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Finally a US ham radio study app that is more than just practice exams!
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Finally an offline-enabled mobile app with all of the features from HamStudy.org! Use this app to study for your US Amateur Radio License.

Designed and written by hams with volunteer examiner experience and Sponsored by Icom, this is not your typical study app — most study apps will focus on practice exams, which is somewhat like studying for your math test by throwing darts at your textbook. Though HamStudy is not a full instructional tool our app is focussed on providing you with the tools you need to study the parts of the question pool that you most need to see.

Our intelligent Study Mode tracks your progress as you move through the pool, providing you with full statistics on what you’ve seen and giving you the visibility into where you need to study. It will automatically repeat questions as needed. When you don’t understand something you can tap the “explain” button to view an explanation of the question. Practice Exams make it easy to see how close you are to passing and see what areas to focus on in Study Mode.

Share your progress with your friends or instructor and study together!

* Study *all* current US Amateur Radio question pools (Technician, General, Amateur Extra) — updates can be downloaded for free when they become available. Additional pools, such as the FCC commercial pools and the Canadian pools, are also available for download in the app.

* This app is not a study guide, it is a directed study tool centered around the questions; there are explanations contributed by users for most pools which do help in learning, but some users may want to pair the app with a study manual to get the most out of both.

* HamStudy’s revolutionary Study Modes work with you to ensure you learn the questions; they automatically track your progress and adjust the pace to keep you challenged but not frustrated. User-submitted explanations help you avoid the pitfall of just memorizing answers. Synchronize with your online HamStudy.org account to prevent data loss and be able to switch devices easily.

* Share your progress with other HamStudy.org users and help each other keep progressing towards that next license exam!


- Fixed social login button styles
- Fixed social login behaviors
- Updated the pool


40 comentarios en "HamStudy.org MOD 2022"

  1. Free, no ads. The app goes through the published question pool. You can either start from the first question (T1A01) and work to the last, mix them up, or focus on a troublesome area. Tap “I don’t know” and the app displays the correct answer. Whether you select idk, the correct answer, or an incorrect one, you can tap explain, which is always informative — often including mnemonic devices. There’s also feedback (graph) on your knowledge. Incredibly helpful and stable app!

  2. This app is well designed and better thought through than anything else which I have seen in the ham radio world. There is a missing feature which could easily be addressed. There appears to be no way to reset the study results for an individual element or subelement of a license type. The linking between the phone app and the laptop / desktop apps appears to work well. Since the desktop app is browser-based I presume that it should work with Linux as well as with Windows.

  3. Rik Brown dice:

    Excellent! I recently took the technician followed by the general 11 days later, today. I got 100% on both. I didn’t need the ARRL books (I did purchase the technician one). The explanations were very good and often pointed to appropriate articles on the Wikipedia. However, when I do the amateur extra later on I will definitely be using the ARRL book for that. One thing that I didn’t know when I purchased this is that it includes all three elements (levels) for the price of one. Great!

  4. Since I first installed it early in 2019, this app would occasionally lock up at one screen or another. It would continue to work after a forced stop. It would also lose the “sync” account information when the app updated. The most recent update caused the app to freeze at the splash screen. I reported all this to the developer and he was very responsive. Following a reinstall (with Automatic Restore turned off), the app ran correctly, and now supports the back arrow to navigate and close the app. The app does have the capability of selecting an individual subelement for study, on the statistics screen, which helps break a large question pool into manageable chunks. The app also offers explanations of the answers, rather than just “Incorrect”. Recommended for those who would like an offline study tool on their phone which can sync with a browser-based version of the same tool.

  5. After using this app for a few hours, I am getting perfect score after perfect score on the technician material. Working on general now and already getting over 30/35 consistently. This app goes beyond the others I have found in the fact that it seems to adapt to me and the areas where I need the most assistance. It also provides explanations on the correct answer, and helpful tips for memorizing things like Q codes. Highly recommended and well worth the money.

  6. Excellent method to memorize ham radio exam questions, all elements.. However, on the Android version, I noticed that during my study for the amateur Extra exam, I want being presented with all the questions. Certain questions would never appear. I thought I had gotten around this by setting a filter, and I could see most of the question pool. I think I could have gotten the full list by studying one element at a time. Android 12, Google Pixel 6.

  7. Fantastic app! I used hamstudy along with books to pass all three tests in one sitting. Primary good features are proficiency charts, returning to questions you get wrong, decent answer explanations most of the time, and ability to create custom pools. My only suggestion: I wish there were a better way to weed out easy questions so that if i get them right three (or x) times, they are removed from the pool altogether. That way I could work my way down to a pool of zero questions I don’t know.

  8. This is a really (shockingly) good app. There’s free ham study apps, but they’re buggy and crash a lot or barf when you try to go backwards or the interface just makes it harder to study, particularly reviewing questions you missed. This app has an easy to access view of your weak points, and also extremely helpful explanations. Worth every penny. Worth more even.

  9. John S dice:

    I used the web version for technician and general and bought the app to say thanks, and work on extra. I still prefer the web version; the app needs to be able to zoom the graphics a bit, but it works pretty well. Syncing is good. I am having problems where it says I have seen 100% of the questions, but I keep getting new ones, so I don’t think the smart algorithm can really work to show me questions that need study. I tried to follow the ‘get help with ham study’ link, but it wants me to sign in. ?, I am signed in. Maybe I need a separate account with Signal Stuff, which would be a pain. The phone number is answered by a machine that recites a bunch of numbers, who knows who it was. Rats! just after I said that syncing works well, their server went off the air. And an exam tomorrow; the Internet is too fragile. Updated Sept 11, I only missed 1 question on the exam so I guess I saw enough of them, but I was still getting new ones that morning. Note to Signal Stuff: thanks for reaching out to me. I don’t know how I appear to have two accounts; it must have been something I did on the quick and dirty.

  10. I like the app, but it doesn’t show change of correct versus incorrect answers over time, it just shows you ha reached a positive max rating at all times on all the sections, rather than recalibration to show your score if you missed some you didn’t miss before. For instance, I got to T5, and have been doing consistently terrible at it, however all the app tracks is the correct answers getting logged, rather if you get shown them again and you get it wrong cuz you confused it with another.

  11. This app works very well. I used it for all three ratings. The content is also available on the website free of charge, but I found it very worthwhile to purchase the app to have quick access on my phone to study, as well as wanting to support the developers. It has a good algorithm for determining the areas which need additional study and focusing on those items rather than just randomly presenting questions.

  12. Thanks to this app I got 35/35 on my Tech exam. This is the third app I’ve used to study for my test. The others were unstable, slow, buggy and crashed a lot. HamStudy worked great even on my $99 tablet. Although the UI is dated,it’s a very effective learning tool. I particularly appreciated that with each example question, there was a simple explanation that was easy to understand, without long-winded, and complicated explanations like the ARRL manual. Thank you Signal Stuff!

  13. I tried another study app, which was free, but this one is superior. Instant feedback on whether your answer is correct (the other app made you wait until the end of a section) and especially the “Explain” feature of this app, so context for the questions is available without having to do a web search. Also, the app employs a very effective study method where missed questions will reappear soon after they’re missed while they are still fresh in your mind.

  14. I just got my technician’s license using only this app. It’s an extremely easy way to study for ham radio exams. In my opinion, it was also well worth the extra $4 to buy the app, although the website version is free, because it lets you study in those spare moments when you might be resting in the restroom. And after enough rest breaks you’ll be able to pass exam no problem. I highly recommend!

  15. I passed my Amateur Extra Exam using this app alone for 12 days! It’s the book explanations, hints, and question pool all in one place! I love that you can see your aptitude broken down by section and have the option to practice your weakest areas after a practice exam. Very well done!!!

  16. OCD users beware. It you want to get 100% Aptitude before you move on to the next section forget about it. Even if I didn’t miss any questions it will keep dropping in one column down to 98% then another goes up to 100%. The only way I recall getting all columns to 100% Aptitude was using the website.

  17. Outstanding app! Excellent teaching algorithm. Used flash cards focusing on the correct answers repeatedly until stats were >90% in aptitude for both Technician & General questions, took a couple practice exams and then passed the actual exams on the first attempt. Highly recommended!

  18. jmck dice:

    This is a remarkable app. I used it almost exclusively to get my Technician, General and Extra licenses in just over 3 months. The app is extremely well designed. It seems to “know” what you need to study at the best time for maximum retention. A terrific app. It just plain works. Many thanks to the team at Ham Study for putting together this impressive project!

  19. Going well so far… A great format for studying, giving you information and not just a right or wrong response. I had a minor problem with login related to some changes in the backend systems (by others) supporting this app. The developer got back to be in a snap and the problem was solved almost instantly. So the app has 5-star support as well.

  20. Sean S dice:

    Absolutely love this site, as well as everything the organization is doing to bring online testing to the amateur radio world! I’m happy to support them by purchasing this app and the functionality is great. Clean interface with no complaints as far as overall function. Syncs progress with your free account and no annoying ads! Thanks for making a great app and continuing to bring the best tools for license study to the amateur radio community!

  21. I have tried four study apps for general license. This one has the advantage of having a synchronized computer pc or even lunux version via rhe web page. So if you use both a web browser to study and this app it synchronizes. Also it will let you hide the wrong answers and just focus on the right answers when doing the actual arrl test bank. I plan to use this for my extra as soon as the plague is over….

  22. This app provided explanations that I found more useful than the book. It also builds your confidence as you able answer questions randomly. I was to pass both the Technician and General licenses exams in one sitting. I am now studying for Extra. Highly recommend.

  23. This is VERY easy to use and organized in a logical applicable manner. It has been 30 years since I did this last time, many things have changed… tech, regs and my memory! :-/ I’m three hours in to it, and so far your app is pretty damned stellar. Thank you! 🙂

  24. Very professional and clean UI that is easy to learn and understand. I have used it to study for all 3 license levels and it has significantly helped me prepare for the tests. 10/10 would recommend!!

  25. Love the website and saw the app on my phone. Bought and downloaded then wanted to put it on my tablet. Wanted me to pay again. Google says that it is set that way by the developer. Would recommend fixing that. Edit: It must have been an issue at their end. Woke up this morning and was able to install it. Did not want to place any blame on you guys because I think you guys are great and so is your program. So obviously Google was wrong, imagine that lol

  26. Love the app. It has really helped me practice for the ham test. Only complaint is I wish the random questions were a little more random. Seems like you see some questions several times and others very rarely. But still, I’ve spent a lot of time using the app and it’s helped a lot.

  27. A very good app. It helped me study for my General and Extra Amateur Radio Licenses and I was able to pass both within a month! Your results may vary, but the app helped me study to get there.

  28. The HamStudy software is fabulous stuff! It WORKS, it lets me see if I am prepared, and the tracking of missed questions – and the available explanations are super. Didn’t cost much either. And clearly a work of enthusiasm, not just another app trying to do something scummy with me and my phone. Well done in the public service! Thank you! I’m grateful.

  29. This app is great. I’m studying for my general, and love that this app allows focused element study, and metrics on performance. I chose a single element and studied until I got my percentage above 82%, and then moved on to the next element. Very helpful app!

  30. Wish I had found this app and your website a month ago. Found it 3 days before I took my extra exam. Your study mode was most helpful to me, the way it folded the questions I missed back into the mix. I gained more confidence in those 3 days than I did in the 27 days prior that I was trying to study. The result? Exam passed. Score: 100% Of course your results may differ. But if you are studying for any of the 3 exams, this app is well worth the price.

  31. I uninstall this app…because I passed every exam. This app (and their website) is an excellent way to study resource. My preferred study method was to read a subsection’s question without distractors. Then I quizzed that section until 90% competency. The practice tests are a great way to know when you are ready for the test. I went from no license to amateur extra thanks to Ham Study. Five Stars.

  32. James J dice:

    Excellent tool. I am learning a lot. When I get something wrong, I can read the explanation and study what I need work on. The practice tests help me see where I’m really at. Definitely worth helping the HamStudy guys out by paying for the app

  33. The app runs on my Android devices without issue. Each question also has an explaination of the correct answer. So you can learn besides practice. I have used the app to prepare for both the Technician and General Exam. I found a strong correlation between my average score on practice exams and my actual test score on both exams. I will be using the app for studying for the Extra Exam.

  34. Over the last week, I have steadily increased my scores on practice exams to nearly 100%, and feel very confident that I will pass my General this week. Looking forward to doing the same with the Extra test soon thereafter. It really drills down what you know or don’t know so that you can identify what areas to study as well as giving you exposure to every possible test question and answer. Thank you HamStudy!!!!

  35. Great app! Went from zero knowledge of ham radio, to easily passing the Technician exam in only a few weeks. The app does a great job of reviewing the exam questions, while also explaining the answers. This app has taught me a lot. Will continue to use it for the General exam. Well worth the price!

  36. This is a great app! Excellent way to prep for ham license exams! The only suggestion I would make is giving users the option to flag specific questions for review. You can review specific subelements in the current version, but it would be nice to be able to also have a pool of questions specifically marked for review by the user.

  37. Very helpful. Confidence builder as you can see improvment (hopefully improvement). Always available. Font size adjustment VERY helpful for long study sessions. Only in 3rd year as a ham and testing for Extra.

  38. The website based study is free but well worth paying for. If you use it to get your ticket, consider buying the app for roughly what a gallon of gas costs. I prefer the app over the site, couldn’t say why. I really appreciate all you do for the hobby HamStudy!

  39. I credit this app for my success. Passed my general with two weeks of intermittent study. I’m now working on extra. Very pleased that I bought the app. Also I received fantastic support when the app exhibited an error.

  40. The explanations for each question are very helpful. It also occasionally re-prompts you on questions you answered wrong. Practice quizzes. Everything’s here. Worth the cost.

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