Toca Life: Pets MODDED 2022


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Meet friends with paws & claws
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Welcome to Toca Life: Pets, where you and your animal friends run the show! What’s your favorite pet like? Furry and fast? Wet and wiggly? A little bit creepy? With more than 120 animals, Toca Life: Pets has every kind of pet you can imagine.


PET PARK: Enjoy the great outdoors with the pets! Take a dip in the river, have a picnic on the grass, play a game or discover a hidden cave. Or build an agility course to train your pets and test their skills. Poke around a bit, explore the tree — you might find some surprises to expand your pet family!

PET HOTEL: Sometimes families go on trips without their pets, but thanks to the pet hotel, pets get a vacation of their own! With lots of cozy spaces, an aquarium and outdoor space, every pet will find a nice spot to play or relax — dog or cat, bird or sloth-bat!

VETERINARY: The vet can help sick pets feel better and help healthy pets stay that way! You’ll find pills, drops and the instruments needed to operate on sick or injured pets. Pets can play outdoors or wait on the cozy beds until the vet is ready to see them.

PET SHOP: Find everything you need for to groom, feed, play with and care for your pets at the pet shop. After shopping, grab a bite to eat at the pet shop cafe, where pets get a table too!

BREEDER’S BUNGALOW: Here’s where the pet breeder starts and ends their day. The bungalow is, of course, filled with pets — hiding in the greenhouse and playing in the yard and splashing in mud. Don’t worry, the giant bathtub gets everyone clean again!

– Role-play in five locations: pet park, pet hotel, veterinary, pet shop and breeder’s bungalow.
– Meet 23 new characters.
– Play with and care for 124 real and fantasy animals.
– Bathe muddy pets and get them clean again!
– Pretend to be a vet and care for sick and injured pets.
– Dress your pets in fun hats — stack hats on hats on hats!
– Build an agility course to train pets and help them get the exercise they need.
– Pull the branch in the pet park to discover a surprise!

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At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids’ perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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40 comentarios en "Toca Life: Pets MODDED 2022"

  1. Theres alot of things to do it was worthed buying this for $3:99 i love it but there are not many locations amd i get bored sometimes but still i love it if you could add more locations please like a forest with animals but still good game keep up the good work!

  2. Game freeze stuck i mean it not working probably,, do I paid £3.99 for the game it wasn’t work?? 😤 was for my wee one and she so upsetting ,,what a waste of Money

  3. This game is really fun! Sure there aren’t many locations, but there is so much you can do! Also, to the people who keep saying that the toca life games that cost money aren’t worth it bcs there’s more in toca life world, THEY MADE THESE BEFORE TOCA LIFE WORLD CAME OUT!!!! So please stop saying that. In this game, you can do so many things like adopt pets, take care of pets, etc. This game is perfect if you love animals!

  4. Another game! Wow, Toca Boca! This one is another creative work of the people at toca boca. Play with pets–take them to the vet, hang out with them at home, go to the park with them, give them time with other pets at the pet hotel, which is quite creative, but no forgetting the store, where you can buy lots of things for your pets, even a snack for yourself!

  5. Melissa dice:

    It is a great game and all, but I would really appreciate that the news button will be moved to a different location other than the bottom right so I can switch the characters. If you do so, I will change my rating to a 4 star.

  6. I had this game for 2 years and i’m still in LOVE with it!! The reason I gave it 3 stars is because there is only a few locations and I don’t really think it is worth $3.99 and this game should be free but overall, its a good game!

  7. Well I’m 10 and I play this its really good and I’m happy there no adds because adds are really annoying but there one problem can you lower the price a bit like 1 dollar and 99 cents thanks <3

  8. Hi! This is my new review, I LOVE THIS GAME so much because I love pets and Toca Life! I’ve purchased this as well as toca life neighbor hood, hospital, school and vacation. Could you make the rest free tho? It would make my day and more people would play this game!! Anyway, AMAZING APP TOCA BOCA! Keep up the good work!💜💜👍 (I think my favourite is toca life after school even tho I don’t have it it looks so cool)

  9. It is so good and cute and will keep you entertain but it will not Toca life game because when you buy the game they’re supposed to go onto Toca life but it won’t go on so this is the only downside other than that this is a really good game. 😊😊

  10. It’s a great game I just don’t think I should be four dollars maybe 3 but other than that it’s a really good game! You don’t have to pay for anything in game and it’s really good with it’s graphics-

  11. I downloaded it on my mac it did not let me play on i kept trying to redownload it but nothing worked. You should not get this app on mac it doesnt work and a was really hopping for it to work hopefully they make it work

  12. I give it a five star rating the app is SOOO amazing one question why do you have to make your games cost did you know lots of people are not getting it just aa couple of people this is the reason you need to make your games free people like free better also theres a few location i need a more locations pleas read sorry if long

  13. I really like this game. I do find that it doesn’t have as many locations as i would want, but overall im obsessed. THANKS TOCA BOCA!!!!!!!

  14. I like LOVE this app because its easy to use and once you pay for it and then uninstall it, once you get it again IT FREE! Thats soo cool!unlike others, other apps dont do that! GOOD REVIEW!😊

  15. it’s great you can adopt a pet and it’s really cute and fun great job toca boca this has been great and this is a great learning experience and opportunity for kids to learn so thank you toca boca it’s great I give it five stars

  16. Tonya O dice:

    5 stars, I buyed the game for her and she loved it, and funny that she knew the fluffy gray cat named big Boi from catto boi🤣🤣🤣😅

  17. This is an amazing app it’s just that it keeps telling me I need to update my app to get more of the houses, apartments etc but when I go to update the app nothing shows up

  18. I love all the Toca Boca games, but the ones that you pay to take forever to load! My WiFi is fine, yet this game is still not downloaded after an hour!

  19. I really want to rate all your games 5 stars but they will not download I have been trying to download since yesterday my wifi is fine but when I finally get download it says unable to download!Please fix this other than that Its a great app really fun but Please fix

  20. absolutely love this game it’s so cute and so much detail but there’s one thing that I like Toca Boca to do is to make another animal game but that’s a zoo

  21. I love Toca boca they make really fun and educational games for kids. They do cost money but it’s worth every penny.

  22. This app is disappointing I bought it and wanted to transfer all the pet things onto my toco boca world but every time I try to transfer it it won’t work but I bought the vacation toca life pack and that seemed to work I really disappointed I would rate 0 if could

  23. i love this app its so cool and cute and full of pets and i love the building but theres a bug in the game i payed for it but it wont download ive tryed to download it for 3 hours but it wont work and its been like 3 more hours and i wont download and i even cant refund it anymore

  24. The game is not bad and very fun!! 🤩🤩🤩😍😻

  25. Ali Mae dice:

    Cannot add to family library with our other apps. Only purchased this for that purpose. Will be getting a refund if this isn’t fixed.

  26. It’s amazing + hilarious just like all the other today life’s such as Toca life stables! You can do pretty much anything you want, including eating poop😂😂😂

  27. Its an anazing game! i love it so much! if you like games with pets and oddish artstyles, this game is for you! 10/10!

  28. Defintaly buy this its soooooo good!i get free rooms and pets the only problem i had was everytime i lewve my house my things get sent to another place!plewse fix this!btw i love the app!💝

  29. Good game I like how you can adopt pets or bring them to the hotel or to the animal doctor you can make pets sleep good game you should download it!

  30. Mary M dice:

    Kinda annoying that when I go to a location for the first time I get kicked out the game. But it could be my device.

  31. This game is AMAZING I love choosing which pets to adopt and visit. It’s an amazing game. Download now!!!

  32. Not a good and friendly application when downloaded surely deduct an amount to my link payment method. This game is a scam.

  33. I LOVE IT and have so many pets my house is full of them I love pretending and making party’s in it:-P There is so many cute pets all of my friends play it and love it as well and I’m sure you will:-)

  34. Really wouldn’t download it almost have to delete all of my games terrible and it won’t load

  35. It was a waste of 3$, I dont even get the point of it. You just move characters around, It’s just not what I had hoped for.

  36. I love this app I think it is fun to use and I would highly suggest you download this because this company make such good games but could you please please have more sales!!!!

  37. Love it! But it would be more cooler if you could customize your own character. Great work!

  38. It freezes as soon as I open it and I haven’t been able to play it even once, please fix this

  39. It’s great but I have a suggestion since it is almost a new year try until midnight new year’s eve all toca games free

  40. Michiko dice:

    Would not let me refund the app. It’s a okay game for when you get bored but it gets boring after a while.

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