Mental Math – basics of math MODDED 2022


Let's finish math at home now!
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★The importance of mental calculation

* It is difficult to calculate faster and exactly.
* Mental calculation is the best way to calculate faster and exactly.
* In this way, you can develop your overall ability of math.
* Also, it is good for brain-training.


1. Many math teachers adopt this way for their teaching!
– Anyone can learn easily.
– Practice 10 minutes everyday.
– Fix the wrong calculate habits.
– Good for brain-training.
– You can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

2. Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!
– For all ages.
– Do not need internet connection(wi-fi).
– All smartphones and pads available.

3. Have fun with characterful designs!
– Fun stories like a game.
– You can collect monster friends when learning.
– Challenge the King of mental calculation.

4. Convenient checkup
– Mark the answers in real time.
– Check the overall learning process.
– Find your weaknesses.

★Recommend ‘MathMon: Mental Math’ to these people

– People who calculate slow and make many mistakes.
– People who feel bored with learning calculation.
– Anyone who wants fun brain-training.

[Let’s develop your mental calculation ability by 10 minutes everyday!]

Developer : Monster School Co., Ltd
Contact : [email protected]


- Performance improvements
"Please love a lot of Mental Math ♥"


40 comentarios en "Mental Math – basics of math MODDED 2022"

  1. I had much fun. I did mental math games with my sister. I have got very fast in maths just in seconds. Amazing.

  2. Poor methods e.g. addition of 2 digit numbers began with the tens not the units . Aimed at a young audience and likely to develop bad practice at a fundamental level which could impact the learner’s ability to tackle more complex number skills.

  3. Incorrect methods. Terrible app. I am a Head of Maths and got this to see if it could help some students but it teaches some methods incorrectly (e.g. adding tens before ones in 2digit + 2digit addition). I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP.

  4. I rate it five stars because it’s educational game and it helps a lot of people that have problems at math subject and thanks to the one who did this because it made my brain so fast.Thank you so much!💋😎

  5. I don’t like this app. When I when on it it said 7+12= . i put 19 but it was wrong. It made ne verry confuesed so i whent on calcutor and typed 12+7=19 so this is why i dont like it if they would put a a random number and it said it was correct . i there life they may do a test and it will ask you 12+7=19 but you put a a random nunber insted and u mait fail

  6. This app is really amazing I am kinda able to do the addition quick and I had pass the first planet but for second planet we have to pay and I don’t have an account I am young for paying please remove the payment thing thank you so much for this amazing app

  7. The app keeps crashing ad when ever I touch a button it shows me my home screen and it’s says*earning stet time of today* so I go to and it freezes so I’m deleting I hope U fix this

  8. It is super helpful for children who could do mathematics. It’s education they could learn more things and get smarter.

  9. Sunflower dice:

    It’s really good I got a little additicted to it but there’s one level that I really don’t understand and I don’t see any tips popping up so I’m going crazy rn👀 but after all it’s ok I’m going crazy at 2 am rn 😅

  10. Mj Storms dice:

    I would rate a 0 if I could this game sucks and to slow and there was a problem like 12+12 I said 24 and it said it was wrong

  11. B Indra dice:

    Worst App .. Simply not working all buttons & getting hanged. Need to restart the Mobile . Never ever will use this.

  12. It is very amazing mathematics app. We can be more active by playing maths.

  13. This app will help kids to learn but so expensive for the next round you need to pay $988 dollars 🤯💔💔

  14. Enjoys playing the game and learning math. Helping me with my math

  15. YOU ARE A LIAR. MY SCHOOL AND TUTOR IS BETTER THAN YOU. I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS APP and give me something harder I want to skip to × and ÷ there still easy though is there more is the × and ÷ is there rounding numbers is there REALLY hard stuff

  16. Good 🦄🎠🎪👗👑 I love this app it’s cool amazing and will fun get to rescue people and it’s just fun the jungle devil was the first one and it was crazy what happened I love it I still do

  17. Easy to learn things. The music and the animation are helpful

  18. I hate it, it couldn’t if install what nonsense app is a waste of data please don’t even try to enter they are even many more bad comments about this rubbish app. thanks

  19. Wow great!! My child learn many things and she is very smart.I love this app to help my child.

  20. Its good and I can understand everything but there is Privacy policy we have to put real money in it.

  21. Interactive learning It’s good but just one thing Make some practice sheets which will help children more

  22. Brandon C dice:

    This app is great and very helpful… Probably could use something other than fairies and devils though…

  23. According to math this app is wrong because we first add ones place then tens place, it will confuse kids, really do not recommend this game.

  24. Monica B dice:

    Cute game but to get beyond the first level you have to pay $22. No thanks!

  25. This was a fun to play but really there is no story and you have to buy to keep playing. And it does offend some religions. I don’t recommend.

  26. Worst app 😑 don’t give hint for the first level and applying different methods for each level 😠😠

  27. Rajitha dice:

    I put 2 stars because they are saying its for children higher than 9 age but I think it’s for lower than age of 9

  28. This app is very helpful I was trying to learn mental math when I found this app I learned everything I needed to know

  29. Its a very good math game after clearing land one it says buy tickets with real money to go to the land two?????😤

  30. It teaches you mental math but just in an easier way

  31. Good for anyone who just need to get faster at math and strugles

  32. g g dice:

    great visuals and super fun and easy to understand/play

  33. My brother seems to love it…and he definitely is counting faster now.

  34. Great for my daughter She’s learning her concepts well and faster

  35. Worst and basically wrong method you are using to solve. By using your method of carrying, students will get definitely 😵🤔😵🤔

  36. Very easy to use and understand. My kids enjoyed it.

  37. I love this app because in corona my son is learning very well because this app is really love this thanks

  38. It’s a great app to learn mental math easily

  39. this app is good that you can learn math and also that you can get 100 on your test are homework

  40. Very bad only 190 seconds please never download this 😞😞😢😢but one thing I forget little bit multiplication 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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