PBS KIDS ScratchJr MODDED 2022


Create & play fun, interactive stories with this early coding app for kids.
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PBS KIDS ScratchJr encourages kids create their own interactive stories and games. Learn coding basics through programing games and activities featuring characters from hit PBS KIDS shows like Wild Kratts, Molly of Denali, Odd Squad, Arthur, Nature Cat, Peg + Cat, and Ready Jet Go!

This creative coding app, designed for children ages 5-8, provides endless storytelling possibilities. Simple programming tools helps kids design interactive stories, make games and more!

Coding for kids is easy and fun with PBS KIDS ScratchJr. Children snap together colorful programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance and sing. Through coding lessons and story starters, kids will learn to solve problems, design projects and express themselves creatively.

PBS KIDS ScratchJr is more than a kids’ learning app. Bring early school concepts home when you download this fun educational app!

PBS KIDS ScratchJr Features:

Coding Games & Programming Concepts
– Coding practice for children
– Programming colorful blocks teach basic coding concepts
– Learn coding basics by snapping together color-coded motion, sound, look, trigger and control blocks
– Learn programming concepts to create sequences to animate characters
– Code and program characters to interact in fun and exciting ways

PBS KIDS Characters and Backgrounds
– Learn with 150+ PBS KIDS characters
– Play coding games and create interactive stories and projects based on hit PBS KIDS shows like:
– Wild Kratts
– Molly of Denali
– Odd Squad
– Arthur
– Natura Cat
– Peg + Cat
– Ready Jet Go
– And more!

Paint Editing
– Painting games to create your characters and backgrounds
– Express creativity with painting

Voice Recording
– Voice PBS KIDS characters and add your own sounds with the recording tool

PBS KIDS Story Starters
– Children can create the stories they want to experience
– Interactive story games with eight story starters can kick off your child’s inspiration
– Interactive games features different sets of characters from PBS KIDS Shows
– Use coding and programming to edit and complete a story

Learn coding concepts while having fun with PBS KIDS characters. Start programming, learning, painting, drawing and creating interactive stories.

Download PBS KIDS ScratchJr today!

PBS KIDS ScratchJr is only available for tablet devices.

For more PBS KIDS apps, visit http://www.pbskids.org/apps.

For more on ScratchJr, visit http://www.scratchjr.org

Our support email is [email protected]. Please reach out with feedback and suggestions!

Across all media platforms, PBS KIDS is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for children and families and being transparent about what information is collected from users. To learn more about PBS KIDS’ privacy policy, visit pbskids.org/privacy.

PBS KIDS ScratchJr is a collaboration between PBS, Tufts University, the MIT Media Lab, and the Playful Invention Company. The PBS KIDS logo & PBS KIDS® PBS. Used with permission. ScratchJr logo is used with permission. PBS is not affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Tufts University.


Now including characters from Molly of Denali!


40 comentarios en "PBS KIDS ScratchJr MODDED 2022"

  1. I hate the new update. The sprites become harder to tap, and even in show mode, you’ll still be able to accidentaly delete sprites. Please fix it!

  2. I love the app (I am a kid). It is great. I have made litlle videos, games, and some projects that are there to play around with. One thing I would like though, is I would like it if you could do more scenes. Besides that this is a great game.

  3. It’s kind of good in a way but it’s like I don’t know how to get into it

  4. I like it but I have two issues: I couldn’t change the pose for a character and I want them to face the exact degree I put Another one is that you can’t put your own image as your background It’s fine but just add more characters for arthur

  5. This app is so good! I actually like it making projects, except I am not using the app right now on my Android, but I did enjoyed it on my iPad, including my Android, which once again, not using the app right now, but still, I enjoyed it, good job! 5 stars! 👍

  6. Not just for 8 plus. My 6 year old did great with it. We used along with PBS Wild Kratts challenge. For my Girl Scout Brownie troop we used it for intro to coding badge!


  8. Took over, my open with apps.

  9. It’s pretty like scratch but u can’t make games well I like scratch but scratch jr won’t because there four frames more frames on scratch jr can be hacking and it’s a bad idea so try not to hack this at home

  10. Km MM M dice:

    This game is so fun you might want to play it it’s like more learning games I hope your kids like it it will be fun pbs.kids created this game it was so fun for toddlers and all the other kids they’ll play it everyday it’s so fun though it’s so fun really fun some toddlers have some fun with this app download it on the Play Store you can play it on an iPhone even iPhone 12 you can play on a Android you can play it on anything so fun no one can stop playing it is there anything the App Store

  11. E Fuqua dice:

    I really like the game but it keaps erasing all of my hard work and it is really frustrating if you fixe this i would give you five stars

  12. Karla G dice:

    I rate 3 stars because sometimes it was wasted my time from the waiting thing up (and I can go to full screen) and please I don’t want the waiting screen.

  13. One day I had a PBS kids tablet that was really are really old pretty much I had this game on it and I will make cool stories very fun please install just just tell me if you have any problems anyways goodbye

  14. mia anna dice:

    Hello its me @tv_cat on scratch i just tried this app out and it is so fun! right now im making a platformer!

  15. It’s so creative also I like polar bear quest & making different sounds and no glitches & I rated it

  16. I barely like the app because whenever I try to press the home button, it says “waiting.” 🙄

  17. Sister2di dice:

    my granddaughter loves PBS kids. so many games and things to learn.

  18. This game is really cool but I wish I can make more than 4 scenes.PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😱

  19. I could describe this game in multilanguage. But 🍔🤡 sh*tty FABULOSO! FANTÁSTICO! AWESOME! COOL! GREAT! GOOD!

  20. JustJake dice:

    I love this app very much, it help me code when I don’t know to come. Because of this app I am fluent in python, java, javascript, c#, c++, c–, pythonscript, swift, and kotlin. It’s safe to say I’m a programming wiz.

  21. You can’t do anything it just comes a black screen and nothing happens please fix it now

  22. I want this app because I already have regular ScratchJr & PBSkids ScratchJr sounds great!

  23. Emabis dice:

    This is a fun game but can you put Daniel tiger and all all the other ones

  24. Arghavan dice:

    It is a great application that is a great deal about the new Pbs kids❤

  25. I have no idea how to work the app still but i made me a martin from wild krats kiss😍

  26. combee dice:

    Wide it up so I can fresh it up a little bit and call it a day so I can freshen up the air in the game.

  27. Well, I used to have this app, but it’s now inappropriate for my age, i’m 9 years old

  28. It was horrible it was so glitchy and has guns and knifes and stuff like that in it DONT DONLOAD IT I REPEAT DONT DONLOAD

  29. Yo I agree with James well it’s like a copy of scratch Jr well people don’t care about it

  30. It’s a bit hard to control the characters

  31. Amazing, love the app definetly for ages 12 and under

  32. I love it so much and I like that it has Wild krats because Wild krats is my favorite

  33. PBS KIDS Scratch jr Is a Amazing game you can change Dot Dee and del clothes and change colors thanks for replying my Feedback and Buy

  34. Coding is the best with kids!

  35. Hate a lot of these characters. I can’t take it.

  36. i played the game before but i cant tell if i like it or not so ill give it four.

  37. So fun and good I recommend this game 😍😍😍😍😍😍🌿🌸🌿🌸 Kids Will love This!

  38. There is just one problem. I am going to make a new picture or scene and I can’t do that. Is there a limit?

  39. Meme Kid dice:

    Good game. Here’s a meme as a reward!: CyberMeme: Ya stupid. Me: No, I ain’t! CyberMeme: Then what’s 9 + 10? Me: 21!! CyberMeme: You’re totally stupid. Me: it is at this moment you should know… YOU SCREWED UP. CyberMeme: OH, NO… Me: Bob-Omb. CyberMeme: Ya got a W H A T ? (BOOOOOOOOM!)

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