the word and rate/review!


40 comentarios en "Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs MODDED 2022"

  1. The app itself is great! Lots of options, lessons, songs, practice tools, etc. Justin is amazing! However, some time ago, I reported a bug I was experiencing getting the app to open on my tablet. I did get a fairly quick response along the lines of “wow, that’s weird;” and that’s been about it. I have since tried to pursue this issue with ZERO RESPONSE. It’s pretty unprofessional, especially since I have paid for an annual membership. Not impressed with Musopia’s customer service!

  2. Incredible selection of songs, new songs added weekly(ish)! Lessons & all content is great for a beginner or intermediate guitarists, especially for those who read guitar music using various apps such as Yousician. Playing songs on this app is not the same as Yousician but is similar in the way it delivers what chords to play. Instead of a tab to check the strum pattern, it would be easier to update the play along to implement an up or down strum instead of just the chord. Add rythem & lead.

  3. Michael dice:

    All in all the app isn’t bad, good fun and the play along feature makes learning enjoyable but MAN after getting a tablet thats on the same platform as my phone I was unable to transfer my subscription. It worked one time and then after that it locked me out of my account on the tablet and I can’t access a service that I’m already paying for. If you only want it for one device this app is great.

  4. For over 30 years I have been picking up the guitar just to put it down very quickly due to frustration & discouragement from lack of understanding & no progress. I even took 3 months of lessons from a personal instructor of which yielded almost zero results. Since finding Justin Guitar for lessons just a year ago & pairing it with Ultimate Guitar for songs & chords my skills have gone from nil to full blown beginner! I highly recommend this app for ANYONE who thinks they can’t play guitar!

  5. C Q dice:

    I love the course and highly recommend it. The lessons, and curriculum are excellent, and tells you exactly what you need to do to progress as a beginner. The songs are amazing for practice. It lost a star dye to not having all the features of the website. The app practice routine is not as good as the webs (which is customizable, shows history, and is resettable). The community is also not available on the app or written versions of the lessons. I think it’s best to use to both together.

  6. I love the content in the app. The lessons are good and I really like the play along feature. The app: takes forever to load, does not respond to the BACK button to exit the app, is jerky when using the play along feture, and many other problems. I am a big fan of Justin, but this app is really bad. I am a software developer and just can’t stand using this poorly implimented application any longer

  7. I found Justin on Youtube, and loved that he was giving away all his knowledge for free. His lesson plans were so well organized, and you can tell he just wants people to fall in love with playing guitar. So when I learned he had this app, I decided to pick it up and put down a year’s subscription. CONTENT: 5/5 The amount of songs that they have in the library is great. For a decent number of songs, there is an accompanying video that Justin has already made to walk you through some of the details, so that you can truly enjoy each song. The lesson plans are fantastic, and the ability to work through specific exercises is great. THE APP ITSELF: 3/5 Loading the app takes forever, which is a little on the frustrating side. But, that can be forgiven if it weren’t for some more of the other technical issues. While playing a song, occasionally the app will “hiccup”, which throws off your timing and breaks you out of it a little bit. If your phone screen locks because you get distracted, the app seems to require to reload when you unlock your phone. So you sit there waiting for it to load back in. Also, I’m not sure if it’s my phone, but the touch sensitivity or the hit-boxes for the buttons in this app seem way off. I sometimes have to try and click an exercise 3-8 times before it will actually open up. The app doesn’t seem to recognize that I’m trying to click on “A-D chord change”. I want to give the app a higher score, but as this is primarily about the app, I am going to stick with 3/5. I will gladly update this if some of the technical issues are resolved, and if the app itself is optimized better. In the meantime, if you want amazing content, Justin Sandercoe is a wonderful man who you should be eager to support!

  8. K McGraw dice:

    No longer works after last update. App is stuck on startup screen. I have tried reinstalling and it is doing the same thing. Using Chromebook Duet. Edit: About a day after having the issue, it is now working as flawlessly as ever! It’s a great app again! If I could make one change to it, I would love to see strumming patterns included with the songs. However, the app and all of Justin’s work are top-notch. Thank you!!!

  9. Helpful and good for beginners, tho with some limits. I’m a brand new guitar player (thanks COVID!) and these are great go-at-your-own-place lessons. Not without room for improvements. For example, the songs have 3 speeds and that’s it, you can pause but it blocks the song. I’d like to be able to have a 5 sec rewind and/or pause where you continue to see the chord tabwhat’s coming next. If I get lost in a song you have to play all over again to return to that section. Justin is a great teacher!

  10. Okay. Need to leave some review. It was five stars before because over the last year the app has taught me a ton and I love it. But now it’s been updated. And this really feels like one of those times where they changed it for the worse. I assume they’ll fix it. It’s nice having someone actually sing the songs. But you took away the ability to isolate the instruments. It always helped to hear someone playing the exact thing your supposed to play. Please fix it. Or just merge the old and new

  11. I have been using the Justin Guitar Beginners course almost every day since this Christmas and have absolutely loved it. I was up to module 8 before the new update. The new version off the app is unusable. To practice, I prop my phone up, or clip it to the head of my guitar. The app does not rotate to landscape mode except for videos and (sometimes) songs. When you have a guitar on your lap, a pick in your hand, etc… you can’t be rotating your phone to read the menus and rotating it back to view a video or song. The navigation, even in portrait mode is horrible as it scrolls both up /down, and left/right on the same screen, so it (again reaching with a guitar on your lap) constantly scrolling where you don’t want it. The new exercises are a huge step backwards as well. I was able to set up the chords I needed to practice and visually see where I needed to practice (with colors to highlight where I needed work in a graph or pyramid). Now it is a non-de script blue number that I need to actually click on every chord to see. I also lost many songs I used to play (or at least can’t find them anymore) and I have lost all my ratings (1-3 guitar picks) so I was able to see my progress on the songs. The songs are also more difficult to follow along with and have extra dots and lighter colors so it is harder to read. The strum patterns are now much harder to read and use. Finally, where is the link on the song’s page to the video lesson? Why would you not link the lesson of the song to the song anymore? I understand the need to improve and restructure the course, but the app is very disappointing. I feel like to lost many of the things I loved about the original app. I also feel that the new app has a very poor user interface making navigation and reading the screens more difficult.For example, the app uses blue text (like D DU UD) on a blue screen. Please fix the screen rotation problem. Please add back the features that I bought the app for and loved (especially better tracking of progress,video links etc…). I am rooting for you to get the app back to usable software. I really did love the original and hope that with some updates, this app can be as good or better. Thank you for you time

  12. Kenny dice:

    I’ve had it for a month now and have really enjoyed it. Main suggestion would be to have an option for the strumming pattern/animation to show while playing (rather than having to pause and go to the strum tab). Also just recently found that you can change the drum and guitar sound effects, which is pretty cool. I prefer the metronome and rock piano to the defaults.

  13. The app is identical to the website with the exception of all the songs available. Pros: over 1000 songs, chart to track chord changes to keep track of progression. Cons: you cannot see all the songs until you complete stages. I don’t mind them being grayed out but wish I could see the chords, strum patterns, etc. I understand I’m not ready to play advanced songs but would at least like to see where I am going. They can remain grayed out but would still like to get familiar with what’s in store.

  14. To put it simply this is just horrible. The original app was much more intuitive to use. One example is the one minute chord change exercise. Originally the pairs were all shown on one screen and were color-code so it was really easy to find the ones that need practice. This version only allows you to display a single pair of chords at a time so you have to scroll through all the pairs to find the one with the lowest score. I am ditching this app till the next update.

  15. Just brilliant. I started playing almost two years ago, started getting lost/frustrated, and kind of gave up for 4 months. This course and app have me organized now and I’m highly motivated. I’ve seen more self-progress in 2 weeks than I have in several months. I bought the app for the practice songs. I love the control modes over the song play. I mainly use my desktop, but the app is what I will use for the playlist practice. Thank you! Thank you!!

  16. Great companion to website. Website has more information and goes further but for a beginner, it’s easier to track your progress. The “guitareoke” is great and I’ll probably remain subscribed for that. My only complaint would be that on some of the songs, especially the faster ones, the timing seems to be a bit behind. Learn to listen for the chord changes I the songs and you’ll do just fine.

  17. Great app, and the songs are really helpful. The only thing I would change is to make it easier to switch back and forth between the app lessons and the website lessons for those of us who use both. Also, rearranging the order of songs in your playlist is pretty cumbersome and could use a drag and drop option, and it would he nice if a song would remember your capo and BPM settings. Still a super useful resource though!

  18. The lessons here are well thought out and put together. The practice sessions a challenging enough for you to consistently improve without being so difficult you get discouraged. When it comes time to learn your first song, the practice songs have backing tracks that are super helpful. I’m enjoying the app, and the challenge of learning guitar. It’s not easy by any means, but this app has helped a lot.

  19. Old app user for over a year. Loved it! The new app seems to need a lot of work. The strum patterns changed, tempos are wrong at 100%, chords have changed and sound worse than in the old app. Worst of all the timing is off on nearly every song I’ve played. Having actual vocals and a real band is a good idea but has very poor implementation. The vocals are just plain bad. I will stick around for a bit to see if it improves but for now, very disappointed.

  20. Ch Gust dice:

    So far I am not liking the new app. I had already gone through the entire course and was just using the app for the songs. I really do not like the new versions of the songs on my playlist. Chords have been changed, the tempos and strumming patterns seem off, hard to follow the beat, I can’t even recognise the song because the melody is missing with the vocals turned off. I see after the last update that a practice version has been added to some of the songs. Much happier with that.

  21. Birb Love dice:

    Love it. It explains a lot, that a lot of different apps don’t. Like how if it sounds flat of fuzzy then your probably not pressing hard enough, and it tells you that you should take breaks or else your fingers are gonna hurt. However the tuner is glitching, and keeps saying that some of the strings are too high pitched when their not. Other that that it’s really helpful.

  22. Justin’s lessons are great. This app is mediocre. Tempo and count in wrong for some songs. Could use an optional delay before count in starts so you can get both hands back on the guitar before it starts. Playlist is the only way to save songs and doesn’t allow any pause between songs, which is annoying. Finally, stop pestering me to leave feedback. I already paid for this app, stop being so needy!

  23. Great app, looks awesome on Chromebooks! Guides you through a deep beg. journey step-by-step. Afterward, the play-along feature is super! I do wish the app could stand alone better: I went through the whole app and only discovered the website afterward. Staying in the app kept me focused, I had more fun, & put in more time. However, some good lessons were missing from the app. Also, I wish the “play 3 songs” parts had been linked to the YouTube videos that really teach you how to play the songs.

  24. I’ve been playing on and off for roughly 3 years now mostly due to difficulty in keeping motivation. I was going back and forth between numerous YouTube videos, buying a few guitar lesson related books, you know the whole 9 yards type of thing so I decided to take up an online course just to see. I discovered Justin Guitar so I decided to give it a shot and ot works out perfectly for my needs! If you are someone like myself who’s had the same sort of issues. I would HIGHLY recommende this app!

  25. The new version is horribly bad!! The original had its flaws but this new version is absolutely horrific. No way to control the horrible voices in the songs. The entire app is clumsy to operate, and not intuitive at all. It didn’t save my favorite songs. I had big hopes with playing along with real songs but voice control is horrible and so is the music. The lessons are updated and that is refreshing. Back on youtube i guess. And I paid for this mess too. STAY AWAY

  26. Great app, easy to use, and I feel like it’s helped me progress quite a bit. My (small) gripes: * Startup load time is a bit long * Sometimes the links to video lessons for specific songs don’t work. And they don’t always show up–especially if you are in the “lesson” view instead of the “playground”.

  27. Does a good job of showing you starting out why the cords don’t sound right how to fix it. And as you progress it moves in to other areas and spends less time on how to make them sound good as you are learning what doing it right and wrong sounds like and can make adjustments yourself and keep moving forward. Even though it doesn’t spend as much time on it as you progress, it still shows you the right way to play the cords and some of the common mistakes people make. Great app.

  28. Justin is a wonderful instructor! He has such a calm demeanor & is so encouraging. The app is the perfect accompaniment to his lessons. I love how it has the practice routines set up for each lesson. It keeps track of your progress as you learn, but it’s easy to go back & re-watch or practice prior skills. The song library is great & easy to use. It allows you to just hear the band or add vocals. You can change the tempo & see upcoming chords. I highly recommend Justin & the app. 😊

  29. Austin N dice:

    Finally finished the entire course. The app is good for the basics I feel. I was very confused when I made it to the power chord section. Its seems like the videos teach you one version and the exercises show you a completely different one and no guidance on transitions. I had fun using the app however I think I’ll use it mostly for songs and just use the website for lessons so I dont get confused.

  30. Absolutely hate the update. I use mostly to play songs and follow along (followed lessons on a desktop) so was looking forward to the added vocals and the improved functionality. Search function gets stuck, it’s hard to find what chords to play and the strumming pattern was made as small as possible. I find the beats hard to follow on the main song page as well and don’t have near as much fun. Think I’ll go with the 4chords app instead. One positive, the app opens much faster for me.

  31. The one minute chord changes should be renamed to the one minute finger killers! I learned a lot, i like having all the lessons organized in one place, the extras like the songs were great though the audio and visuals were sometimes not quite lined up (though maybe it’s lag in my bluetooth headphones?). Overall i really enjoyed it and would like to continue learning with Justin’s lessons!

  32. Great app at the early stages! Works great and really feel like I am learning. After the first `stages` the course and the exercises don’t always fit exactly together. For instance, the videos sometimes refer to exercises that aren’t or weren’t there. I do love the real songs you can play. I just discovered the songs that are not part of formal “Stages 1-9”. They include a strum pattern and fingerpick patterns. This was not clear from the videos but adds another demension to the learning.

  33. I’m still using the app a lot as I finish up the last beginner lesson and work on power chords and chord shape variations. This app has made it very easy to get through the beginner lessons and apply what was learned at each step, a very nice all inclusive app. I’m not sure if I’ll use the app going into the Intermediate course but I renewed it for the song lists. One thing that would help is lots of song filtering options which I read is coming in a future release, yay!

  34. UI could use a refresh, but I’ve been trying to get good at guitar since I was a kid and I’ve stuck with this longer than anything else. Justin has a great personality and his enthusiasm really drives this beginner course. After a few starts and stops I’ve finally finished it. Well worth the subscription cost for the songs alone. Update: The new version is excellent. It takes everything I liked about the old version and improves on it. Highly recommended.

  35. Not a fan of the new app. Some of the songs I was working on our gone. Seems much harder to play along vs. the old app. I have been struggling with it for the past few days thinking “It’s just because its new.” After a few days…I can say I definitely dont like it. Plus…pretty heart broken on my play list vanishing or being heavily modified with removal of some of the songs I was working on. Upwell…the old strumming pattern is still in the song but the new strumming pattern is different and actually doesn’t seem correct. The ONE Dead song seems to be off on timing with the vocals? It seemed MUCH easier to keep time with the old app. I am finding the new format difficult to keep time with, especially with chord changes occurring mid-strum pattern.

  36. What happened to the app! It sucks now vs the 2012 version. Once you learn the chords you want to play songs. The old version was perfect for that.. The old strum feature for learning songs used to play a chord which you could play along with, but no longer. The songs don’t have the melody any more. Used to be able to reset the tempo so you could learn song easier – not anymore. The modifications were obviously made without consulting users on functionality. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE NEW

  37. The app is very helpful with timing on chord changes. It is helpful to have background music and vocals as well. One thing I was not too happy with as it relates to the latest updates, was that although new songs were added, I also discovered some of the songs that I have been playing are now missing. Not sure why you would remove songs.

  38. I didn’t have the chance to use the older version, but the current version is really cumbersome. When scrolling to look at songs, the app will change to the other columns if you scroll in any shape besides a perfect line because it’s too sensitive. If you press “more” it will also switch you to another column rather than keep you on the page you were on. I also can’t tell what strumming pattern to use for songs at all. I’ve been having to look them up on the internet instead.

  39. Beware. If you are a paid subscriber and watching the video lessons on your computer, lesson progress is not automatically synced to the app. Songs are locked because the app thinks you haven’t taken the necessary lessons yet. You can override this in the options menu, but I had to submit a support request to find this out. The user interface on this app is very clumsy: tiny scrollbars that are hard to hit accurately without hitting something nearby by mistake, BPM settings in songs sometimes not being remembered, confusing multiple search interfaces. Certainly not the kind of user experience I would expect given how much a subscription costs. Tread carefully.

  40. The app is very intuitive and works well. I did not encounter a single issue so far – about a month of everyday use. The learning path is a great way to progress. It’s a bit like a game of collecting trophies, and one does not have to wonder how much of an exercise is enough for that stage and what is next. Of course, the advice from the expert makes learning easy and pleasant. And the feeling of progress is priceless! Thank you, Justin! Thank you, dev team! Really enjoyable application.

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