Writing Wizard – Learn Letters MODDED 2022


A fun app to help kids learn to write the alphabet, phonics and trace letters
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Writing Wizard is an award winning educational app used in many schools (110,000 units sold).
It helps your kid to learn how to write the alphabet, numbers and words through a fun system carefully designed to maintain motivation.


• Show and learn how to write letters correctly
• Learn to write uppercase & lowercase alphabet letters, numbers with phonics
• Ability to add your own words
• 10 fonts (including 3 most popular USA fonts)
• Many tracing options
• 50+ fun animated stickers and interactive games at the end of the learning activity
• Shapes tracing activity for toddlers
• Learn phonics for letters in 6 languages
• Create worksheets and print them to help your kid to write on paper

Suitable for kindergarten, toddlers, early learners, preschool and 1st and 2nd grade kids.


Kids want to have fun, and this app offers a lot of fun to keep them motivated while learning their ABCs.

• Kids learn to write letters of the alphabet, numbers and shapes using fun animated stickers and sound effects
• Once the educational part is complete, kids can play with fun games
• Kids can collect stars in 5-Stars game mode


• Detailed learning reports
• Multiple parameters to customize the app according to kid’s current education level
• Letter phonics and sound
• A customizable 5-Stars play mode to maintain motivation and fun
• Import and export lists
• 110,000 units of this educational app have been sold to schools

Schools: Contact us at [email protected] if you want to use the app in your classes.

*** This free version contains all the features of the full version for a subset of alphabet letters, numbers and words, and you can’t add your own lists and access to the worksheets. ***


Two new fonts available : UK 2 and UK 3
Ability to disable or enable each activity in the settings
The tracing of the model is now much faster is the maximum speed is set
Sámi letters are now available in the Scandinavia and UK font
Improved import of word lists from text files (you can now specify the lists precisely as well as the titles)
You can now Import Word Lists from the Web via Safari


40 comentarios en "Writing Wizard – Learn Letters MODDED 2022"

  1. This app has great features for early learning and teachers, specifically during distance learning. However, as a virtual teacher, I’m disappointed that the app hasn’t done more to make it user friendly for students to use at home and teachers to collect data. Handwriting is one of the most challenging things to measure via distance learning. I would love for the app to have student log ins so my students can use it at home. I reached out to the company and was just told they don’t offer that.

  2. Absolutely best app for teaching writing and spelling. I use it for my 5 year old’s Kindergarten sight words and I use it for the words my 8 year old spells incorrectly. I create lists for everything. You can export the lists to import them to the app on another device or to share those lists with friends. Can customise almost anything to make it do exactly what you want it to do. I just wish I didn’t have to keep paying for it each time to be able to use it with different accounts in my family.

  3. It’s a fun app for the little boys however you don’t get the full alphabet, only numbrrs 1-7, like five words out of 20, the images are misleading, and there are 10 mouths to feed at my house so we have extra money to upgrade apps that don’t even tell you that you don’t get everything and it’s hard for the three year olds to use and it should be easy. Also there are a lot of ads that are right in your face that get accedentally clicked by little fingers as well as pop up ads that get invasive.

  4. I have updated my review. An issue I had with Family Link which is resolved, thanks to a tip from the app author (on a weekend no less). Thank you to them for that. Regarding the app, it is quite simple and both my kids have enjoyed using it. I would say that the default word lists are a little simple for my daughter (7) but for my son (4) its great. Would be nice if it came with more “built in” word lists. There are some customisation options, so you could add some word lists that include his names, his favour words, etc. It is nice that there are options to export custom word lists, although appreciate any tips on doing this directly to the kids devices as it looks a bit clumsy.

  5. I think this is a wonderful app for kids to practice letter formation and to also learn words. I upgraded from the free version and bought the premium. I did have an issue trying to open the unlocked letters and numbers so I emailed the app creator. I received a quock reply and the problem was easily solved! 🤗

  6. This is a great handwriting app. Works fantastic with the s-pen on Samsung tablets which is rare. Tons of customization features as well. This is definitely more of a teaching app than a game app. Excellent for 1 on 1 learning and for students that feel intimidated by physical paper and pencils. The digital letters are very approachable and welcoming for young students. Also 5 🌟 to the dev / community manager who has replied to basically everyone with individualized comments and support.

  7. J C dice:

    Perfect for tremors. I have MS and lost my ability to write. Thank you for creating an app that gives me the convenience of not always having to sit down with a pen and paper to practice. I can practice anywhere. Sometimes adults have to improve dexterity too. This is great. Much appreciated! 👍

  8. My 3 year old left handed grandson adores this app! I am a retired teacher and this is just brilliant! We have had the sound off so not sure if it reads phonetic sounds and words back to the child. But thank you so much will share with other grandchildren and friends and relatives😍😁😁😁😁😁 just revisited it yehhhhhhh it does say sounds and words woweeeee super fantastical

  9. Great app! My son’s lettering has improved. Being able to add his weekly vocab words and tracing them has made a great difference when he writes them on paper. His reading has improved with his sight words. Didn’t know how simple app could make such an impact. It’s truly a great thing.

  10. Poor navigation. Unusable. Forced landscape mode makes navigation difficult. App options are locked by math problems but there is not a number 1 on the keypad offered! It gives 0 then 2-9? Dumb. I just wanted to print my child’s name in tracing letters.

  11. My son enjoys the app, so I paid to unlock the whole thing, but it will not recognize that on the device he uses. I now have to let him use my device because that is where I paid. If I paid, it should unlock for my account on any device, regardless of where I paid. I give it 2 stars because he likes it and uses it. But the inability to use on a device other than the one used to pay removes any other stars it might of had.

  12. As me who used this when I was young, This app is amazing! It teaches your child how to draw letters & numbers perfectly! When your done tracing it, it makes a fun thing with your little dots you use to trace it and makes a fun sound of saying the letter and what it says for your child to learn. For example, B says Buh. and does the fun thing with the dots. The game runs smoothly and bearly ever lags from my memory. Great game! 100% reccommend.

  13. Good but just lacks the option to specify whether the letters are read out in their phonic format at only, e.g. “Buh” alone instead of, “Bee… buh”. Our child is currently learning lowercase at school with phonetics only so it’s a bit confusing hearing both varieties. Would definitely buy if this was included.

  14. Edit: as per advice given here, i pressed restore. It didn’t work the first few times, but eventually it did. I have paid to unlock all features, and it promised – pay once, use forever. But once my chromebook restarted, it forgot that I had paid and gave me the locked version again.

  15. This app requires keen and delicate skills to finish tracing its shapes /numbers/alphabets. Doubt that not many toddlers are able to do it. Developers should know this is not for adults, it is for 3 to 5yrs old toddler who has weak finger muscles. Even adults (including me)fails to trace its lines at once. What is this app for then..?Kids get frustrated easily since they fail all the time to finish the lines. I was annoyed by the fact this is not even easy for adults.

  16. I like this app a lot but is there an option to change the voice/accent? We are in the UK and don’t want to confuse my son’s learning with the American one. Thanks.

  17. CCgirl83 dice:

    I’ve had this for years now. Two kids and still going strong. Eta It’s been two years since I reviewed this. It’s like to add, we are still using the apps for fun. Love it.

  18. After the Chrome OS update yesterday, I’m now getting this error when trying to save and print out worksheets – “No apps can perform this action.” Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  19. Glad I paid for the whole app. My 3 yr daughter loves using the app especially the words that I was able to program into her list with her voice recorded. She will sit next to me while I work from home and happily do her lessons. Many thanks!

  20. Deja John dice:

    Great but payment issues. Paid for the app for full access after a couple days it looked again although it stated that payment would be for unlimited access

  21. After figuring out how to add words to the lists, I have found this app very useful and my kids have enjoyed tracing their names and other phrases that are personal to them. Making writing and spelling all the more fun and exciting.

  22. Everything I said for its sister app (cursive) applies here. Also applicable to both: please give option to order parent’s word lists alphabetically, as well as words within the list. Again, love, love, love this app!

  23. This app is game changing! In a world where our kids really dont learn how to write in cursive, this teaches them that skill while making it fun and entertaining. This app solved my year long problem of teaching my fourth grader how to write in cursive.

  24. I have tried hundreds of apps and this is the best. You can customize it to fit anything you need. Worth the price.

  25. this is a very engaging app. the animations are very attractive and keep the child engaged and focussed. plus their tracing history enables you to work with your child

  26. Just installed to try it out. I don’t like it. Tried the number 0 And was forced to go the arrows way AND on the trace or it doesn’t count. Kids aren’t perfect and this application isnt right for special needs children.

  27. The audio phonic sounds in app randomly stops playing. The reason I paid for this app was because it combined writing with the phonetic sound at the same time. I want a refund.

  28. I really love this app for my six year old daughter because it lets me build custom word lists for her weekly spelling words. I love that the developer is responsive, my only question is how can I reset the earned stars so that they can reuse the word lists?

  29. Well worth the money you pay. This app is educational ,and entertaining enough, to keep 2 severely autistic children interested. Every time they use this to practice they progress a lot with sounds and occupational therapy

  30. ***update, customer service very responsive and addressed my issues. Thank you!! My son loves this app but everytime there is an update or if we don’t use it for a while it no longer gives me the full version I paid for on 2 different devices. I paid for access on my phone and my sons tablet. You try explaining to my Autistic son why he only sometimes has access to all letters, numbers and Shapes! Please fix this as I have paid for this app on 2 devices!!!

  31. I purchased the full version a while ago and was able to add numbers 10-100 my child’s name ect.but today I cannot find the other numbers and only my child name remains. I also cannot find the place to recreate these numbers and extra words .so I paid for nothing!

  32. App is very good but cannot purchase cause store is always unavailable. Restarted several times as suggested and on multiple devices but same result

  33. I liked this app when we first bought it. Both of my sons really liked it as well. Unfortunately, my son broke his tablet and now it’s making us purchase it again. It says it is a one time purchase and use forever- That does Not seem to be the case though

  34. Very nice app. My son has a lot of fun with it. But I can not purchase to unlock everything. When I try, the letters etc. are not unlocked on my sons account on my mobile phone )-:

  35. It was 5 star till I had to pay again.it says pay 4.99 once and use forever well after 6 months all my created words are locked and the worksheets .it say pay the 4.99 again there is a restore button but it doesn’t work.so why say that if you going ask for more money

  36. Hi. Love the app but am I missing something. Is the app available on the Family Library? I use Google’s Family Link app and have my profile on all devices but then a seperate profile for my 2 children and I can not access the full content that I have paid for??? Any help is appreciated with this matter. Thanks. EDIT That’s great. Thanks again

  37. It doesn’t unlock the letters and numbers even if you get the sum correct. It asks you to restart the app. Only other option is to pay to unlock everything

  38. It is the best app for kids to learn and master what they are learning, on the issue of restoring please make it simple for it to he easily restored after answering the question,

  39. I like the app for our daughter. just not that the words have to be unlocked and be payed for I don’t like. if an app is free, it should have everything on it free.

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