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ABCmouse offers a full online learning program for kids 2—8.
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Math and Reading for Kids 2–8

ABCmouse is the award-winning learning program that covers reading, math, art, music, and more for kids ages 2 to 8. Created by teachers and education experts, it has 10,000+ exciting Learning Activities for children at all academic levels.

Key Features

The ABCmouse Early Learning Academy is the research-validated program that kids 2–8 love to play with as they learn:

• Full standards-based curriculum for learning on mobile devices
• Trusted by teachers and designed by early learning education experts
• Used in more than 70,000 classrooms and in nearly half of all U.S. public libraries
• 10 levels, over 850 lessons, and 10,000+ individual Learning Activities
• All academic subjects for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade
• Accelerates children’s development of early literacy and math skills
• Helps ensure kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade readiness
• Covers math, reading, science, social studies, art, and music across all levels
• Thousands of books, videos, puzzles, printable activities, songs, games, and animations
• 900+ books and activities in Spanish
• Customizable Avatar, My Room, My Hamster, and Pet Park features
• Step-by-Step Learning Path and independent learning
• Great for homeschoolers and learning on the go
• Easy to track and monitor progress
• Winner of prestigious Mom’s Choice GOLD, Teachers’ Choice, and Parents’ Choice GOLD Awards
• 100% safe and kid-friendly environment!

Subscription Options

• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase

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• Bug Fixes and Optimizations


40 comentarios en " MODDED 2022"

  1. My two-year-old loves this app, and it’s the only one she uses. I always start her out on her personal journey when we open the app and she’ll do a few activities before anything else. It allows her to do anything from reading and math to art and music… She can even learn about animals and care for different digital pets. The worst thing she does is go shopping with her tickets to buy the same thing multiple times; but I can just redirect her myself in a matter of seconds.

  2. I usually don’t write reviews but man has this experience been frustrating! I signed up for ABCmouse due to the corona virus to get the kids learning something while they’re at home quarantining and it has been a nightmare! The main issue is that the app consistently freezes. No matter what! I have to close the app and reopen to get it working again and then sure enough, they tap on something and… You guessed it. Frozen again! Not sure if you understand exactly how frustrating it is to have a 3 and a 5 year coming to you every 5 minutes screaming “It’s not working again!” especially when you yourself are working from home or in a meeting. I’m definitely not continuing my subscription and would advise anybody else to look elsewhere until they get some solid developers on their app.

  3. I love the idea of this, it really does teach my kids so much. However, it is incredibly buggy. It freezes often and just causes frustration. I use it on 2 different tablets, both with the proper system requirements and supposedly compatible. It’s even worse because it is something I pay for yet only works about half the time. We are in an incredible age of technology, it really should work better.

  4. The program is great, but the app is horrible. They made it so complex and built it so poorly that it’s very difficult to navigate, it loads terribly slowly, and it often freezes or some aspects don’t work. There is no “home” button within activities, so you have to go through possibly dozens of slowly loading pages to get to what you want. I’m considering getting a refund. (The app is free but the service is not, and if the app doesn’t work then the program is useless).

  5. Cancelled during the trial period primarily because the app runs very slowly (can take up to 30 seconds between screens, at which point my toddler loses interest or gets frustrated). Some activities wouldn’t work properly and had to be restarted. Even at the discounted subscription price, I just didn’t think that the content was worth it. That, plus the fact that you are bombarded with requests to upgrade just made ABC Mouse feel like a money grab. There are free apps that are better!

  6. The app is great for kids, cute and educational, able to keep me 3yr olds attention. Unfortunately the app is too slow when moving from one area to another, and often freezes up. I have to shut it down and reopen it several times when she plays because it freezes so often. I didn’t expect an app that you have to pay for to have so many bugs in it. I just bought a new phone, so I’m sure its the app having issues, not my phone

  7. Honestly didn’t even get to use it. The app is “free” but when you open it you have to sign up for 30 day free subscription and reading into it will automatically renew each month unless you unsubscribe and charge you. I was disappointed and after searching I didn’t find anywhere in print that the subscription would cost money. I’m sure it’s really great but I can’t spend extra money on apps. I just feel it’s a bit misleading.

  8. So far it is the promised fun we were hoping to add to our daughters school work. !It is very slow however with many glitches needing us to close and restart or wait a long time. We have multiple devices we’ve tried it on; we have upgraded to the highest quality Internet speed just for this (we don’t use it for streaming or gaming) and still it’s very slow. !It does seem to have many instructional videos and new things but they don’t integrate into the learning path, you have to go searching.

  9. Highly Dissarisfied. Downloaded this app because my daughters absolute love it, even the commercials. i even bought a new chromebook just to have this app. and it looks like i am not the only one have the exact same issue with lagging, crashing, freezing, will not even open or load. there is something failing on your end and considering the cost of this learning app these issues should have been addressed a long time ago. Whats the point in having an app if you cannot use it! Frustration!

  10. ABC Mouse is amazing! My daughter used it when she was young, and now my son is using it. They both started on Toddler Time and just excelled from there. It has been amazing. My son calls it his school. He loves the number games and the puzzles. We bought the assessment ad-on and it has been great. I did the assessment first with him and then he started the learning path. Each time he completes a level we go back and reassess, then if he needs extra practice we can work on it. It’s great!

  11. There were no problems when signing up. My card information went in with ease. I was able to create a password and everything log in information. Once that was set up, the app became distorted. I wasn’t able to see no one activity. Half of the screen was blacked out. After having so much trouble with the app on my laptop, I tried to use it on my phone and ran into the same issues. If it will not work properly then you can not complain bc you can’t navigate through the app. Scam!!! Not Legit!

  12. Listed as “#7 top free.” Took a long time to load and then took me straight to a menu to register to try the first month free, then subscribe. There are no games available to just click and play. Free apps should be free with options to buy extras if needed. I don’t mind paying for educational materials, but this is misleading and immediately turned me off.

  13. Update: I originally had issues with the app, but after finally finding out how to contact them, I was able to get the app working again. Although the website is good, it uses old tech (flash player) for a lot of the learning path. This may cause issues with some browsers and cause the app to not work properly. All-in-all, the app is OK but really needs some updating.

  14. The app seems to freeze a bit which makes it annoying for my 3 yr old. she either just stops or every few min says its frozen and I have to close the app and completely restart it. Other than freezing I’ve noticed some things that look like they are part of the app send you to download another. I’m not sure if that’s just because of how my daughter got to it or if it’s just open somewhere in the app. Love the app over all it has helped with preschool and its helping my 2nd grader a little bit too

  15. My kids have been using it for years. They have both been reading well ahead of their peers, and are otherwise academically well rounded. Entering Kindergarten, my son was reading at nearly the 2nd grade level. My 4 year old is reading without much help and learning to write legibly. I’m not a good teacher and they do it without prompting, so I credit this game. They have tried other learning apps but they got bored, but they’re always happy about ABCmouse.

  16. It’s a nice app but hopelessly buggy and slow and its not my device causing the problems. I’m constantly having to restart the program for my daughter because it freezes. Look at the reviews and you’ll see this is a common complaint and it has been for years. Don’t tell me to just get in contact with you, ABCMouse. This will only get fixed by hiring better programmers. edit: lowering review even further. Unbelievably buggy, freezes constantly. This level of junky programming is unacceptable.

  17. I installed the app on my phone to see what was available for my daughter when she is old enough to navigate the app and immediately realized the app is completely locked down unless you sign up for their subscription service. I figured I would have to pay for advanced features or individual lesson packs, but would have the opportunity to look at the cirriculum and how its organized before I made a decision. Nope. They want that commitment to the subscription before you do anything. The “one month free” requires a credit card number to get started. No thanks. I will just use the handmedown leapfrog stuff my mom gave me.

  18. Overall this is a grand educational app. One and only one problem I continually have is the book reading. Every time a book is read, at the finish the app hangs and will not progress past that point. you can back up and have it read it again, but it will not allow progression. I have tried every angle around the problem I could find. back up, try to step past it, go through the classroom, complete exit and shutdown. The shut down works but i have to stop the schooling for a bit to let it clear.

  19. we registered for ABC mouse on a family member’s computer my 4 year-old loved it and didn’t want to stop playing it. it is an amazing system to use for fun learning. we don’t have a computer at home so I down loaded the app. The app is horrible compared to my computer experience. if she clicks the learning path it just loads but never really loads. same thing happens for other areas. in the library section she will pick a book but the pages are plain with no words. Very disappointed.

  20. This app has the potential to be an amazing resource for teaching preschool aged kids using fun and engaging games. Unfortunately, the app rarely works. We have tried repeatedly to open the app, both on a tablet and on a smartphone, and every time it has frozen and doesn’t allow us to get to “my learning path”. At other times it will randomly redirect us back to the login page. It is so frustrating!

  21. My daughter is 2 (almost 3) and LOVES “school” time thanks to ABC Mouse! I’ve seen commercials for years, but I felt like she was too young for an online learning program. However, when I was having trouble motivating her to read or work on letters and numbers from workbooks, I thought I’d give it a try. Since we started a month ago, she’s mastered counting to 10 and almost has her ABC’s down independently. Maybe even more importantly, she picks up books all the time now and loves reading!

  22. Ra's Way dice:

    I would love to rate this app 5 stars. The lessons,stories,songs, etc, are great.!!! My 4 year old loves them. My issue is it glitches DAILY!!! It becomes frozen right in the middle of lessons. It is so irritating. But I have recently updated the app. Hopefully it fixes the problem. I subscribed for the free month and signed up for the 12.99/month subscription because we loved it so much. If the update does not help the glitches, Im discontinuing the sub and finding something more suitable.

  23. I love it, all three of my children use it! It helps me realistically see where each one of them needs to focus more. My Eldest is in 4th but when i had her do the 2nd grade assessment it showed me an area of sentence structure she needed help in. The program is amazing! It immediately pulled practice activities and she retested the same night. As a parent any area your child needs to be sured up in academically you want to catch it sooner than later.

  24. ***Edit: We had a technical issue that required quite the troubleshooting to resolve. The customer service was exceptional and after 24 hours we were able to resolve it. The app is obe of its kind and provide grear variety of educational activities and games. We love the app and used it for over a year. All of the sudden it stopped working. I reinstalled and even factory reset my device. Just emailed about pausing subscription, but wondering if others have this issue.

  25. Cancelled our subscription. The content is great, Unfortunately, the app ran so slow and poorly, that I found my child becoming disinterested while waiting for the next activity to load. We tried logging on from all of our devices both new and older. We also tried from our computer, and using both wifi and LTE connections. The results were always the same. This is what led to our cancellation. For what the content is, it should be running much faster. Especially on brand new devices.

  26. This used to be amazing and work fantastically on all devices, but it has been nearly impossible to use on mobile devices–it barely loads, the features are not available or they freeze. I have a frustrated little person! Works fine on a PC, but we’re rarely on a PC…

  27. This app takes forever to load, my daughter doesn’t have the patience to wait 30+ seconds between screens and frankly, neither do I. For a paid app it’s ridiculous. I thought it was the device but have downloaded it on multiple devices with the same result each time. Super disappointed since the commercials make it seem like such a great learning tool for kids.

  28. One word to describe this app – GLITCHY! You know it’s bad when your toddler wants to throw the device because of so many app bugs (and so do i). Tried the app feedback site, but it is pointless since I have this app on different devices – and it performs the same on each platform. The biggest glitch I hate is when he has completed an activity, but it doesn’t go back to start another one. It stays on it forever until we have to close it out. This is now an everyday thing. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help at all. This app feels like its underdeveloped.

  29. apps are ok, makes learning fun, but from my Samsung galaxy 9, or my iPad. it glitches it let’s me delete an account then I try to set up a new one and it shuts off ( closes the app). then when I re open the app it won’t let me finish making the avatar, and I can’t delete the old one to make a new one on the account, there is no option. trying to set it up is more work than having your child play with it. not worth it.

  30. I absolutely USED to love, love this app. until the update. We’ve tried experimenting with and getting used to it. The more we use it, the more it looks like many options are missing. My child used to like to color both the boy and girl pictures; listen to boy and girl books. This is no longer available. She used to listen to the different fun environment info & sometimes do the quiz after. That is no longer an option. The app has never been left hand friendly, but we’ve gotten used to it. Now it’s not even child friendly.

  31. Used to have this service and picked it back up. Marked difference in how well it performs. Thought it just didnt like droids but trying to run it on pc browser is worse. The buttons that do work take forever to load, if they load at all. All my platforms are updated and work fine with other programs. Really disappointed.

  32. This app has been a great experience for my kids so far. Having all the same features and functions from desktop to touch device suited even for the smallest of hands. We don’t use it as strictly an educational tool, though that’s the main purpose, but we also use it for story time all the time and for general free time because they love the games too.

  33. Tamara T dice:

    Touch and Go at best. How fast does my internet need to be for this to work? Weather I’m on my laptop, phone or ipad, this app takes forever to open and as soon as it does, it freezes up on me. One star for how easy it is to use when it does work, the 2nd star for the 2 free months when COVID-19 started. As much as I want to give back by continuing my subscription, I just can’t do it if it doesn’t work.

  34. What is happening with this app, because it wasn’t like this the last time I used it over a year ago? Is there some accessibility option I need to turn off? From the start at login it uses some integrated keyboard instead of my phone’s keyboard and there’s a robotic voice on 2x speed narrating everything you do and giving instructions. Typing on the keyboard is garbage. The poor touch interface isn’t just the keyboard, but everywhere in the app. Stick to the web browser.

  35. T G dice:

    I just have it for a week yet. I got it for my 2 year old cause she seems to be behind in talking. Within this week I see so much progress. Not sure if it’s because of this program but I’m satisfied. Update after 1 1/2 months. My daughter keeps getting better at speech. And she enjoys working with ABCMouse. She struggles with the painting part. Maybe I have to switch to a tablet cause we do it on the cell phone. Reading books is her favourite feature. Helped us alot during pacifier weaning time

  36. I have three kids who use this app and I use it on three different devices which are all different brands. In the middle of a game or activity it will kick them off or at the end of their learning path when they are picking an award. They get extremely frustrated because in about a 15 minute period it has crashed for my 7 year old 4 times.

  37. Trouble Getting Things to Load My niece has been trying to do the Learning Path and other activities, but once she clicks them, it just stays on the white background and never loads. We’ve been having this issue for a little over a week now, and there are no pending updates for the app. We had been using the app since the school cancelations because we don’t have a printer to print off her school work. This is our first time using ABC Mouse and she really enjoys it. I hope you guys find a fix.

  38. We loaded this app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. The app is buggy, slow, and on several occasions has spent 30 minutes + trying to load a module. In addition, it sometimes doesn’t log my daughter’s progress returning her over and over again to the same spot on the learning path. I would like the app to allow parents to help define the learning paths with focus on certain skills or modules.

  39. Absolutely amazing, I love it. Although we are experiencing a global pandemic that leaves many of us uncertain as to when things will ever get back to normal. ABC Mouse has offered my toddler (4 year old) the perfect opportunity to learn preschool/headstart learning objectives across the board such as: reading, mathematics, shapes, colors and so much more. No I am not a spokesperson nor a marketing agent. I am just a proud parent. Thank you ABC Mouse 💞🥰

  40. What is going on ABCMouse? I know $’s not the problem. When I first logged on it was great, and I just gave the benefit of the doubt, telling myself it’ll get fixed, that was 5yrs ago. Both browsers &app are buggy, overheats, slow,& have corrupt sound bytes that would replay even after they where petting pets. The concept for this app is great, now bring the concept to life. Please, optimization is greatly needed. It’s frustrating paying for something that is not working half the time.

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