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The range of size in the universe, from the tiniest particles to the epic galaxies—we take you on a journey of size that let’s you explore it all with a single swipe. How big is a planet, compared to a human? And how small is an atom really? You can’t fully wrap your head around the scope of things by just reading about them – so this app lets you experience them in comparison to get a feeling for their true scale. By simply swiping you can zoom in and out all the way from the world of fundamental particles up to the largest galaxies at the edge of the observable universe.

Seamless zooming between the scales of 10^-35 meters to 10^26 meters (no math required)

Amazing fun facts for various scale levels, like the smallest bacterium and the largest black hole

Tap any object for an explanation of what it is, how it works, and our favorite mind-blowing facts

Beautifully animated illustrations of more than 250 objects

Original Kurzgesagt music to complement your experience


Updated engine version
Fixed crash that occurs when launching the app on some Android 12 devices


40 comentarios en "Universe in a Nutshell MODDED 2022"

  1. Great, but missing one key feature: a comparison mode. It’d be amazing to be able to put certain things directly next to each other (or on each other!) to more easily discern sizes. Personally, the only thing missing from making this perfect.

  2. I am so grateful to Kurzgesagt for all the effort they’ve put into the things they make! Everything is amazing and beautiful, the info about each object is great, and the insane sense of scale is so much fun to explore! I also love that there’s no ads. My only complaint: I have a Galaxy s10+ and the “X” button on objects’ descriptions is semi-hidden behind the camera cutout. I wish it was moved slightly more to the Right. It’s still tappable without too much trouble, though.

  3. Super fun to just go through and really try to comprehend the vast size of the universe while also try to realize how tiny things are too. I haven’t read many of the descriptions of things yet, so I have so much to learn as well. It would be so cool if there was a VR version/adaptation to this as well, but this is so far great! The control for zooming does have a slight weirdness to it from what I recall, where it would speed up the zoom in/out very slightly the longer I held the zoom. (I like to just zoom slowly in the same direction for a long time and enjoy the scenery and try to imagine the scale of things as they go by).

  4. I love the app, just it needs some graphics optimizations. I use a mid-to-low-end LG phone, and it doesn’t run that well without some framerate problems. As soon as I opened it, I saw some graphics bugs. One of my favorite parts of Kurzgesagt videos is the super smooth animation and quality, and 25fps is quite mediocre compared to the videos. Thanks!

  5. Excellent app and beautiful to see the interface is intuitive, there are some initial quirks that it only works in landscape mode but I’m not too bothered by it just surprised. All in all a great app. Was not clear from the video that it would be a paid app (I have no problem paying) however could have been nice if the app was made available to the patreon subscribers without paying again. But All this doesn’t take away anything from the app itself. As always excellent work from kurzgesagt!

  6. This is an amazingly well created app. I bought it to support Kurzgesagt and it was well worth the money. The illustrations are beautiful, the descriptions are witty and informative, and the scale is mindboggling large. The controls are simple and intuitive, and the user interface is clean and subtle which really allows for an immersive experience. 10/10 would buy again.

  7. TLDR: cute app to poke around in, but they need some time to iron the kinks. Fun app to give you a sense of scale of just how unthinkably massive and incredibly tiny the world and universe is. The developers clearly put a lot of work into it and that can’t be overlooked. However, it does have serious issues with stability. Granted I’m not using the best phone, but it seems that a lot of the other reviews have similar issues. Personally, I can’t even receive phone calls when the app is open.

  8. Laura dice:

    Love this app! Super interesting. I wish I had this when I was in high school learning about chemistry and biology. Helps put a lot of things in perspective like how big is an atom compared to different light waves! Only suggestion for the team is scoot the menu buttons and back button (top left) to the right some more. For newer Samsung phones the camera overlaps with it slightly making it difficult to tap and see.

  9. Amazing app. Tons of information but I would not expect anything else from you guys 😊. Quality & presentation always the best. The only thing I would like to say is the experience would be a bit more interactive if I could pan and move the frame around so I can focus on the specific item I want. For now there is a single focal point when you zoom and sometimes not all the info fits on the screen or its kinda too small. Just my personal opinion. Thanks again. You can always count on my support.

  10. Way to go! This is a great little app to showcase the incredible differences in sizes in our universe. Purchased so I can support your team! The zooming action is smooth. The images and interactivity make it fun to scroll around. Our brains do not do a good job of understanding sizes, especially on these scales. This is a great way to keep reinforcing how amazing the universe is.

  11. surprisingly fun to zoom in and out and choose random things to learn about. The animation is very smooth and pleasing, which is to be expected coming from the group that made this app. The only gripe I would have is that when zooming in and out with the pinch feature I accidentally hit the small scale at the bottom right and it messes up where I’m at. All in all it just means I’ll spend more time in the app which isn’t a bad thing. Also the music is very pleasant.

  12. A really fun experience! After of course watching the latest episode, I had a blast just spending my morning going through this, and it’ll be great to show my siblings (when they can read lol). A couple of suggestions; having the back button work with the app, able to rotate the phone to operate and opposite landscape mode, and making the slider in the bottom right smoother (easier to use a finger on it to slide up and down the scale, it’s a but finicky to press it).

  13. Totally awesome, in the old school sense of the word. I love being able to zoom in and out of reality to the smallest and largest possible dimensions and that you can learn about every single item. It’s truly brilliant, mind boggling, and beautiful (expect for Tim’s one suck figure, which is his classic, endearing third grade art)! Buy this app. I very rarely buy apps, but this is worth it. Show it to every human around you, big or small. All of them will enjoy it!

  14. Calvin dice:

    Great app with great execution overall, it really reminded me of the flash site “Scale of the Universe” made by H2Twins, but in the Kurzgesagt style and with short, but sweet descriptions. As many people have said, I want a smoother framerate/animation option, but keep the current one as another option for people if they need it. I would also like the ability to compare object sizes to each other, and the ability to enter in a diameter/size and see the closest thing that compares. Thanks!

  15. The app is very immersive and informative. Although the it is great, I have some suggestions to make. My first suggestion is an option for portrait mode. Secondly, have more information about some objects as some are lackluster. Then finally, have Kurzegasts videos on the objects that already have that, but keep it as an option for those that want to decide on having more space or not

  16. Very interesting app. Lots to learn. I’d recommend adding some sort of comparison feature where you can select 2 or more items and have them specifically compared to one another. For example, It would be cool to see mt. everest on the same plane with central park… Or an oxygen molecule next to the coronavirus… Ya know, for no particular reason…

  17. I love the app. It has all of the Kurzgezagt awesomeness and it’s available for me to play with. One thing I find annoying, though, is when I swipe and hold to continue zooming in or out, then let go, the info screen for {whatever ends up under my finger} opens up. Aside from that, no complaints.

  18. This kind of website/app has always been enjoyable for me but Kurzgesagt’s style adds a nice new layer to the experience. The music was also very unexpected and very pleasant, helping to create this whimsical mood as you swipe through these immensely large/small distances. Good sense of humor here too. My major gripe is that I am unable to reorient my screen while using this app, which is pretty dumb. This is really minor though and doesn’t detract from how worthwhile this whole thing is.

  19. Beautiful app! I love your channel and couldn’t wait to download it. I’m a teacher and love to use your content in my classroom. To justify the $2.99 for multiple devices in my classroom I would love to see more interactivity in the future, maybe links to your videos in some of the descriptions, playful animations that react to touch, a list of further readings with sources and if you added a speak aloud option to be turned on and off that would be great for differentiation.

  20. Truly an awesome app I love the original flash-based Scale of the Universe 2 however many browsers don’t support Flash and the ones that do makes it difficult to control the original on a tablet or smartphone this version is even better it’s unbelievably seamless and smooth as you zoom in and out. the only thing I would suggest is right under feedback section add a simple exit button to close the app easier. The modest price of this app is well worth it and you’ll be glad that you did!

  21. Very clean and intuitive interface with lots of information! I love the sense of scale and the simplicity of explanations. I hope that in due time they make more entries and perhaps add other features such as more detailed explanations of how certain things work rather than simply their size relative to other objects.

  22. A pleasant experience! Obviously when showing all the items in the universe on a scale, some objects have to be omitted, and brevity to be implemented. With that in mind, this app is intuitive to use, fun to scroll through, and expertly balances facts, and humor. Great work!

  23. Incredible to see all of these size comparisons, especially with kurzgesagt’s flair and humor. I love learning about things like this, and I look forward to repeatedly coming back and learning something new each time. Or showing it off to others. Also, no ads, no in app purchases, and free updates? Yes please.

  24. This app is great! The art style is amazing, like always for Kurzgesagt. The descriptions are kept short and interesting. The sounds were really pretty. Overall it’s great to just scroll around and look at everything. I hope the app will get updated with more to look at, but with what it’s got now you can spend a good while on it.

  25. Exactly what it says on the tin- amazing visuals bu Kurzesagt (I probably butchered the spelling, sorry.) along with educational content. One star has been deducted due to a bug that makes you unable to zoom out if you reach plank length, and unable to zoom in if you reach the observable universe. Other than that, it is a bit overpriced but I can look over that since it is going to a group I support.

  26. Great job! The relative distance and size of the icons helps to impress the rediculous scale of it all. The developer could add links to dive deeper into some categories or specific topics. Or maybe even just develop on some sections horizontally. Easily worth the price of a coffee just to support the channel. Keep it up with the A+ content!

  27. So I’ve barely used the app. I honestly only purchased it after watching the ‘Largest Star in the Universe’ video. I just wholeheartedly love what Kurzgesagt provides. Curiosities on complex subjects presented in a simplistic manner – for even dummies like myself to understand – using a colorful and intriguing array of animations and doodles. Thanks for the app. It has a soothing little track that just fits the esthetic of In a Nutshell and of course the artwork is clean and colorful.

  28. I’ve only just taken a glance at all the content in the app; and by the light of the stars, there’s a lot. Im gonna take my time going through it. Each excerpt is pretty short (hence “in a Nutshell”), perfect.for learning on the go, and leaving the rest of the research for inquisitive minds.

  29. Kurzgesagt is the best free science learning channel on YouTube. Great narrations, engaging animations, intensive science topics in a small digestible video. Its great, I always thought I didnt like science back when I was in school but these guys made it fun. I’ve learned so much, definitely deserves the support and worth the $3 for how much work they do for free

  30. Amazing. I’ve been subscribed to Kurzgesagt for 3 years and using this app for almost half a year. However, some tiny issues. There are sometimes large gaps. (Alpha Centauri A to Spica, for example) that could be filled with more objects (Vega, Procyon and Polaris, for example). Still 5 stars though and the only issue is something I could live with.

  31. I found this application to be insightful, well made and accessible. Writers did an amazing job in helping users visualize the scale of objects included, as well as provided many funny anecdotes that nicely tie everything together. The only thing I found to be a little confusing is the lack of visual indication of direction of movement. I found it tricky when I wanted to scroll to the smallest part of the scale, as rendered items were far apart from each other. Thank you Kurzgesagt

  32. Great app with tons of info and amazing animations. One thing that’s missing is an easier “exit app” selection. In my Nokia phone I need to try a couple of times or more to exit the application and after some time it becomes kind of annoying. It’s the only thing missing for a 5 star review. Don’t let that stop you though. Specially when you are familiar with the Kurzgesagt top-notch presentation through their amazing videos. Support these guys. They deserve it.

  33. Just scrolling from the smallest in the universe to the biggest thing we know of is just satisfying… And educational. I miss the days of apps that were paid up front with no subscriptions ads etc. This is totally worth the buy if you have some spare change! The only thing I could ask for is a feature to search for things in the glossary. Thanks Kurzgesagt, you’ve done a good job on this.

  34. Been always a fan of Kurzgesagt for their content and art style so I bought this app as a support. Works fine on my Samsung phone and can’t wait to see more interactive features maybe? Also probably a more convenient way to know the meaning behind some terms. The glossary is fine, but probably something that will make it easier to search for a word and then the meaning. Overall, it’s a great app and I love it!

  35. Excellent educational app, but some sections could do with a little proof reading because I’ve not used it for too long but I’ve already seen a few typos that can range from being obvious, to completely changing the meaning of a sentence. Other than that, the audio/visual experience (I love kurzgesagtz’ art style) is great. I just can’t give it a perfect review because of the small typos! When they’re fixed, I’ll upgrade to 5.

  36. A very fluent experience. And it has a good balance between simplicity and complexity. A thing i’d liked to be added to the app, is a comparison between objects. It would be fun to be able to see how quarks, atoms, bacteria, land, oceon, and objects would compare to eachother. I know that it would need new descriptions between the things (which would take time to make, but hell i waited for cyberpunk 2077, so no matter if you do this, i can definitely wait lmao). But this app is worth the money.

  37. Love everything except 1 thing: The app is ridiculously intuitive and fun to play around in and after half an hour I’ve just barely scratched the surface of the knowledge packed inside this beautifully animated app. My only suggestion is to add a “do you really want to close the app” message when I press the back button on my phone. Maybe I just didn’t look around enough but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to exit the app (maybe that’s intentional :P). Once that is fixed it’ll be 5 stars

  38. MAV dice:

    Absolutely incredible app, very interactive and entertaining. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand more about science and their place in the Universe. I have some recommendations: (these are for future apps, they do not mean that this app is any less brilliant than it is; because it is brilliant). – ability to change the language in app – buy as a present or gift for other people to use (not sure how possible that is) – be able to interact by moving images to the centre

  39. Fantastic and fascinating app! Although would like to recommend adding this: When you view an object, by holding down on title of it (like Valonia Ventricosa, that’s a complex name!) it copies to clipboard. This is for when I want to do more research on an object in Google, it’s much quicker, because my spelling memory is very poor as I have dyslexia. Also, text to speech from the kurzgesagt narrator when viewing an object would be swell too if possible, that would give it an extra charm!

  40. I’m practically just repeating what others have already written: the back button should still work in the app and 60fps instead of 30 would make it a lot smoother. I know it would be a ton of work but other languages would be good as well. If you need help with that I can translate it to Hungarian. On the other hand, Google Play doesn’t give me enough characters to right down what I really like in this app. Really good work!

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