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An award-winning app that can help your child build skills they need in school
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The BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney is an award-winning math, language and reading app for kids in preschool to grade 3. Concepts are made simple and fun as your child embarks on this guided learning adventure alongside Disney and Pixar characters.

A personalized learning adventure:
Powered by the recommendation engine, the app takes kids on personalized journeys where they can discover activities based on their interests, learning style, and pace, while engaging in educational games and fun videos in math, language and reading. 

Aligned to state & national standards-based curriculum:
Our multi-subject educational app helps kids build on the skills they learn in school and is filled with educational games, fun videos, and activities made specifically for kids in preschool to 3rd grade

Build skills in math, language and reading:
Vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension are just a few of the skills your child can develop. Kids can practice foundational concepts like addition, subtraction and fractions, develop problem-solving skills, and foster critical thinking. 
Number sense
Spatial Reasoning
Time & Money
Parts of Speech
Word families
Extend the learning with our Magic Workbooks:
Use the app on its own or pair it with BYJU’S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney using an iPad for an active learning experience.
Visit to learn more.

– A guided learning adventure featuring iconic Disney and Pixar characters
like Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Lightning McQueen, and more

– Personalized recommendations based on your child’s interests, learning
style, and pace

– A library of 2,500+ activities including video lessons, learning games, and
engaging stories personalized to your child’s grade level

– Progress reports that give you a real-time overview of your child’s learning

– Parent-child activities that enable you to actively participate in your child’s
learning adventures 

– Create up to 3 kids’ profiles with one account. You can select any grade
across Pre-K to Grade 3 for each profile

– kidSAFE certified + COPPA compliant


Try free, no payment required!

– Choose from a free plan, a monthly subscription @ $9.99, or an annual
subscription @ $99.99

– Get additional 7 days of free and full access when you opt for a subscription

– If you opt for a free plan, enjoy up to 7 days of free daily practice—with 5
new tasks a day—when you sign up with your email address, no payment
needed. Once the free access expires, your child can still access all their
completed activities 

– You can subscribe with your Google Play account to unlock unlimited
access to our library at any time. Your subscription will be automatically
renewed at the end of the billing period and the account will be charged
within 24 hours prior to the end of the billing period

– Your subscription can be canceled anytime through your Google Play

About BYJU’S
Featured in the TIME 100 Most Influential Companies 2021 list, BYJU’S is an education technology company transforming the way children learn. By combining innovative technology with visually-rich content, BYJU’S programs are personalized to suit every child’s learning style, fueling a love of learning and making them active, life-long learners.


Performance improvement and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "BYJU’S Learning | Disney MODDED 2022"

  1. I unsubscribed several months ago through App Store. It’s still continuing to charge my bank. We haven’t used this app for a while now. It won’t let me sign in to try to unsubscribe from the app. How can it charge my account but not let me sign in? It says email isn’t found. I want my money refunded!!

  2. Scam product bought the kit for my kids for Christmas no where on it did it say that it requires a subscription to use maybe it would be better if you actually advertise that instead of trying to scam your customers

  3. Frustrating!!!!! Bought the set on Amazon. It’s says it’s not compatible with the tablet that the description says it’s compatible. Tried my phone somehow signed up for a $99.99 membership and I can’t figure out how to cancel it. Also this membership doesn’t seem to need the $200 worth of workbooks etc I bought already. Can’t figure anything out and when you click for help you get a robot that just gives you the option to buy another course. Money pit

  4. jessica p dice:

    I am still on my free trial and I love it so far! only thing I wish it had was a schedule section. I use this app as a homeschool supplement, I use their curriculum as a base and whatever topic they are working on I use this app to find videos on that topic. have them watch the videos, then a game to keep them engaged. so far they love the cartoon videos with their fav characters. a folder/assignment/daily task section would be awesome to assign videos that they can go to on their own.

  5. This app is very fun and informative. It provides hours of fun learning experiences for children of various age levels. There is plenty to choose from with both games and videos. The integration of the Disney characters adds to the fun and learning, as kids will feel like they can interact with their favorite characters. Highly recommend app!

  6. I love this app. It’s cute, it’s well made, it is educational, i am very happy that i found it. Liza is thrilled! It has the different levels so if you have a wee one, it could grow into it for years! And to add Disney to it, well,she talked me into it and I’m super impressed.

  7. This app is so fun and entertaining. My daughter was mesmerized by it and watched really intently! The games are perfect for her age and I am very happy with this app. The fact they use Disney characters is even better. I even enjoy watching it and hearing the songs and such. I’m very happy with this app for my children.

  8. Awesome app! My kid loved the app as she was able to interact with the stories and as well enjoy her time while learning. One of the best experiences I have ever seen in a learning app.

  9. My son is in kindergarten and enjoyed playing on app. He was enjoying all the options and different things he’s able to choose to learn along with his favorite characters made it more fun.

  10. Terrible everytime you try to open something it says you have to pay even though you already paid

  11. Pretty good. My preschool age son enjoys the videos and games. I like that it’s laid out by category so if I feel like there are specific skills I want to work on, we can easily find the material for it.

  12. This app is fun and interactive. I like how the Disney characters are incorporated into each lesson. There are many different subjects that the kids can work on and it’s easy to track your child’s progress.

  13. I just used the free version of this game for my preschool age toddler. He really enjoyed it. The animation is good, the games are educational, and the stories are fun to listen to.

  14. Crashes all the time. I tried force stopping. It keeps crashing. Going to uninstall after I figure out how to cancel.

  15. Great for little ones. My daughter loves playing on the app, its her favorite learning app to date! The Disney characters throughout the app definitely helped keep her attention and motivated her to keep playing

  16. Overall I had a great experience and I feel the app has good potentials. Would recommend for young children or school teachers.

  17. Sam Sung dice:

    The app is great. I am sur mu child can learn a lot from this app. The videos do not work. I can only hear sound.

  18. I downloaded this for my 3 yr old and it instantly drew him in. When he isn’t fond of something he says it’s a weirdo game or weirdo show. He enjoys the way that they teach and mix the activities in. Thumbs up from a proud Dad

  19. Its a cute app but I’m really disappointed that my Kindergarten had a family lesson and it was solely focused on a Mom/Dad family. No mention at all of any other options. Heck it seems like most Disney characters are being raised by single parents!

  20. Very interactive and user friendly app. I am sure that it will help many kids to learn different things easily.

  21. Kazmic dice:

    I really enjoy this app for my child I will say the long intro to each game could be cut in half my child doesn’t enjoy having to sit through the long speeches but after that’s over he’s ready to go

  22. Good app for toddlers to learn and gain skills in educational content. Also, kids love to play on the app and are learning without even noticing!

  23. This app is horrible. I started the 7-Day trial today like 3 hours ago and it says that I only have 6 days left. And my daughter was only on it for 10 seconds before it said she already did her five task. Horrible app do not download it

  24. Can’t even use the app. Immediately turns black and shuts down after multiple installations.

  25. D. C. dice:

    Very well written educational app for kids, very friendly, has tons of options to help kids learning.

  26. The app had meenter my information and them kept crashing before being able to experience anything else.

  27. Hart D. dice:

    It’s a cute little app where you can watch videos. It helps a lot with the kid’s learning. Recommending this app for your kids to learn and have fun!

  28. I loved the app as it combined learning with fun and thus is great for my daughter who loves Disney characters.

  29. Hi Hi dice:

    The app is fast to install with no issues. The navigation process is ideal for childrens.

  30. It seems okay, child was a little bit bored of it at first the music kinda bored her. But once she got to interact with it she enjoyed it

  31. A pretty good one I haven’t seen it but ads are so annoying of the ones that are not learning ones

  32. So far so good. Will continue the 14 day trial to see the games and learning creativity.

  33. Fun and vibrant learning game! My daughter has loved the interactive learning activities due and I have enjoyed the capability to follow along with her learning journey!

  34. Fun app with all our favorite Disney characters! My kids enjoyed it very much!

  35. Very interactive and fun for kids. I love the nostalgia it gives me too!

  36. My son has a wonderful experience with this app he plays it everyday and he’s learning new things every time he uses it I absolutely love it

  37. Camo Girl dice:

    I go in to do colors and nothing but a black screen. WHY do I pay for something I can’t use. Fix it and I’m deleting.

  38. J A dice:

    Loading times are a tad slow, other than that, looks good.

  39. My son is 2 and is in LOVE with this it’s a little slow but either than that it’s AMAZING!!!!

  40. This is a great educational app for kids, it helps make learning fun!

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