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Learn how to read with fun educational games for ages 3-8. Learn phonics & more!
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From the creators behind Duolingo, the world’s #1 education app, comes Duolingo ABC! Duolingo ABC is the fun, hands-on way for your child to learn to read and write in English! From preschool to first grade, engage your child with delightful stories for kids and bite-sized lessons teaching the alphabet, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and more.

The Duolingo ABC kids reading app offers over 700 hands-on reading lessons designed to help kids learn and love to read. We make learning to read both fun and effective with lessons and educational games for kids that include multi-sensory activities, such as tracing, drag-and-drop prompts and more. Our educational learning app offers personalized lessons so your child can learn at their own pace.

Develop reading comprehension skills with educational lessons specially designed to support your child’s lifelong love of learning! Whether your child is in pre-K, preschool, kindergarten, or 1st grade, Duolingo ABC has delightful stories for kids filled with engaging pictures meant to inspire and support your child along their educational journey.

Help your child learn to read new sight words with our toddler books and kids stories that let you highlight each word spoken. This helps build your child’s multi-sensory learning skills and can help them learn to read independently.

Duolingo ABC makes your child’s education a fun and engaging experience. Our learning app combines educational lessons with fun reading games perfect for kids and toddlers alike! Our rewards work in tandem with bite-sized reading lessons and fun school games for kids, keeping them motivated to learn while building their confidence.

Discover ad free kids educational games filled with exploration and curiosity on Duolingo ABC. Now your kids can have fun while they sound out words, practice reading and writing in English, and build reading comprehension and literacy skills for a lifetime!


Kids Learn to Read
– Reading games: Our kids reading app provides hands on learning they will love
– New lessons are added often, so your child never runs out of educational content
– Reading and phonics for kids: Bite-sized lessons help kids learn phonics, sight words & vocabulary
– Every reading lesson is built to feel like a game, so kids can learn to read while having fun

Learning Activities For Kids
– Enjoy fun educational games like letter tracing and gamified stories, suitable for even the youngest learners
– Toddler, kindergarten or first grade, all kids can enjoy the Duolingo ABC learning app while having fun
– From toddler books to 1st grade learning games, Duolingo ABC has lessons for every child
– Designed by literacy & early-education experts to develop kids’ skills in phonics, sight words, reading & more

Kid-Safe & Ad-Free
– Our educational learning app prioritizes a kid-friendly experience
– Rest easy, parents. There are no ads or in-app purchases to worry about
– Content is focused on preschool, kindergarten and first grade level lessons, so you can be safe knowing it is always age-appropriate

Offline Learning
– Your child’s educational journey has no limits with Duolingo ABC’s offline learning capabilities
– On a plane? At a restaurant? Duolingo ABC can be used anytime, anywhere
– Enjoy playing and learning offline – so kids can learn wherever you go

Duolingo ABC is an educational learning app that offers immersive lessons to teach preschool to first grade kids to learn and love to read. Download today and spark your child’s love for learning.

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Terms of Service: https://www.duolingo.com/terms


Duolingo ABC is now on Android! Send us your feedback at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Learn to Read – Duolingo ABC MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m a youth programmer at a large library system & a parent to a preschooler. I love this app. My preschooler is completely engaged and loves it. It’s a perfect balance of stories, writing, learning to sound out letters/words and sight words. I can’t wait to watch her progress through more levels. We finish level 1 in the first weekend. I’ve been telling all the caregivers at my programs about this app. I’m hoping you make ones for learning other languages too. Thanks for being ad free!

  2. Amazing app for young kids! My daughter began kindergarten this year. We’ve been doing a few lessons every night and I’m shocked by how much she’s picked up! Almost three months in class and she wasn’t sounding out words yet, but 4 days with this app and she’s picking up words from books she’s sounded out herself. I also love that it’s ad-free and simple to use.

  3. WOW!! I LOVE this app!! My 4 year old loves it too! I love that it goes over how to make the letters, and she smiles as she reads the books and plays her games. Love the highlighted word feature to concentrate the child’s attention to the word they’re “reading”. She has blasted through 60+ levels and we’ve only had it a few days! 😅🤣 idk if that’s good or bad. Haha!

  4. I’m loving this so far! Well designed and inviting. One thing I didn’t like was that nothing changed about the lessons when I changed the age and it implied it was tailored to the age of the child. I tried 2, 6, and 8 and the lessons were the same. Some categories would be great but overall, nice app.

  5. Nathan C dice:

    This is an amazing app! My 3 year old love it and wants to get to the next door often. It helps them learn capital and small letters, writing, phonetics, sight words. In all very well designed, slightly repetitive but great for early learning. I’m looking forward to my kid progressing through the lessons.

  6. This is a rare high-quality app that it is ad-free (and free to users). There are a few elements that could use improvement. • This really needs a landscape mode.on tablet • I wish they would introduce the picture icons before using them as answer choices. • The questions in “stories” would.be better if they were textual, based on the story and not -as some are- just based on the illustrations. • We had a few graphic glitches with glyphs not appearing completely when showing a big letter.

  7. Cute but minor adjustment for the youngest learners are needed. An option for full screen or game mode to remove the bottom navigation buttons. My 3 yr olds are new to phones/tablets and in trying to tap the blue arrow the often tap a bottom navigation buttons. 2) saving lesson progress when you accidentally exit out. Coupled with #1, we’ve restarted some lessons mutliple times.

  8. Has a static noise when you click on anything, so you can’t hear it say “m” for example. Edit: app had an update and issue was fixed. I have no other issues so far and my child loves this app. The stories in it are witty and cute. Would love a future update with more languages, but overall the app is great for learning.

  9. Tiff any dice:

    A lot of reviews based on their disappointment in this not being what they assumed/wanted it to be, but the app is exactly what it states it is in the description: a learn to read app for kids 8 and under with letters, phonics and stories. It’s a cute little app with enough activities to engage young readers and keep them excited to move through the letters. Will update as my little one moves up through levels.

  10. Ela Bader dice:

    Great app. The only things are 1) some of the lessons (drag the capital letter onto the lowercase, for instance) aren’t formatted properly, so the lowercase is so high up you can’t even see the letters. And 2) it would be really nice if the app could go full screen and hide the phone buttons at the bottom. My kid is constantly hitting the back button which forces him to restart the lesson. Fix/add those and it’ll be a 5* app

  11. Signing in deleted my 3 year old son’s progress. I love the app, but at first I did not sign him in. Now he’s progressed through to level 2 and I wanted him to be able to use any device, so I signed in, thinking it would save his progress. After it signed in, I realized all of his progress was gone. He will be devastated. Please help! New 1.8 update does not show the full letters when matching words with the letters. It cuts off the letter. Two restarts and this is still an issue.

  12. I got this for my little one (4yrs) She has enjoyed the “games” and drawing the letters on screen. She loves the stories and will happily answer the questions. This app is ingenious : it covers Learning to Spell, Read and Write. And introduces Rhyming pairs in a fun way. The visuals are perfect – enough to keep my pre-schooler engaged, but simple enough to not be to distracting. She cant “skip ahead” so her learning is methodical but she can redo previous exercises.

  13. Okay, so I thought it was going to be learning to read in different languages and learning the alphabet in different languages since Duolingo recommended it to me but i now know it’s for kids 😅 I still think it would be really cool if they had an app where you can learn to read and learn the alphabet in different languages. They stopped doing stories on Duolingo 😞

  14. My child is doing soooo well with this app. Everything is free and he learns so much. It’s a big help especially because we only have 1 income at the moment and I’m homeschooling. There are also no ads for your child to click on. I never thought I would find an app for my child that I would constantly let him play, but here it is. 10/10

  15. Great but needs and UK English option. It’s difficult for a child learning the alphabet and word spellings based on American English. Otherwise it’s a fun app to help little ones learn

  16. Right now it’s zero stars. I’m signed in, and all it allows me to do is tap the blimp a character falls down, then it goes to a screen that is blank. Not cool. If there’s a fix send it to me otherwise I’m deleting and not recommending.

  17. dezzra dice:

    If you answer a text or just dont touch the screen for a few seconds, the app will restart the entire opening cutscene, and there is no option to skip it. Very annoying.

  18. Excellent letter learning app, my 2 Yr old just enjoys the gameplay and is learning by accident. But the arrow button is right next to the navigation bar on android devices and within a minute he’s come out of the game or hit the back button. Even switching to swipe for navigation he’ll be out of the game and upset within 1 min. Game launcher doesn’t recognise it as a game, and there’s no game lock option. If that was there: 5 stars!

  19. Great app! Im sure it helps younger kids learn acceptability fast but my only concern is it only comes in english, I was hoping to help my brother read in Spanish

  20. I have uninstalled it after much frustration. There should be an obvious option to choose a language. If English is the only option, please let people know before they download it.

  21. Great Free and the kinds can be independently learn . Kid finished it I wish there was more . Also other languages like french or Spanish. Was trilingual house hold would be a great help has it has been for English

  22. I love this app! My daughter is in Kindergarten and has been making slow progress with her letter recognition and sight words. I have tried other apps and she despised them. This one she cheerfully plays! It is a great supplement to school and games we play at home.

  23. I have used Duolingo for many years to learn German. My daughter is two now and is always so interested if she sees me doing a lesson. I found this app and she loves playing the little games while she learns. As a Mother I love this app and how this will help my child get a good head start.

  24. The childlen are attracting through the pictures and colours it’s a simple and easy way to learn .

  25. Great concept but app is still buggy. Tried deleting progress after testing the app for my kid and it looked like it did but when I would close the app then open it again all the levels I did were completed again. it is very generous in giving correct responses. Needs more simple content and advanced content but it’s a good start.

  26. Torpisoul dice:

    No option for British English. My child often navigates out of the app when trying to use the various actions – a navigation lock would be very helpful!

  27. Kids are actually learning educational skills. & best part they are excited about it and want more. Thank you so much for this app.

  28. Honestly haven’t tried it yet but when I tested my skill level on duolingo it sent me here so that’s a five outta five for the giggles on its own. Update when I actually try it out *Update, it’s just for English 🙁

  29. This app is awesome! My daughter is using it and learning soo well. I’ve often wished the creators of Duolingo made other apps, so I’m glad they thought to do this. I can only hope they venture into other subjects too like maybe math, or history, or just general knowledge.

  30. My child sometimes struggles to focus and he loved this app. We don’t have issues with it working and he can use it on his own, so he doesn’t feel like he’s learning anything.

  31. It helped my sister in no time! Shes in 1st grade and i decided to download this app to try, i let my sister use it while i was gone for school and we practiced for a while this helped her alot and imrpoved her handwriting,understanding and reading thank you duolingo your always here to help!🤗

  32. When will it be on Amazon Tablet. My 2-year-old loves it I haven’t tried it with my 5 year old yet but I don’t like the fact that I could only use my phone or another tablet that is not my child. My kids had the Amazon Fire tablet and I’m not able to download it on there I could download the regular duoling but not the kids.

  33. Needs an option to disable swipe-to-exit lessons, or at the very least save progress of a lesson when someone does.

  34. C L dice:

    I honestly can’t believe that duolingo still hasn’t fixed the issue with the floating buttons being accessible at the bottom of the screen during use. It seems to be every parent’s complaint. The amount of times folk end up with a frustrated kiddo because the back button keeps getting bumped and so the same lesson starts over is mind boggling. Even adult duolingo asks me if I’m actually sure I want to exit a lesson. But for an app for preschoolers, those buttons should disappear

  35. My kiddo LOVES this app! He’s been behind on learning that read because we hadn’t been able to find a curriculum that was working for him very well until we found this amazing app! He’s already gone through the material (just last week- level 8) and often asks me if they’ve updated the app and added new material yet. He cannot wait to learn more and it makes this mama so happy to watch him love learning to read! Can’t say enough good things about the app. Also can’t wait for the newest update.

  36. This app is perfect. I’m so thankful they have one for children as it is helping mine learn so quickly. And the best part is they love it. There’s no distractions with decorating rooms, or buying pets, it’s just fun learning.

  37. Amazing learning app, good for small children just starting to learn how to read!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  38. Noah Melo dice:

    It’s good but I wish you could pick the language you want your child to practice and learn. This is just like any other english learning game for kids.

  39. I love this out it’s so amazing and it’s really fun to learn I love it so much I already passed levels you can read and it’s very good for homeschooling and good for Corona virus. .

  40. great app for kids. I hope they have something for other languages, too. Arabic, japanese, korean, russian, french, polish etc

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