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Millions of people learn languages with Babbel — the app built by language learning experts. Our short, interactive lessons rethink old-school language education to get you speaking a new language with confidence.


We’re not just a Spanish learning app! Want to learn French, learn Italian or speak German like a local? You can learn:

Spanish 🇪🇸🇲🇽 | French 🇫🇷 | Italian 🇮🇹 | German 🇩🇪 | Portuguese 🇧🇷 | Russian 🇷🇺 | Polish 🇵🇱 |
Turkish 🇹🇷 | Norwegian 🇳🇴 | Danish 🇩🇰 | Swedish 🇸🇪 | Dutch 🇳🇱 | Indonesian 🇮🇩 | English 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Babbel is great for beginners but even experienced language learners have proven to advance their conversation skills!*


★ Effectiveness backed by researchers at Yale University:
100% of study participants improved their oral proficiency in 3 months*

*Based on a study conducted with Babbel users learning Spanish. Available at

★ After 10 hours with Babbel, Michigan State University researchers found:
96% of learners saw better test scores on grammar and vocabulary**

**Based on a study conducted with Babbel users learning Spanish. Available:

★ PCMagazine says the Babbel language app “exceeds expectations”


Babbel is the best language-learning app.

Our language learning experts build every course tailored to your native language. So whether you want to learn Spanish, learn Italian or learn French — or even German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian or English — you’ll learn quickly and effectively.

BITE-SIZE, INTERACTIVE LESSONS – Easily fit language learning into your busy schedule with lessons that take only 10-15 minutes to complete (some Spanish lessons are even shorter).

LANGUAGES FOR ANY SITUATION – Find language lessons for travel, work, everyday life and much, much more

LISTEN, SPEAK, READ, WRITE – Practice all the elements of language learning and start speaking real-life conversations

IMPROVE YOUR PRONUNCIATION – Babbel’s speech recognition technology helps you sound like a native speaker

REMEMBER WHAT YOU LEARN – Use the review feature so the previous lessons stick, and understand grammar (including Spanish conjugation)

LEARN LANGUAGES IN CONTEXT – Enhance your language learning with tips & tricks that guide you throughout lessons

OVER 6,000 LANGUAGE COURSES – Learn Spanish and 13 other languages with in-depth content, including more than 60,000 language lessons

With Babbel, you’ll be on your way to mastering the ultimate goal of language learning — having real-life conversations with confidence. Whether you need a Spanish learning app or a French learning app, you’ve always wanted to learn Italian, you’re looking to dive into German language learning or improve your English, Babbel is the choice of millions of people looking to enhance their language education.

Make learning a habit. Go beyond language 101 and you’ll learn a language you can use to talk in real-life situations.



You’ll need a subscription to use Babbel fully. Your subscription will be renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period.

DOWNLOAD BABBEL AND TRY FOR FREE – Your first lesson is on us. Babbel is completely ad-free.

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Terms of use:

Not a native speaker but want to talk just like one? Download Babbel and improve your German language learning, learn English or discover how to speak Spanish. Take your language education to new levels — whether you want to learn French, Italian, Mexican Spanish, German or any of the 14 languages we offer!

Contact us:
Questions, comments or feedback about language learning with Babbel? Email us at [email protected].


Ok, these updates aren't usually super exciting, but our latest version definitely is! Go on, open the Babbel app and check out the upgrades to your favorite courses! And yes, that's right, those bugs you told us about are gone too.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Babbel – Learn Languages 2022"

  1. I’m learning a lot from the app on my phone. The voice recognition needs major improvements though. It just doesn’t recognize what I’m saying. I have to skip the pronunciation more than not and it’s discouraging that such an important part of the app underperforms. Note to the devs: I’m on Android with a Bluetooth headset on. It’s possible the headset is picking up my voice poorly.

  2. Got it when I decided to better myself by learning a new language. I like the layout and easy to use format of the app. The lessons progress at a decent rate allowing you to fully grasp the content before moving on. It also allows you to review it at any time in different ways. You can learn to not only speak the languages but read and write in them pretty decently too. The lessons aren’t long so you can squeeze on in anywhere. Definitely reccommend for anyone of any age wanting to learn.

  3. Is an amazing app with a ton of educational content, but the voice recording is terrible and causes the lessons to slow down or outright stop because it won’t pick up what you are saying. As I have used several other language apps like Duolingo and never once had a problem with the speaker picking up what I was saying, this is very disappointing. If fixed, it’s an easy 5 star that I would recommend to anyone. STILL not fixed what a waste speech recognition software is terrible.

  4. There are both good and bad things about this app. For the positive, it is good at teaching the structure of a language and some of the quirks of that language. The negative, however, is that it essentially has no tolerence whatsoever for typos, and it also struggles severely with the voice recognition. It has terrible difficulty understanding both short words and longer sentences, which can be incredibly frustrating. Overall it is decent, but they really need to fix the voice recognition.

  5. Buggy I am totally connected to the internet but the lessons won’t load very annoying. I finally tried reinstalling and it worked. But yeah I read up on it and that was the solution, so I guess this happens fairly frequently. Also why can I only review one way? It asks if I want to review and that’s great but then it gives you a choice..listening, speaking, writing etc. I chose listening, fully expecting to be able to review speaking next, but it doesn’t seem to give me the option. Silly.

  6. Not terrible, but it has more negatives than positives. Voice recognition isn’t great. Can’t move between different languages like other free options. Lessons keep getting longer so it is difficult to do bite sized lessons. Focus seems to be more on cultural sites and less about the actual language. I will not renew my subscription when the time comes

  7. So far I like the features. I’m learning my way around, but generally it looks professional and easy enough to use. I’m a bit concerned about the voice recognition feature. Is it supported on Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit? I don’t know what processing system that is, but I want to know because no matter how many times I tried saying “vi ses, Lars” into my microphone it would come up as “unrecognized”. I gave up and let the review give me 0/4.

  8. Derek dice:

    I really want to like this app, but as others have stated, the voice recognition is awful and frustrating to use. I appreciate that the app explains language rules and nuances (something others apps do not), however, I find that it doesn’t enforce the fundamentals enough and I spend too much time learning frivolous and disposable vocabulary. I think I will be calling it quits after the subscription is up.

  9. This app is good if you learn only by listening. The repeat back option does not work well for my voice, no matter how many times I try the app tells me I’m saying something I wasn’t saying. I’m also disappointed that that there are no explanations or visuals. For example, no alphabet or how letters sound (double ll).

  10. A solid language learning app. I like that it teaches you specific grammatical rules as it goes along and that it isn’t too gamey. It has a major flaw though. Its speech recognition is bad. Normally it works okay but there are some words it just can’t seem to identify. Also whenever it detects something wrong it gives you these little messages like “keep trying mistakes are important for learning” and I find them very irritating and patronizing when the speech recognition is what is failing

  11. C Close dice:

    I got a lower price. I wanted to study Spanish after decades of not using the language. I went to subscribe, but the initial price was high. So, I signed up for offer emails instead. A month later, I was able to get 6 mos for $3 per mo. It’s due up front. It auto-renews at reg price after that time period. I set a reminder on my calendar to cancel before. The lessons are easy to do. Set goals; progress at your own pace. You’get reminders to learn, But, easily dismissed if you’re busy.

  12. Using for Russian. Voices that say the words aren’t very clear / expressive. Microphone diagnostic won’t pick up on some speaking, so I keep failing certain quiz questions. Very oriented toward the writing aspect, like explaining verbs and such. Not a fun way of learning, honestly. The BEST feature is that it keeps a log of all the phrases / words that have been introduced so far. Duolingo is better imo. I am using both apps at the same time (1 month so far). This one is more expensive / boring

  13. Terrible at detecting the most basic words when speaking. No matter how I say the word “tres”, it always somehow hears “Shrek”. The other main problem is that it won’t detect when I’m finished saying the word, and will just sit there waiting and waiting. There is no way to “end” the microphone and try again, and if you hit the back button, you have to restart the entire lesson from beginning.

  14. I enjoy the varied types of practice, like speaking, spelling, listening and reading because I want to improve them all. It does a good job of gradually increasing the difficulty such as using pictures at the beginning to aid memory making. It schedules review to help me retain what I’ve learned & levels each word or phrase based on how often I get it wrong to give me the right amount of repeated practice. I knew a little Spanish before starting this app but I certainly know more after 3 weeks!

  15. Good app so far. I like that you learn predominantly in the language you are trying to learn but they will also provide information like explanations of conjugation in your native language. I feel that that the microphone doesn’t always work the best when you are trying to say a short word. Also they don’t really go over pronunciation of words the same way other apps do which is odd considering how they advertise that their lessens are taught by native language speakers.

  16. This is such a bright app comparing to another I tried. They give these short lessons that cover everything that is needed to start speaking and reading Spanish. While everything is great there is one thing I wish it had. I would of liked a test of all the concepts it gives you such as verbs and other sentence structures. Here’s a tip make the info they give you into flashcards. This is highly recommended app for a good reason. Perfect place to launch your language quest 😺

  17. Really loved this learning method at the beginning but quickly understood I couldn’t learn this way. Expects you to unscramble and spell words it just taught you. Very frustrating and makes you not want to interact with learning on this platform. Too difficult. Most of the time the voice recognition doesn’t pick up voice. I’m learning Polish by the way. Helped me enough to travel and understand family documents but I won’t be renewing after using it for a year.

  18. I love this app!! I’m having to learn Spanish for my job and the way they put the lessons together teaches you how to converse instead of just memorizing words. The best part though is when it’s time to review the lesson they allow you to choose HOW you review… writing, flash cards, multiple choice or speaking. This app keeps your attention and makes in fun to learn!! THANK YOU BABBLE!!

  19. Shannon dice:

    I wish there was so much more engaging and accessible practice than what babble provides. I find myself using Duolingo so much more because the practice it offers, I actually end up learning and absorbing so much more. I’m so bummed I paid for this when there are many awesome free options out there. I really tried with this app. But I just don’t WANT to use it. I kind of dread going on it. Honestly aside from the lack of practice, it’s also just really boring.

  20. Terrible experience. Took my money for a six month subscription, allowed me to access one lesson in which I learned four words. When I tried to access lesson #2, they would not allow me access until I’d paid for a second six month subscription. So basically if you use this app you’ll be paying hundreds of dollars to learn a minimal number of words. I’m currently trying to get my money back from them but am getting no answers. Total ripoff app.

  21. John Bava dice:

    Such a fun language learning app! The lessons cover plenty of real world situations and you definitely get a feel for how to pronounce words like a native speaker. It’s also a great way to discover new cuisine. In the German lessons, I came across Schweinebraten (a roast pork dish) and found an excellent recipe online. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an enriching experience picking up a new language.

  22. The courses are decent so far but the review of content learned could be better. From what I can tell, you can really only listen to the words you’ve learned afterwards and are granted one mini exercise of review each day. I’d like to be able to go back and review all the words and phrases I’ve learned throughout the day and do flashcards, spelling practice and just general review activities to help retain the info.

  23. They don’t use spaced repetition. Just show you the same word over and over during a lesson without expanding to anything else. Then you never see it again. And they focus on a lot of vocabulary that doesn’t matter. Like the name of every country in the world, really? Clunky ui too. The Portuguese class mixes brazilian and continental pronunciation, which is counter productive. Pick one and stick with it. Not many people are going to spend a lot of time in both countries

  24. Good content, terrible UI. I really like the conversational approach. However, the UI is absolutely awful. Fill in the blank is so small, it’s difficult to figure out where I’m supposed to answer. Pictures are so tiny, you can’t see what they are. It looks like they converted a web app into a mobile app without proper mobile handling. It makes learning difficult and frustrating.

  25. It’s okay… just okay. I paid for a year of premium. I will not be renewing it once the year ends. I don’t have enough characters to explain the issues in detail, but suffice to say it’s not as good as most of the free language apps (such as Duolingo) and far inferior to any paid apps that I’ve tried. For a similar price, I highly recommend Wlingua or Memrise (or both lol). I’ve tried just about every language app on the play store and those two are by far the best I’ve found.

  26. I really love this app. It helps you feel like you are learning and making progress right away. There’s a great mix of conversations, culture, vocab, and grammar. My biggest complaint is that the speech recognition on mobile is absolutely atrocious. I refuse to use Babbel on mobile for this reason because I cannot progress the lesson without incorrect errors. I only use this on my computer and it’s much better. I also wish I could see the literal translation for each line during the lessons.

  27. E DB dice:

    App is serving its’ purpose: teaching a language. Vocabulary is okay, except some random things (paragliding, really?) are emphasized to the neglect of more useful, everyday words. Grammar lessons are opaque, not intuitive. Voice recognition is essentially non-functional (Android) despite adjusting phone settings. All that said, it is better than alternatives I’ve tried. Edit: Also, skipping through some dialogue lessons now, not particularly useful or relevant.

  28. **Lowered to two stars because after a year the problem with speech recognition persists.** Now I can say something clearly as possible and it still says I’m not getting it right. I am having a lot of issues with the speech recognition bugging out on me. Other than that it’s great, but the app gets stuck trying to recognize my pronunciation and I can’t do anything about it.

  29. Chris dice:

    The babbel specific keyboard – which you have to use for answers – is often unresponsive and misses key presses, which causes wrong answers. Trying to learn more than one language at a time using this app is a real pain, as you need to go into nested settings to switch languages. These are not huge problems, but the fact that I pay for this service makes them less acceptable. If it were completely free, I would give it four stars.

  30. I’ve been using another product for several years and I like it, but I needed more practice speaking. In a couple of weeks, I’ve learned several more common vocabulary words, and have a better understanding of some concepts. I wish the keypad in the app on my mobile device was more like the built-in keyboard. Sometimes typing can be error-prone with the in-app keyboard.

  31. John Kuhl dice:

    I initially was very much impressed with the Program and the customer service technician. However for the last number of weeks I have submitted numerous emails regarding a significant problem. I followed the instructions exactly, with O results. I don’t get it. You are supposed to be one if not the Best. Well in my opinion means resolving issues if your algorithms error. Now after diligent effort to learn through your program has ceased. It’s extremely frustrating when you can get Help !!!

  32. Pronunciating the words doesn’t seem to work. As others here have complained, the mic doesn’t work. I hit record say the word and a word that wasn’t even close to what I said pops up. I move on to another word and the recorder won’t even pick it up my voice nor will it allow me to proceed ahead or go back to the previous screen. I have to close the app and start it all over again. To much trouble.

  33. Kathy N dice:

    Good and practical content. After a few couple of weeks of use, my only complaints are that I couldn’t get a longer trial so had to subscribe to without enough experience to be sure I liked it and – my biggest complaint – not being able to use my preferred keyboard. That really slows me down in completing the lessons.

  34. Literally unusable. The mic activities are mandatory, but it can’t tell when something has been said regardless of the mic sensitivity setting. There’s no way to manually indicate it should stop recording, so it just keeps recording until the 2 minute limit, and forces you to”try” twice. Lessons can’t be skipped, so it’s a mandatory 16-20 minutes of starting 8-10 failed recordings so you can move past the lesson with everything failed.

  35. This software application is a great product/learning aid. The interface provides a highly intuitive, well organized set of lesson plans from ground zero, and it reinforces your learning through reviews and game like matching sequences. I’m not entirely sure if you can learn multiple languages simultaneously whilst taking one course i.e. swapping back and forth between something like Spanish and French. Certainly would not mind more reviews for each lesson plan, & a practical after each lesson

  36. There is truly very little German content, making the long subscriptions borderline fraudulent. The more advanced lessons are shorter and of lower quality, both the recordings and the exercises. The app has no dark mode, so it’s not so pleasant to use at night. Overall, I recommend against this app. It’s better than Duolingo and even a bit better than Busuu, but I still think most people would learn faster elsewhere. Again, I strongly advise against long subscriptions.

  37. Not bad to keep up with language skills. I don’t use the speech recognition parts of the app because I’ve had just so many bad experiences with ALL language learning apps regarding that and just don’t want to waste time on something that won’t work anyways. But generally, good coverage of topics and continued practice is helping my learning process

  38. A W dice:

    A couple things, the UI isnt intuitive at all, and the phone app isnt the same as desktop, i got it because they had an app. Once you answer a question it quickly moves to the next. So, if you get it wrong, you dont get time to review it. You get a quick glance and its gone. You can’t go back to look at it unless you redo the section, but the same thing will happen when you do. So it’s impossible to review a question unless you take a screenshot

  39. I like the app, its very informative and has alot of learning options. My only problem is the feature that allows you to speak into the phone to test your language skills is so unbelieveably buggy… Has been for months. It still hasnt been fixed, which I have a problem with considering how people pay alot of money to keep using this app. There needs to be an update to fix this because it’s fairly upsetting.

  40. Decent interface but $15/ month per language is ridiculous. If it’s going to be a subscription just let the customers learn as many languages as they want at once, or pay a one time fee per language. Furthermore, subject matter doesnt make sense for beginners. First I need to know the numbers, how, what, where, do you have…, etc. In 3 weeks I could count to 8 and say “I work with 2 italians”. Hardly necessary vocab for a tourist. I’m going with a different app after my subscriptions are up.

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